Hiatus Lifted

Update: After a “bloody” dusty battle fiddling with my computer, I finally got it back up working on Wednesday with a loss of 2 harddisks plus lots of files. I never said I would quit blogging but some of you took it the wrong way because of what I wrote. My mistake for not being clear. It was nice to take a rest and then getting frustrated over the data loss for the past few days. Updates will still be infrequent for now until I get back to what happen before the crash. Once again, I reiterate that I am not trying to act pitiful here, just telling you what happened to me and the non-updates that ensued.

Earlier on: No updates from this post onwards. My hard disk crashed. So I have no mood to do other stuff other than getting it back up.

But seeing that there are so many blogs now doing the same things as I am, I also don’t see the need for my existence anymore. Too many are posting the same news that are faster than I can go and I am just only me, I can’t keep up and keep it timely which I always aim for. Perhaps if you don’t see anything more within the next few days, I am probably gone for good.

387 thoughts on “Hiatus Lifted

  1. awwww! T__________T
    this is so sad… you cant leave us..
    this was my favortie place to come for news and such..
    i really hope you will come back..
    i really do.

    i admit i do read other blogs, but you’re the FIRST blog i check, i love your sense of humour and casual manner when you write, other blogs are too critical you noe? COOLSMURF please keeep the good work going (Y)

  3. I just want to thank you for all your entries… I enjoyed very much reading it. In fact, I don not know any other blogs beside you.. You will be greatly missed if you decided to stop. But thanks a lot for all your effort until now!

  4. +_____+ oh no, even when I visits other blogs/sites, I still update from your site the most. No one can replace coolsmurf… Please keep doing your great works.

  5. aww no I hope you get your hard disk back up and running, I love reading your posts hope you continue. Your existence is important to me and everyone else who love Coolsmurf!!

  6. your blog is the only blog i like! please don’t stop this for good. i was already very disappointed when your youtube account had been suspended, please not your blog either.

  7. noooooo please nooooooo
    you are by far the best.
    please reconsider.
    gosh. i was waiting to see your thoughts about the new WG mv. i kept refreshing and nothing and now this. =(
    well thank you for everything!

  8. nooo~~ i hope you come back…. i know there are other sites… but i always come here first and foremost. it’s one of my homepage tabs~~ my favourite places to visit for news.

    please come back!! 가지마세요~~

  9. NO please dont leave us. This is the only blog i know and Your comment are really fun. Thank you for all your time and great work

  10. pffft. hard drive crashes suck. on the other hand your recaps of WGM do not suck, and for what its worth i really do appreciate these. you’re call if you feel like coming back but consider the next hundred comments after mine begging you to return.

    good luck with the data recovery ♥

  11. oh no!
    you got to be kidding me!

    so, today, there are a lot of news going on, and i’m wandering as why you haven’t updated yet. I keep waiting and waiting eventhough I have read other blogs. But your blog is the most anticipating blog than any other blog.

    And so does for the wondersmurf. I knew that their MV is out right now. But I don’t believe it until you post something about it. I kept saying to myself, “where is coolsmurf? Wake up! I know it’s early in the morning in Singapore, but you have to wake up! There are lot of news going on, and I want to hear it from you.” And when I saw that you’re online on gtalk. I was happy! Coolsmurf is back! He’s gonna give us some news!

    Please,,, don’t quit! I’ll be waiting for you!
    Seriously!! I’ll wait until your hard disk is ‘back’


  12. dude, alvin. you’re the only blog that i respect because of your in depth writing and commentary.

    please don’t go on hiatus!

  13. Aw Alvin. I’ll support whatever you choose to do because I can understand the frustration, but just wanted to let you know your blog is like the first and only blog I ever check. I check this thing like so many times a day.

    I fully appreciate your commitment so far and wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.

  14. awww :[ you were my #1 site for things on WGM. that’s how i heard about the chuseok special and everything else, like how anbi is leaving :[ i hope you continue with your blog, you always keep things amusing. but if you don’t, best of luck on whatever you wish to do next :]

  15. Thank you very much for all of your hard work!
    I appreciate all of them!
    I checked your blog every day.. and I used to be your youtube subscriber. Anyways, thank you again for all of the HOURS you’ve put in for us fans who don’t know a thing about korean.

    Chongmal Kamsahamnida~~~ ^^

  16. Personally I get most of my news from your blog and I’m sure many others do as well so don’t sell yourself short.

  17. dude…that’s ridonculous

    i follow only 3 k-blogs, which includes you (use to be 4 blogs but krnloop died without any notice)

    and let me tell you, all of the news that you have in the front page right now
    the other 2 blogs i follow did not mention anything of the sort

    you do have valuable news that i would never have learned of if it wasn’t from you

    plus you’re theo nly one of the three that does WGM summaries
    since i have no idea how to view .ASS stuff so ill just rely on you

    btw, the other two blogs i follow are k-popped and shenyuepop….but shenyuepop sometimes pisses me off when it starts bashing certain things
    so you and k-popped are equal in my scale since both of you pretty much post different stuff at times so i can get variety

  18. What?!?!? WHY?!?!?!

    I’ll definitely miss you!!!
    I don’t read any other blogs except the ones that pertain to WGM. It would really suck if you stopped for reals…

  19. Don’t!
    Your news are different though, I like the no bashing thing, a lot.
    True, other blogs might be faster, but it’s just you…And some of your news are different, like sometimes you are the only person posting it. I like that you post about things/people that other bloggers don’t post. I like your WGM spam, WG spam (on YT), and so much more.
    Please don’t leave, hopefully you’ll be back from your ‘vacation.’

  20. wow, that was sudden.
    i guess i sorta have to respect your decision…i mean, sometimes it’s time to move on, ya kno?

    …but i really liked your blog. sigh…T___T

  21. bo0oo00o0o00o.. i like ur blog…. i come on everyday… maybe even twice a day to see if anything new popped up.. hahaha i have no life.. thats why im always on ur blog… now since ur gone its not going to be the same..=(.. kinda depressed!

  22. please don’t leave us 😦
    you’re blog is my personal favourite, no one can compare to it
    i read yours more than anyone else
    i even have subscribed to your feed so i get every updated you put up 🙂

    please don’t leave

  23. no please don’t!!! i can’t really understand korean but i really enjoy the blogs you put up!!! yours the most precise and up- to- date. no other blogs is like yours! please dont quit!!!

  24. Your blog has the most useful Korean informations for me especially Wonder Girls. Since I live in the U.S, I don’t know what’s going on in Korea. You’re the one that connect between me and Korea so PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!

  25. noooo!!! you’re in my toolbar so i can just click in your page and voila theres my kpop… you’re my favorite.. all the other blogs are biased and the writers thing theyre all that.. sometimes they overpraise, sometimes they’re too mean… you’re like the most entertaining and not annoying at all…

    anyways, sorry about your harddrive.. hope you get everything fixed 😀

    see you again when everything’s okay.. im gonna miss u!! (hopefully it wont be long)

  26. No way!!!!! coolsmurf, you are the NUMBER ONE SOURCE of kpop news for me! You are the original!!!!!! Dun leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..your blog and comment is the best! nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please dont leave us please

  28. Nooo!!! Please don’t!!! First Youtube (even though u got another one) and now this? Please don’t we don’t care if u get the news slowly as long as u get it and report it to us we’re happy

  29. NOOOOO!!! Please don’t stop the blogging! I kept checking back to Coolmurf today and yesterday for news but didn’t see updates as you always do. I was sad and wondering whats the reason. It would be very depressing if you decide to leave us completely. Please just give us whatever you’re able to do. Your blog is more news worthy. The other blogs are just simply full of antis stuffs. Best of luck with your hard disk. PLease reconsider staying and thankyou for keeping us informed and entertained.

  30. Oh no Alvin!!! Don’t give up!!

    I’m a fan of your blog from Thailand, I’ve visited your site almost everyday. And I believe your fans blog are from many part around the world!!

    You let me know many news of my fav star there.
    Yes, there are a lot of site like yours. But your site is the best. Thrust it!!

    So please don’t give up!! and do it. Please! Please! Please! do it for us.

  31. noooooooooooooooo. i check your blog daily! DAILY! other blogs? pfft i don’t care about those! i only read urs! and only urs! if u leave, i’ll go out-dateddd ! 😥

    please get your mood back ! i will miss u like hell during these couple of days , but i have patience , so please come back !

    aja aja fighting oppa !

  32. hurm…why the change of heart coolsmurf?
    huhuhu..i always get my updated news about kdrama,kshow,kmovies,ksongs from this site. so it’s sad if u leave. maybe other blogs update the news frequently but most of us know that urs is the only reliable source and the way you elaborate it make us want to keep coming back to ur blog..keep fighting..hope ur hardisk will be ok soon

  33. T________T Awww. I loved this blog, it had ‘flavor’ in it. LOL.
    I hope we’ll see you again someday coolsmurf! <33

  34. Don’t leave and yes there are a ton websites
    that has news but it’s not like yours.
    i love your site the most… it’s like the best out of the best

  35. Sorry for hear about your hard disk crash. It sucks. Happened to me before too..

    I understand the kind of time and commitment needed to maintain such great website. If it’s any better, fyi, I have an RSS Feed of your blog, and you’re my only source of update on Korean entertainment!

