DBSK Seeks To Mesmerize with Mirotic

DBSK will be making their comeback soon by releasing their title track “Mirotic” from their same titled 4th album on 19th September through various major Korea music websites ahead of the actual album release on 24th September.

Their title track “Mirotic” is a song that’s produced specially for DBSK by the producers of BoA’s debut english track “Eat You Up”. The title “Mirotic” was formed by using Miro (which meant maze in Korean) and then adding “tic” to the end. The title track symbolises the feeling of love at first sight, being unable to walk out or extract yourself from the maze after being mesmerized.

DBSK had been preparing for their new album since the start of 2007 and only completed the recording this past June. The dance chereography was designed by renowed dancer Kenny Wormald who once collaborated with Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Christina Aguilera. With the soothing beat and dance chereography, DBSK promises to show fans a different side of them with “Mirotic”. Immediately after their album release on 24th September, DBSK will officially make their comeback four days later on SBS “Inkigayo”.

Mirotic 20s MV Teaser

As if the earlier half of 2008 wasn’t exciting enough, the conclusion to 2008 promises to be a sea of fireworks with many singers making their grand comebacks besides DBSK. Global popstar Rain will be making his comeback with his new album after being kept busy with his movie career. Then there’s the comebacks of idol groups like Wonder Girls, Big Bang, SS501, etc to contend with. Finally, the return of ballad singers like Shin Seung Hoon, Jo Sung Mo and Kim Jong Kook. Regardless of whom you support, let’s hope they all create great music for the masses to enjoy as we countdown to the end of 2008.

77 thoughts on “DBSK Seeks To Mesmerize with Mirotic

  1. Oh man, why do they always release their album in the middle of the year? And then they go and win Album of the YEAR and such?

  2. meeh i don’t like it. 0_0 am i the only one? i’ve seen people on soompi put together graphics like this.

    i don’t know it just doesn’t seem like an album cover but more like a photoshoot for a mag or something.

  3. So this song is produced by Bloodshy & Avant?
    Are you sure?
    I’ve read that it’s produced by the Remee/Troelsen team?
    Is that the same thing?

  4. the picture and the title of the SONG just makes the word”EroTic” pop to my mind.!!
    im so perv.. lolx

    gd thing that was a explaination on the concept of the name minotic..

  5. Nice. I like the cover. Probably one of the nicest Kpop covers so far this year. Can’t wait until their comeback. It’s going to be huge.

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  7. Truly truly exciting comeback and competition between the different bands~ Can’t wait to watch the sparks as they pit their skills and music against each other

    Especially Dongbang.
    Long awaited comeback!

  8. WOW! its going to be a exciting month.
    Im definately going to enjoy:
    -Wonder Girls
    -Big Bang
    -Kim Jong Kook

    So exciting!!

  9. to unknown: oh my gosh, there’s a resemblance to the beat and lyrics, huh? the ‘i got you…..under my skin’ part was almost the same except for the voice…

    but i love the picture! captivating…:-)

  10. for some reason i’m thinking this song will just be a big hit because of this guys going shirtless. i think they went from upbeat songs to a downbeat. and why is it most of the song i hear recently from kpop artist have similar rhythms and beats of some foreign artists? have they lost creativity already and are just trying to copy other peoples work?

  11. ^I think so, too…it is catchy…but i want to see more DBSK ballads…but they have proven themselves enough already…and Love in the ice and kiss shita mama sayonara Korean versions are more than enough….
    I feel sorry for the other artists…DBSK’s comeback will wipe them all of…

  12. Hm.. hot video. the song sounds nice too..cant wait too see the whole thing.
    And I agree how, DBSK’s comeback is gonna like own all the other artists -_-

  13. OMGOMGOMG! I’m just so excited. I get goosebumps watching the preview. A lot of big stars are coming back around the same time as well so there will be a big competition going on. I will root for DBSK though. HWAITING!

    haha..i’m spazzing out since this morning so i can’t do it anymore..i’m just in love all over again..YUNHOoooo ❤

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  16. It doesn’t matter if they’re shirt or not, the song will still be a hit. The name DBSK pretty much sells anything. It applies to pretty much all of the big names in Kpop.

  17. quite suprised with the single so far. Haven’t heard the whole thing yet so who knows if there will be weird computer effects on their voices later on to the song (purple line). hopefully they’ll come back and live up to their name.

  18. it doesn’t sound any different than what they usually do, but i wish them all the best! this autumn will be amazing! Kim Jong Kook!

  19. im so excited!! I already pre-ordered the 4th album, hopefully I ordered the right one o.O THEIR SOOO SEXY<3<3<3 Yunho!!! I love tht pose thing he does!!

