We Got Married Ep 25 Summary + English Softsubs

Unlike most of the negativity surrounding the new couples, I wasn’t one of the detractors. I was actually looking forward to their 2 hours cameo and see if they would offer something new to keep me interested. It kept me interested at the start but my attention just went by the start of the second hour. The 3 couple were signed up initially for this 2 hour special only. Things have changed.

Choi Jin Young was a bit embarassed to learn of the huge age gap at the start because they could easily pass off as a father and daughter relationship. But it didn’t bug him as he tried to dress himself down in a way to match Hyun Ji. He looks really accomodating while Hyun Ji was understanding. But probably won’t make for great reality tv and so the less probable replacement couple for me.

Marco and Son Dambi seems to have knew each other beforehand and their relationship was quite comfortable and assuring to look at. Marco was simply hyper and giving it all no hold-barred. He kept calling Dambi “Bu-in” (wife), saying how pretty she was and trying to impress her with his scultped abs (he kept stripping?) and the rabbit head event. Then Dambi was like the calm and collected girlfriend who was the polar opposite and they meshed really really well. Doesn’t hurt that she is a looker. Replacement couple, why not?

The verdict you get after watching Hwanhee and Hwayobi, the earlier was mean while the latter was eccentric. But they are the strongest bet to be picked as the replacement couple because they are just more known by people, they sort of create more “interesting” situations and they even have a Soompi thread. But they sometimes look more like friends than a couple. Their “My Endless Love” duet just showcased their strengths as R&B ballad singers.

Part 2 was very enjoyable for followers of the 4 couples which was pretty much the highlight and what we all wanted to see for the entire 3 hours Chuseok special. Each couple was designated a mentor which was quite superfluous really. We had a look at three deleted scenes which wasn’t shown before and they had to guess why the PD didn’t include it. We were shown CG pictures of how their babies might look like in future with all their parents obvious characteristics evidently shown. They then proceeded to find out the strongest couple through song/dance item, peppero game and a wresting match.

The first deleted scene was Hwang Bo washing and drying Hyun Joong’s hair. The second was a gathering of all 3 couples including Hyung Don except for Alshin couple watching the Korean U-23 Olympic soccer game and the third a basketball game between all those mentioned earlier. All scenes to me were particularly interesting and I can’t fathom why they were omitted in the first place. See that guy with the sorry face, he’s the PD and public enemy No.1. They should have mosaic or black out his face. God bless him.

Just sheer brilliance of this with each futuristic baby resembling the characteristics and traits of their parents. Which is your favourite baby?

All four couples performed a song and dance item. Alex sang and played “Daisy” (love this song) while Shin Ae flipped through drawings with words written by her alongside to narrate their story in “We Got Married”. It was sweet and romantic. Crown J and Seo In Young sang their theme song “Too Much” and there were lots of skinship here. But it wasn’t much of a surprise here because they have done it before. Then we have Andy and Solbi performing their theme song “Love Song”. While it was cute and everything, the dancers and the fact that we knew they were leaving didn’t make it too enjoyable to an extent. Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo finished up by performing and dancing to the Tecktonik song “Get Hot” which got the highest score.

Before the wrestling, they had a pepero game where each couple had to bite off a pepero stick at both ends and see who ends up with the shortest stick. But the objective is to see who will lock lips. Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo won the game with just 1.9cm of their stick remaining. Andy and Solbi were second, Crown J and In Young third while the Alshin couple was last.

The woman wrestling division saw Shin Ae > In Young and Hwang Bo > Solbi in the semis. For the final decided in a best of 3 rounds, the two Xman alumni went at it but Hwang Bo won it with relative ease. Hyun Joong > Hyung Don (replacement for Alex who had a bad back) and Crown J > Andy entered the final round with Hyun Joong defeating Crown J after a brief struggle. The lettuce couple was thus crowned the strongest couple, winning all 3 mini-games.

Thanks to the awesome muish, both parts are now subbed.

We Got Married E25 Chuseok Special Part 1
Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or mediafire, the latter 2 uploaded by swtlil_azn. Download part 1 of episode 25 from Clubbox (955mb).

