East of Eden Establishes Commanding Lead

MBC has clearly a winner on it’s hands after it’s mega-budget drama “East of Eden” posted it’s highest rating ever yesterday amidst new competition.

According to TNS Media Korea, “East of Eden” obtained 26.3% for Episode 8 last night and was the highest since it’s broadcast. SBS “Tazza” who was making it’s debut got 12.9% while KBS “Love Married” placed last with only 4.9%.

Each passing episode has seen the ratings spike up
Episode 1 – 11.3% | Episode 4 – 17.8%
Episode 5 – 18.6% | Episode 7 – 19.7%

Especially if you consider that “East of Eden” was battling the incumbent leader “Gourmet” all this while and is now facing the new upstart “Tazza”, but it has seemingly not been affected at all on the ratings front and has developed a core audience now (me included, I am hooked regardless of the seemingly cliched storyline). Indeed, “East of Eden” has been made more watchable since all the lead actors/actresses came out from 8th September. I fear for the rest of the competition because it looks set to burst the 30% rating very soon.

24 thoughts on “East of Eden Establishes Commanding Lead

  1. yeah it’s a good drama, I watched till episode 4 and I’m just hoping they’ll hurry up and stop showing the past, i wanna see my favorite actors already….I also watched the first episode of Love Marriage and it looks really good, I’m actually anticipate it more than East Of Eden.

  2. Just started watching East of Eden from episode 7 and loved it! it’s been a while since such a Dramatic drama has come along, and even if it gets boring, i’ll still watch it for yeon jung hoon.
    but have to say Love Marriage is the cutest.

  3. this drama is soo boring in the beginning but i hope it gets better. i can’t take all those flashbacks from the past. they’re so sad and long. i just wanna see the main actors esp seung soon heun and lee dae hae.

  4. @rk, yes I have to agree with you, I think I fast-forwarded most of the earlier episodes because it was too melodramatic and you could second-guess what’s going to happen. But it picks up after the young Dongchul leaves the family. it takes time to warm-up.

  5. Wow that’s pretty high ratings. I’m wondering if I should watch it. I’m excited for So Jisup’s comeback! So I might watch his drama.
    I don’t have a lot of extra time, just the occasional thirty minutes in between my classes. But that time is reserved for BB news and KPOP news. LOL.

  6. I was a little skeptical when I first heard of it, worried that it would be another melodramatic sob fest. But I bared it for Lee Da Hae, and despite her not showing in the first 6 episodes, I was captivated from the get go. And sure the sob fest did assume, but it’s totally worth it, especially now with all the main actors finally in it; it only can get better ^_^

  7. so Lee Dahae isn’t showed up for the first 6 episodes ? okay, that’s kinda made me less eager to watch the show.. but the rating is good.. but seung hoon oppa did appear in the earlier episodes rite ? emm… i will have a look tonight then… thx 4 sharing this news..

  8. Hi Dear Marina,

    Likewise, I’m also fan of Lee Da Hae & so eager to see Song & her parts & lovely scenes so soon.
    In some of the reviews, they look so cute & smile together at each other.

    Like above picture(Song& LYH), could you pls. kindly put up pic: of Song & LDH lovely scene from the series, once available, pls.

    Warm Rgds,

  9. i’m watching this initially for Han Ji Hye but captivated by great acting of the kids & senior cast in the beginning episode..interested now with all the conflicts…also big guess as to who JH father is, if spoilers can be trusted facts of about JH birth also one of big secrets to e revelead in the end aside from that of the brothers…

  10. Thanks Alvin for the updates.

    Did Gourmet rank the highest rating?

    People anticipating melodrama even it has the same cliches. Lately it all about trendy cute and funny drama.

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  12. its def SSH+LYH in this drama. SSH will be a hard nut to crack but i think LYH will get him eventually. they make a very interesting pair. i enjoy their scenes the most and cant wait for more.

  13. I want to watch this drama for SSH, but I can tell this drama is too dramatic/boring for my taste. It probably drags on and on.. I don’t know..

  14. ^You should watch it…I thought it’s like that, too and I’m like you…well, yes, it is but it had a good plot line and actors agre great…I’m loving it!!!yes, there were some err moments but I’m loving it to the core right now!!!

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  16. …keep watching this great drama, great acting, great casts..but to me….maybe too long…….

    …getting better at this moment…

    wish happy ending DC + HR…

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