Reasons Behind SBS Cancelling Change

From Lee Hyori in the debut episode where she was left in tears from hurtful remarks from people on the subway to Yoo Chae Young who was in tears as she proposed to her husband recently, SBS “Change” has been a variety show that has bought much laughter and tearful moments to viewers.

After 8 months of broadcast, “Change” which has been one of SBS weekend variety offerings will be canned. What are the reasons behind this?

According to a SBS representative on the 19th, it is very difficult now to find someone to go through this and the special makeover team is at it’s maximum limit (beyond what they can do). The special makeovers that you see in movies are done over a period of time. But for “Change”, you have to do this once every week. It is thus very easy for others to spot the disguised celebrity.

“Change” debuted on 17th February with Lee Hyori who was also the MC as the first person to get the special treatment. Subsequent episodes have also won over many viewers with the reality bit. The program is expected to end with Jo Hye Ryun as their final guest star which will be shown on 5th October.

24 thoughts on “Reasons Behind SBS Cancelling Change

  1. that sucks. i actually liked this show and was hoping someone was going to sub it. that’s just too bad to see it getting canceled =(

  2. they could get any artist to do the makeover!
    i’ll definitely watch it!
    i enjoyed watching it…
    and those people who left those hurtful remarks before…
    they are really too lifeless…

  3. “From Lee Hyori in the debut episode where she was left in tears from hurtful remarks from people on the subway”

    That doesn’t sound so nice?… 😦

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  5. this is one of the shows that I watch so much,, too bad that it’s coming to an end. Good shows are being cut these days.

  6. That’s disappointing, but I can see why. You would definitely run out of ideas or disguises for that matter. Certain things start to stand out in a crowd, which makes it difficult. Too bad, though it doesn’t mean they can’t use the idea again sometime in the future.

  7. This was really interesting show when it just start, but it get bored later, dunno why, maybe because it less variety, disguise, certain activities to fool people, reveal it, and then lol….. not like 1N2D or family outing, more variety and interesting.

  8. i think ppl could start recognising them, cus even the ‘disguised’ celebs… they all ended up looking the same. esp the guys!

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