2AM and 2PM to Perform Together on M! Countdown

JYP Entertainment newest creations 2AM and 2PM will be having a special stage at tonight’s MNet “M! Countdown” music program where they will perform a selection of JYP’s famous songs. First time performing together in public.

2AM and 2PM were formed from MNet’s reality show “Hot Blood” and under the tutelage of Park Jin Young, they have managed to debut with much success. They are expected to perform songs by Park Jin Young like “Don’t Leave Me”, “The House You Live In” and “She Is Pretty”. Another highlight is the comeback stage of Brown Eyed Girls while Shinee and F.T. Island will battle for #1.

I thought it might be cooler to perform their own songs.

22 thoughts on “2AM and 2PM to Perform Together on M! Countdown

  1. It said Shinee & F.T.Island will be battling for #1, does that mean Big Bang already won like 3 that’s why they can’t compete anymore? Or the rule only applies for Inkigayo?

    It would be cool if they performed their own song though..

  2. lol, call me an idiot, but i thought there was only one new boyband from JYP -_-;
    ( i never noticed that ONE different letter…who knew it could make such a big difference O_o)

  3. I hope they will perform god songs. Me n friends just spazz about it another day when we hope that they gonna do god songs since they all from JYP. Nevertheless not many groups/singers can do well with god songs.

  4. ^wat’s up with this person.. dont hold him accountable.. and it’s not related to this post at all.. :/

    yeah i agree, it’d be better if the two groups performed their songs instead of JYP songs.. nevertheless, im looking forward to it! 😀

  5. are they performing under the segment of ‘Mnet Heroes’?
    looking forward tho even if it’s JYP’s songs..
    m!ka starting soooon~

  6. ahh so exciting to see them performing together — finally! it’s awesome seeing them perform as 2 separate groups — both if you’ve watched the hot blood documentary.. you know they’re all sooo close with each other! sooo this is exciting!

    oh and SHINee won by the way! verryy close score w/ FTI though

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