Rumors of Crown J and Seo In Young Leaving We Got Married + Episode 26 English Softsubs

Rumors spread today that Crown J and Seo In Young would leave “We Got Married” but it has been swiftly denied by their management.

According to the PDs, the couples that will exit the show will develop their solo careers along different paths. With the farewell vacation mission broadcast showing over the next two weeks starting this weekend, many are concerned over who would leaving together with Andy and Solbi couple.

Apparently, journalists have jumped the gun, fabricating stories and assumed that Crown J and Seo In Young would be leaving the show. They must have felt something was brewing with their “cold war” over a bowl of ramen with egg in the last episode which seems to be hinting at their eventual “split”.

The PDs of “We Got Married” had expressed that 8 months seems to be a much too lengthy period and in order for the program to develop better in future, an infusion of new faces is required constantly for the novelty factor.

Star Empire released a statement saying that they haven’t talked to the PDs at all about In Young’s possible departure or even thought about it at all. They also said angrily that even if In Young was to leave “We Got Married”, shouldn’t the PDs have consulted the person in question instead of through the media. Crown J’s management also released a statement saying the same thing, that they have not heard anything from the PDs about him leaving the show.

Crown J has also posted on the Ant Couple Cyworld Club that the rumours about them leaving are untrue and that no one has heard anything about departing from the show. He also mentioned that he has given In Young a burnt copy of his new album (which hasn’t actually been produced yet).

Their mere presence, mannerisms, “A!”, “Too Much” song, etc (I could go on and on…) would be sorely missed. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but their interaction was one of it’s kind and the program certainly needed them to act as a sharp contrast to the other couples. Thankfully, they are not leaving yet.

Still cloudly outlook with regards to Alshin and JoongBo couples future.

We Got Married E26 (translated by muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or mediafire, the latter 2 uploaded by eleclya111. Download episode 26 from Clubbox (952mb).

Softsubs are for personal use. Do not encode and upload them.

credit: stargirl777 (clarification + additional news)

108 thoughts on “Rumors of Crown J and Seo In Young Leaving We Got Married + Episode 26 English Softsubs

  1. NO WAY !! They can’t leave… they’re different than the other couples…I love Ant and Witch so much T-T don’t goo

    and thank you very much for this article coolsmurf!!♥

  2. omg onli Alshin and JoongBo couples left.
    and hyun joong is going to film a drama so he’ll prob b leavin too.
    then Alex seems busy with his schedule lately. will the alshin couple leave aswel?
    I hope not.
    the new couples r interesting buh all 4 couples at once. thats too much.


    I seriously think the PDs are making a mistake to let these couples go. Even though they find that they have spent sufficient time together on air, viewers around the world have fallen in love with these couples and have related to them!!!

    I’m so gonna miss the Ant-Witch couple. 😦
    Awwww booo… I love all the couples!

  4. wtf, i think only will left jungbo couple later, shin ae alex have possibility exit the show too. i really lost interest liao… Alvin, welcome back…

  5. I could seriously cry, ‘A’ couple were soo entertaining to watch plus it felt like they had real chemistry.

  6. oh no!!
    this is not a very good news!
    they’re like the most entertaining couple besides JongBo,
    now I almost lose my interest in watching this program, it’s so much difference than the first time I watched it..

    thanks coolsmuf for updating the news..

    this is not happening
    they`re my fav couple!! =(
    first andy and solbi now them T__T

    thanks coolsmurf for the update =D

    Nooooooooo whyyyyy.
    Ah, they’re my favourite couple after AlShin.
    I love all their non-stop bickerings and how they always make up after that sighhhh.

    Thank you for coming back!

  9. soit’s still the PD’s call who goes and who stays.. this is sad.. though not my fav couple but they are worth watching plus no hindrance between the two..very natural.. i will miss them…

    GOD knows what will happen if alshin and Joongbo couple make their exit too… I don’t even want to think about it..

  10. nooooooooooooooooooooo….
    i was disappointed about ansol couple will leaving..
    n now ant couple..
    bad news, make me sad

  11. The show’s rating will definitely be going down the road from here… First it started with like a small snowball with the AnBi couple leaving.. then someone decided to push that snowball down a hill and now it’s just nothing but a big ball of rolling bad news =\

  12. so the other half would be leaving? We got married would never be the same again… i was saddened by the news that the ansol couple was leaving.. and now the ant couple….

    i think this would have an impact for the show… i mean most of the viewers are still watching because they are waiting for the progress of each couple…i and if they’re gonna put a new couple then the videos would be more of awkwardness of the couple, getting to know stage.. etc. The PD really knows how to disappoint the viewers…

  13. Omo!.. well, i think it would better for them to leave this show as crown j going to promote his mini album “fly boy” and in young can host other show as MC. i will definitely miss this couple, sob sob… All the best , ant couple!!

