Kim Hyun Joong Recovering from Wrong Consumption of Sleeping Pills

Kim Hyun Joong, leader of SS501 checked himself into a local hospital this morning after feeling nauseous from consuming sleeping pills.

According to hospital staff at Samsung Medical Center, Kim Hyun Joong checked himself into the hospital at around 6.30am after feeling nauseous from consuming sleeping pills. He got some basic treatment and an injection before being allowed to return home for a rest. It wasn’t too serious as reported.

SS501 management, DSP Entertainment explained the situation in a phone interview, “Kim Hyun Joong had a hard time getting to sleep so he took a sleeping pill because he wanted to get adequate sleep before his schedule in the morning. But it didn’t have any effect so he took a couple more (6). That’s all to it really.” He added, “Kim Hyun Joong sometimes takes sleeping pills when he can’t get to sleep like normal so it isn’t really much of an issue here.”

It’s understood that Hyun Joong took over-the-counter sleeping pills bought from a local pharmacy which he bought before when he was in Japan. He often takes sleeping pills to aid in his sleep when he has morning schedules.

He was supposed to film “We Got Married” this morning but that is now postponed as he’s been asked to take a full day rest. Besides filming for “We Got Married”, Hyun Joong has been kept busy with SS501 new album due in mid-October plus auditioning for the Korean version of “Hana Yori Dango”.

80 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong Recovering from Wrong Consumption of Sleeping Pills

  1. omgosh..i hope he’s all better now -_-
    poor guy…can’t ‘get to sleep like normal’
    and it sucks even more that they all have like..
    irregular sleeping patterns XD
    well…i hope he’s sleeping better?
    or he’ll start sleeping better!

  2. wow, that title could’ve made someone think it was another death. I’m not really a fan of SS501 but best of luck to him and please take care of yourself Hyun Joong.

  3. omg. i was so scared to continue reading the article.
    i thought something really horrible had happened.
    really horrrible.
    i hope he’s ok now.

  4. omg! ppl should be more careful with medicine! Glad to hear he’s back to normal, it would have been really scary and really sad otherwise. Geez, sleeping pills are terrible if u overdose, my cousin did and she went berserk. had to go to the ER too. Hyun Joong fighting!

  5. i’ve d same problem like his…or it called as insomnia… my fren suggest me some sleeping, im still considering to take them or not… ~ Hyunjoong……..him ne seyo…!!!!! FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wow almost another heath ledger case.
    gyah. hyung joon must survive! as a leader and a hubbie Haha
    Hope he gets better soon

  7. *breathes* Aii, that title scared me. 0_0 Especially after all the deaths and severe injuries lately…thank goodness he’s all right. Hopefully he can get some real sleep and be careful about the dosage from now on~~

    Thanks for the news!

  8. when i know this news i was shock to hear he take sleeping pills…well i think he is over work…i think all the celebrities also got tis kind of problems even we also have…glad he is alright now…did Hb know this i wonder? joongbo fighting!!!!

  9. i swear man.. when i read the topic my first reaction was like please dont let him die. i was automatically thought he was dead.. maybe bc theres alot of death lately. -_-

  10. *wipe tears*
    i was so shocked…
    my heart just stopped beating..
    thank God he’s alive..
    i just hope he’s going to be fine..
    it seems he’s got a lot of accident this year..
    noona prays for you…
    *wipe tears again*

  11. poor guy, probably too busy to get a shut eye… a lotta entertainers are so sleep deprived especially when they do a lotta travelling, in his case i hear he goes back and forth to Japan aside from his work in his motherland.. I wish him well!!

  12. hmm sleeping pills can be useful for getting some sleep but it can easily turn wrong too .. ><

    hope he gets all better soon

  13. oh god when i saw OD i thought he had died T-T
    thank goodness that wasn’t the case. I swear my heart stopped beating for a second there.

    i don’t think it was intentional either, i hope he gets well very soon!

    hyun joong fighting~!

  14. holy crap.
    good thing he’s okay
    when i read the title i was like
    oh god did he die??
    cuz normally the first thing pop up from reading “overdose sleeping pills” is death..

    Hwang Bu-in must be scared to death

  15. I kind of hate you Coolsmurf… Just like any journalist, you seek to chock the readers with your titles and keep the godo part for later. I think most people like to learn he is all well, not geting a flash back of Heath Ledger tragic destiny.

  16. There has been lots of unpleasant accidents happening this year with celebreties. It’s just not worth it if they overwork themselves. Anyway, hope KHJ is fine.
    Thanks for the fast news.

  17. Well…if you watched series “Thank you for waking me up”, you noticed how hard this group (SS501) practised their dancing, singing and other activities. Most of the time, they came home early in the morning…like 3-4 AM and they only had 2-3 hours of sleeping. No matter how young and strong a person, nobody can take this kind of abuse….. the pattern of sleeping becomes irregular…..and in the worst scenario, it would lead to depression and pshycotic (that make that person thinks of killing himself).

    I don’t think that HJ has intent to hurt himself…….he just need to take a rest for a while but with his busy schedules, it won’t likely be happened soon…*Sigh*….

    HJ…get well soon……try to have a better sleeping pattern…. be healthy….take a rest well…….we know that you have commitment to give your fans the best of you….but we prefer to see you healthy and full of fun…… and not getting sick….HJ fighting and take care!!

