So Ji Sup Makes Small-Screen Comeback with Dr. Stop

SBS announced today that the drama formerly known as “Cain and Abel” would be renamed “Dr. Stop” and shown as a mini-series on the Mon-Tues timeslot starting February 2009 after “Tazza”. When that happens, “Dr. Stop” which has So Ji Sup has the main lead will not only have to go up against MBC “East of Eden” but also facing the challenge of KBS “The World That They Live In” helmed by Hyun Bin and Song Hae Gyo. The small-screen rivalry between best of friends So Ji Sup and Song Seung Hun should be interesting.

“Dr. Stop” is about a doctor who works in boxing competitions. These doctors can control the life of the men in the ring. They decide whether or not the competitors can continue fighting or not. With regards to the drama name change, the production company explained, “The original drama name was ‘Cain and Abel’ because we wanted to film a drama with So Ji Sup and another top male actor with the story about two brothers. But we realized the difficulty later in getting a top male actor to act opposite So Ji Sup and decided to change the two male leads to just one. Thus the name change was warranted because of the storyline change and we decided on ‘Dr. Stop’ instead.”

Casting for “Dr. Stop” has been completed and filming starts in October.

13 thoughts on “So Ji Sup Makes Small-Screen Comeback with Dr. Stop

  1. The popularity of the show would depend on who the female lead is. LOL… Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin are hot names, and East of Eden has a totally star-studded cast.

  2. i am highly anticipating for this drama as the past two dramas that so ji sub starred into before his military service were both highly-acclaimed.

    i can’t wait!

  3. I like So Ji Sup and was actually excited for “Cain and Abel” but now that they’ve changed the storyline and with a name like “Dr. Stop” I’m not so sure. I hope Jung Ryeo Won is in though, missed seeing her in a drama.

  4. I have to say i’m with Alex on this! i was excited! but now after reading what you post up! i’m not sure anymore! i love so ji sup’s movies and drama! i guess i will still watch it just because he is one of my favorite actor! anyway, thanks for the news!!!

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