Nam Sang Mi Ecole LUXE Magazine Photoshoot

Flip open the October issue of Ecole LUXE Magazine and you would be greeted by the sight of actress Nam Sang Mi as she oozes irresistible charm in the magazine photoshoot after wrapping up drama filming for “Gourmet”.

The photoshoot is titled, “Ice Lady, Pink Lady, Sexy Star…… Freedom, carefree Nam Sang Mi” which displays her oozing charisma from all corners. The photoshoot was taken at a coffee joint and marks her first since “Gourmet” ended. She will be taking a break and chill after nearly a year of filming.

Indeed living up to her Chameleon nickname.

credit: suejinners@soompi (pictures)

36 thoughts on “Nam Sang Mi Ecole LUXE Magazine Photoshoot

  1. the firs pic is amazing! she looks beautiful! the second pic is my favorite! she looks cheerful and sassy =]



  2. she only looks a tiny bit like solbi in the last one with all that eyeshadow.

    go visit my blog and learn languages!


  3. I’ve heard of her but I’m not too sure who she is! Anyway, she’s really pretty! I really like the last picture of her!!! 😀

  4. ahhh. i haven’t seen her in so long!
    she looks so beautiful now a days. ^_^
    i love her photo-shoots!
    all cute and pretty.. the sec pic really reminded me of erika sawajiri in a way. ^_^
    (i’ve been saying this for the last couple years.. – I HOPE SWEET SPY II COMES OUT!! i would llooovvveee to see her and Dennis together again!)

  5. Hi! nam sang mi, i want too see you! can you be my friend
    my name is mary ann from philippines!!! good luck

  6. hi…i hope you will be visit here in the philippines…and i hope you have a show together with dennis oh.i love both of you..and then you have a romantic chemistry with him..

  7. absolutely gorgeous! I would love to be as pretty as Nam Sang Mi! I really think she has a good career ahead of her and she got to kiss Dennis, Jun Ki and Rae Won..How lucky is that?!

    She’s my fav korean actress!

  8. She’s so sooo beautiful even in any angle & in any role she had in dramas or movies..and I really liked everything in her! shes my most fave Korean actress and I love to see her with Dennis O’neil and Lee Jun Ki.. either can be her man for real because of chemistry they’ve had, they are all good looking, especially Dennis for her absolutely awesome!:) I still hoping for Sweet Spy 2 so I hope director, producer and staffs of Sweet Spy will hear me & all the fans who wishing for the Part 2 also!…
    I wanted to see more of Nam Sang Mi’s dramas & movies with Dennis or Jun Ki either..^^
    more projects to Nam Sang Mi, Dennis O’niel & Lee Jun Ki together^^

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