We Got Married PD, “It’s the Couples Decision to Stay or Leave”

The PD of MBC “We Got Married” expressed in an interview today, “Andy and Solbi are the most likely couple among the present four to leave the show but we will not decide on anything until we get their consent.”

During the studio recording next week on 23rd September, it will be D-Day as each couple will sit down and decide whether or not they would want to continue being on “We Got Married”. The couple will then make a decision with a ‘X’ or ‘O’, if both says ‘O’, then they will continue. If not, they will exit.

This decision making segment was actually played out during the New Year’s Special between Solbi – Hong Kyung Min, Alex – Jang Yoon Jung, Jung Hyung Don – Saori and Seo In Young – Crown J. But it was only a one-off special then.

Since “We Got Married” became a weekly staple, they have ditched the decision making process and create missions for the make-believe couples. The decision to continue or drop out of the show is entirely up to the participants.

The PD of “We Got Married” expressed, “Thus, if Andy and Solbi both say that they want to continue on the show, it is a possibility. But right now, Andy and Solbi are the couple that has most trouble controlling their emotions.”

Many viewers did find it a pity when the 9 years age gap couple of Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong left the show without giving a proper reason or explanation. They just disappeared suddenly. All four couples have/will be filming a mission similar to a ‘goodbye trip’ before the studio recording to help them make their decision on whether or not they want to leave. The couples who will stay and the couples who will leave will be revealed on 28th September.

The PD ended by saying, “The three new couples from the Chuseok special are most likely to come in as replacements should any present couple decide to leave. But nothing will be decided yet until someone exits the show. The new couples are unlikely to be a duplication of what couples currently brings to the show because it would be difficult. He reiterated that it’s not for sure that the most popular couple from the Chuseok special would be picked.”

New Couples For Chuseok Special

Solbi expressed in a separate interview, “I have become really close with Andy oppa and the filming staff. Of course, we will be able to meet in other programs but thinking about how this will be the last hurts my heart. It was really hard making the decision to leave but we made the difficult decision for the better of our activities. I know that the fans are sad. But both of us will find everyone again with an improved look.” (not sure before or after the PD interview?)

I really dislike the PDs for being so fickle minded and absolving themselves of any blame. So it’s now down to Andy and Solbi? Whatever they do, it’s their own business? If they continue, great. If not, we have replacements.

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90 thoughts on “We Got Married PD, “It’s the Couples Decision to Stay or Leave”

  1. we (fans of WGM) already knew sumthing like this will happen..
    it a very common situation of a reality show but i cant help feeling sad dat my cute couple will leave..

  2. do they think we are that naive?
    This whole X-O thing is absurd is a fake.
    Yes, they just want to let the fans know, “Okay, its my couple who wished to leave. Not the PD’s fault.” – haha

  3. Inyoung, i totally agree. It’s like they’re trying to push the blame on the couples instead. Almost like saying to them ‘Hey, we think want you to leave but we don’t want any backlash so you have to seem to want to come to that decision yourself’. What the heck? All I know is judging from the ratings of the first part of the Chusok special, the replacement couples aren’t getting as much love. If an existing couple leaves, the ratings will definetely take a dip. And if all the couples leave (sept-anbi, oct-alshinant, nov-lettuce) then I might just stop watching all together.

  4. aaaaaah.. that cute but annoying PD must be very extra carefull, since people know his face already. `_`

    He better be nice and do not let my fav’s couple JOONGBO to leave the show. eventhough let say if one of them put an X mark.. which I hope NOT! I’ll be flying to Korea and start my own Antipd activites. 😛

  5. it IS really sad to see one of the original couples go. however, i think solbi and andy are making a smart decision. they’re jumping ship before the ratings start dwindling even more. korean audiences can be pretty fickle at times. shows need to change their concepts constantly to keep their ratings higher.

    who knows? maybe andy will get his senses together and they’ll become a real couple??

  6. I really hope something happens to change their minds… I will feel so sad if they leave 😦 pls pls pls let this be a publicity stunt or something..

