Solbi Sobs As Leaving We Got Married Becomes Reality

The farewell vacation mission for the four make-believe couples on MBC “We Got Married” will be shown next as we will finally know who will stay and who will depart. Andy and Solbi are already confirmed to be the first to exit.

Due to some issues and the continuation of what happened 2 weeks earlier, I wasn’t really interested in anything else yesterday. I was more concerned with what they would be showing in the preview instead. What did they expect me to do? I couldn’t possibly watch in peace and joy after all the drama created in the past week by the PDs who gave interview after interview about the possibility of the couples staying and then leaving the next instance.

Andy and Solbi had gone to Namsan Park on 16th September for a stroll as part of their farewell vacation mission. They reminisced about the make-believe married life for the past 8 months and sorted out their emotions which Solbi especially had difficulty controlling. The PD claimed, “The recording was done under a very serene atmosphere and Solbi couldn’t quite control her emotions at the end as she started tearing heavily. This was inevitable since Solbi developed very deep feelings during the past 8 months of recording.

The “Ant Couple”, Crown J and Seo In Young decided to go through something that each of them wanted to do the most as part of their farewell vacation mission. The sporty Crown J dragged In Young to exercise via rollerblading which left In Young in some difficulty as she hated sweating. In Young meanwhile dragged Crown J along for her favorite activity, shopping.

Alex and Shin Ae was different. On 7th September, Shin Ae went to Ewha Womans University to attend Alex’s first solo concert as part of their mission. The PDs expressed, “Compared to the usual farewell vacations, they decided to use Alex’s concert as an avenue to act out their mission instead.”

Due to Hyun Joong’s health issue earlier last week, the filming of their farewell vacation mission was posting and didn’t make it to the preview. Most viewers including me are just concerned about who’s going to stay and leave. But just prepare yourself to cry buckets. Emotional episodes ahead.

68 thoughts on “Solbi Sobs As Leaving We Got Married Becomes Reality

  1. Its gonna be a very emotional day for all the fan of AnBi couple. Anyway, I’m guessing that the PD is gonna put up those romantic caption or probably not in Alex’s concert just like in Shinhwa concert. Too bad we can’t see Hyunjoong in this one but luckily they won’t have to do the mission and its too early for them to get that mission.

  2. uh.. i can imagine how sad she felt.. her tears like a proof that they are for real.. also cry along with her.. *sob sob*

    fighting solbi unnie!!!
    fighting anbiholics!!

  3. oh shykes.
    so.. any couple can just leave?
    omg and i thought.. that its only AnSol couple who’s leaving only. 😦

  4. @??? u are soo mean. A lot of other ppl forget that its make belive, why r u picking her her.

    I feel really bad for solbi and i noe that solbi tears tells them all. I would probably cry with her too. I hope that andy really ask her out on a date for real.

  5. i feel bad for solbi. at first i thought she was an airhead but i think that she truly cares for andy and that andy has become quite fond of her as well. i think they were both able to share experiences and thoughts with each other that they will always remember.

    as for getting together in real life, as sweet as that will be i will just wish that they will eventually end up with a husband and a wife who will care deeply for them. the best i can wish for them is that they at least become friends.

    hwaithing anbi! ♥

  6. aww, people cry when they depart from something they really like doing or “parting” from someone they had great memories with & liked being together with… i think that in this case i expected solbi to cry, she’s human & all this time she’s been wearing her heart on her sleeve… i feel for her, chin up solbi! *sigh… it would be even weirder if she didn’t cry! i would think that somethings up… oh, time will heal all wounded but now its ok to be sad & tear up. *.* i sound like an ancient wise miss… ha ha ^^

  7. I hope HwangBo-HyunJoong couple will not be leaving too!

    From what I have read on other sites, Hyun Joong is now the lead in the Korean version of Meteor Garden and will also have promotions in Japan simultaneously! Seeing as his schedule is so tight..he might just end up pulling out!!!