  18. Thank God his fine!!!! It was a relieved when I heard he is fine. I almost cried. I thought that it would be serious…. Thankful That he is alright! =)

  19. Oh my, I pray that he sleeps well now…. no more use of pills… cause people can easily overdose by accident. Ah!!! So worried. Glad he’s back home soon though. Be well! And thanks for the translation Coolsmurf x)

  20. i hope he gets better asap..

    waah…i almost fell out of my chair wen i read this..
    i was like *panic*..

    be praying for him

    I’m so relieved that he’s alright.
    I hope he stops using those pill, people do easily get accidental overdoses -_-,
    stay healthy Hyun Joong, hope he sleeps better. >< if that made anysense.

  22. just look at the articles related to this :
    >>SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, leg injury
    >>SS501 Kim Hyun Joong selected to play Rui
    >>Stop working so hard!<<

    Not to mention the common knowledge that he’s going from korea to japan and back, AND that he gets back at 4:00 am most days from practices. He even posted a diary entry at 8:00 AM saying that he was JUST about to go to sleep.

    I hope he feels better soon; I’m grateful nothing happened. It would be tragic if something did… he has a LOOONG future ahead of him.

  23. so scary ne…overdosing can happen to anyone….but he is lucky he is ok. OMG….poor Hyung Joong, he’s really under a lot of stress. I mean, we always see him smiling, but he’s under so much stress…..*cries*

  24. OMG!! hope is truly well right now… T.T

    and i hope he isn’t that MR.A that attempted suicide last time!

    why are all the good looking stars taking on pills?

    SLEEPING PILLS should be BANNED for stars!!

    hyun joong we’ll pray for you!! AJA Fighting!!

  25. awwn…
    Poor hyun joong..
    Glad that he recover though..
    I was wondering y he got so skinny thorough out we got married..
    that’s probably y!!
    maybe he is thinking about Hwangbo unni too much!!.

  26. whew, that was a pretty close call. gah. almost a heath ledger, but thank god not quite T_T

    i was never an ss fan, but he is just so endearing in wgm so it’s good that he’s ok nao ♥

  27. goodness… my heart just jumped out wen i saw the news…
    thank god he’s fine now..

    i think the fact he got released from hospital already means it’s a small case of overdose..

    im still shocked.. after lots of news of suicide…

    recover soon!! take care…


  29. Ohhh…I’m glad he’s alrite ^_^!!! I think his hectic schedules are making it hard for him to take a descent sleep. I hope he finds other alternatives instead of taking pills so he could go to sleep. Maybe hypnotism or Oriental medicine like herb tea or something!

  30. Sleeping pills is never a way to go…I mean, it killed the King (Elvis, that is) for God sakes!!!!

    I hope Hyun Joong is done with sleeping pills after this unfortunate warning. It could only get worst with people popping pills!

  31. Oh my oh!!! In one of the early WGM episode, he did mentioned that he has a life rule, “if there is time, go play”
    HyunJoong, please have enough rest too…
    HyunJoong should not be stop working, he just need rest…
    Remember in the chuseok episode, one the fortunate teller part ” financially, he is not fated to make money, so he needs to save diligently…”
    HyunJoong, Take care! Do try some therapeutic like lavender oil lamp or camomile tea at home, as it will help to make one’s relax and get better rest and sleep. 🙂
    After few times consumption of sleeping pills for long period, the dosage will be getting heavier… it is bad for one’s health. it might be not be good solution for treating insomia.
    Take Care!!!

  32. I died T_T why must he shock me so much T_T
    so many ppl died in 2008, don’t be the nest damn I almost cried…T_T oppa!!!!! =(

  33. I’m confused. So he checked himself in rather than being found unconscious and rushed to hospital?

    I think the Korean media is completely taking control of this by trying to make it out to be a suicide attempt. Hyun Joong is too sensible a person to be considered that.

    I do hope he feels better soon. 😦 Best of luck!

  34. SS501’s brothers do take of HyunJoong… Do take good care of one another!!! Their manager do take good care of them… 🙂 Fighting!!!

  35. although i really wish to see him in HYD next year…
    but i also hope he didnt get the role so he can have more rest time…
    he’s already too busy…
    the boy need lots of rest time…
    and not just 1 full day of rest…

    stupid dsp…
    said it like eating sleeping pills is just a normal daily thing…
    he already had insomnia for so long…they should let him seek treatment and not just let him eat the pills…
    how insensitive…

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  37. i hope he would not overtake them.. its dangerous.. i hope he’ll have a great rest without the pills.. hyunjoong fighting!

  38. everyone (celebrities & regular folks) should know that taking more than the recommended amount is VERY DANGEROUS. people expect a fast result from pills, but it takes time for it to kick it. glad he is fine now, but geez i hope other people learn from this. maybe he could try a warm glass of milk & fresh spinach instead, might not work but is a lot safer.

  39. oh no!! I wish the company can give him and his group some vacation time. he is a hard worker..and u can tell since he flies from japan to korea…back and forth… dance practice wgm show..and a lot of stuff. pls take care =)

  40. What? HYD? Well, its good for his career but it means he will be more tired and restless. Now I really hope he quit WGM and less activities.. OH NO!!!

    Please just let him have his rest… He will be sooo tired

  41. not being mean.. but this dude is a fucking retard.. are u ppl going “awww..” is he okay??? well he shouldnt be, WHO THE FUCK TAKES THAT MANY PILLS? either he was drunk as hell and his publicists didn wanna say it, or he was jus dumb and didin know how to read the FUCKING label.. not an anti, but korean celebs have got to get smarter, dont they have some sort of fucking requirements such as knowing how to read and write/!?!?

  42. o man… hyunjoong oppa had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep T______T still rmb thanks for waking me up wif ss501 and u culd neva wake him up,,,,,,

    pls rest leader!! hopefully evrything’s ok now“

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