    So, it’ll be great if you can still hang around….. 😉 Anyways, thanks for all the news and updates so far…!

  36. oh noo… please come back coolsmurf…
    I’ve always visited your blog and was very sad when your youtube account was suspended, so please don’t let me be sad again with the closing of your blog again.. Other blogs may feature some same news, but you also feature other news that they don’t cover, so it’s like can’t complete without reading your blogs. Your news also contains a good manner unlike some other they are very criticize, so I always like to read yours. Please be back, just for the time being focus on your hard disc first…Thank you for all your news all this while…

  37. your site is awesome & i love[d] both of your youtube accts. long time lurker here so you know i mean it when i delurk to say please don’t totally stop.

    lots of disappointments in the last month or so, esp w/ the coolsmurf acct deletion, but you’re too awesome to let those bring you down. & yeah hard drive crashes are awful, my work computer just went through one & i lost two & a half years worth of documents, presentations, programming, & emails, so i’m definitely struggling too (i work @ a bank as an analyst, last week was a long one)

    but please keep going. i love reading your site!

    😀 ‘kay enough mushy stuff. just keep on keeping on dude. yeah!

  38. I agree with the rest. I always look forward to your entries and I always take your opinions seriously, since I know you won’t be overly biased or anything. Sigh, I dont even read any other blogs!! BOOHOOO. Where am I going to get random Korean updates from now onnn….

  39. It really sucks that ur hard drive crashed. It has happened to me b4 too and I know how it felt. I would suggest u take a break. Ur mind would be clearer and u should make the decision then. Hwaiting!

  40. this is honestly the only blog i read xD
    no, seriously.. i don’t bother searching for other blogs

    no doubt you’ve still created a pig impact on my life
    so thanks for that!

    no matter what i’ll support your decision
    keep fighting, not just here but in life

    peace mannnnnnn =]
    God Bless

  41. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your commitment so far 😉 will definitely be gloomy without your presence..honestly hope you will change your mind but its up to you 😉
    miss you coolsmurf SERIOUSLY ~
    take care *

  42. this is the only blog i read for updates
    it has everything dat is needed so i dun go others at all
    so please DO make a comeback after a well deserved break
    you have tonnes of support!!!

  43. NOOOOOOOOO! T_T your the only blog that i look at and get news from :'[
    darn that hard drive crashing ruining stuff

    so sad to make sense :[

  44. Oh no! I love you and your blog! You’re the only one who is capable of writing (as much as possible) unbiased news. Well, if this is what you have decided, then we all have to go with it. Thanks for everything and good luck in your future endeavors. XD

  45. gosh, don’t leave!!!!!!!!!!
    i always visit your channel and blog EVERYDAY……
    I AM YOUR BIG FAN!!!!!
    please keep on updates..(-┏)(-┏)(-┏)(-┏)

    you are the BEST, people will always support you…
    hope you will continue updates your blog and your channel(-┏)(-┏)(-┏)


  46. Timeliness is important but I think you over-valued it. People don’t come to your blog because they can get their news the fastest; people come to read your entertaining articles. It doesn’t matter if you cover the same news as other blogs, what matters is that you cover it in a comprehensive, provocative manner. But if you need to go on hiatus, I understand. Bloggers have a limit to their self-less passion…you deserve a break. Come back soon~

  47. I agree with jessi,

    sorry about your hard disk crashing. that’s always a bummer.

    but why are you so… bitchy (i couldn’t think of any other thing) about the small things happening with the internet. Lately, it seems as though, one thing minor happens, and you get sensitive and you turn to just “disappearing”, causing everyone to scream “weeeeeee love you.” to make you feel better. Kinda lame, and something I didn’t expect you would post.

    Yeah, theres 23408 blogs on the internet about k-pop/drama/kids dying/ we got married going on, but you don’t see them stopping. obviously you enjoyed posting at one point, either it be posting news or just commentary. but its understandable if you lost the love of doing it, just for fun.

    I’m not trying to be an ass or anything, but just an observation on how much you’ve changed, and how i’m just disappointed with this outcome after watching your youtube account, and this blog over 2 years.

  48. Coolsmurf aka Alvin,

    Its saddening to hear that your hard disc has crashed. mine had crashed too just a month ago and i can understand you feelings. all my personal files and my entertainment had just gone over the night. and i’ve really learnt a lesson and that is to purchase a hard disc to back up. i hope you are able to retrieve it back, probably not all but at least some of them if possible.

    However, please continue to update the latest korean news if possible. i really like the way you present the korean news and to me, its really like reading a korean newspaper (entertainment section) everyday. Hahas. i think other people will agree with me too. Nevertheless, your blog will still be my first website i will open everyday in the morning and so many people above me has said it. 🙂

    But i will still respect your decision if you decide not to update your blog anymore. I believe that you are doing this because you enjoy doing this from the start and not because you are doing for the sake of doing it.

    Give youself a break, and pull yourself together. A lot of things has happened to you recently, really. Cheer up. when you look back, you will actually know you give lots of people happiness, motivation, inspiration, enjoyment through the posts that you have posted.

    Last but not least, u mentioned that there are also other people updating but i’ve been looking at yours only and do not know that other people are updating too.

  49. hdd crash is a nightmare for me too T_T
    i always went on hiatus when it happened
    but you can’t leave us
    i don’t care about other blogs
    i just visit yours
    but i’ll respect what u decide.

    anyway fighting!
    hope everything will be fine soon~

  50. Please don’t leave!

    I’ve been with you since you were on YouTube and now that your gone there this is the only way we see any of you anymore on the internet. I love reading your blog because the interesting insight you have in your posts along with the news. It’s not always just about the news, it’s about the effort and the writing you put into it. You’re not biased like how Shenyue and Popseoul has become and not all crazy fanboy like some other certain sites I know of (that really freak me out).

    Please stay for the sake of all your readers.

  51. omg that sucks arse!!computers are stupid…..

    but don’t say that!!! u know out of all my kpopjpop news sites u know who’s at the top of the favorites list? YOUR BLOG!! Seriously, your blog is the only one i can really rely on w/out reporting all the news with criticism or bias–ur opinion is the one i only trust…..i hope u least still do wgm updates…..

  52. Delurking to say that I am a big fan of your blog and would be sorry to see you stop. It’s not what you post or even when. It’s because your entries are always unique and never mean-spirited.

    My hard drive crashed two weeks ago…absolutely gone, nothing could be saved. And I had no back up. I sympathize…it’s a major hassle.

  53. Look Alvin there are tons of blogs, but I don’t go to their blogs, I go to YOUR BLOG. It totally sucks your HD crashed seriously. Hiatus is understandable, but permanently stopping?? Come on.

  54. nnoooooo!!! your’s is the one and only place i go for updates and visit everyday without fail. Even if you think that other sites are better, to me, yours is my one and only site! Pls rethink bout this!

  55. It going to be really difficult week. My heart is really break. I don’t have right to told you not stop this stuff. You have your own thought about what you wanna do or not. Just do things that make you comfortable to do and you think the best for you. I just wanna saying thank you for all news. It will not be same again without you. A big support and achievement for your work

  56. NO FREAKIN’ WAY ALVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I know that there may be or there ‘are’ some blogs doin’ the same thing as u but honestly let me tell u…MY COMPUTER’S HOMEPAGE IS “https://coolsmurf.wordpress.com”…meaning u’r site is the 1st thing i do after i open my pc n connect the internet….and yea god knows how many times a day i frequent u’r page to check u’r updates…i won’t lie abt visiting other blogs but the thing is i’m not used to them…i don find them that informative either cus teh decorations r more than the infos……hd crashed!…yup it sucks cus mine crashed too cus of viruses before…but stoppin’ the blog!!! now come on alvin…don’t leave us

  57. plz don’t leave! coolsmurf is my drug. i hope u can recover ur hard disk and resume everything back to normal soon enough!! gd luck on that and hope to see u soon again 🙂

  58. Please reconsider your decision. We all (the whole bloggers out there) love you and we all don’t want you to leave. Your comment that there are alot out there doing what you do but they don’t have the same touchy feeling like you Alvin. If you don’t return, I know I understand. Take it easy for awhile and then decide what you really want to do.



    If you do stop the Wondergirls Blog, you’ll get a suprise visitor at your front door in about 10 days. (He has a gun)

  60. Please dont leave!!!!!!!!!!!! i get my korean updates from your blog, your the reason why i even got to know about korean dramas and We Got Married!!!

    so please don’t leave dude.. =)

  61. ur so emo dude..-_-
    so what if there is so many people who do the same as you…do u see them quitting…honestly…what is ur deal..

  62. Yeah, i know there are others blogs posting same thing like you do, but we already get use to you. We get use to your writing, your blogskin, i don’t like colorful blog…. So, don’t need to rush and just blog at your own pace bcoz we will always going back to you…and if you really need to stop, we have to respect it and remember there is no 2nd Coolsmurf in this world!!!!! bcoz you are one and only special one.

  63. coolsmurf…pls don’t leave..i’m so sad..hiks..hiks…
    you’re the best, i always check on your blog everyday
    pls keep updating..thank you for all the news….