  7. No suprise coming out of this PD’s mouth.
    I can’t believe anything he says.
    Now he’s going to shift the blame to the couples and absolving himself and the WGM higherups of any possible ‘blame’.

  8. Kinda find it funny that no matter if the PD in responsible or not he is always blamed for something bad happening and ignored when something good happens.

  9. The whole “X” and “O” is so fake. We all know Andy and Solbi are leaving but they want to make it seem as if it was a mission to ask them to stay or not.
    Truthfully, I find Andy and Solbi really boring now, but I still love them to death!
    And I’ll miss seeing them on WGM. But hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to see them interact like married couples again on a different show.

  10. they are just washing their hands if fans get upset…
    and now putting the pressure on the couple…
    they are so fickle minded i just dont take watever info they are giving out because they change then easily…..

  11. in another article the PD said that the Hwanhee/Hwayobi couple have a high chance of staying…
    i guess meaning replacing the An-Sol couple…
    this is sad but hopefully all will work out..

  12. I don’t exactly get what the last comments are suppose to mean. ‘so it comes down to andy and solbi? whatever they do it’s their own business’? well.. isn’t that a good thing? they aren’t forced to be in we got married, it definately helped solbi out to become more popular so she’s going to use it for bigger and better things.

  13. “But right now, Andy and Solbi are the couple that has most trouble controlling their emotions.”

    So we should be happy for them right? Cos theirs is the only ‘reel’ relationship turning into a ‘real’ relationship. Nonetheless, it will be tough seeing Anbi missing from the mix 😦

  14. I hate this so much…it makes me more nervous to know that now it’s up to the couples to leave or stay. How nerve wrecking…I hate it!!! >.<

  15. Sad to see Anbi couple leaving the show but lately it seems there’s no chemistry between them during the show, don’t know why…..they are becoming a bit boring (sorry to say this). Nevertheless, hope they will becoming a real couple cos they look good together and Solbi is still wearing the couple ring!!!

  16. Okay, here’s the deal:

    Have they already recorded the ‘Goodbye’ episode where each couple choose ‘X’ or ‘O’?! I thought they did a couple of days ago and from the statement Solbi gave out, it seemed that both Andy & Solbi decided to leave.

    Are the PD’s chasing false hope to ‘WGM’ fans?

    Well, I think so!

  17. As sad as it is, I think it’s inevitable that Anbi will be leaving… I don’t think they’re going to change their decision now especially after they’ve made it public. However, this is worrisome, because it means the other couples might leave a lot sooner than we expected… ie: AlShin.

    I was browsing and found this…

    “Alex is stopping his activities as a singer as well as his appearance in various variety shows due to his health problems.

    Due to his busy schedule Alex has accumulated fatigue and is showing symptoms of back problems so he decided to stop his activities to get some rest.

    Alex has left Mnet M! Countdown as a MC and SHINee will be temporarily MCing in his place. Alex is also planning to leave MBC We Got Married with Andy-Solbi Couple soon.”
    –sanbi @ SHINee Forums

    So will they be leaving this week as well? The words “leave WGM WITH Andy-Solbi” is really troubling.


  18. The funny thing is that viewers of WGM are so naive. Eventually all the couples will go and eventually the show will end! I remember X-Man, I loved that show so much, but it had to end sooner or later. And guys, they aren’t real couples.. they probably won’t ever be. You guys should be grateful that the show is continuing. What I’m trying to say is don’t get TOO attached to the show, even though it’s great and all. It will end – all shows will come to an end. And besides, if I were them, I wouldn’t feel so good because of pressure of the viewers. They have lives outside of WGM, people~! It just gets me stirred when people complain, when there are actually benefits to a situation. Look on the optimistic side! :3 Can’t wait for the new couples, but I’m sad too. [: Hopefully it’s Hwayobi&Hwanhee/SonDambi&Marco. 😛

  19. that sounds pretty cold of the PD. i really love all 4 couples, they are each unique & can never be replaced. haven’t seen part 1 of the new special, so not sure what the new couples bring. they should just re-marry Don Don to someone who will make him suffer what Saori went through, that would be fun to watch. also in the last couple of eps Andy kind of made a lot of mean comments to Solbi, & he must have just been tired or stressed out. i hope they would be able to come back, as a couple or alone to re-marry someone else. i read somewhere that divorce is high almost everywhere it is allowed, so why not have them divorce & find new people to connect with.