  20. yea this has definitely got ME mesmerized haha i love their new look and junsu… omg junsu. all i got to say is… not bods hahah no thats not all i have to say haha i really really REALLY cant wait until its out. i have the date marked on my calendar. this album looks like its worth buying. CANT WAIT FOR THEIR COMEBACK *fan girling* XD

  21. the reason Sarah Connor’s “Under My Skin” sounds like “Mirotic” is because they’re produced by the same team. (Remee/Troelson)

  22. The producer sold his work to Sarah Connor and DBSK at the same time. Just that Sarah released hers earlier 🙂 Which means, DBSK isn’t copying anybody.

    But wow….not being biased..but just seeing really nice dance moves automatically brings the Dongbang version up a notch. I just finished watching the Sarah Conner version, and although the song is seriously catchy as well……dbsk’s dance wins me over.

  23. OMG i Cant waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait .. most of the comebacks are from my fav singers and band…..

    WIsh them ALL Da BEST

  24. ^not only does the song not matter, but they can do CRAP and fangirls will squeal in pleasure… they are talented boys, but their music is oh so boring…

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    DBSK for the win. Even if they do some crap, I know they’re going to win anyway. I’m sorry, Big Bang and SS501. I’m a fan of all you guys, but DBSK already has it downpack.

    As for the girls’ area, we already know that Wonder Girls will bring SNSD down. Again, I’m a fan of both (although I’m definitely a more WG-obsessive fan), but after the whole fiasco with the Dream Concert and whatnot, SNSD has got to do something amazing and get rid of the cutesy, bubblegum pop image if they want to get somewhere. SNSD needs some miracle BANG for their comeback.

    And man, I don’t even know what to say about the solo acts. Them soloist will be going against idols, man.

    So, how about let’s get some SuJu action soon, too?

    With all these idols coming back, we need a grand battle arena for the top! Unleash them fangirls and fanboys!

  27. just about everything korean sounds like something you’ve heard before. they’re really into western styles, and aren’t as original as other eastern countries.

    but, dbsk is korea’s hottest product. they could copy anything word by word, and it’d still sell. :3

    YUNHO!!!!!!! =D

  28. What!?What?!?!KENNY!?/That’s/ why their dances are so smooth. He’s great at dancing. DBSK Hwaiting!Can’t wait to see the full MV & the whole song. I’ve listened to Sarah’s version and eh….the only part I like was the chorus o.o Hopefully the full song’s good.

  29. no wonder i see resemblance to ‘eat you up’
    but the video is HOT.
    “under my skin.”<3333

    it’s like a new trend to put korean and make it into an adjective..
    from “hyorish” to “mirotic”.

    i would be so overwhelmed when all the other singers and groups make their comeback.
    everyone hwaiting~

  30. This song reminds me of Sarah Conner’s – “Under my skin”
    In her song is the line “I’ve got you under my skin” too and the melody of the chorus is alike.
    I’m not sure but I think it’s a cover ^^

  31. I quote:
    ‘Their title track “Mirotic” is a song that’s produced specially for DBSK by the producers of BoA’s debut english track “Eat You Up”.’

    Okay, the american producers are Bloodshy & Avant yet Sarah Connor’s producers are Sigvardt, Lucas Secon, Troelsen and Remee??

    Questions anyone? Different producers yet they claim the song came from the people behind BoA’s new song.

    If its ESPECIALLY FOR THEM why did Sarah Connors get it? Sarah song came out earlier too, and if they sold the song to both of them, why is the singing style of the song EXACTLY THE SAME? Shouldn’t it be different, DBSK’s own take on the song and theres no questions asked about Sarah because her version came out first. I think this is excuses for USING A SONG that was not THEIRS.

    Lets see if people send this DBSK’s song to the producers if they say the same thing.

    If it is true at least everyone will know the truth BUT if it isn’t don’t be surprised if the album taken off.

  32. it’s possible for a song to be sold to two different singers. it just happened that sarah connor released hers first. i don’t think dbsk’s production staff would risk getting sued for their title song. they’ve got more brains than that. and just for your information, there have been plenty of songs that have been sold to two artists. it’s just a battle of who comes out with it first. and in my opinion, i think dbsk sings it a lot better than sarah connor, not that you sound like you support dbsk anyway.

    anywho, there’s a lot of anticipation for october when it’s the battle amongst the popular. hopefully dbsk will snag a bunch of awards like they did for o jung.ban.hap. i doubt they’ll be able to get all the daesangs since competition is fierce and i don’t think all awards are about talent…more of who is popular…*ahem rain* so we’ll see what happens in december 🙂

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