Shin Dong Dances to a Healthy Slimmer Body

The news of Super Junior member Shin Dong reducing his body weight by 16kg with dieting and vigorous dance training has become a hot topic among fans.

Shin Dong smashed the usual perception among critics that idol singers must be good-looking with his gift of the gab and a wide array of talent when he debuted as par of Super Junior. He posted selcas of himself on his Cyworld recently and when compared to his previous photos, you just can’t believe that you are looking at the same person. He looks totally like a different person. He has once again changed people’s perception of Shin Dong through this.

According to a SM Entertainment representative, “Shin Dong has been on a diet by himself in order to let fans see a different side of him. Besides controlling his food intake, he has also been losing a lot of weight from being on his MNet program ‘Dance Yong Hyung Dong Jae’. Shin Dong always have to keep dancing on the program and he has unknowingly lost a lot of weight through that.”

50 thoughts on “Shin Dong Dances to a Healthy Slimmer Body

  1. OMG! is that really him??? i barely recognize him at all!!! aaah…. he’s sooo different…but it’s still good that he’s losing weight b/c it will help him to be healthier and less worries about illnesses…

    GOSH…. i want to lose weight like that too!!! TELL ME YOUR SECRET SHINDONG!!!!

  2. good for him, he doesn’t need to be fat to prove people wrong, health should always come first, I feel happy for him, hope both him and kangin will be slimmed down for the next album.

  3. Wow. He encourages me to lose weight. I remember people were like oh that’s that fat guy! Grr. Made me so mad.
    But look at him now!

    He looks marvelous!

  4. I dunno If my comment got posted since I’m using my BlackBerry and my battery is running out!

    I wish I wasn’t in houston right now since I have no electricity to use my laptop.

    Thanks coolsmurf!
    You make everything
    Worthwhile as I wait for my electricity to come back!

  5. I don’t think he was ever unhealthy… he has such a busy schedule and that demanded stamina… singing and dancing is not an easy job… and I believe he’d had to be healthy to keep up all this while. I believe that he was a healthily chubby…

    Going slim will just flock him with the rest of the boys… he doesn’t stand apart anymore… it’s a bit sad that he had to go the ‘pop’ way… I’ve always believed that his weight was not a hinderance to his popularity 😛 It gave him an edge over the rest…

  6. so proud of my donghee ♥ I was actually kind of worried since he seemed to have lost weight too quickly (just in august?) but he seems to have done so consciously and while i;ve always thought he looks great, this is really a new side to him and i hope it opens even more doors for him 😀

    and i’ve been looking for an article about him since yday glad to have found it right here 😀

  7. i remember shindong saying somewhere if he loes weight he loses character;
    i thought he was cute before buts hes cute now too(:

  8. is it me or he looks like you, alvin? XDDDDDD
    i mean, his hairstyle???
    but i never thought he’s that handsome…
    look at the jawlines…must have been buried somewhere under the layers of fat..
    (i wish i can get rid of these clump around my belly…*sigh*)

  9. He’s lost a LOT, but his selca’s make it seem like he’s lost more than he really has. lol Watch the Wonder Boys performance, that’s around his current size.

    I hope he’s doing this in a healthy way, if he does it too quick (and in an unhealthy way) he’ll just end up gaining double what he lost…

  10. Alvin! are you sure that isn’t just you? cuz his pic and your profile pic look almost exactly the same!!! 55555

    same hair cut!!!

  11. i still dont get him,
    the first time i see him being that anorexic i was like WHO IS THAT!! D: i like the old shindong, but if its what he wants then what to do.

  12. He’s ALWAYS been beautiful. Very beautiful. And he didn’t look unhealthy at all. It’s his call, he knows what he wants to do, but I preferred his old body (not that he looks bad now).

  13. He still looks cute! Hahaha.. And it’s kinda funny when female celebrities lose weight and fangirls start going “Oh she looks on unhealthy!! Omg she needs to start eating!” blah blah blah.. But when the same thing happens to a male celebrity the fangirls are all supportive.. LOLL… Well I’m glad celebrities start to be concerned on a healthier weight. Having all that unnecessary fats isn’t healthy in the long run.

  14. hehe i liked shindong oppa the way he was before and the way he is now. he’s adorable either way! LOL i’ll be hwaiting too! thanks for the motivation! and thanks coolsmurf for the translation x)

  15. I dont think Shindong oppa was unhealthy at the first place!! If he chose 2 be that way then we will support him! Hasnt he always been tht way?? As an E.L.F, I kinda feel sad & sorry 4 him the fact tht he has 2 diet 4 us…I’ll still love him no matter how unhealthy he looks!!^^

    btw tht haircut is sooooo cute!!~~
    Shindong oppa Fighting~~~=D

  16. I hope he doesn’t faint from not eating, or worse, getting skinnier and skinnier like his fellow SuJu members & korean celebrities )= I always thought Kangin was a good size out of the rest of them if he tones up (=.

  17. Shin dong have always looked cute in my eyes. i love him regardless of his chubby figure. i’m glad he is being healthy.. but i wonder if he was pressured into loosing weight?

  18. His new hair reminds me of … what’s his name? Kim Gura’s son on SGB? Anyways… I love Shindong regardless of weight. That’s pretty impressive though to loose weight from ALL that dancing. *starts dancing too* lol.

  19. aww man! shindong is such a great role model (:
    makes me want to go out there and lose weight.
    he looks good!

  20. just saw the most recent perf of pajama party and shindong looks skinnier in the pictures, but not in the video. it’s possible that he angled it really well to look like he lost an immense amount of weight. the video has been circulating around quickly because ppl were shocked to see him larger than what the pictures claimed. nonetheless, he has lost weight, but not the amount that ppl think from his selcas.

  21. Now soo hee can actually like him cos he slimmed down a lot! lol. cos wen he asked soo hee on the every1 idol programme if she like a little chubby person, she backed out sayg she liked slim person…lol!

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