  64. hi, im not usually one to reply to such things, but i just wanted to let you know that you’re literally my only source of korean news… i haven’t found a site that delivers just as good as you.

    hope you don’t stop for good

  65. i hope u feel better
    i hope things work out
    i hope you will reconsider… those other sites are nothing compared to yours
    you have a lot of silent readers! I hope allof them will plead with those who have already commented!

  66. you are also my only source of korean news and i check back everyday to see whatever updates you have.
    Try not to feel so pissed off over your harddisk crashing ya, although i know you will be. Really love your updates about WGM and yups hope that you will come back to this blog! =D

  67. ehhhh? sh!t on those copycats I only go to your channel anyways! ur are much better, ur translations got quality!

    but I know how you feel…I had the same problem with my youtube channel…suddenly there were alot who did the same thing, faster and better -.-

    ah so I gave it up…but regretted it! so plz stay! T___T

  68. i know it’s very hard to keep up updating the blog
    but i really enjoy reading your blog more then others, i dunno why but i especially love the WGM news and recaps
    i hope you’ll be able to continue working on your blog
    i always check it first when i come online, even before my own blog lol

  69. I enjoy reading this page!
    But if you do go, I’ll respect your decision.
    Thanks for all the past news 🙂
    It was greeeattt.

  70. AWW..not only am i a loyal viewer of the videos you have uploaded..i am also a loyal viewer of your blog.and yea..it has been two years i am following you..and your blog is actually my first website for the day.i really enjoyed everything you have posted up.i would seriously be at loss if you stopped.i got all my korean entertainment news from here and its aways the fastest!

    however i still know that updating it requires alot of time and effort.i REALLy appreciate it very much.i knew you would update everynow and then since when i randomly click to ur blog a few times a day..there would always been a update and even late at night.i really dunt know how to express my appreciation other than a big

    for always

  71. you cant leave. i just added your page as one of my homepage tabs 😛
    thanks to you, i came to know of WGM, Xman, Loveletter ~ basically, anything worth watching and knowing of in the Kentertainment. hope you decide to come back. Til then, aja aja coolsmurf fighting 🙂

  72. Awww please dont! please reconsider!
    look theres been so many replies to ur message!
    i dont usually comment, but i very much appreciate your work!
    whenever im on the internet, your site is one of the site i always go to first!

  73. No….don’t do that smurf 😦
    we still need u with all that news u always posted here 🙂

    this is the only site where i can find all the news ’bout korean entertainment and such…

    but, if u already decide to stop than nothing we can do to makes u better than say one words of appreciation.


  74. Oh No please don’t go…. I always check your website like everyday but know if you are gone… huhuhu But thanks for all your hard works

  75. Oh, coolsmurf, please don’t quit! Even if you aren’t timely about your updates, I honestly wouldn’t know the difference because you’re the only blog I ever check. I’ve tried some other places in the past, but they report on the things that I care about, except for you! So please don’t give up! You do such a wonderful job, but I hope you don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just post whatever you’d like at your own pace.

    I’m sorry to hear about your harddisk, and hope you get everything recovered soon. Good luck!

  76. noooooooooooo!!!! pls alvin, u r my only source to kpop scene… eventhough i can always get it from other blog but i’m addicted to yours…i respect ur privacy but i cant live without coolsmurf…

  77. I feel the urge to flood your comments with pleads to stay.


    Anyways, wahtever your decision, i think we should all support it. Even if we dont mean it -.- butttttt we have no right to tell him to continue or not. Lets just all pray :[

  78. Sheesh, coolsmurf, how can you talk about quitting so easily?! You have SO many fans! I see people on other websites reference you constantly, and they give links to your website because you’re so quick to give info!!!! I don’t know what other blogs you’re talking about, but I check yours every day like 10 times a day!!!

  79. Noooooooooooooo…Don’t leave Us T____T

    You are my wonderful Korean’s news…
    Even there are many Korean’s blogs but you are the best for me!!!

    Cheer Up!!!

  80. =O noooooo you cant leave us ! =( i love coming here ! you update me on EVERYTHING ! youre my only korean news source lols so if you leave, i have NOTHING ! =(
    but then again i understand if you have other things that you’d rather do. keeping up with the latest korean news and uploading stuff and subbing stuff, i know it can get tired, so i understand if you want a break. thanks for all those updates, and subbed videos, and everything else. whatever you choose to do im supporting you =D i just hope you wont leave us for good =( lols
    <3you coolsmurf !

  81. Pls…. Don’t leave…. You are the only reliable source that I have….. If you are no longer here, I would not know where else I can find such reliable and interesting news… Pls… I beg you… Dont leave….

  82. No! Don’t you see how many people love you? 100+ posts. I can understand if your hard disk crashed and waiting for it to be fixed but don’t giving up now! Whatever.. you have a life other than blogging and you’ll be missed.

  83. i agree with ALL the above. haha
    it’s funny how after i’ve been to the other sites, i always still end up coming to read yours.

    Sometimes, its NOT JUST THE NEWS…. it’s more about the personal touch.

    Hopefully our neverending list of comments deter you eventually! haha

  84. I think you are the one who posts news with a “FAIR” attitude and I always check your blog 1st. There are many things that you have but others don’t, so pls don’t leave us +_+

  85. WHATTTTT ??? Don’t do that again !!!
    I’m one of your first fan !!
    I love you and you know that ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    오빠 가지마 !!!
    Look there are at least more than 100 people coming to ur blog everyday !!

    I want nobody nobody but you~~~~

  86. Yr blog’s d 1st I read everyday, b4 others. I like yr style/the way u write, above all. Personally, I think u wl make a good journalist or writer. Yea, plenty of the same stuff posted but yrs is somehow more interesting with a wider focus, compared to the rest. Really too bad if you close chapter for good.
    Last but not least, I’d like to convey my many thanks to you for providing entertaining relief at the end of each strenuous working day. All the best to you & I sincerely hope this is not the end of the one & only coolsmurf. ^^

    you’re the only one who gives us news and such without bashing ANY human being, thats why i like your site more than those other sites 😦 STAYSTAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

  88. Oh no! You’re the first thing I do in the morning, check it once again when I get home (a couple of times) and finally before I go to sleep! You can’t be serious!!!! First WGM now you, I am so depressed right now.

    I hope its not final, I hope… as everyone hope, you’ll stay.

  89. O.O Only korean news in english I EVER get is from you…

    >w< I check every day for news too.

    Hope you feel better about this all – or take a break – SMILE! 😀

    Take care


  90. Dear coolsmurf,

    In the words of the wondergirls, we want NOBODY NOBODY but YOU… just to let you know that we respect your decision no matter what but there are loyal fans of your blogs.. 🙂

  91. noooooooooo…
    i dont care about others’ blogs..i really dont care…..and i dont even know where they are…because im NOT interested even if they are always on time….

    i always rely and visit on your blog, really..and truthfully…
    but if it is for your own good, then fine…huhuhuhu.. T_T

    we’ll miss you! and wait for you! thanks for the hardwork!

  92. please dont leave us again!
    im sorry about your hard drive
    but we need you to check the news T___T
    theres 139 people asking you to stay
    and there were only 2 people who dont care ( jessi + mooyoo >____> who i would like to say are quite rude D:< )
    but back to the main point
    please dont leave (:
    and if you do i want to thank you so much for your hardwork 😀

  93. I kinda agree w/ someone’s post here. I think you’re indecisive. When your YT accnt got suspended. You said the same thing. You said you’re gonna stop. But you still created an account (wondersmurf) after much protest from a lot of people.
    Now, your comp crashed and thinking of the same thing again. I hope you’re not using this excuse to get attention and praise. Well, I hope you’re not that type of person. But anyways, do come back. Maybe you’re just burned out. Take a vacation. Then if you still feel like doing it. Come back. As you’ve noticed, a lot of ppl would miss your updates.

  94. I’ve been a lurker on your site for the past 4 months, and I have to say it’s going to be sad to see you go. Good luck on your future projects though!

  95. Other korean blogs are sarcastic or only support a few stars and are mean to the rest. You are the only nice nice blogger out there! PLEASE don’t stop writing, as long as you can.

  96. Seriously…
    I hope you won’t quit. If it’s really the case, my one and only place where I get to know about the latest news/ gossips of Korean Ent GONE…
    My fever/passion on Korean stuff will be GONE too.


    Never mind, if your news are not updated compared to other people doing the same thing. There are always many others out there, who appreciate what you do. Like me, your silent supporter. (XS)

    Do reconsider! *Enjoy your little break

    Fellow ctry-mate

  97. Noooooooooo, coolsmurf. No matter if the other site post faster than u, ur news are always the best and easiest to understand. Ur blog is always the first thing that I check every day.
    Ur blog is differnet in that it says nice things about everyone and it always has an optimistic atmosphere. Seriously, u are a legend to many of us.

    I could understand why u want to quit, but please dont.

  98. Plz don’t go !!!! Doesn’t matter if the news are the same or slow to be post !!!!!!!!!
    In fact your blog is much much better than any others ! I”m always checking it 1st..
    Come baaaaaack !!!!