    *hopes for the best!*

  8. If Andy is feeling ‘thank god’, then he must have extraordinary endurance for 7 months. -_- He is not obliged to do that. He can just leave the show right before this, when he is doing his musical and everything. But he hangs on. That’s why he seems real tired at the last few episodes. Then some people start picking on him saying ‘he looks uninterested’ ‘their chemistry are over’ ‘he can’t stand solbi’. Seems like whatever they do, there will be people who still want to find fault and gloat about it. If he expresses too much, antis will slam. If he don’t, people pick on them. We should just appreciate and enjoy while they are still committed to WGM. If you don’t like them, simply don’t watch their part and give mean remarks.

    Sorry for this long post. haha

  9. awww. solbi! so sad! i’m thinking once they all leave i’m not going to watch wgm anymore! all my couples are gone what is the point of watching it?! that is how i feel! i hope everything turn out good for these couples! anyway, thanks for info.!

  10. all good things must come to an end…..
    they were really really good and very entertaining….
    i just wish they will stay close to each other after WGM….

  11. please andy, dont be cold to solbi anymore in your last episode… cherish her while u can, im sure they can make smth out.. i really want anbi to be together T_T

  12. with ariel, I agree. Its not that he’s not interested anymore, he just seems very very tired the past few episodes. Hopefully with one less comittment, he can get more rest. Dont be mean people, come on! Sigh….

  13. I’m sad to learn that Andy-Solby are leaving the WGM shows. I just remembered how Solbi was so excited to have Andy as her “husband” & tried so hard to win his heart.

    I know that Andy looked ‘distant’ & ‘cold’ but I think he’s also troubled & sad to leave Solbi & the show but he didn’t want to show his emotion. Heck, he’s a guy! That’s why he seemed so ‘faraway’! Please support Andy & Solbi still!

    Andy, good luck on your future endeavours & Solbi, good luck promoting your new album!!

  14. I don’t think he is tired!!! It is how the PD’s cut ANBI parts to prepare us for their departure.
    These PD’s obviously want them to leave..
    I am now thankful they are leaving this show, who has very INCONSISTENT PD’S. Leave or not to leave…X or O…. well
    wishing ANBI the best in their respective careers and relationship( hopefully real marriage)….

  15. Awww
    the next episode will be so sad!!!! I’ll miss Andy and Solbi! Solbi seemed like she got very attached to Andy.
    I have a feeling that Alex and Shin Ae might leave too because there’s been many news about Alex being tired and cancelling other shows because of that and that he didn’t cancelled ‘We Got Married’ because he’s attached to a contract. Maybe his contract is over and he want to focus on his music career… he loves music more than being in variety show so I understand.It’ll be sad if Alex and Shin Ae leave too. But it would be even more sad if the Ant couple left.
    I don’t worry about JoongBo couple leaving because they’re very recent so I think they won’t leave now.

  16. awwwwwwwww! thats so sad..i’m so gonna be balling my eyes out when i watch the next episode TT_TT im gonna miss Andy and Solbi so much

  17. Gosh just seeing those pictures makes me want to cry. I really feel for Solbi. WGM really made me a fan of hers. I remember watching WGM was because of Andy I love Andy so I wanted to watch his new show that he was on. & when I saw it’s Solbi i was like “GREAT the airhead” because that’s what I thought she was from X-man & LL but after watching her on the show I have grown to really like her & now I’m a fan of Solbi’s. I think she’s a genuine sweet girl.
    I love her & Andy together. They are my favorite couple & seeing that they will be leaving just crushes everything.

    I do hope they continue to be together off screen now. Hopefully now w/o the cameras they can try to learn more of each other. I hope they’ll continue to wear their couple rings.

    I know I will be crying when they leave. I’m already getting teary eyed just seeing Solbi cry.