  14. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!(TT_TT)
    this is so SAD…………………
    they are MY MOST FAVORITE COUPLE!!!!!!
    no wonder they were fighting because of a bowl of ramen(-┏)
    i never saw they fighting like that before(-┏)(-┏)(-┏)!!!!
    what more can i say, i will miss this couple,


  15. So, MBC is removing the couples who hit big time.
    It’s so sad.. I was actually wishing to see their 1 year celebration.
    AnBi and CrownYoung are the strongest and well known couples because of their uniqueness.. oh well.. it’s really sad.

    This means that, the current season of WGM (i think the best season) is ending soon.

  16. No. 1 – I’m glad youre back!! Been checking every day.

    No. 2 – MORE CRUSHING NEWS. I don’t even want to watch the remaining two couples. Like, WHATS THE POINT!! Whats the point of this show. Is it to make us fall in love with the “characters” and then have us restart with entirely new couples??

    Why dont they just go produce a 16-episode long drama so at least we know it STOPS at 16 episodes, instead of dragging it out and disappointing us all. It’s so sudden!!!

    AND, what do they mean 8 months is too lengthy??? The cast of 1N2D have been together for over a year!! Granted, different concept but the PDs aren’t that dumb that they can’t work with the same people!!

    And the Ant Couple are so dynamic, so much chemistry and fireworks that you could probably get another year’s worth of material from them.


  17. ok now there’s no longer reason for me to watch wgm…i hated it that my favorite anbi couple will go away and now my second best? why!?

  18. awww..actually i really hated SIY ^^ in the beginning but they were the most interesting one and kinda they made the balance between themselves and the other couples!! but i guess they have career to look after ^^

  19. yeah,
    if hyun joong and hwang bo, alex and sin ae
    would leave too,
    there really is no point of watching the show.
    but it would be nice if
    we could watch them work still.


  20. NO NO NO,
    First Andy & Solbi, now they are leaving as well, oh, i love all couples (the originals) it is so sad!!!! WGM will not be the same without any of the couples! sniff!


    not another original couple!!!!!

    “A!” baby! 😦

    i really hope that at least hyungjoon and hwangbo will stay 😦

  22. OMG… what’s happening… i feel like everybody is leaving.. this is so sad… if ever they leave i hope they would give us a happy ending….

  23. I hate to c them leaving…
    y PD do that…
    m not gonna watch da show…
    the new couple…i don like them…
    this is nothing without them (anbi and cjsiy)…

  24. This pd’s are really crazy. No wonder there was a poll that came up who is the fave couple in wgm, and ansol had 04.% and ant couple had 0.3% ( the least favorite). GIVE me a break!!!!
    Ansol and ant couple are the funniest couple in wgm… and the most fave( hwanyee …. don’t even know the name — the new couple)

    GOODBYE WGM… thanks anyway for the laughter….

  25. OMG. Are they for real?!?!? ‘A’ was my favourite couple! And still is… ARGHHHH!! What is up with the PDs?!? ;[[

  26. the PD shud never displayed his face coz after this his safetyness will be in danger.. ^^ omo.. many couples left 😦 yeah,i do think it shudn’t be at the same time.. i mean.. shud have time gap before all couples leave.. it wud make the rating go down… trust me… yeah, HJ will be filming drama n busy with 2nd album promo so i think he’ll leave soon… im sad.. but i’m looking forward SS501 music shows now :p ss501 jjang ^^

  27. A rumour again? Wow… Its really hard to know which is real ne!! Well, hope it will stayed rumor.. huhu

    Thank again for the news

  28. Seriously what is wrong with the PD of this program. They are trying to get rid of all the old couple. Crown J and In young has attracted me with their badass attitude charm. I personally think that all the couples on the show now fit each other really well. But some of the new couples don’t really fit each other.

  29. first thing before i read any updates, WELCOME BACK!
    (this is kinda late as i probably hvnt checked or misthought there was no update in the past 2 days or so~)
    i’ve just grown into a habit of reading ur posts so it wud be sad if u stopped updating coz then a lot of readers and including me, wud have nowhere to go ><
    but thx for coming back!