  99. hi, actually this is the first time I ever leave a comment, been a silent reader for quite a while already….and just can’t let you go…pleaseeee continue this blog…luv this place so much…

  100. @amy
    i think those 2 are not that kinda rude..
    they wanted to speak out a point or something..
    i do hope too that coolsmurf is not that kind of person we were thinking..maybe he was so depressed and reached into his limit..so then, he wrote that post..

    some wgm couples will be leaving and also coolsmurf..

    anyhow, sana mabago pa..

  101. I don’t think e point is to post up completely new news… or else why on earth would 99.9999999% of e news portals out there be existing…

    the point is to entertain and inform the public, and to give your perspective on things, which is why I read your blog over some other sites like popseoul.

    Granted, popseoul generates alot more new news, but their quality is so bad that although I get updated on the latest in K-dom, but I just walk away feeling I’ve wasted my time reading their posts.

    As much as I dislike saying this, I just feel you are missing the crux by a mile. Most things nowadays can’t boast of being completely new, the important thing is the unique take on things that gets people moving and talking.

  102. Oh.. I understand how you must feel, I lost my hard drive last year… BUT.. if you do decide to leave for good, your presence will definitely be felt. Your blog is always the first I go to and dont’ visit many others. Thanks for everything you’ve given so far!

  103. awwwww…….. I hope your hard drive gets fixed!! I hope you do decide to continue because I love visiting your site!! 😀

    Thank you for all your hard work!!

  104. Alvin, please don’t leave. I love your blog and I read it everyday. Your blog is the first one I go to and the one I depend on. Please don’t go. We need you!

  105. dude…you can’t leave lol
    i’m a big fan of yours!!! you’re probably the only person who covers dramas and tv shows. everyone else just covers music and gossip. we’ll be lost without you!!! >.<

    good luck with the hard drive!!! fixing them really is like hell…

  106. dude, its all good… take a break, get ur hard drive fix & if u feel like writing again do so… enjoy life, right?! though i do have to say that i’ve enjoyed all you’ve written & i’ve been an adamant reader of ur blog. i’ll miss ur quirkyesque (eh… ha ha) perspective… take care, ttyl! ^^

  107. oh no, please don’t stop blogging~~~
    your blog is, no lie, the best out there
    you’re most consistent to update news, and you’re the only one who keep it in a totally respective~
    other people write craps~ and super biased~
    seriously, please don’t stop blogging~~~
    i thought having coolsmurf.wordpress.com to go to everyday is a certain thing but no?
    please don’t stop, please~~~

  108. this is my first time posting.

    do continue with the updates! there are many out there (like me :/ ) who only know of your blog that provides news and updates..haha.

    but i think you shouldnt care that some others upload faster than you or something. i believe the readers of your blog do not read it for that sole purpose…give us readers some credit! (: we shall look forward to your victorious comeback from the battle with your hard disk! you have earned yourself a special recognition amongst many who indulge in k-entertainment..surely you will not disappoint us? do give it great consideration!

  109. I think that you provide something that a lot of other bloggers don’t — actually news. Others may post up translations of articles (quite boring, btw) and others gossip w/commentary, but what you post up is something I actually look forward to reading. I’d hate to see you go! 😦

  110. please don’t stop posting news and updates.. personally i only relay on your updates..

    your blog is the best when it comes to news about korean entertainment and other updates..

    please do think about it well..

  111. Too bad about your hd…I hope you get it fixed soon coz I know whats its like to have it crashed 😦

    I feel sad to hear about you (consider) closing the blogs.
    I like your blogs and your drama reviews… and your writing style. – you aren’t that rude and when you make a critique, it seems fair or at least well argued.

    I know there are many blogs out there but yours seem to cover the news I like to read about.
    Plus.. I’m biased. I like yours better ^^

    But hey… I’ll full support your closing and we’ll miss you IF you decide to do it.

    take care

  112. please dont go…
    I read other blogs before but none are as good as yours!

    you’re on the top of my bookmarks!
    that shows how important your blog is to me and many others!

  113. I’m sorry about your hard disk, I hope you can recover everything back.
    I enjoy reading your blog and please don’t stop posting.

  114. I am saddened to read the news of your impending departure from this blog.

    I am so appreciative of all your hard work. I hope that you are successful in all your endeavors.

    Best Regards!

  115. awww.
    i know the feeling when something spoils, go on hiatus, and dont see the need/have no momentum to comeback.

    i’ve been to many blogs, but yours is the only one i’ll make an effort to come back and update myself.
    whatever your decision is..all the best to ya!

  116. Coolsmurf I am so sorry about your hard drive. Totally understandable that you are bummed out about it…but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t leave us.

    Don’t care about the other blogs. I always come to yours first. Love the way you write. Crunchyroll members are going to be soooooo sad too.

    Go on hiatus, do some fun things, but JUST COME BACK TO US! We really do appreciate and love all that you do for us Kdrama and KPop fans. Take care!

  117. whatt??? are you leaving us for good??? how sad ='(
    even you thought that there are many blogs posted same news as yours, or even faster than yours, but believe me, for me yours is the most reliable source.
    even it’s too sad, i still appreciate and really thankful so far for all of your postings,, and i can’t hold you for keep doing this ( write posting. red) if you feel you don’t feel like into it.
    just keep cheering and healthy =)

  118. I don’t really care if you’re posting the same news later than someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the only blog I know that posts WGM stuff so regularly!

  119. I really appreciate all your translations and quick updates, but you’ve really got to stop being such a drama queen. You’re always ‘threatening’ to quit and all, just to return after hundreds leave messages telling you not to. Are you doing this to get attention, or something? I hope I don’t come off as rude to some people, I’m just stating my opinion. Anyway, thanks for everything you’ve done.

  120. please say we all find your site extremely useful and i fell in love with this site the first time i read it

    the news you put up are always interesting

  121. hi coolsmurf, please take a deserved break, do something you enjoy to relax. blogging shouldn’t be painful and weigh like a terrible stress. i wish you luck recovering important data. being timely for bloggers naturally becomes a competition. maybe you’d like to try taking up a niche – say just focus on your fave topics? that way you still enjoy the blog with people who share the same interest. it doesn’t have to be about the best, fastest etc…tho to my eyes you always were 🙂

    smile & relax. take a rest, have your fave food/music/fun on for a while!

    (my life ground to a halt when my hard drive crashed too — twice! but i count my OTHER non computing blessings :D)

  122. aww you’re really having a bad couple of months 😦 well, for what it’s worth your blog is one of only 3 korean-related ones I check… you are providing something unique every time you translate anything for us, even a little blip in a blog post. oppa, fighting!

  123. Dont worry Coolsmurf, eventhough there are a lot of people posting same news, who can give better insight to these issues unlike you? For example, i do check other websites, the only website which I read everything is yours be it old or new news.

    Therefore, please do not loose your motivation. I am not Korean and your blog is the best source for non speakers like me and for all of us.

    Please keep up your work. AJA AJA Fighting!!!!

  124. NOOOOOOOOO .. There might be a lot of blogs but we dont want NOR enter any but Urzz …


  125. Even if you take a break please come back after, I love your comments and opinions. They make me enlightened and make me laugh. 😦

  126. Noooooo, your blog is the best. There is never bad words or bad comments, you can not go. Every day I review your blog, that is unique .. Do not walk away please ..

  127. Thankyou, For all of your posts….
    They have been much appreciated.

    But please reconsider, what would I do without you keeping me up 2 date on WGM!?

    Good Luck for the Future!

  128. Coolsmurf,

    I’ve been with you at Youtube and here. I always look forward to updates on your blog. Seriously, if it wasnt’ for you, I would never have become so immersed in Kpop culture. You totally opened up a new world for me which I had shut off for a long time. If you do decide to retire, I will miss your blog and updates. You have to do what is right for you. Selfishly, I want you to continue.
    You have been amazing with your uploads and subbing…

  129. Don’t leave!!!
    Your blog is the only reliable about Kpop and variety show. The other blogs/sites are full of unprofessional comments and writing.
    Please don’t stop updating your blog!
    You have lots of loyal readers!

  130. I sincerely hope you will still continue posting your blog. Your is the only blog I refer/come to (yours & ShenyuePop, but it’s gone now).

    So, please COOLSMURF, lots of people are still supporting you. Please don’t quit no matter what, alright? Please…


  131. coolsmurf,

    too bad dat if u have to leave cuz ur blog is da one dat is up-to-date with da news and which is also da first blog dat I visit wen I went online buh anyway its ur decision & I have no ryt to stop you ^____^

  132. I dunno what to do, yours is the only blog i go on for K updates. if you also give up the WG’s blog i will actually die!!

    DON’T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. what? please don’t go. i love to go through your blog and get all the news. please think it over again.
    i’d like you to stay. but anyway i’ll respect your decision.

  134. Please dont leave for good. This is my favorite blog site, and the only one i go to.
    You deserve a break. Relax and think it over, we need you! 🙂

  135. No… this is not happening…

    Everyday, this blog as a first page to visit, second Wonderblog and third Wondersmurf on youtube.

    How am i gonna survive without these 3 sites 😦
    Other blogs is not the same, i mean, its Coolsmurf… the one who made me even discover the whole korean entertainment….

    Take a break or something, but i BOW before you and say: Please dont quit blogging! :((


  136. this blog really become a part of my life.
    i’m looking for your return.
    Many thanks for your hard-working.
    Finally…Cheer up!!!!