  18. im actually glad they’re leaving. they got boring… =/
    they were my favorites at first, with solbi’s perseverance, but after they became close there wasn’t anything else they could do to spice things up… it became bland.

    as long as joongbo stays, im good!!! =]

  19. i am so sad. i already heard about this news but seeing the pics of her crying had hurt me really bad. they were the most suitable couple out of all of them. she even told us she liked him a long time ago. i hope there will still be news about them after this though

  20. no way…I mean, I like Hwayobi and Hwanhee couple…and Marco is just so funny…and Jinyoung is just too nice that I wanted to watch what he would do…but not Hyujin…
    but still…no way…it’s just…argghhh…i don’t know…It would be hard…I might even rewatch the whole episode again…

  21. Whoaaa.. I thought only Andy and Solbi were leaving! This is SUCH a disappoint. All of the couples have grown on me, especially Crown J and Seo In Young and Andy and Solbi.. Oh my gosh. This suckssssssss.

  22. So sad! I really liked this couple. I wish them the best. They were a joy to watch and I also hope they will consider seeing each other in real life. every week for 8 months they spent time with each other, judging from this, i think they will continue to be fond of each other whether as friends or a real couple. fighting Anbi!

  23. aww~~…poor solbi….next week’s ep. is gonna be a saddest thing ever….my sunday’s gonna be boring w/o them…..ANBI fighting!!!!…i’ll continue to support you 2…

  24. to madds, some people just like to be mean without factual reasons. they thought they own their idol apparently. just had to get used to it. -_- anyway, i think andy is really tired during the last few episodes. solbi did joked on one episode that his dark circles are getting worse. haha additionally, they seem to progress too fast compared to the others. Likewise, for a reality show, it is not good cos’ there’s nothing much to show already. I agree with 23’s bettyboop that the PDs somehow also discuss with them about their leaving. But it’s better for them to depart at their peak now. I wish them all the best in their solo activities and hope they are able to achieve what they had always dream! And also credits to other WGM couples as well cos’ without them, there won’t be WGM being so successful.

  25. Yes its sad that andy and solbi are leaving and I feel so bad for them cause I don’t want them to go..

    But for people to say that the wont watch the show now is totally unfair. The other couples AND the new couples are all interesting and they will grow on us, so we must give them a chance!!

    I feel so bad for solbi tho… I hope andy truly likes her ❤

    Please remember everyone, the couples are all interesting and they will grow us…

  26. Andy’s not OBLIGED to date her AFTER the show (just commenting on how other people say he SHOULD.) Anyways… wish the best for both of them in their career. but for andy, good health! ^_^

  27. Though they are leaving WGM, I hope they will be seeing each other for real (at least give a try) they make a good pair. I believe even though this was a make to believe program, I think somewhere or somehow the feeling of likeness is there. Having acting and spending time as husband and wife for 7 mths and doing things together, it is natural to have feeling for each other – I guess that goes to all the other couples too.

  28. “K”. Ya, Andy not obligated to date Solbi after the show but it just that the fans wish that they can date for real. It just the thought that doesn’t mean he should.

  29. i can’t wait for next week so all of us can get this over with. Everyday I’m hoping to see news stating whoever leaving or staying. Cos there are so many articles these days about WGM that only make us wonder if our fave couples will continue entertaining us every week. All these waiting games are making me so nervous.
    We will really know this by next week right? I hope so…

  30. sad T.T
    well i knew about annbi couple but if any of the other 3 leaves the show it’ll become boring they should just add Hwanhee couple ^^ they will balance things up.
    And marco couple are cute but i mean they were sorta boring

  31. aw…
    poor solbi…
    poor me…

    i was expecting that they would last the longest for what they are showing in the first few weeks…
    but now i know that i’m wrong…
    i think andy was soo sooo sweet to solbi that’s why solbi has fallen for him… ugh…


  32. tbh…the3 original couples and with the addition of Joongbo couple…they took WGM to another watching these guys just made it seems as they are really newlyweds and we are just stumbling in there life…but it was Anbi are leaving and not knowing which other couple might take there leave its really hard…its just like us fan expecting to see them everyweek…the urge to know what they were doing that whole week…its like a drug…
    and now having new couples comming in…it just kinda takes that feeling away…and not to sound like im hating the new couples…ive seen them and they are all cool and that but tbh peeps you gotta agree they got huge shoes to fill…but then again we just gotta wait and see what the PDs going to do

