Han Chae Young, Cha Seung Won and Nam Gyuri Competes in Fashion King

Han Chae Young, Cha Seung Won and Nam Gyuri are set to collaborate in KBS 2TV drama “Fashion King” set for February 2009 broadcast. The drama is about young designers who successfully work their way up from Dongdaemun and become world-class designers. The drama will bring to viewers the elegance of the glitzy fashion industry and the designers’ fierce passion for their work.

This will be the comeback drama for Han Chae Young and Cha Seung Won after a long hiatus. Since her last drama “Fireworks” in 2006, Han Chae Young has been kept busy with her married life while Cha Seung Won has been dabbling in movies since “Bodyguard” in 2003. Their casting in the drama has grabbed the attention of many who expect fireworks particularly as they are known for being fashion trendsetters and having a enviable model appearance.

Nam Gyuri who has successfully carved out another career in acting after her debut movie “Gosa”, will be attempting her second role on the small-screen. This will be an important test to see if she can really cut it as an actress.

16 thoughts on “Han Chae Young, Cha Seung Won and Nam Gyuri Competes in Fashion King

  1. man, gyuri used to be really pretty during her debut days but now shes like ._.;;
    what happened?
    did she get some kind of makeover (*cough* under the knife) when i wasnt looking?

  2. i really like the drama concept/idea..
    i dont think there are other k-drama’s with this storyline..
    i honestly like nam gyu ri but i’ll give her a chance!
    can’t wait for this!

  3. after her debut, nam gyu ri do plastic surgery to her nose and some other part of her face. now gyuri looks like a barbie. her face is to perfect. thats make her face look weird. :O

  4. I’m def gonna watch it because of Han Chae Young.. I’ve missed her soooo much… btw she was in a movie last year…must watch if you haven’t yet… I love her!!!!

  5. what?

    No offense but gyuri’s face hardly changes. shes perfect for scary movies but for a real drama? I hope she practiced her facial expressions.

    HCY…is kind of overrated.

    Cha seung won ftw!!!!

  6. yeah “cha seung won ftw”! saw the fashion show he did recently, after a long break. he was sensational – the younger celebrity/actor guys in front row didn’t stop grinning & followed cha’s bootie with their eyes.

  7. I don’t think that nam gyu ri went under the knife…
    But..more to add some weight..which made her look chubbier now…
    I’m certainly waiting to see her performance as an actress…..

  8. has this drama fashion king been out yet? cos i cant fine the synopsis on the internet… ? kindly let me know if u know more?

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