Park Min Young does U-Go-Girl on Ya Shim Man Man

Park Min Young was on SBS “Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainers Village” this past Monday night (15th Sept) and did a part of Lee Hyori’s “U-Go Girl” dance.

She said beforehand on her Cyworld that she wasn’t that comfortable appearing on variety shows and would prefer sticking to acting instead. The following is her latest Cyworld entry after the Monday night broadcast.

Really let myself go (free)… ^^
A (her friend I suppose): Min Young ah, was that faked by you?
R (Min Young english name is Rachel: Ah? No..
Was really sleepy that morning (recording), my ear was even buzzing

If you missed the broadcast, the following is a clip of Park Min Young introducing herself followed by her performing a part of Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl” dance with Seo In Young, JunJin and Yoon Jong Shin joining in for a while just to make it more variety-like. Min Young had practised 2 hours for this.

She looks pretty regardless of hair let down or tied up

37 thoughts on “Park Min Young does U-Go-Girl on Ya Shim Man Man

  1. yes, she says she can’t lie and the truth just comes out from her.
    she is pretty and cute.
    i think she will be a greater star one day

  2. she’s soooo pretty!!! hahaah she’s so cute dancing to hyori…i loved her in return of the nine-tailed fox!

  3. aww i’m so proud of her :]
    she took the courage to perform!
    it’s rare for me to see this kind of stuff from her
    i’m glad she did it she’s reaching out to her fans 😀

  4. wasn’t great, but she’s not a dancer, so that’s fine. I think it’s good she had the courage to dance!

    son dambi looked pretty weird though

  5. You know why I think she and T.O.P. would make a cute couple IRL?

    It’s because she reminds me of Hayden Panettiere who would also make a cute couple with T.O.P.

  6. She is precious!
    I love her expressions at the end as the emotions crossed her face. I don’t understand Korean, but I love her already.

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  8. @usaFanGrrl

    U said Park Min-yeong was precious, didn’t you? This is the word I’m looking for. She’s just precious to you and most fans. But, for me, she is more precious than an-acre diamond. She’s very priceless. U may not know how her smiles just turned the world upside down and changed me into another positive being who can view the world in an even more beautiful planet.

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