Ahn Jae Hwan’s Sister Raises Doubts About Jung Sun Hee

It looks like Ahn Jae Hwan’s family members are not going to let this go by that easily. In the aftermath of his son’s death by suicide, Ahn Jae Hwan’s father was adamant that he didn’t commit suicide and that there was more than meets the eye, urging a thorough investigation from the authorities.

Things took another twist late this morning when Ahn Jae Hwan’s sister, Ahn Mi Sun turned up personally at Nowon police station to file a police report. She handed over messages that Jung Sun Hee had sent her before her brother’s death and raised her suspicions that it wasn’t a mere suicide case, urging the police to reopen and investigate the whole case all over again.

Before heading into the police station, Ahn Mi Sun asked the group of reporters waiting outside, “Has Jung Sun Hee left the country?”. Before they could even reply, she retorted, “Jung Sun Hee cannot leave the country.”

Ahn Mi Sun explained, “Jung Sun Hee told me at the funeral parlor that she was actually kidnapped together with Ahn Jae Hwan. But she was later freed by the kidnappers first. Thus she should at least recognise the persons that kidnapped her, but she just wouldn’t say anything about that now.” She also made a bold claim that Ahn Jae Hwan’s suicide was made to look like one and that he was probably murdered beforehand which left everyone in shock.

Before this, Ahn Mi Sun had been on ETN Entertainment News Relay program on the 22nd where she already claimed that her brother could have been murdered instead of committing suicide. She said that right after her brother went missing, Jung Sun Hee refused to let them (Ahn Jae Hwan’s family) call the police. She claimed that Jung Sun Hee had told her on 5th September that Ahn Jae Hwan would be home on the 10th (Wednesday) at 2pm. Ahn Mi Sun said that they didn’t call the police because of Jung Sun Hee’s request.

Ahn Mi Sun also revealed the text message that Jung Sun Hee sent her 3 days before Ahn Jae Hwan’s body was discovered. The text message wrote, “Unnie, please believe me! I can’t explain in detail to you in my present position. Please live well, this is a secret, please don’t tell anyone, don’t hate us too, if not, he will be very upset.” The vague message does raises questions exactly what did Jung Sun Hee meant when she sent this. Ahn Mi Sun also revealed that Jung Sun Hee had once called saying that a certain debt lender had held Ahn Jae Hwan somewhere and she (Sun Hee) knew where he was.

With regards to Ahn Mi Sun’s claims, a Nowon police station representative replied, “Her claims are really ridiculous and we won’t be entertaining the request of barring Jung Sun Hee from leaving the country”. But they expressed that they would be inviting her to the police station for an interview.

A close associate expressed that police have contacted Sun Hee earlier in the week for an interview at the police station. But the date has not been finalised so they are awaiting for the callup. Sun Hee is now recuperating in an unidentified hospital and she has no plans of going overseas as reported.

28 thoughts on “Ahn Jae Hwan’s Sister Raises Doubts About Jung Sun Hee

  1. whoa…this is shocking….only they themselves know the true story..but i hope that Jung Sun Hee can explain what really happened so that Ahn Jae Hwan can rest in peace..i’m sure his sister is just doing it for the sake of justice..anyway, RIP Ahn Jae Hwan..

  2. mhm…. god, what kind of world do we live in if we’re that scared of reaching out for help just to safeguard our pride? She should have said something, anything, to the police. But, you know, it would truly be hair-raising if the truth were that his death was staged to look like a suicide and his wife had something to do with it. But then again, life’s traumatic events make you lose touch with reality so we can’t really accept his sister’s allegations…. mhm….

  3. seriously let this guy rest in peace. i know his family is grieving but they are still in denial. JSH needs peace too, she didn’t deserve this at all.

  4. i felt sorry for the family, but i hope JSH didn’t do anything wrong…

    and it’s really weird that JSH was never officially marry AJH

  5. Whoa. Sounds scary. I’d stay away from that sister. She sounds maaad pissed and really to lash at someone.

    But she has every right to. I think this is for the better that his case shouldn’t be closed so easily.

  6. i know the family are upset with the death and demand a reason…
    but i really dont think jung sun hee will try to harm her husband
    hope it really got nth to do with her…

  7. no matter what, jung sunghee is a comic by trade & not that good an actor to fake such huge grief she’s suffering. she is a traumatized widow, for crying out loud.

    sister’s suspicions is understandable, but married couples share the most with each other, not with their family members. they didn’t register b/c ahn didn’t want his debt on wife’s name – although she paid for it while they were married anyway. failure to report him missing can mean anything from mis-communication to wishful thinking. a group of people who lent money (~2mil USD total) to ahn will do a press conference soon. they said they’re legitimate business owners, not loan shark gangsters like rumored.

  8. I cannot believe that the police are taking his sister’s requests like a joke by calling it “ridiculous”. There is obviously something going on and the death of the man may not be as easy as it seems. If he was murdered, it is easy for a murderer to make it seem like he committed suicide. Perhaps I am thinking about it too much, but the case is obviously not that simple if they kidnappers kidnapped the couple and then released Jung Sun Hee while holding her husband as a hostage. I am not saying that Jung Sun Hee is a suspect or something, but she clearly knows something that nobody else knows. After all, the kidnappers let her go and they must have warned her or threatened her with something.

  9. didn’t they perform an autopsy on his body to see how he died? or did they just assume he died from the burning coal things?

  10. the autopsy will be out on 1st October. based on evidence gathered thus far, the police deduced it was suicide.

  11. Oh wow. I feel bad for Jun Sun Hee. While I understand the sister’s standpoint, at the same time, I think it’s difficult for Sun Hee to have to revisit the facts over and over again that her husband is dead. That’s just tragic and awfully scary at the same time. That was really a desperate cry for help.

  12. Very strange, but why loan sharks would want to kill off the person who owes them the money?? Regardless of a registered marriage (where she’d be still liable) – two potential income sources is still better than one, or none – as it turned out.

    His family is still in shock no doubt… but how awful for Sun Hee on top of everything else.

  13. okie dokie…that’s scary…Now, it’s making me more superstitious about Ahn Jae Hwan’s wife…At first, I wonder why she didn’t called the police, now it turns out she was that “desperate” for his family to not call the police either..weird…but I don’t understand why she’s leaving the country like right after his death either??? I’ve never seen any wife done that so …

  14. urm… somehow… i dun like the sister… i dun noe if i was biased towards her due to the fact that i like jung sun hee.. but, then.. her face in d pic makes me angry in no particular way… wonder why???

  15. i was right all along , there is more than meets the eye here, it’s getteing messy . i doubt it if the wifewill tell the truth .she needs to survive , and she needs to shut her mouth . poor husband …

  16. I really don’t understand why choi jin sil was rumored as being connected with ahn jae hwan’s suicide…..can anybody explain it to me….pls….

  17. when I first heard about it n saw the pictures too, I didnt think it was suicide. It was too suspicious. *curious*

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