We Got Married PD, “Not all of the current couples are leaving”

PD Kim clarified, “There’s been constant talks about the couples leaving the show. The talks seem to hover around this. People seems to be misinformed and take the couples’ ‘Farewell Vacation’ concept to the extreme.”

PD Kim explained that the ‘Farewell Vacation’ mission didn’t really hint at the couples separating. “It’s just a way for them to look back at their marriage life so far. It is planned as a way for them to sort things out. After getting back from the ‘Farewell Vacation’, if the couples choose to separate then the production team will take their separation and will insert new couples.”

Andy and Solbi’s separation was already confirmed when they filmed the Chuseok special with the ‘We Just Got Married”s 3 new couples. The question is who will be the new couple. He also said, “I’m really worried. Each have their own charms and it’s hard to choose. Hwan Hee – Hwayobi couple is interesting because they are the same age but we haven’t decided yet.”

On the possibility that all 4 couples separating after the ‘Farewell Vacation’, the PD said, “All 4 couples leaving is impossible. It would’ve been very risky and difficult for the WGM show itself. It is possible to have one to three couples leaving but there is no such thing as all 4 couples leaving.” He also said “We Got Married will be switched back to its original time. The production team wishes that we can tell many stories of the couples for a long time.”

Just like what the PD said earlier, all four original couples with the exception of one have finished filming their farewell vacation mission on 16th September. As Kim Hyun Joong is still recovering from his wrong consumption of sleeping pills, he was unable to film his mission on the 16th as scheduled. It was then postponed to 18th but DSP Entertainment decided to postpone it again and Hyun Joong will now film it on the 20th with his ‘wife’, Hwang Bo.

The AnSol couple, who had already decided to leave the program, took a stroll in a park while sorting out their feelings developed as a fake married couple for last 8 months. Solbi got emotional and shed tears. Andy and Solbi will leave the program completely after the last studio shooting on 23rd. Crown J and Seo In Young did what each of them wanted to do together, sports and shopping.

Alex – Shin Ae had a different farewell vacation from the others. Shin Ae went to Ehwa Women’s University on the 7th to attend Alex’s first concert. The production team said, ” In the case of Alex Shin Ae couple, rather than a farewell vacation, they had a special event which led to a sentimental moment between the two.” The concert specifically had a bigger meaning since Alex missed his birthday party on 2nd September preparing for the concert.

On a brighter note, the following pictures are Crown J and Seo In Young who displays a Bad Boy and Girl image respectively featuring for an Armani Exchange photoshoot. This will be published in October’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

Starting from the 21st, ‘Se Pa Kui’ will go first during ‘Sunday Sunday Night’. ‘We Got Married’ will be switched to the second part instead. And there will be time change with 60 minutes (for the first part) and 90 minutes (for the second part). The second part of Alex – Shin Ae and Crown J – Seo In Young’s Childcare Diary as well as Andy – Solbi and Hyun Joong – Hwang Bo’s Farming Village experience will be aired this weekend. The studio recording for the couples’ ‘Farewell Vacation’ will be recorded on the 23rd and broadcasted on the 28th.

credit: o-cha + stargirl777 + Marygold

65 thoughts on “We Got Married PD, “Not all of the current couples are leaving”

  1. Thank god there not all leaving. And thank god for that interview. It clarified a lot of things.. Poor solbi.. I wonder why she was crying…

    Seo in young and Crown J looked HOT in that photo shoot!

  2. I can’t wait for the next episode. Totally sad to see Andy and Solbi go since they are my favorite couple, but I’m glad they are busy with activities.

    Those armani photos are beautiful. Seo In Young looks so gorgeous in them!

  3. Cool pics from Seo In Young and Crown J!!!! They’re so hot and really should be together.

    Thank Coolsmurf for the news!

  4. crown j and seo inyoung look good in the photoshoot!

    since i’m not a huge fan of andy and solbi (i love andy but solbi can be a little annoying) i’m not to upset. and i haven’t seen subbed episodes of the new couple so its all kind of vague to me.

    I love hyun joong & hwanbo but since hyun will be in the f4 thing im thinking their out to sometime soon.

  5. really sad to know ansol couple is really leaving
    they were my favorite couple
    but cant blame them
    by next year or so andy would enlisted
    just like the rest of the shinhwa members

  6. sad for AnSol couple;; they are so awesome together

    InYoung/CrownJ are “so hot” XD

    i wouldn’t be surprised if JoongBo couple left
    after all SS501 is planning to comeback next month
    and with Hyun Joong’s recent scare
    i doubt DSP would even try to pack him with even MORE things
    (next time it might not be 12 pills~~)

  7. you know HJ seems like always get into a wrong understanding about the program ( remember where he thought that he’ll be competing with Buin in the game show? ) maybe this time he think that he really are going to be separated from Buin/end of the show and can’t sleep and worried and took that darn pills? ^^

    anyhow, I’m calm and happy to heard that not all couple will leave. hopefully JOONGBO couple will be the one to stay too.