  30. my day wouldn’t be complete if I have not checked your blogs..^^ always waiting for WGM news..haha!

    waah..i feel bad to hear such news, that the original couples are to leave (though we all know that this show isn’t forever) T_T

    hope that alshin & hwangbo will stay a little longer..^_^

    i also love the ant well as ansol.. them all! haha!

    tnx alvin..i am loving you!

    peace! Ü

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  32. omg misinformation!!! HAHAHA IM SO HAPPY THEY GOT IT WRONG. OMG PHEW. Okay so the possibility is there but not yet?

    I was thinking that it was highly unlikely they would split this sunday as a shopping trip isn’t exactly a nice way to end their “marriage”.

  33. I was just about to say that splitting over egg in ramen really isn’t their style – I would hope that through watching the show, people would’ve realized that they’re not as shallow as they seem. In fact, the both of them are really thoughtful and insightful people.

  34. hahas, what i can say is, WGM is really popular, everybody’s been watching it. if not how these rumors appear? if the show is not interesting, there will not be any news / rumors around too. so far, i think WGM has the most news than the other variety shows like family outing or 1N2D. Pls correct me if i’m wrong cos i’m surrounded all by WGM news and fans.

    hahas. even the journalists are concerned to come up with such rumors.

    well, anyways its good news~! cheers.

  35. ohmygosh, coolsmurf! you’re back!!! yey!!!

    oh no! i hope the Ant couple wouldn’t leave WGM…they’re one of the funniest and dare i say ‘spiciest’ couple because of their free-spirited interaction…

    if they leave, i might not want to watch the show anymore. it’s just going to be sad…

  36. Well rumors are rumors. The PD just only announced AnBi couple are surely exiting and that it. I’m just going to see how it goes when that episode is shown.

  37. Don’t leave. I watched this show coz of them. They’re the one that don’t fake everything and looking real not like other couples.

  38. no no no..dont leave yet!!! i love them..even though they always fight, but they are like real couple who makes up rite after that…hopefully they wont be leaving..and this applies to joongbo and alshin couple too..=(

  39. As much the new couples are interesting and I believe, we will come to love them, I STILL CLING ON TO THE OLD CASTS!
    Joongbo couple’s relationship JUST started!!! They cant just leave! And the Ant Couple are compatible for each other!

    Oh wait- every couple are compatible for each other, strangely.. How did the PD manage to do that? Can you imagine HyunJoong with InYoung? Lol.

  40. huh those PDs again…
    I LOVE the ANT COUPLE…..
    rumors are fabricated to increase the ratings…
    sad to say at the expense of this two…..

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    Hope you guys like it and it actually helps people learn!



  43. AH! now way the Ant couple can not leave…
    i love them to death….i really hope that the report
    or something is just making it up *cross finger*

  44. I won’t really mind Ansol leaving, but I really don’t want CJ and IY to leave. If and when Ansol leave, they’ll probably be replaced by Hwanee and Hwayobee.

  45. no offense but i don’t find the alshin couple entertaining. UGH! crown j and in young are <3<3<3 stupid PDs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ant couple FTW ^___^ with some love for Joongbo and hopefully hwayhee =]

  46. Wow, I’m not a huge fan of the couple but I still dont want to see them go. I think the PD is totally wrong that people are getting tired of the old faces. I like the orginal couples and new ones will only turn audiences away.

  47. dude seriously.
    why wont the pds tell us whos leaving or not?
    instead of us guessing…
    after filming the farewell mission…
    wont they know whos leaving and whos staying?
    this whole leaving staying thing is getting on my nerves…
    of course i want all the original couples to stay..
    but its just out of the question [with anbi leaving first n all]
    why wont the pds just tell us whos leaving and whos not?
    thanks for the update.

  48. ohhhhhhhhhhh, Rreally the ansol couple will leave . I think the PD without mind . I think he dosen’t have any reason and he does not respect the public and does not take into account the feelings and sentiments of a contestant if he believed that the program has become boring and that they need a new object is wrong because we enjoy them more and understand their personalities and I hope more of those who know the email PD or e-mail program to give me

    think you
    and I’m sorry for my bad lunguage, but I think you understood what I want to say

  49. wait wat? i thought this article denied the rumours ^^^ all those comments r saying they’re leavinf huh? did i miss something?

  50. no matter how much we love and enjoy WGM, the PDs of the show is utterly stupid and indecisive…they’re ruining the show itself!!!

  51. If they left I wouldn’t watch anymore even though I like the other couples. Crown J and SIY are the reason I started watching the show because they are more like an American couple.