  20. I wouldn’t mind if it were HyunJoong. He’s too young for the busy schedule, and he needs sleep (6 sleeping pills?) I almost had a heart attack. This show is for YOU guys, this is why WGM is continuing. If it were for the participants they would be long gone because eventually they’d think it’d be boring. So cut some slack for HyunJoong and Hwang Bo.

  21. to be honest i kinda skip a few seconds ahead at a time during the andy and solbi segments waiting for something special or interesting happening
    cause they actually bore me really

  22. Lele:
    Divorce? They won’t divorce, it’s not like that HATE each other. It’s because of their busy schedules. ._.;

  23. I think people are a bit too harsh on the PD. Is he supposed to beg each couple to stay or admit that without them his show is a failure? Either way, the show must go on and either the new couples work… or they don’t and the show gets cancelled. The PD seems like an ok guy, and the couples that everyone loves are probably really close with him as well as the other staff members who make this show possible. I know people are sad because they want to keep watching their couples “progress” but this is still just a tv show. How much more do you expect them to progress on national television? I say, let them off the show… and if they kit they kit… if they don’t, then that’s ok too… it’s their decision. 🙂 (But I bet they will hehe)

  24. Yayb, i felt it too. No matter wat has happened, it is always two sided. To make a sound or no sound, two hands need to clap. Too loud or soft also not good. Fault is not at one end, it is both parties work out things. Nothing work out, means no sparkles. It is always two ways traffic.
    It is great that the PD and its team came up with this WGM show. We as the couples/artists supporters should be grateful to see the others side of the artists. As for the couples, it is really great that they could participate in it, allowing the viewer to grow with them, in the sense that, how a couple grow and wat to take note and how couples feel in those situation. Hope more new ideas rises for new shows and see more couples action, another kind of sparkles. :_P

  25. Let’s continue to enjoy it and grow with the couples. 🙂 HyunJoong/Hwangbo, Alex/Shinae, Andy/Solbi, CrownJ/Inyoung FIGHTING!!! and Take Good Care of Yourself.

  26. I agree with yayb. ^

    It’s kindof annoying for the PDs to push the blame on the couples, but it’s really the couples’ decision anyway. They have replacements, but that’s for the show’s benefit, is it not? It’s good that there are alternates for couples as back up, but it shouldn’t force the couples to go. If you guys remember, AlShin couple left because of Alex’s schedule. I’m sure filming WGM takes much longer than a normal shooting as there’s the filming for individual couples and the studio shooting. People need to understand that although each couple have bonded, they still have other priorities and responsibilities on their own. It’s not as if they are truly married. People need to remember that this is a show, and it could be unplugged anytime, and we won’t have any power to do anything about it, other than mourn, complain, and flood MBC with hateful comments. =P

    I’m not gonna lie. I am not fond of the new generation of WGM right now. They don’t have the same chemistry with each other as a couple nor chemistry as a whole (with all the couples together). What makes the show fun besides seeing chemistry between the husbands and wives are the chemistry between the couples.

    I can’t believe they’re actually doing a mission of a “goodbye trip” though. That’s like the PDs kinda pushing them, don’t you think? I mean, I’d be pressured if I were given a mission of saying “goodbye”. That’s just bleh! If one couple or two couple are leaving, don’t associate it with the other couples and give them ideas! I mean, REALLY! There’s already a huge possibility that AlShin couple will leave permanently, we don’t want to give JoongBo and Ant couple ideas or really chances to leave! Hahaa!