We Got Married E25 Chuseok Special Part 2
Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or sharebee, the latter 2 uploaded by SESFan. Download part 2 of episode 25 from Clubbox (622mb).

The preview next week looks interesting. Hyun Joong sings a song for Hwang Bo under some tree. Andy and Solbi continues their manual labor and ends with a hug (hinting and foreshadowing their departure?). And we all thought the babies were gone. Apparently not, part 2 of the babies special for Crown J, Seo In Young and Alex, Shin Ae continues next week with Crown J looking pissed.

94 thoughts on “We Got Married Ep 25 Summary + English Softsubs

  1. all the babies are cute, solbi’s baby ewww chubby cheeks, looks like lots of people pinched those cheeks really red haha

  2. Coolsmurf! Thanks for reporting and your precious time cum effort. THANK YOU!!!
    Today special on the existing couples are the most enjoyable part.
    And the awesome, impressive, great surprises the games and their future babies are. Thanks you!!!
    HyunJoong & Hwangbo Fighting!!!
    I’m quite anticipate about the next week episode, how fun CronwJ & Inyoung / Alex&Shinae with the cute babies and how romantic HyunJoong & Hwangbo will be.
    Happy Chuseok to you all !!!

  3. Alex and Shinae babies are the prettiest, esp. the little girl who look like Shinae she’s so pretty. In Young baby girl too is cute but the boy is so funny looking XD They’re all cute haha

  4. LOL! Your comment about the PD of WGM is really funny. I hope your prophesy WILL NOT come true, poor guy! LOL! My favourite baby is of course, Alex Jr. Just look at those kissable lips that he has inherited from his equally droolicious ‘father’. ha!ha!ha! Kim Hyun Joong’s baby is a close second though.

  5. BTW the HyunJoong & HwangBo’s Dance and HyunJoong techno guitar are COOLMAN!!!
    The pepero stick bite off were very cheeky. When HyunJoong saw how the other couples are, he felt so ^^, when it was his turn, “wow man” and he end with a shyness!
    Next when HyunJoong saw how General Hwangbo beat the each opponet, he was really shocked…
    General HwangBo, fighting!!!

  6. Both HyunJoong & Hwangbo’s babies look abit alike.
    Both Shinae’s and Inyoung’s babies are cute!!!
    CrownJ’s baby was funny!!! with think eyebrow… HAHA

  7. the cutest babies got to go with Alex/shin ae , but my favorite are crown j i mean just look at the little boy BUAHAHAAH.

  8. “Hyun Joong sings a song for Hwang Bo under some tree”

    LOLOLOL sounds interesting, i wonder if its a pear tree~ xD

  9. i hate how they single out solbi because of her weight. she is NOT fat.

    are koreans usually this harsh about weight? even during one of the episodes andy once mentioned her weight as =’ing laziness or something. gosh.

  10. AH! I’m so excited. I hope someone DOES sub this, considering how MBC’s cracking down on their shows, too! I’m definitely rooting for Fany/Hwayobi couple, just because I know them the most, but Son Dambi’s sounds interesting, and the fact that they ARE good-looking don’t hurt either.

    My favorite is HJ’s baby, but it the one eating lettuce Hwangbo’s baby? I don’t see it. Crown J’s is funny because of the thick eyebrows. HAHAHA! But Shin Ae’s baby’s the prettiest!! Solbi’s baby is cutest! HAHA! It kinda annoys me how the baby’s fat because Solbi’s chubby, though, but it makes the baby cuter.

    I think I’m going to be very sad watching AnBi perform “Love Song”. Andy sang that song for her on the first episode. ToT

    And finally, I’m so happy for JoongBo couple! To win all three mini games! Especially since they always lose in the games for the past episodes!

    Can’t wait to watch this! =]

  11. I’m uninterested in the new couples ._. I hope there will be an interesting couple. The age-gap couple, wasn’t that already an failure with other 2 people? btw we already have the lettuce couple for that.

    Somehow I’m glad AnBi couple will be replaced. They started getting boring and Solbi is ._.

