Ahead of Variety Show Lineup Changes ‘Catching Kim Jong Kook & Lee Sung Jin’

In preparation of the Fall broadcast in Korea, variety shows are looking for a ‘for-sure’ person. Kim Jong Kook, who was released from military service last May, and Lee Sung Jin, who was released just recently on 12th September, are the two who were especially prominent in variety shows before enlistment.

Kim Jong Kook’s casting as a regular member of SBS’s “Family Outing” is almost a definite certainty. Representatives from various broadcast stations said, “It’s a true fact that many shows are eyeing Kim Jong Kook. Moreover, because of his past image in variety shows, there were talks of him joining the cast of ‘We Got Married’ and that he would play a major role in other real-situation variety shows. I am understand that many variety shows have contacted and kept in touch with Kim Jong Kook in order to cast him on their shows.”

Kim Jong Kook should be happy with all the love calls he’s been getting but he’s also in a difficult position. He rose as a star rapidly through KBS ‘Dream Team’, MBC ‘DongGeoDongRak’ (Living Together Enjoying Together) and SBS ‘X-man’. Because of this, he’s in a situation where it’s difficult for him to choose just one program. He should also be mindful if he goes on SBS ‘Family Outing’.

Lee Sung Jin has also been getting many love calls (from variety show PDs) recently. There are big expectations of his wit and power (in future shows).

A KBS variety show representative said, “When we turn on the TV set, we see the same person appearing again and again. That is evidence of his/her popularity but now the idea has changed. We are always looking for new people and it is precisely this point that stars who have returned from the army are in (meaning the newly returned stars are seen as ‘new’) demand.”

Kim Jong Kook and Lee Sung Jin are seen as the blue chips of variety shows; people are paying close attention to what variety program shows they will make their return in. Yeah for Kim Jong Kook. Yeah for Lee Sung Jin. Bravo!!!

credit: o-cha + smr05

43 thoughts on “Ahead of Variety Show Lineup Changes ‘Catching Kim Jong Kook & Lee Sung Jin’

  1. omg! i wish KJK oppa would be on WGM too.
    hehe it doesnt matter who the girl is as long as he is there.
    hehe. just beee more on TV!
    fighting! ^^

  2. OH i MISS lee sung Jin so much, glad that he’s out alrewady and ready to jump in the wagon again… hahaha welcome back

  3. Wow!!! They’re coming back. I really miss Lee Sung Jin’s cuteness and also Kim Jong Kook. I hope to see them on variety soon.

  4. OMG Lee Sung-Jin is back too! I want to see both of them in a variety show.. it was interesting to watch them when they were both guests in SBS Love Letter.. I still remember Lee Sung-Jin and KJK apologizing when they beat U-know’s record lol..

  5. if KJK is on WGM with other than YEH

    sorry but……………………………..i’m def buying his album
    but i would also be tooo depressed to watch
    but we’ll see hes too cute to pass up

  6. if KJK will join WGM… it YEH or not join at all hahaha…..
    and LSG with Bada hahahaha…..

    i think KJK will not gamble to be with another girl beside YEH on WGM so its not an option because he is very much associated with YEH…..

  7. if KJK & YEH were going to be on FO or WGM it would sound too good to be true. yeah if KJK was on WGM with a girl other than YEH that would suck.

  8. Dude, WGM’s ratings would so skyrocket if KJK or YEH would go on. (wishful thinking…) Anyways.. i missed LEE SUNG JIN! He’s so witty, funny and cute. Hehe =] LSJ and BADA!

  9. If KJK comes into WGM with Chae Yeon, I would just die. I’m not sure if I’d like it or hate it… but I’d totally have a reaction. Hahaha! It’s be because of the whole X-Man thing with Chae Yeon always going after KJK.

    I DIDN’T KNOW SUNG JIN WAS RELEASED! ohmygoodness! I missed him! I was watching X-Man clips yesterday of him. He looks like he’s aged alot from the top picture.

  10. Finally some news about Lee Sung Jin. I was wondering what happened to him after heading off to the army. I wonder how his meat stand with Shinji is doing.

  11. ^ lol. it’s not a meat stand.
    it’s a restaurant in a pretty good location and business is still going well. (:

    i’ve been counting down the days for sungjin oppa’s comeback ever since he mentioned in february that he’s finishing his service in sept.

    awww i’m starting to get goosebumps. it’s like the good ol’ days of X-Man and other variety shows.
    i really miss them!!

  12. hahaha..looking at the reactions…KJK better not be on WGM without YEH…lols.

    Anyway I’m glad to see both KJK and LSJ being pursued by vairous shows. Those two are hilarious and great for the shows so we’ll have to wait and see what shows they decide to partake in.

    KJK+YEH on WGM = slim chance since she’s probably too big of a star to do variety shows now.
    LSJ+Bada on WGM = even slimmer chance. Isn’t he engaged to Shinji of Koyote?

    KJK+Chae Yeon on WGM would definitely attract a lot of attention..although not sure if CY would be ready to brave the netizens’ attack…lol.

  13. Wonder if anyone could help me out here…
    I recently bought Kim Jong Kook’s album “Evolution”. I having a tough time finding the english translations of the song titles in this album. Can anyone help?

  14. oh man id be sooo happy if kjk + yeh went on wgm!!!!!
    esp. since anbi left. i miss them already…

    but i guess its not rly possible for kjk&yeh since yeh is so busy nowadays. huhuhu TT__TT

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