    *sigh* My feelings are mixed about this, which causes confusion and obviously, this long comment. I’m sorry for writing so much. I just love WGM so much that I have so much to say about it.

  27. i honestly wouldn’t mind any of the replacements. they were all amusing in their own way.

    and also, i feel like all the couple’s relationships are getting more and more real..like..the more time they spend with each other the more they like each other. and you can definitely see it with alex and shinae. i mean comeon…if you were a celebrity in south korea, would you want your real relationship to be aired for everyone to see?

  28. i personaly don’t get any interest in new couples…and i think no one could replace ANBI couple…..and it’s sad to read what solbi said…..solbi and andy..fighting!!!!….

  29. The PDs fooling nobody… they already have the answer!

    I’m getting tired of this. WGM is the most inconsistent variety show I’ve ever seen. What’s wrong with the PDs ?? If they know which couple will leave, just say it directly! We, fans, of course will be sad, but it’s so much better than being played by fickle minded PD!!

    Aishh…aishh… the PD can not make the decision. This will be the end of WGM. Period.

  30. awww its not the pds fault solbi looks pretty there ^^^^ if they leave i hope that the other 3 dont leave i dont want shinae alex crown j seo in young hyunjoon hwangbo i dont any of them to leave if 3 couples leave and 3 new ones come in theres really no point of watching the show well for me pooor pd he seems like a nice guy eh

  31. I hope it’s not the “Lettuce Couple” because of HyungJoong’s recent health scare! I would be so upset if they leave the show even if its temporary!

  32. Hope that the artist can voice out themselves to inform the WgM viewers and their supporter, since their management have some plans for them. It is also their responsibilities o their management to inform too.

  33. the PD better be careful cause us fans know how he look now lol…i’m feeling really sad that the old couple might be leaving the show…i mean i do look forward to seeing how the new couple will interact with each and such still i really got love for the old couples that have been there since the show have started..like i get excited when new episode comes out cause i wanna see what Andy would be doing next or cook next for Solbi, what romantic thing Alex would do for Shinae, what Crown J did that make In Young go crazy, and what funny thing Hyun Joong would say that make Hwangbo laugh so hard…but they it’s the ‘couple’ or should i say WGM people choice who’s stays and who’s go in the end….

  34. I so not believe that busy-schedule bruhahaha..
    Andy’s been busy since August due to his musical, from that time he should have resigned from the show. Solbi as well..

    WGM Pd’s are playing with the viewer’s inner emotions, especially the fans.

    There’s already news that they’ll come down from the show. Now this ‘X’ and ‘O’ is so well -scripted!!
    They’ll make Anbi raise ‘X’s’ so that it will not look bad for the pds.. And then the audience plus the other couples plus the MC’s will go ‘ohhhhhhhh.. wae?’ so it’ll look they didn’t know what’s going on??
    Have a life..

    Seriously, admit it or not, Anbi couple bring in good ratings in the show. As well as the other couples.
    That 7months on the show, fans have established their own fanclubs.. seeing how supportive they are is wow..

    If these couple bore you, then you may have a problem..

    Now news Alex will leave by October due to his back problem.

    Rumors also circulating Joongbo on November.. ->>not sure on this one..

    So in October and November they’ll have this sort of ‘X’ and ‘O’ thing again??????

    Can’t you WGM Pd’s have any more good strategies??


  36. “The couples who will stay and the couples who will leave will be revealed on 28th September.” I don’t want to wait that long.. I hope some of the audience at the recording can’t leak the info 😛

  37. “Thus, if Andy and Solbi both say that they want to continue on the show, it is a possibility. But right now, Andy and Solbi are the couple that has most trouble controlling their emotions.”

    what does that mean? like you can’t have real emotions to be on the show??