  8. it all made sense from the beginning but now it makes it even more clear!
    love the photoshoot pics.. amazing couple and both so talented and match one another well!

  9. Poor Solbi…I think I will cry when I see her crying at the last episode…Sometimes I feel that WGM is too serious. sigh.

    Anyway, love the ant and witch pics! My fave couple is Jang Jang Jang! Was wondering why In Young looked so tall…love those shoes!

  10. Wait, did it tell it before what scenario they use for AnBi couple for separation ??
    I mean, the reason why they’re leaving (separate) in that show??
    Don’t tell me its about DIVORCE thing???? Oh No!

    I mean, as we know in real maybe the reason is both are busy.

  11. Yay! Crown J & In Young are staying! I’m so glad to hear that and sad to hear Andy & Solbi leaving!

    Love the Cosmopolitan pictures!!!! 😀 Please share more once you get more! Thanks, Alvin! 🙂

  12. PD will say anything and do anything to maintain the ratings..

    They tested the water by releasing hints of couples leaving and now they are in damage control for the feedbacks they gathered are not what they hope to seee….

    my fav order is AnSol, CJ/IJ followed by AlShin, it will not be the same for me if any of the couple leaves….

  13. Must be hard for Solbi since having a good relationship with Andy for 8 months. It can’t be helped since Andy will be busy doing a musical, movie then a probably a concert as for Solbi preparing her solo album.They need to move on with their career but surely they will still be good friends whatever they do. AnBi couple forever. Hyunjoon probably need lots of rest since the incident hope he gets better.

    Just love the Cosmopolitan of the Ant couple. Really fitting image for those two.

  14. i couldn’t understand why the PD axe them one by one…if he has a sense of mind…why don’t they just finish the show and give all of them a good farewell to all their fans and become this show as 1st season….and then bring new couple as a 2nd season …do you think this show is going to be like b4 w/ high rating if one of the original is gone? i bet on it i t won’t happen..

  15. The couples are not the ones to be blamed for the downhill, it’s the arrangement made for them that caused this corruption of the program, it really pissed me off, I will really axed WGM after Andy couple and Alex couple leave. There’s no point continue watching it, can’t they stick to the end as suggested by rizza123, let the original couples remain in the show for the first season. There will surely be a nosediving rating happening after their leaving, let’s crossed our hands and expect it to happen.

  16. yeah, but the PD did say 1-3 couples are set for leaving the show after the farewell thingy…


    and… SsangChu guys should stay!!
    Leaving the show because of SS501’s comeback doesn’t make much sense,
    since HJ was able to shoot the show while he was doing all the stuff in Japan.

  17. Thanks coolsmurf for that news article.Totally miss your youtube channel,but glad I can find you here! Thanks for all the hard work you do! I like the way crown j and seo look good together!

  18. poor solbi! i think she really doesnt want to leave WGm. Although feeling sad but i also have to recognize that andy and solbi shouldnt continue…it seem to their marriage life is coming to bored, especialy andy. he seems to not patient and coming to be exhausted with large workload. 7 moths isnt a short time and they made beautiful memories together, it is enough right now. they should separate to develop each solo activities. i always pray for them …..anbi fighting!!!!!!!!

  19. Seo In Young looks hot!

    All this confusing talk about who’s leaving or staying frustrates me. I know the PD is trying to keep audience interested by not revealing who else is leaving…but at the same time it really frustrates fans.

    Can’t wait to see AlShin’s ‘farewell vacation’..although really calling it farewell vacation sounds weird since they didn’t really go anywhere…

  20. Tx 4 the info, Alvin!

    Oh boy, during Alex’s separation with Shinae (I cried my eyes out for days while listening to “Flowerpot” song) then some couple are leaving the show??

    Well, I’m not an AnBi fan so their leaving won’t effect me much cause I care for the 3 couples especially CJ-SIY & AlShinae.

    I just saw the new couples cut (since now they put the English subs on). I’m starting to dislike Hwanhee/Fany now. He’s kinda mean! He locked his ‘wife’ (Hwayobi) just because she was late (she was carrying a humongous teddy bear on her back!) then he kicked her back then he opened & poured out the contents! What’s with that attitude??????

    Fany should learn from hyung Crown-J on how to treat a lady! SERIOUSLY..!!

    I would’ve voted for the gorgeous looking couple, Marco-Son Dam Bi. They’re great to look at & since they’ve known each other, they wouldn’t be so awkward toward each other.

  21. ^ i agree. =[ But I’d be very happy if JoongBo and Ant couples are the only remaining ones.

    I think that AlShin couple already reached that point where we can let them off and just wait for what happens next, y’know? I think AlShin has satisfied us.