  52. i have grown to love all the couples! and hearing about andy and Solbi leaving suck! they are the ones that made me want to watch more WGM. also they are one of my favorites along with Crown J and Seo In Young!! i hope none of the couples would leave. why do the PDs want new people?!?!!???!?!
    i hope no more couples would leave…

  53. Wow. I’ve just been waiting for someone to start a rumor in the mill about the Ant Couple. There have been rumors of leaving with all the other couples except them. I think it’d be super difficult for the Ant Couple to leave! They’ve developed and gotten so close, and their relationship is so unique. It’s definitely unlike the stereotypical cute AnBi Couple and romantic AlShin couple. I can’t say much about Lettuce couple as theirs is definitely unique also.

    Guys, I don’t think the PDs should be blamed for this situation! Obviously, fans like us are starting to become paranoid, and bloggers and writers have jumped the bandwagon and started this.

    with Solbi and Andy leaving if Crown J and Seo In Young were to leave to I have no idea what I would do!

  55. Ant couple isn’t really my cup of tea but i will admit that they add variety to the show, it’d be a shame to see them go.

    oh btw, thanks alvin for continuing your blog!!

  56. IF they leave, I won’t have a good reason to watch the show. I’m excited for the next couple who will replace Anbi.

  57. Love to see your report again, thank you so much

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the PD of WGM
    To me, he is just out of his mind.

    Anyway, I do wish all the best to the beloved 4 CPs


  58. dude, ant couple can’t leave. they’re like the most westernized couple which makes them unique and entertaining. not to mention, they have the best chemistry. heheheh.

  59. there’s no point for me to watch the show if inyoung/crown j and joongbo leave. there won’t be a reason to watch..there just won’t T_T

  60. Thank you for the soft subs. I like all the couples and will be sad if any of them leave but I don’t think we should blame the PD. I maybe some of the couples are tired and need to let go of some of their work or maybe some of them have really fallen in love so they want to keep it private and np longer do the show. Once again I want to say I love the show and just wanted to give a different perspective on why the couples may be leaving.

  61. I still can’t believe Anbi left the show already.. it feels like a part of WGM is missing for me. Besides, they were the couple who brought me into watching WGM. If Alshin or the Ant couple left, I definitely won’t be watching WGM anymore. Hope they won’t leave *crosses fingers*

    Coolsmurf, thanks for returning!

  62. Well that’s certainly a relief. I was getting concerned there. O.o Their dynamics are definitely one of a kind, so it’s nice to really see their relationship grow. Out of all the couples, I think their’s is the most real portrayal of marriage and the trials you have to go through until you get to know one another.

    Although I can see why some people would stipulate their departure over the ramen fiasco, I still can’t see how the PDs would ever let them leave on such a bad note. Right? Or their agencies for that matter. I don’t know, Solbi and Andy’s departure is sure making for some bad news.

  63. Can some of you people not read?? o.O Why is everyone freaking out?? THEY’RE NOT LEAVING! Read the article!!

    Also, I heard that the Lettuce couple ignored the mission for this week (the farewell mission) altogether and just had fun on their own. Is this true..?

  64. No~ i hope they didn’t leave… ah, they’re my fav couple next to d lettuce couple! haha, funny how i used to hates the coupling between hwangbo n hyunjoong juz cuz i thought hwangbo wasn’t good enuf 4 hyunjoong.
    but i really really like them as i watched wgm… they’re so cute… haha… and hwangbo is getting prettier and prettier along d way…
    and crown j n seo in young is so sweet when they’re nice to each other and very funny when they’re bickering… its so natural… haha… altho its juz a concept… wonder who’ll replace Ansol couple… most probably hwanhee and hwayobi… wonder what they’ll be called…
    the heartthrob-aunty couple? haha…

  65. basically, they are the only original couple left now… T_T

    alshin doesnt count because of the split, which was magically repaired by enthusiastic fans XD

    at least we know its possible that our fellow fans in korea could FORCE a couple back on the show XD

  66. This couple is not different from other rather than they want to tell to everyone that how should you live with your life partner.
    I think this is a good couple but not more than for mine. My wife is neetu. I love her much more and we can not live without each other. We live as a friend and she is everything for me.
    Anybody says that
    For the world you are someone
    For the someone you are the world.

    This is fully apply for me and my wife. I love such type of couple.

    My combination is best


  67. alsin couple left.. 40% of motivation gone
    heard lettuce couple leaving end of this year and they have film their farewell too.. 60% of motivation gone

    now i can finally stop watching WGM

    i wonder if in real life they’ll be real couple?

  68. This is really sad they should have done more filming…… I hope the ant couple didn’t left yet they r cool they match:(

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