  38. It’s bound to happen anyway. although i really want them to stay on the show like …. forever! but at the end it will fizzle out … whether it’s going to be the couples decision or it was created by the PD it’s going to happen anyway……. so might as well be prepared.

    the hardest part is … i think this show has changed from make believe to a match making show .. we we viewers got to see how their feelings developed from strangers and ‘pretend’ husband to … actually having real feelings for the other partner and tried to make the best of their time in the show with them……. in this show we get to see Love bloomed…..in real life

  39. these PD’s are really something!!!!!!!!!
    I am so glad thay ANBI decided to quit the show. THE PD’S ARE REALLY VERY INCONSISTENT!!!

    It is obvious that the PD’s are worried about the ratings. They made a statement anbi is leaving and now it is up to the couple! Good thing Solbi said they are already leaving the show. No more X or O!!!

    Let us enjoy the last episodes of the 4 couples! whoever leaves the show , I am sure they made the right decision…

    The ship is sinking, better save your careers!!!!!!!!

  40. who are they kidding.. now with an X or O.. i bet they already know who is really leaving, i agree with..bettyboop.. that they are being very inconsistent.. i guess the PD got scared for people blaming him when the couple leave..

    what’s up with AnBi couple has most trouble controlling their emotions.. just couldn’t get the sense out of that statement..

    but i also hope that there would be an explanation coming from the couple that would be leaving of why they want to leave.. the viewers really deserves some good reasons coming from them..

    no matter what happens, i love them all and wish all the couples good luck!!!.

  41. i read from another blog, that anbi couple will leave the soonest, followed by other couple.. while for JoongBo couple , they will leave on november… since they enter the show the latest compared to other couple… as for joongbo couple im sad, but seeing how tired hyunjoong coz of tight schedule that he had now, i will support any decisions that he will made… november he will have SS501’s new album promo activities n the Korean hana yori dango shootings.. he will be way too tired to handle all that.. so, dsp needs to sacrifice sumthin’.. n wgm will be likely the most to sacrificed… anyway, wgm is a make believe show, so , we knew this is gonna happen soon or later… all the best for all couple…

  42. I hope all the original couple will leave this WGM show soon as this fatty PD makes no sense in planning the WGM program Moreover, making all the couple and the fans to suffer so much..

  43. what the heck?
    I mean,I know the show will be going to the end
    And I understand the couple will eventually say goodbye to the audience
    But play decision game?
    Please, U really wand to play the fans?
    Won’t the production team discuss the decision with the couples?
    Won’t the couple talk about their thought with each other?
    I can accept the couple will make next move to improve their career
    I can understand the show has to change to keep fresh look
    But they really believe they can manipulate fans?
    Yes the fans are stupid sometime, since we indeed put our emotion to the CPs
    But it doesn’t mean the show has any right to play out heart
    Farewell trip mission then let CPs decide rather they will stay or go?
    Pleas, it just socks
    If there are CPs want to end the show,just pronounce the news and make the farewell ep, it will do the job, and I do believe the fans will accept and give their bless to them.
    So, Mr. PD, don’t dare treat us as foolish audiences

  44. the PD pisses me off… =.=
    like other ppl have said, i feel like they’re playing us (fans)
    i bet that the ratings are gna go down after this >.<

  45. Hi Hi, I was surfing the internet, found something, it has been translated, but i could figure it out, it is trying to said HyunJoong last filming for WGM is 20 Oct? Hope you or someone can confirm this news. Thanks it would be sad, sob sob.

  46. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that the new couples are pretty interesting/entertaining to watch. I’ll definitely miss Solbi and Andy, but some good things just don’t need to be dragged on. I hope the best for them on their individual future routes.
    I’m kind of excited for a new couple to replace them! ^.^

  47. it’s really sad if the other couples also decide to leave the show. it’s no fun anymore if the show will only have new couples. I won’t be watching anymore when that happens.

    I think the ones who will sad are the fans, of course. If the couples decide to leave without really really good reasons, i will start to think that they only treat the show as a platform to expose themselves to the fans. Which is really sickening, actually. So, before they leave, I hope they consider the fans and people who are watching…instead of leaving so that they can make more time for other activities.