  137. Nooooo!!!! Don’t do that Alvin…nooo…

    First of all…I’m sorry about your HD…hopefully you can retrieve most of it.

    Eventhough a lot of blogs cover the same K-pop/K-drama news but yours is different. First of all you cover what interest you and we enjoy reding your thoughts on things. Besides I find your blog to be more objective than most. Some bloggers out there are pretty snarky..and really for most of the time I just want to read the news and not their snarky comment.

    It is not the only the speed of the news that matters but also the way the news is presented. …which is why I enjoy your blog.

    I hope you will keep on blogging about your K-drama/K-pop passion.

  138. ok since i expect this to be final, let me tank you for introducing me to kpop culture and news. without your charice star king sub clip, i would never have been interested and been able to follow it as i do now. thanks again.

    now i know this has happened a couple of times because i have followed you for 1 year now. i can remember 3 times you have said you will quit. to be honest, i was really sad about your decisions in the past but now i hope you do quit. i hard for readers like me to have to go through this over and over again. seeing that you have a soompi account and read other blogs, i guess you will be satisfied by just commenting elsewhere.

    do i want you to leave? no because this is one of the first kpop blogs i check. but you have to figure out first whether you will be committed or run at the first sign of trouble.

  139. noooooooooooooo! coolsmurf! you’re the first site i check EVERY morning..i really appreciate all you do. please dont quit unless you have to =(

  140. This is really too bad. You’ve really been a huge part in spreading the news and love in Korean media. It’s honestly to the point where I don’t check anywhere else but this blog. If you do decide to close this blog, then all I can say is Best wishes to you and your endeavors.

  141. Wow, it sucks that your harddrive crashed. I hope you get it up soon. Good luck!

    Hmm along with the rest of many others here, I would be sad if this blog was to go. If I want to read about news, I could have just follow the newspapers, but it’s your style of writing, sense of humour and perspective about various issues and programes that kept me coming back to read this blog. I don’t really update myself with korean news regularly, so I don’t really care how early or late the news are posted ^^;

    I do sincerely hope you will change your mind and continue with this blog, but of course, should you decide to stop, I will respect your decision and wish you all the best!!! 🙂

  142. hmmm…i hope u continue with ur blog becuz it really is the best one when it comes to k-pop.

    “i want nobody, nobody but chu!!!”~i mean as in ur blog…not u personally…yeah…ok…

  143. I hope that everything works out okay..

    If you choose to leave or stay..do what makes you happy!

    Thanks for all the updated news alerts and great information. Loved reading your blogs..if you ever open another one, let us know!

    Best of luck~

  144. Aw… I hope your PC gets running again. And it’s up to you if you want to continue or not. But seriously, this sight is the only one I actually go on and read. So if you do leave we’ll be sad.

  145. You can’t leave us :[
    But I understand, that you do have a life outside of being Coolsmurf 😀
    But you should know, that we as your fans and friends, will welcome you back anytime if you ever decide to comeback!

  146. i hope you dont leave for good. i dont really think that other blogs are better because their faster and give the same news, a lot of ppl like ur’ blog because of the insight and humour you put into it. well anyways i hope u make a decision that best suits u

  147. nO!! don’t leave!! i don’t want you to!! T_T It makes me sad your going to leave… but i guess its totally up to you whether you leave or not. I just want you to kno that i check ur domain everyday and ur the only domain i check constantly so if you ever decide to comeback, i will gladly welcome you back haha

  148. Alvin,

    I put you on my favorites and I click your site before PerezHilton.

    Soooooooo you better not give up on us!!!

    First YouTube and now here…?

    I feel like loosing my right arm, knowing you are not coming back.

  149. NOO NOOO .. dont leave plz .. ure like da only korean news site that i got 2 ( other than allkpop nd popseoul) but most of da times ure news r way more advanced than theirs meaning like .. u get da news faster den dey do ..PLZ THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN … plzz do not leave!!!

  150. @James, very much true.

    This is like the first blog I come to EVERYDAY, even when I’m procrastinating on my homework, I’m reading this blog.
    Others really don’t compare.. either they babble on too long before they get to the point, or they’re really a bore to read. I love you little tidbits you enter along the way, it’s entertaining in a sense when I read the many things you post.
    It’d be different without you I’m sure. You have a lot of support though, but if you do “run” at the first sight of trouble, at least make your final decision for a reasonable end result, and not because things may seem low or aren’t turning out the way you want it.
    That’s just simply life as it is. It’s a pain, but you have to cope.
    @ Kee, post 217. You’re very rude. Don’t come on here to mock someone when they’re at a low. People like you are disgusting.

    Hopefully your hard disk will be corrected and fixed in the future, but keep your head up and actually think before you come to a final thought. You’ll be missed, as you can see the 200+ comments ^^.

  151. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    please don’t. Im begging you if only i could kneel please don’t stop posting blog.
    Just consider that alot of people are depending on your post just like me.
    And also don’t close your wonder girls wonderland.
    nooooooooooooooooooo you can’t leave MEEEEEEEEEEEE and USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs. please please please

  152. story might be the same, but the way of delivering stories is different! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  153. One reason why i read your blog is because I only trust the news that you put up. I don’t usually believe the gossips on other blogs unless it is confirmed by you. Believe it or not, you do make a difference.

  154. I only get news from you. I don’t know another other blogs. It doesn’t matter to me if you are couple hours or days late. As long as you have news, I’ll read it. If you are truly gone, you will be missed. I hope you don’t leave. You have a wonderful blog. Thanks for all the news.

  155. The disappearing act again? (Just wanted to say that because of oh-so-sarcastic me.)

    Seriously, you’re the only one who gives the most reliable news and who tries not to be [too] biased. Who cares if you’re on time or not? Better a little late and high quality than way early and LQ, dude. You KNOW how much HQ stuff is always better than LQ stuff.

    I really feel bad about your hard disk though, that seriously sucks.

    Hope you won’t be gone permanently.

  156. Hmm well, I understand that getting your hardrive to work again should be your top priority, but to give up posting news and updates entirely is really upsetting news.
    Personally, I like your blog. I get updated more and I get news that I usually can’t find from other places.
    But it’s your decision. Do whatever you see fit.

  157. don’t go! Your blog is perfect blend of news and personal opinion. other blogs are too opinionated and flat out rude (like allkpop). please don’t be gone forever! you have all of our support~~

  158. Awwww, please don’t leave! I don’t know any other blogs. Even if I did, yours is always better! I sometimes only go online to check your blog. 😦 At least give us sites if you are reall oing to leave…..BUT DON’T!!!

  159. Coolsmurf, I’m truly sad to hear this, but I will support your decision that you made. Thank you for all that you do, to make it so enjoyable to understand Korean artist and show. I’ve come to love korean music and show because of your blogs. I can’t tell you enough thank you for the time you had blog we got married. I’m going to miss you! What you did for all of us was priceless. A Million thank you Coolsmurf!

  160. noooo! you can’t do this to me!! 😦
    i swear, your blog is the only blog i ever check daily. please don’t go cuz you provide something for me to look forward to read after a long day at school.

  161. 0_____0

    No way!!!!!!!!!!
    There might be many blogs now but there is only one Coolsmurf.

    Waaaaah!!!!! Please come back when everything is fixed!

    you’re the only blog that i actually keep track of and visit daily
    what am i going to do without your website?
    and plus, even though there are other blogs, YOURS IS THE BEST!

  163. dont leave for good. all your loyal followers will wait for you until your new hard drive is back up. your blog is so much better than those others because you are unbias and have the best english by far that i have seen. i enjoy reading your news updates even if it is later than those other blogs. i actually check your wg and this blog the most, the other ones i forget about unless i m really bored and i have nothing to do then i ll go read those. i check your blogs every time i go online and its one of the first things that i do. you are that awesome! dont quit.

  164. it’s up to you whether you want to come back, but as you can see there are so many people here that read your page on a daily basis… i check yours first ^^ thank you for all the time you’ve put in, and of course i’d like you to continue.. but if you don’t then i’ll respect your decision.. it will be very sad! thank you again for everything coolsmurf =)

  165. Hi Alvin 🙂

    Regarding your being so hard on yourself and comparing your blog to other people’s, you come off sounding like you’re such a perfectionist in everything you do and I’m not saying that that’s entirely a bad thing(^^)…. Sure, there may be a lot of blogs out there — anyone can put up a web page and start clacking away — but it takes inherent talent to be the kind of blogger that you are, you know? I always respected and admired this page for being so clean, funny (the subtle ‘haha’ kind), and sometimes thought-provoking which I always appreciate but never offensive and lacking like so many others…. There’s just a lot of bad writing in general, you know? Sure you may only be one person but if you like what you do and have so many of us reading and commenting and being grateful…. Mhm, well, I hope people taking the time to write to you means something to you besides disrespecting your wishes and being whiny and annoying(^^)

  166. Sorry about your loss (hard drive). I hope you can recover it.

    I check your blog 10 times a day, so I guess that means I’m a BIG fan of yours ~ teeheehee.