    But with AnBi, I just feel like they haven’t quite settled in yet. They’re still in the newlywed mode, where everything around them is cute. I think that AlShin has matured overtime with their relationship, but AnBi just stayed where they are because they were cute from the very beginning. I think that’s why AlShin kinda got boring because it’s like a normal marriage now, y’know? AnBi is still acting like newlyweds, and it’s entertaining. That’s why people are more sad with AnBi because it seems like they haven’t closed that big chapter yet. I don’t think the ring incident counts as closing the newlywed thing. I kinda thought that was a bit petty.

    Even AntWitch has matured, but they each just have loud personalities that they’re entertaining nonetheless.

    JoongBo. I’m not even going to comment because it’s obvious!!!

    I think that the ratings for WGM will definitely go down. We have to consider how low the ratings were with the new couple special. If one of them becomes permanent, it’ll be iffy. I HOPE THEY DON’T CANCEL WGM FOR AWHILE!!!

  22. I meant I agree with “le”.

    I forgot to say…

    in the second picture, In Young looks mad that CJ’s brushing her off. XD

  23. aw im so sad that Andy and Solbi are gonna be leaving the show =[ i hope the other 3 originally couple won’t start to leave too *knock on wood* i think either Hwanhee + Hwayobi or Marco + Son Dam Bi should replace Andy and Solbi so far those two new couple really amuse me..they’re both KILLER! lol Inyoung and Crown J photo shoot pictures look really nice…Inyoung look so pretty with her hair like that

  24. I’m not that upset at the changes; as long as Joongbo and Ant couple and Shin Ae/Alex don’t leave… I’ll be fine. Ansol was winding down anyway (or that’s how it was manipulated on screen… which is okay with me 😛 )

    I LOVE, as far as the new couples go, Hwanbi and Old/Young couple. Hwanbi singing (dreamy eyes), they’re amazing together ^_^

    Old/Young couple has it’s own charm but I don’t really see romance in their future. He’s too kind of an ajusshi and she’s kinda mean.

  25. Apparently, Kim Hyung Joong will be playing the lead role in Hana Yori Dango. At first, they said he was going to play Hanazawa Rui (which I thought would suit him perfectly), however, dramawiki wrote down that he will be playing Domyouji Tsukasa.

  26. OOOOOh… now things seems more clear….
    Wow love InYoung and Crown J pics… InYoung’s hair looks great like that.

  27. it’ll be sad watching AnBi couple leave.. solbi crying..awwww.. must have been really sad for her..

    but im just open to the idea that anyone of the other 3 couple might also leave..(but still hoping that no one will leave..soon..)..

  28. its kind of obvious that hwanhee and hwayobi are the most popular ones

    i really liked all three of the enw couples especially son dam bi and marco.

  29. wow i’m amazed at how obssessed WGM fans are! well i don’t understand why target the PD when he’s the one who created it for you all to enjoy in the 1st place. It’s like he has all the right to make any changes he wants.

    to rizza123, why the thinking that the PD is axeing all the couples gradually? it’s more like their choice to leave the show. I mean, they have other commitments as well (and not to talk abt their health and overworking) well the PD and the couples can’t please everyone certainly, so just be content that you actually had the opp to enjoy the show while it lasts.

    I personally hope that the new hwan-bi couple will replace an-sol but it’s still all up to the pple in there. =)

  30. I think the Hwayobi-Hwanhee couple will stay. But to be honest, I really enjoyed watching Marco-SonDambi as a couple. think the “same age” couple is just too predictable.

    The foreign couple just puts more style to it (plus, I’m thinking everyone wants to see Marco strip off some more yeahrr?)

    I just really hope Marco & Son DamBi

    ❤ JoongBo ; i think without their “awkward” (so to say) chemistry, the show would be much boring.

  31. seriously about ansol couple leaving
    I think they have some problem with their relationship?
    I just watched chuseok episode
    they seems to “fed up” with each other?
    the cheering, talking, and looking into each other seems SO fake as they were just forcing themselves to do it for the show
    I dont know but this is what i feel. maybe there’s already a discussion about this going on at soompi, but im so inactive there now so…

    i dont want AnSol to be separated..
    why?? why?? i mean, i love them so much and now they will leave the show..
    and the rest will follow..
    i dont want new couple..
    WGM is the best when they have these 4 fabulous “make beliefs couples”..
    this is so so so unfair..
    i hope they back..
    please make them back..>>__<<

  33. okay , this article just made my day
    LOL been stressing over the issue of the old couples leaving!
    they shouldnt have called it a “farewell journey” then if the couples arent going leave.
    making everyone so caught up and worried
    well goodlucks to the couples (: and im hoping hwanhee and hwayobi get picked as the couple therre awesomee!

  34. I know that not all 4 couples left at the same time, but they all did eventually D: I think after these 4 couples left, the show just didn’t hold much interest for me >.< Ahaha in my opinion, these 4 = best couples ever! ❤

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