    And that X-O thing is really not funny at all~

  48. Ya… the PD is really something ….what is he trying to do, once any one of the couple decide to leave the show is already a decision being made.Why he must do the “X” and “O” so call game – this is ridiculous!!! I also think he is playing with WGM fans feeling.

  49. yeah…i’m not going to rely on the PDs’ words anymore…they’re soooooo un-trustworthy!!!

    they have deceived WGM fans with all those fake previews of scenes we never get to see… edited out mushy sweet scenes between the couples… bringing in Hyung Don during AnSol-Ant couples vacation…too many things to list then all…

    as a big fan of AnBi and WGM, i have mixed feelings about the departures too… it’s definitely sad, but it will give them privacy if they choose to continue their relationship outside of WGM..knowing how Andy and Solbi were on the show, it is very likely!!!

    as for the other couples leaving… i have no doubt in my mind that once they’re all gone, WGM will go down the drain unless they have some amazing couples that people will take interests in…

    i guess we’ll all have to wait until the broadcasting of Sept. 28th to find out!!!

  50. lets not point fingers (esp. to the PD) wasn’t the ratings already decreasing with our present couples? i find that odd because i think those episodes were also worth watching. (still haven’t watched the chuseok couples) i hope cj/siy will stay. if not, then i wish the best for cj who will most likely date siy once cameras are turned off. lol. (or are they already?hehe) and if anything, we as fans should consider these factors. ex. alex, andy and hyunjoon’s health/schedule conflicts.

  51. Like a lot of people have said, it seems like Anbi have run out of steam lately. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to bits and pieces, I especially did in the beginning but maybe they also need some time apart, who knows? Maybe they’ll decide to come back too like Alshin. Bigger and better. ❤ 🙂

    Though I’ll be really disappointed if ALL the old couples decide to leave, I guess I’m kind of looking forward to some new blood as well. Initially I was totally against HJ/HB but now I find their dynamic super adorable. It’d be such a waste if they left now since they started the show so late. 😦

    Oh well, no matter what I like the concept of the show. WGM fighting!

  52. Alshin is my favourite couple, if the show will end at the end of year it’s only three more months to go, so I hope that the original couple would be able to try and stay on and keep the show alive, it’s understood, that they may feel tired after going on for a long time for them, but why can’t it be a happy ending for everybody including their fans and for themselves to see the final result of their commitments?

  53. their fans shouldn’t stress out too much. i actually think andy and solbi have more chances of being a real couple outside the show than in it.

  54. What does the PD mean!!!!!!! seriously, I though ppl already know that they are leaving so whats with the XO thing!!

    I really hope they change thier mind, but it kind of a dumb idea.

  55. aiyo… i think andy and solbi should just break it up. they are getting boring and really settling into a BORING TYPICAL married couple life. face it people! married life IS BORING unless the couple fights everyday..that may means some underlying problem?

    anyway… ANBI as much as i love you cuties i agree with the breakup. go find your greener pasture… andy needs to find his ‘shinae’-sort of girl; quiet, demure and good in everything sort while solbi ought to find her ‘TOP’-sort of guy funny to the core. YES BREAK UP ALREADI people!

    but alex leaving is such an heartbreaker for me! no wonder they say never trust a man that had leave you 1st before cuz you never know when he will leave you again. 😥

  56. hey EST……..
    you have brain problem do you?? have a check up..
    it can be malignant now.. tsk tsk

    where did the BORING thing came from??
    If they were boring, they shouldn’t been there in the first place and they shouldn’t have stayed for 7 months…

    what kind of married life do you want anyways?? always fights in front of the camera?? bloodshed maybe?? ahh!! AISH!!!
    you do have a problem.. you badly need a rehab..

    the 4 couples have established a very special place in my heart.. seeing all of them leaving the show one by one is really saddening.. i can’t believe you anti’s..

    if i say Alshin or Joongbo or Jinyoung break it up already, will you guys be happy with it as well??

    if you don’t know what to say, just shut up..