    I want you to come back, but that is my selfish desire. Do what’s best for you. 🙂

  167. NOOOOOOO x[
    even if there’s many blogs with news, coolsmurf news is only one of a kind.
    i always go on coolsmurf first thing wen i go online.
    no other blog compares to yours :]
    its informative, esp. wen it comes to WGM.
    pleaseee don’t leave!

  168. Heyy you shouldn’t quite because bascially everyone goes on your website FIRST for news. Yea so theres other blogs that posts up news first AT LEAST your not so critical.

    Like what everyones sayin, dont leave because your the best, but im so curious. I dont want you to be offended or anythin but do you get tired of postin up these news, tired of everythin? so you’re leavin? sorry but im so curious.

    And you shouldnt leave because your cool and i watch/read your stuff.

  169. whaattt, maybe gone for good?!?!? NOOO
    i dont want other blogs, i just want coolsmurf!!!
    I always check your blog everyday, more than once a day! I even have it bookmarked in my mozilla and click it along with checking my school website and facebook, thats how important coolsmurf’s blog is! =(

    I hope you fix your computer soon.

  170. Nooooo!!!

    -sigh- Well, there’s nothing I can do, right?

    Hope you fix your hard drive. ^_^

    PS. I’m still gonna check your blog everyday. XD

    I can’t help but be hopeful.

  171. I will be sad to see you go. I loved your take on the news. There is a time and a season for everything under the sun, and if your season is over for this blog, blessings on your next endeavor.

  172. Please don’t leave! I totally ❤ you, and you’re the ONLY blog I know and read that’s neutral on anything. If you ARE an anti of anything, you don’t let it show and that’s what I love. You’re the ONLY non-biased Kpop blog that I know, and WE need you. Where am I going to go for non-anti SoShi stuff (although I am an anti) and for the most AWESOMEFULS and WONDERFULLEST reviews, songs and blogs? T.T, Alvin, we really do NEED you!

  173. Pleeeeease don’t leave. I understand if you wanna go on hiatus, but please don’t leave us here 😦
    Your news are always so updated and they make grammatical sense. I also like how you pick news that people would actually like to read. Seriously, your blog is such an awesome place. Totally bookmarked on my browser~
    Please reconsider your leave. Everyone here appreciates you 100% ❤ ❤

  174. It feels like the end of an era… I am from central america and yours was the only site I visited for K-Info. I understand and respect your point, but I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do. You were my window to K-info, but now… Good Luck! Hope you reconsider, just do what you feel is right for you.

    Thank you so much for providing us with information all this time. XD

  175. Hope everything will be okay for you. Really thankful for what you have done so far. If you’re leaving for good, I will respect your decision though it will be great loss for all. Saranghae coolsmurf:)

  176. noooooooooooooo Please dont go…I really like your blog coz I can understand what u wrote and I can read my favorite celebs… Plzzzz

    U r my only hope for the news…
    i still think u r the best, and i never read any but yours…
    please please please please please please come back!!!
    don’t you consider the broken heart of those 200 something comments posted here??

  178. Dramatic Scene: ACTION!
    NOOOO!!! PLEASE don’t leave us hanging…the world is messing up too much right now…I’m in the U.S. and so all I keep hearing about is WARS, GLOBAL WARMING, STOCK MARKET CRASH, and SCHOOL! I need you! Your blogs my escape from the real world… * teardrops * …

    well anyhow have a good life dude! Hope you come back! 😀

    P.S. Smiles make the world go round! Swear, it’s true!

  179. i really only read ur blog though T-T. i… please don’t leave T-T… u are totally making me cry inside! > <” but if… it is because u’re really too busy then i will understand… but i’ve learned so many new celebs because of ur blog and videos! will u still sub articles on wonder girls tho? *beams*

  180. I can understand how you would feel being suspended from YouTube, having your hard disk crash and other things but you can’t just leave us hanging.
    I know how it feels to be suspended from YouTube even though I never hardsubbed my own videos but I know how tedious and time consuming it is.
    Even though you don’t continue to sub videos, the least you can do is continue this blog.
    Your work is excellent and there are so many people enjoy it and that is what makes it worth doing.
    It is okay if you don’t continue but just know that there will be missing reading this blog.

  181. i’m thinking i have a very slim chance of you even reading this but here it goes:

    well as almost of what 250 people have said:
    we’ll miss you, you’re the first blog that anyone (including me) visits each day and that we’ll be very disapointed and sad.
    still, none of us can do anything else other than to leave our comments on here and let you see how we feel.
    the decision, which i think you know really well, is only yours to make
    but i hope we are acting as some kind of variable to this
    if we are suporting you all the way, then you might be leaning to the sides of keep doing what you’ve been doing
    i really hope you can feel a little responsibility to your readers as well as your fans

    I want to think that you’ll fix any problems that you have anytime you have any but will still be loyal to us as we are to you.

    i wish the the BEST with everything
    and if it may be that this is the last post that you will post then, Thank You ~
    it might seem selfish of me to only say thanks after all you’ve done but since i can’t find anything else to say ^_^

    good luck…

  182. thanks for everything ..

    you’re always the first website i visit evrytime i hop on the net..
    even now.. its still habit for me to click on your tab.. to see whats new/

    you surely will be missed!

    good luck//

    and thank you

  183. Please don’t quit. I don’t know what I would do without you!

    I get all my korean news from you, I am not korean but I like reading all the things you post.. Thanks to you I discovered Wonder girls!

    Please reconsider.

  184. That really stinks abou the hard drive.
    But you’re really my source of Korean entertainment news, along with a few threads at soompi. But I check this site and the wonderland site everyday =D
    I’m sad to see you go.

  185. I’ve posted plenty of times when you say you would stop uploading videos because you were getting suspended. I’ve also posted when you said you would stop subbing we got married. Because other people told you that it was pointless. And hundreds of people were hurting when you got suspended from youtube. And now even with your new youtube acct, you would only sub videos that were rare or to you liking. I can understand all of that.

    A part of me is sad to see you stop blogging, but another part of me is a little angry. I’m always reading korean news, especially since I can’t get my usual dosage of korean music due to all the suspension going on. I can understand that you are probably tired, and that putting up videos only to have them put you down, you were not the only victim, and to see you make this new acct, is pretty bravo on your part.

    In the world today, international fans will get all that they can on the korean news because it’s so hard. And there is so much information everywhere. But for you to stop blogging, I feel kind of sad, and kind of like you know…whatever. How can you say that other people post the news faster then you? Yes, it might be true. But the posts that you make are non opinionated and very positive posts. And that is why your blog is the first I check. Your youtube is also the first I check. So what if other people post faster then you, so what if other people read other people blogs before yours. You should write the news because you are a fan, whether you have time or not, it’s okay. Do it to your leisure. I’m a writer, and it’s like saying, well I’m not going to write anymore because there are people out there who write the same thing and better. Do you lack a little confidence? I mean when your account on youtube shut down, fans from all over the world ached with you, you are like a star yourself. But don’t do it because you have don’t have the energy to carry on. Don’t do it because you think other people can do it better. It’s kind of sad, because when you stop or feel like you don’t want to post anymore or update anymore, we all have to write comments saying like “nooOOoOo”… well I find it kind of sad and quite pitiful. I hope you write because you like to write or post about the Wonder Girls or anything about We Got Married. I am a fan of your stuff, but if you want to stop posting, well it was good when it was here. Not all things last forever. News come out every second. But if anyone is to say that your posts are pointless, well they took the time to read it right? And have you noticed a lot of other blogs use YOU as a source. You should feel proud, and feel like you have opened a whole new world for international fans to get to know the korean culture better. I’ve read somewhere that koreans are the most racists people they have ever seen. Having been reading posts, blogs, and having understanding the korean culture through movies, variety shows, and music, I don’t think that is the case at all. If you go too, that’s okay I guess. There are a lot of other blogs who loses patiences, or just get tired of doing it day in and day out, and its not like you are getting paid. But you should do it for the love of the culture, for the joy of helping one more person see celebrities in a whole new light. I have hardly listened to any american music because it bugs me how American celebrities get so thick skinned. Thank you for the memories though. And so sad to see you go, and now you have hundreds of post asking you to not goooooo…it seems if you are wanting to know your fan base, read the comments…you have a lot of fans. But kind of pathetic that every few months you are like “i’m going to stop this, I’m going to stop that…” if you don’t like posting or uploading, then stop overall. Just a thought, and if anyone wants to get mad, that’s fine. I can see that. I’m just stating my opinion.

  186. NOO!!! Please stay! I love your site. I check it almost every day and you do the best updates. Other sites are very critical and post uninteresting topics. But you always post interesting ones and I always look forward to your opinions on shows etc.!

  187. alvin…..plz dont stop…!!! plzzzzzz….. ur blog is d ONLY blog tht im visiting daily…. plzz dont STOP…!!!!! im begging u………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz blogging like u always do……. plzzzzzzzzzzz…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. thanks for all the blogging, but i do hope you do come back. i’ve really enjoyed your entries and did get hooked on xman and such because of your yt account. i just wanted to say thanks!