  33. This is a little pathetic (Andy and Solbi). I mean it’s not like they’re moving away from each other, hundreds and hundreds miles away. I never get it when people cry after ending a project on screen because if they really liked the other person then they’d make time for each other like I do for my friends and family. I look forward to Crown J’s and Alex’s happy happy filming and I’m prepared to laugh until I cry tears (lol~). Oh no, no HB & HJ next week? 😦

  34. oh Solbi ❤
    how am i supposed to live without the Anbi couple
    and what was wrong with the PD getting our hopes up and then sending then spiraling to the ground.
    Please dear lord let there be more Anbi!

  35. @????
    i wanna so kill you right now..
    hell karma comes to you.. <_<

    Andy will be busy doing more musicals hence maybe one of the reasons why he quitted as well.. from October until the end of November..

    For Solbi, more promotion on her Solo album..

    they will still meet on October.. 😀
    they have a Charity event/concert to attend to..

  36. this sucks… *pouts* their my fave among all the couples… *sighs* im definitely going to miss watching andy… and poor solbi… she really likes him… i want more of them… they’re so adorbale together…. *sulks*

  37. omg.. why nobody tell me THE REASON why they has to LEAVE??!?! well one is that new couples are in.. but com on u guys..

  38. There is an article of Solbi saying that they decided to leave WGM for the better of their solo activities (Solbi album promotion and Andy’s musical).

  39. ohhhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooo

    i love anbi couple i watch WGM only becouse this couple .
    Why PD Decided the anbi couple will leave ? and the other will decided if they want to leave or stay
    I think this is unfair .
    if the PD reacon ,( Solbi couldn’t quite control her emotions ) isn’t this programe about married and name’s ( we get married ) and the other rescon they live togather for eight month .
    oooooooooooooooh , realy i’m sad . i won’t to complet .

    if any one have the PD email or programe email please send to me
    to write letter to PD we won’t anbi couple leave .if he say they decieded ( i think the PD decided ) , I think anbi will recpect our funs and what we need .

  40. It’s sad to see Anbi couple go. I will not be watching wgm anymore after they leave. They were the reason i watched wgm. I hope they continue with their relationship after leaving this show.

  41. Thinking about how all the couples are leaving except for the Ant couple already makes me tear up. It does not seem like it has been eight months since most of them met up and started playing the game of being married to each other. According to the celebrities, even though none of them are really together, feelings are there and I do not blame them. It is something that is not easy to forget, especially when wherever you go, people in public will do stuff like ask them how their “husband/wife” is doing. I have to make sure that I watch the farewell episode on a night where I do not have school the next day.

    The new couples seem fun, but the old couples grew on me a lot. The show is fun and cool, but it is really disappointing at the same time.

  42. Hey, WTH…they are such a loving couple… Andy needs to step-up to the plate and kiss his sexy Solbi…before it’s to late.. I have been watching the show and they are such a lovely couple…that’s what marriage is about…cherishing all the moments that they spend together..every tears and laughters… Solbi have guts to make the first move on Andy and I hope that Andy needs to show Solbi something!!! that is worth all those 8 months together..he’ll regrate later if he don’t tell her now…

  43. Of course I wish the best for all the couples involved! Whether or not they choose to continue the relationship now or in the future is up to their discretion.

    All the couples seem to fit each other’s needs. If they leave, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the show anymore. ):

    Anyway ~ fighting everyone! Hope you all take care of yourselves and do well in all of your activities! ♥

  44. y do they have to leave? but this could be a good thing… i wish while they bid there bu-bye…they’ll kiss …really kiss…. and fall in love for real

  45. anbi are so favored amongst the public…it’s sad that they’re leaving. as much as they’d like to stay on the show, i’m sure they’re leaving for good reasons (such as a comeback and more time to focus on a musical), hopefully their die hard fans will be understanding and not be too saddened by this.

    all the best to anbi and their future endeavors. i’m secretly hoping they’ll keep in touch because they really are an adorable couple!

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