    ANDY and SOLBI are one of those showbiz celebrities who doesn’t have any piece of FAKENESS in their bloods..

  57. honestly, if andy and solbi were to leave there would be like no point to watching hte new couples. Like what A said all four couples have established a very special place in our hearts. Anbi is the cutest couple.

    its not “we got married” if Anbi left. they’re part of the four original couples. they helped boost up the rating so we got married could be number 1. if they leave i’m sure the rating will go down

  58. honestly, I agree with what Sammie said, the PD should not be blame, it is up to the couple whether they want to continue with the show or not. Sooner or later the show will end and unless the celebrities carry on the relationship outside WGM, otherwise, the relationship will also end.

    I must say I am glad Anbi will be leaving because I have got tired of seeing Solbi forcing her way on Andy and pretending that she is capable and good in housework when actually she isn’t.

    The show needs new elements and the changing of couple is necessary and a long awaited one, comes timely.

  59. soooooooooo bored of you Anti’s as well..
    you all don’t have a life..


    i’m not against the new couples..
    all things will really come to end.. good or bad..

    @microworm… r u good at household work?? well good for you.. *claps*

    she still has a looooooot to learn.. eventhough Solbi is criticized on TV that she doesn’t know this and that, still she accepts it with all her heart and doesn’t throw a tantrum whatsover if she doesn’t know it.. she doesn’t care if she’ll get scolded on TV… because she accepts criticisms as well coz she knows it’ll be good for her..

  60. Well, it’s sad that this has been so emotionally complicated on them both, but I think it’s because they both have many solo activities coming up. I don’t see why they should leave, but I can also see why WGM would be a big burden.

  61. although feeling so sad but i have to recognize the true that andy and solbi will leave WGM. It is inevitable. Deciding stay or leave through X_O is only a fake. The couples who will go out is defined,sure that they are anbi and alshin T_T. I will never accept new couples………

  62. this really is not the best news
    but i hope A couple both chooses “O”
    because when i saw the preview of ep 27 it was really sad and it looked like none of the couples were planning to stay

    but i guess we will find out this sunday and hope the best happens

  63. If the Lettuce couple leaves I’ll probably not find any reason to watch this show. Well, if most of the couples end up leaving then I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the new couples. It just wouldn’t be the same.

  64. i read an article where the pd’s said that it’s necessary for some couples to leave and some to stay because it’ll keep it fresh…there was also something about an 8 month length with the same couples won’t bring the ratings up. i think ppl are really comfortable with the current couples and they shouldn’t change it at all. the new couples are good, but not as interesting as the old couples. when anbi leave, i’m hoping they’ll replace them with hwanhee and hwayobi. and as humorous as marco is, i don’t think they’ll be that interesting in the long run. i don’t know…if eventually all the original couples leave, i doubt i’ll continue watching it…it’ll just be different and less interesting. i do understand why the pd wants a change because it’ll keep everything fresh, but this is totally wrong timing. i wouldn’t wait until everyone is all comfortable and happy to do something like that. sad that anbi are leaving 😦

  65. this is reality… the media cannot force them to stay… the show have to go on.. we cant blame them… i think the media also wanted them to stay as it will bring in more viewers as many fans of these show like anbi couple v much… hope when they are free again they are able to join in this variety show..

    quote:”I know that the fans are sad. But both of us will find everyone again with an improved look.”

    it does sound like they are coming back issit????

  66. That’s unfortunate because AnSol was my favorite couple. Just watching the episodes after their departure seemed wrong – like something was missing.

    Anyways, I now know why both of them left. At first, I was thinking, “Why would Solbi NOT want to live with Andy when she’s been so happy?” so I thought it was Andy who didn’t want to live with Solbi anymore… but that just didn’t sit right with me.

    But now I see that it was because they were progressing so fast! The PD said that they couldn’t control their emotions… of course! They’re humans too~

    Ahhhh… AnSol! You guys were just too cute together =)

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