  189. Hello!! thanks for all the blogging… gets mo? i thought this is your passion why you are leaving?! hmmmm… any decision you made and you think it is for your own good then go for it..

    goodluck! 🙂

  190. Personally, I love your blog more than anyone elses. Why? Because other kpop gossip blogs have assholes writing them XD

    but I respect your opinion 🙂

  191. oh no! i really rely on your blog quite alot to check up on all the news! i really do hope you’ll come back!

    the loss of your youtube account was already a really huge blow to me, so i really really hope you’ll come back D;


  192. …I don’t usually leave a comment here but yes, I’m a fan, your fan, just because your blog isn’t like any other’s…you know what I mean…but I’m not blaming you for for thinking blogging for K-entertainment is pointless since too many are doing it now.

    …I just want you to know it doesn’t matter to me whether the news isn’t reported early or fast enough because what I really want is to read something that’s written in a decent manner, and objectively, which is your style…I’d be lying if I say I won’t miss you if and when you decide to give this up but I, like others here, am thankful for all the hard work you’ve done all this time.

    …still I’m hoping you’re just on hiatus…and expecting you’ll be back soon…

  193. awww please don’t stop!! T.T
    I (and I’m sure many others) look forward to reading your blog everyday!
    Even if you have to slow down the pace a bit, I think all of us will remain your fans and respect that. You are human, we know. but don’t forget us!! we love your blog!! ❤

  194. What! what do you mean “gone for good”?

    No you can’t leave…….you give so much insight about the variety shows, K-celebs, and other news.

    Coolsmurf don’t do this to us.

    Sorry if this sounds selfish.

    WE NEED YOU……DON’T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. u can’t leave!!!

    all of us here need you..

    i missed you subbed vids..ang they’re gone…

    but you cant leave us..

  196. donchu earn money from bloggin’?
    it’s a cool thing to do..you’ll get paid for doin’ somethin’ thachu lik’ doin…

    thin’ about’ it man…


  197. nooo!!!you can’t leave us !!
    yes I do read other blogs …but I still enjoy yours the most
    it’s the only one I check regularly (almost everyday)
    and I love the way you write your articles
    anyways it’s your decision and we can’t do anything against it
    thank you for all the entries

  198. This is the only blog i bookmarked.

    it is saddening to know what happened to your accounts and files. With all the efforts you did.

    i guess we (non-koreans) won’t get to know what’s goin on there.

    i consider your blog as my window to korean entertainment.

    guess, i should close the panel for now.

    goodluck to you.

  199. A day with be incomplete without looking at your BLOG

    reasons you need to stay




    ***i understand your situation, but it will be really sad if you leave us.


  200. yesterday evening was 100++ message, today evening is already 200++ messages. will it hit up to a thousand? maybe alvin should wait awhile longer before coming back on and see how many people actually bother to reply to his entry and see how popular he is in the hallyu blogging stuff

    there u go… 1 more entry to add up the number

  201. You know what, You are the real STAR on your own blog!
    Don’t leave us as long as you can.
    You can update this blog at least once a week, that’s fine with us.

  202. NO don’t retire coolsmurf ~! you have updates that other blogs doesn’t have. i always read your blog, your blog is really cool ~ ~ don’t leave us coolsmurf. you have soooo many readers out there. so don’t give up alvin.. fighting!

  203. You’re existence is our happiness. Please never mind those blogs. They are really non-sense and boring. Sometimes, biased. Yours aren’t. Whatever you posted, whenever you posted, I’m contented everyday. It’s like my vitamin..hehe

    Just fix your hard drive ok?
    We will wait for you whenever you’re ready. Just come back anytime. And never ever abandoned this blog.

    Take care! Fighting! n_n

  204. OMG dont leave…it was your blog that lead me to finding out about WGM and kept me updated!!!…though then again if you mut leave…all your updates up till now have been much appricated and many thanks!


  205. you can’t go! this is the only blog i read, and where am i to find updates now? with kbs banning streaming, and now you’re leaving, it is devastating!!
    harddisk can be replaced at simlim and its cheaper now! please keep this blog going and alive and enrich our lives with many more posts to come.
    nonetheless, i’d like to thank you for all the hardwork and nicely articulated posts written in this “blog” of yours.
    excellent job!

  206. I thought for quite a while what to write…

    It will be really sad if you do stop doing what you are doing.
    But yet am thankful for all that you had done so far.

    The choice is yours. Thanks for the good memories to date.

    Coolsmurf hwaiting!!!

  207. NOOOOOO…Coolsmurf U R THE BEST OUT THERE…don’t leave…i dont know what i will do if you leave…PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TO US….WE ALL LOVE YOU AND YOU KNOW THAT DUDE…

    take a rest for a while (but dont take too long) and then come back fresh and happy…pretty please with a cherry on top…


  208. Do you feel loved yet? Thanks for all the hours and hard work you’ve put in so far.

    Your blog is like a caffeine addiction – without the side effects!

    Pleeeassse come back soon!

  209. oh… so sad 😦

    i love you cooolsmurf! we may not be able to change your mind, but please know that you are loved and appreciated by all the people who visit your blog.

  210. The YouTube account’s gone and this blog will close too? Man, it’s the end of an era, really. I still visit your blog before any others for news… And thanks you; it was easy for me to get into the kpop scene because of your vids and blog – hope to see this blog alive and thriving in the future, but if you don’t we’ll respect your choice.

    Still, I really hope you keep this blog open!

  211. i thought i could die of happiness when you posted the subbed charice pempengco videos. >.<

    you are one of those big name subbers/info people that everyone in the kpop fanworld knows of. you helped a lot of people to become fans. but i guess all good things have to come to an end at some point…..it just feels too soon right now.

  212. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! please don’t leave us!!!
    whatever many blog like you happened but u r the first one when i think if talk about korean entertainment. please don’t go. everybody here love your work ^^ but if u need some rest please a break do not leave here. take care.

  213. aww no way. no matter what you’re blog is the first thing i look at for news especially on your popular wonder girls wonderland blog! anyway if you decide to leave then it’s ok. thank you for your time in posting up news and for this wonderful blog, oh and of course your channel that was deleted 😦 congrats on your success!

  214. I seriously would cry if you do decide to leave altogether.
    Everyone has posted that your blog is by far the most entertaining and true to the core articles we read on a DAILY basis.

    Yes that’s right. DAILY.
    Even if you have nothing written for a short period of time, I come back here every single day.

    Please don’t leave. Please reconsider.
    Thru you, I’ve discovered my passion and motivation to learn Korean. All the heartwarming subs of WGM and XMan.

    Please don’t leave! 😦

  215. Oh hey please come back.

    I love reading your site.

    To tell you the truth, I am not a Korean… So this is the only site I can hold on to…

  216. You cannot do this — again. First you stop subbing WGM after you YouTube account was shut down, (Though I can understand with all the hardwork and all) but when I found your blog it was easier for me to understand shows, learn news about my favorite stars and even get to learn new about other actors/artists that I didn’t know. No offense, but you should not give up so easily, put up a fight! Who cares if people get out information faster than you, I actually find your blog more interesting that many others since you don’t completely bash yet you give your honest opinion on the subject in a nice manner. I’m not trying to put you down, it’s just that I want to let you know that a lot of people as well as I are really grateful of what you have and still do, and it would be really sad if you left. ):

    So…don’t leave! Please? (:

  217. WHY????? noo!! Dont GO? We will miss you!!
    Love your blog and news about Park Min Young 😉
    Come back soon oki??!!!!!
    Coolsmurf = NO. 1

  218. Alvin, even if there are other blogs writing exactly the same news as you do, your site is always the first one that i go to, your site is even listed on my favorites at home and at the office..the ritual of checking your site everyday is secondary to checking my emails, that’s how much i like i like you… its already a part of my everyday life.
    …and your blog has a unique style of presenting the latest news.if you do decide to go on hiatus , we’ll be here to welcome you back ! hope that will be sooner than expected..take care !

  219. KA~JIMAAAA~~

    i always enjoyed reading your blog! although, there are other blogs who write the same exact news, but it just isn’t the same! we would be waiting patiently for your return 😀

  220. Where are these other sites you speak of? I don’t think there are any as comprehensive as yours, and as detailed.

  221. wow Alvin. You can’t leave us or say ur leaving (again)….T_T pleaseee it doesn’t matter if other people put up news faster than you. Your unique style of writing makes me come check ur blog 4 times at least everyday.

    Hope you realize that its not how fast you put up the news, but how you write in a casual and respectful manner.

  222. hey alvin (:
    i’d like to say thanks for keeping us up to date with kpop stuff. it’s gonna be sad to see you leave =( but i respect your decision and once your back, you know, we’ll always be here to support you !

    thanks for the hard work!
    & good luck with everything .

  223. this is very sudden…
    your news post are way different than anybody else O__o
    i feel you are just lacking a little confidence…but u don’t have to, because you have a lot of people behind you… obviously we all come back cuz we love your work….. but if you think its truly time to end it, i wish you all the best…remember you are truly the coolest smurf out there, and believe it or not we are all fans…. if you do leave, good luck..if not, see you on your next post

  224. =O! Hard disk crash! I’m sorry! I don’t know if it may be of help but if you need something from CSJH, some DBSK files and of the popular and recent korean dramas I can help you ^^, I’d love to help just the way you’ve helped us subbing and uploading and stuff 😉

    Although I don’t comment very often, I’d be sad to see this blog depart, but I know how tiring websites can get, so if you decide to close it, it’s gonna be good for you, but please keep in contact with us your readers at least once in a while ^^’

  225. i love this website, this is the website i get all of these news from.
    whats another website where i can get all of these news from

  226. I love your website. Please don’t go. I enjoy reading your articles all the time. Your website is the first website I check for updates the stars. If you do decide to go, then good luck to your future endeavors.

