Choi Jung Won Mesmerizes Song Il Kook at First Sight

Choi Jung Won will make her first appearance on KBS2TV “Kingdom of the Winds” today and display her goddess-like charisma to viewers.

Choi Jung Won will ditch her cheerful bubbly image and plays a Buyeo princess, Yeon. Buyeo is at war with Goguryeo but she will develop a tragic love story with the future Goguryeo king, Daemushin/Muhyul (Song Il Gook).

In Episode 3 which will be shown tonight, Yeon will meet Muhyul as their destiny gets entwined by fate. Muhyul is caught by Buyeo forces and is held prisoner after being tortured. Yeon then appears like an angel before him, caressing his face to wake him up. It’s love at first sight for Muhyul as he opens his eyes upon seeing this princess. But because they are from different countries, the love that is destined to be doomed opens it’s first chapter from here.

Viewers commented on the website, “She is like an angel”, “She looks really beautiful in her outfit”, reserving the highest praise for Choi Jung Won.

“Kingdom of the Winds” who has been receiving good reviews since it’s debut will be duking out with MBC “Beethoven Virus” and SBS “Painter of the Wind” (debuts 24th September) to be the leader of the Wed-Thus ratings. After watching the earlier two dramas, althought neither has really wowed me yet, but “Kingdom of the Winds” hold an edge for me. “Beethoven Virus” just felt bland and uninteresting. Who will be the final victor, let’s wait and see.

8 thoughts on “Choi Jung Won Mesmerizes Song Il Kook at First Sight

  1. I first saw her in All In. I thought she was beautiful for a supporting role. I’m glad to see her again in KOTW along with my favorite star Song Il Gook. However, I still think she looked much more beautiful then than now.

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