Actress Jang Jin Young Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer

The news of actress Jang Jin Young (34) having stomach cancer was met with shock and concern by many after it was made known today.

Jang Jin Young had went for a routine body checkup at a local hospital in Seoul on 17th September and got the news that she had stomach cancer a week later on the 24th. She was supposed to be hospitalised today under the company of family members and start receiving chemotherapy treatment. But the news led to reporters flooding the hospital which left Jang Jin Young with no choice but to move to another one whose location will not be revealed for now.

One of her close friends expressed, “She (Jang Jin Young) often complained of stomach pains but didn’t made too much of it. This diagnosis has really shocked her but she will go through the treatment to cure it.” All her future schedules have been shelved as she devotes her energy towards a full recovery.

Yedang Entertainment released a statement confirming that Jang Jin Young had indeed contracted stomach cancer but it’s not in the final stages. They believe that she would make a full recovery with prompt and proper treatment.

17 thoughts on “Actress Jang Jin Young Diagnosed with Stomach Cancer

  1. i just watched her movie “singles” a few days ago.
    she’s one of my favorite actress and one quality actress that is.
    i’m just so sad to hear this.
    i hope she recovers very fast.

    Jin Young, hwaiting!!!!


  2. This is shocking. I haven’t seen anything of hers yet, but I do recognize her from interviews and pictures and she’s very pretty. I wish her all the best as she goes through chemo and fight this, she will be okay.

  3. yeah, it’s sad! i heard that stomach cancer is one type of cancer that is growing fast in korea. possibly due to high salt in take and spicy food.

  4. Hwaiting ^_^ No matter what happens, I will forever remember her for her “moment” at the 2007 Korean Film Awards… “And the award for best actress is…” [opens the envelope and takes a deep breath] “Me!”

  5. Wow, that’s just awful. The reporters should’ve swarmed her agency or whatever and given her some space. Honestly, she’s in a hospital to be taken care of, not to have pictures taken of her. Ugh… what people will do.

  6. gosh. at least she’s smart and knows the right thing to do now is rest rest rest. hope she gets well. still so young!

  7. i don’t mean to offend anyone, but a doctor told me that it’s common for koreans to get stomach cancer because they eat a lot of spicy food, which does affect the lining of the stomach and allows cancerous cells to stick to it easier. i’m not saying all koreans get stomach cancer, but they’re more prone to getting it because of their culture’s food.

    my aunt (31) had stomach cancer and by the time she was diagnosed, it was too late. hopefully she’s only in the beginning stages of it and can successfully recover. good luck and hope your health improves!

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