Japanese fans, “Yoon Eun Hye Is Very Cute”

The following are bullet point translations of what transpired during Yoon Eun Hye’s recent fan meeting in Japan on 19th September.

There was wild enthusiasm shown by around 2,000 people who were present at the fan meeting which was held at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo, Japan on 19th September. The event kicked off at 3pm where Eun Hye met her 2,000 Japanese fans for a a combined birthday party and fan meeting.

Amidst bubbles that flew around as she made her entry, Yoon Eun Hye appearance in her black dress drew huge applause and exclamations of “cute” from her 2,000 Japanese fans. Eun Hye spoke to her fans, “I’m so happy to be meeting with you. Let’s have an enjoyable time together.” She then went on to create laughter in the hall as she imitated popular Japanese singer, Daigo.

Under the talk show segment titled ‘Coffee Prince 2nd Shop’, she talked of the five TVCFs she’s filmed this year and sang her popular CF song “Salad Song”. It was followed by a presentation of the best 5 video scenes that the fans wanted to see again. At the question corner, there was heat in the hall as she held a dance battle with fans. She also sang the hit song “Nakaiaida” from the popular Japanese duo Kiroro in a soothing voice and received applause.

Her fans also celebrated an early birthday with her by singing her a birthday song and giving a cake. After receiving the cake and birthday song, Yoon Eun Hye expressed, “I’m really happy. I just turned 24 in Japanese age on 3rd October.” Fans then sang a song and made a heart with lights.

After taking many photos and shaking hands, Eun Hye said, “I regret not wearing more comfortable shoes here. I’m sorry for showing you the image of a tired me with really sore legs. When I come again, I’ll come wearing comfortable shoes. I heard that the presents filled more than 10 boxes, when I go to the hotel I want to open and see the presents.” She made a promise with her Japanese fans, “I loved coming to Japan, I will definitely come again.”

credit: kay@wgjjang.wordpress.com

37 thoughts on “Japanese fans, “Yoon Eun Hye Is Very Cute”

  1. aww, YEH is so sweet 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf for sharing the news!

    ** though just a note, those pics are not from the japan fanmeet **

  2. she aged! Or is it the makeup? She doesn’t look good in those pics no offense to her fans

  3. wow to #7 those r just pix
    but have u see all os YEH’s recent spreads
    on Mags well shes awsome and i wush u would have been there here’s her singing and quite well i might say
    credit jnncrs

    thanx coolsmurf

  4. You don’t have to like her really and you don’t have to get why we liker her there will always be different opinions as for me I like her more like love her because what you see is definitely what you get with YEH.

  5. i never understood why people was like, shes really hot, top in korean females. i just always thot she was okay. average. after awhile and i pondered here, now i think shes just pretty, beautiful, but shes not on the same par as Han Ga In, Kim Tae Hee, nor Jeon Jy Hyun =D

  6. 2legit2quit, hahaha not on the same par as Han Ga In, Kim Tae Hee? She’s way ahead of them in terms of popularity and acting recognition. But most of all, her charming personality outshines their so called beauty.
    They may have gorgeous faces, but they dont have the same charm as Yoon Eun Hye.
    Yoon Eun Hye’s personality and girl next door look is what endears her to a lot of people.
    Many people dont just rely on outward beauty when they make their criteria. Personality goes a long way.

  7. aww, she is cute! & she’s usually on par with her clothes/fashion choices but i wish she could’ve wore another color besides somber black… idk but the color & her makeup choice somehow makes her look older but i’m glad she enjoyed her time with her fans. ^^

  8. i’m glad that she’s still very much welcomed despite her hiatus from the screen! and it’s true indeed that she’s very kawaii 🙂

    only 24? goodness, for having accomplished so much, she sure is young! anticipating for her return to the screen…i want to see her on some show with kjk hehehe

  9. jaz wana greet her a very hapi birthday..whew..i thought that wouldn’t come out..well i’ve said it…happy birthday eun hye..hope ull have tons of birthdays to come..love you ^_^

  10. your still a serpent seed.please seek the Kingdom of God for you to be saved. It’s so hot in hell! Beware of that!

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