  227. dude, I don’t even check any other blogs haha I don’t bother … why should I when I get all I need here? 🙂

    Common, you can’t say you aren’t moved by the 329… now 330 comments right?!

    aja aja fightinggggggggg ^^

  228. OMG, this blog is my main source for k-stuff..and mostly my updates on everything
    thanks for all your efforts and whatever you do, rmb your fanbase here.

  229. >.<


    I dont want to read shitty ass popseoul or crappy ass allkpop T.T;

    Where will I get my wonder girls news now 😦

  230. I think its ok if you don’t want to do this anymore. It’s your life and your choice. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.
    It’s about time us lazy asses go find the news on our own. XD
    But, we’ll miss you and also your blog. You had made a big impact on so many people’s lives and is a big part of the online community, we’ll remember that and we’re grateful.

    Life is too short to mope about these things! Cheer up!


  231. NOOOO!!!!:( I’VE JUST STARTED COMING HERE FEW WEEKS AGOOOO!!!:( you’re like the besttt!! i love your humor tooooo:))) OH COME ONN!! STAAAY WITH USSS ALVIN!!

  232. ahhh, just quit and close down the site already!
    dont just talk! if you really wanna quit, then quit. no one can hold you back. are you asking for pity? if you wanna quit, just close it down, no need to post it.
    what do you expect people to react? to hold you back? to beg you? it’s not like you’re the only one that writes about korea.

  233. here are some blogs that will keep you guys updated:


    basically, you guys just need to search it on wordpress, and a bunch of them will pop up.

  234. Stop being a a fucking cunt kwipie.

    All those other blogs have taken articles and stuff from HIS blog many times. so please take them all and shove them up your pimply ass.


  235. @kwipie
    Thanks for that, but we don’t need that.
    coolsmurf.wordpress is coolsmurf.wordpress
    No one can replace it.
    This blog is unique and has a full sense of humor. We feel different when visiting here.

    We’re here to support and to comment. At least we, as a reader knew about what’s going on HIS blog, because of his recent post. We will get mad if Alvin don’t get us informed and wait him for years to post..? damn, we will be worried and be angry.

    If Alvin decide to shut it down, fine, it’s all up to him. His effort and time would be wasted.

    Blog Stats
    4,920,061 hits

    wg updates..^_^

  236. as everyone else already stated…don’t go!!! if you decide to stop, it’ll be so sad. if you have too much on your plate at the moment then take a breather but don’t stop!!! you actually have some news that i don’t see on the other popular korean pop related english blogs so don’t consider yourself redundant. we all enjoy your blog~

  237. Dear coolsmurf,

    please take the time to read this comment as I am seriously trying to help you out with your problem.
    How did your HDD just crash? Did you know that there are very professional and reliable data restoring companies? They can save your data at a very, very high chance. They are able to recollect all the data from your HDD even if it has fire or water damage (as in, even if your computer burned down or fell into water). Depending on the severity of the damage on your HDD and the size of data you need recovered, it costs around 100-500 bucks. But I am very positive that people are willing to donate to you so you can afford a data restore without having to pay from your own pocket. Someone could easily make a donation petition for you. Sadly I am not familiar with data rescue services outside of my country (Germany), but if they exist here, they exist in any other country too.

    I hope you consider this!

    Other than that, thank you for everything and take care!

  238. Sorry kwipie but most of us here have been to those other sites and we prefer to read up on kpop news without the bias nasty undertones of popseoul and allkpop and seoulbeats.


    They can keep their moronic viewers and pathetic bitter blogs to themselves.
    alvin even if he doesnt like an artist doesn’t bash or insult them in every post.

  239. We will deeply miss you ^^ i hope all the best with your back up =x and i respect your decision of leaving. Even thou there are many replicas of your blogs only your blog is the most unique ^^ i wish the best for your future =]

  240. honestly post #100 is actually right, i mean come on you said it yourself that u make this website cause u loved kpop right? just because some other people has like the same kind of blog has u, doesnt mean we look at their website more or anything like that. heck, i only look at your blog. honestly you’d be like the nxt perez hilton if u keep it up. im pretty sure u were like the first website that introduced a lot of things aka xman, love letters. it made u really popular.. that no1 can beat you. and not only, your website is like the only website i visit when it comes to krn stuff along with soompi but thats it. soo like please reconsider and forget about the other people with their blogs. we care more about your blog than others since your like the original (my perspective) and im pretty sure, the others only look at ur website since i see people making new thread news on soompi crediting you for the very awesome news. sure.. others look at other blogs but if u count how many people are like crediting you on soompi or in youtube or wherever, ud have more than 1 million or something. so pls cheer up! we’re definitely here for you. and sorry about your hardware.

    plus, you’re like the only one i go for updates anyway D:
    please come back !!
    *knees on floor*

  242. Well the difference between u and other blogs is that u don’t bash ppl ^^ i liked to read the news like that actually!!

  243. From the looks of it a lot of people would miss you. You’re the only sane blogger i know of. We love it that you dont bash the celebrities. regardless of whether other people are posting the same news as you we love the way you present it. However, if this blog isnt as enjoyable as it was then ignore us crazy fan girls… or guys.

  244. the way you write your blogs are amazing: that make readers want to come back for more.
    i’m disappointed that you’re even considering leaving this blog for good.
    like what ‘Nissy’ said:, stay with us!

  245. i’m angry and disappointed.
    with all the youtube suspensions going on, it’s stupid that you’re giving up on the korean entertainment stuff, at this time. Us, non-Koreans, are finding it difficult to find news about the Korean entertainment industry already, we really don’t need all this ‘i’m-going-to-give-up-crap’ that you’re giving us.

    All i’m trying to say is that those message on your ‘Goodbye People’ article, have already shown you how much people care about your blogs, videos… so stop asking for this constant reassurance.

    So i’m going to say this one LAST time: WE LOVE YOUR BLOG WE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS, SO STAY WITH US.

  246. hey!!!!glad u r back..
    i guess we kinda misunderstood wat u stated.. but anyway dat will happen if u really decide to leave…hehe..thanks 4 coming back..

  247. Welcome back?


    The reason why your computer may have crashed is because it’s overloaded. You may want to schedule (daily or weekly) disk defragment and disk cleanup from time to time… It helps keeps your computer fast and helps limit your computer from crashing… If you already knew that, then good for you! 🙂

    Sorry that your computer crashed. I had to completely re-new my PC recently by deleting everything! I mean…everything! It’s good as new now! hahah 😀

    Good luck with yours!

  248. if you were just on a hiatus, why did you write “i am probably done for good.” that usually means…you quit.

    but seriously, next time you say something similar this one and the ones in the past, we’ll probably guess that you’re doing it for attention.

  249. ^dd that’s just the stupidest thing you can say. He’s already got our attention.

    It’s kind of funny though how there could have been misinterpretations of your message Alvin… because of the line “gone for good.” Don’t scare us like that 🙂

  250. good thing you are back hehehe….
    your blog is one of the few sites i can access at my workplace…. hehehe most sites like you tube are blocked…..

  251. Yaaaaaaaaay!

    Glad to have you back, Coolsmurf!

    I’ve been checking every half-day since your announcement. You really had me worried!

  252. Coolsmurf i suggest you invest yourself in an external hard drive. Trust me they’re helpful and when things like computer crashing, you’ll be glad that the majority of your important files are on your external!

    The same thing happened to me this past summer when my laptop decided to end its run after 5 long yrs w/ me (it was its time) hehe. I was lucky enough to have saved all my files on my external and now I’m using a macbook w/ all my old files on my external. My external hd is a lifesaver (it’s 160 GB). Yet I still haven’t even used half of it.

  253. aiya…its not even 1/2 of a thousand comments yet and you are back . should had wait it out a little long… =P this is the most no. of comment ever on your blog so far? hmm… i wonder…

  254. YEA!!! Welcome back, Coolsmurf!! You gave me a scare too….and boy was i happy when i saw your updates today!
    As for the rest of you haters, just shelve your comments! No one wants to hear it!

  255. NOthing to add except, glad you’re back and blogging again.

    as for your lost files,….treasures, treasures

    a reminder, dont sent out for repair if you got any er..’discreet photos’ hahahaha 🙂

    just joking….

  256. Phew~ You had us for a scare there! I guess it’s when you said “the need for your [blog’s] existence anymore” that made us get nervous. But no, I’m glad you’re back, though it’s sad to hear that you lost that much data. I’ve had that happen before, and it was not fun, so I feel for you. What exactly happened? Hopefully you’ve fixed it so it won’t happen again. T.T

  257. I’m glad you’re back too!!! Next time you need a break/hiatus (for any reason whatsoever)- just take one; but obviously if there’s any ambiguity on whether you’re quitting for good or not, you will probably be swamped with another 350 some comments from distressed “fans”.

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