    The babies are the cutest!! Though CROWN J’s and Solbi’s??? X.X;;;;

    Hehe I can’t wait for the second part with the babies<3333 Especially AlShin

  12. finally get to see that pepero game, i remember the preview for the Come To Play Special part 2 showed that game, but i never saw it. that sucks cause it was in the preview. i haven’t seen the special yet but, i do like Hwanhee, hope he becomes a regular. that Marco guy seems too confident like a show off in the preview. the huge age gap thing is overplayed, but it sounds like it didn’t bother the girl much. can’t wait to see this.

  13. all the babies are cute in their own ways!

    personally I like the drama, love triangle, among Alex’s daughter, HyunJoong’s son and Crown J’s son!

    That’s really funny. Imagine if it’ll really come true. πŸ˜›

    So that’s the PD!!!!!!!!! OH yes, they should hide his face or what. We do ‘hate’ him, right? :))

  14. hahha..anbi’s babies look funny…and it seems ANBI laugh alot after seeing them….alshin’s baby ‘s so cute…look exactly like Shinae….

  15. I just watch the show on youtube, and I like Hwanhee and Hwayobi couple the best.
    However the 2nd part of the original four was the best to watch, so funny, how the mentors talk even i dont understand what they are saying. I love the babies photos, Alshin’s so cute and pretty, Ansol’s babies, i find the baby girl so adorable cute!!!!
    But the preview, made me feel sad after watching the show…their hug…..they aren’t leaving till end of Sep!! So 2 more weeks right???? I was so looking forward to the part where they get to have the babies to watch over.

  16. There are rumours going around saying that Alshin are leaving in October and JoongBo in Novermber…Noooo all too soon.

    Episode 25 looks interesting, can’t wait to watch it with subs!

  17. anbi leaving is alright andy doesnt seem to like solbi all that much anyway.. and they don’t talk that much besides solbi’s whining, and andy’s lecturing..
    ugh and whats wrong with the pd’s are they that desperate for ratings now throwing all these couples we dont know. i only want to see dambi/marco match cuhz i’ve actually heard of her. but who the heck is marco… yeah hope they all dont get replaced though.

  18. @Mao
    WHAT?! AlShin’s leaving soon, too? AND JOONGBO?? NOOO! NOT JOONGBO!

    The only original couple left will be the Ant Couple. I think they’ve never failed to entertain us, but the atmosphere would just be different. Although the show is about couples, you’ll notice in the show that all the couples must have some sort of chemistry between each other. I though Hwi Jae’s couple before didn’t really blend in well with the other couples. D= I hope this rumor isn’t true! I can’t bear to lose so much from this show!!

    I just watched the episode on Youtube, and I must say, Part 1 was really boring. It was weird to watch the new couples in their wedding garments. It just made me reminisce the times when the original couples started, and it made me reminisce how JoongBo started, too. The only couple that was somewhat interesting was Fany and Hwayobi.

    Part 2 was really fun. The whole time, I would cheer, “JOONGBO! JOONGBO! JOONGBO!” XD However, I did notice that Solbi was calmer than her normal self. If anything, did I sense a coldness towards each other with AnBi couple? Like in the peppero game, I found it strange that Solbi pulled back like she did when in the show, she always asks Andy to kiss her. Are there hard feelings between them? I hope not. =[

    Truthfully, I find the AnBi’s couple has become quite boring recently, and Solbi’s kindof become annoying now. However, I still want them to stay! They’re just part of the whole element of WGM! It’s like… um… taking one color out of the rainbow! It just isn’t a rainbow anymore!

  19. i liked alshin’s girl & joongbo’s boy.
    alshin had two cute kids though haha πŸ™‚
    loved this episode…cept the dark spots that anbi left…
    their expressions were awkward and forced and uncomfortable 😦

  20. the part 2 was one the best episode of WGM. What was PD thinking of deleting the soccer game show. ANBI couple was so sweet and Crown In young too…

    So sad to see ANBI go but I think it is a smart move. Part 1 with the new couple was super boring. Some actors were over acting and the PD’s were using the same scenarios.

    I hope all of the couples will leave at the same time. It seems they have the wrong PD.
    It is obvious that the ship is sinking so they better save themselves. It is better to leave with a high note!!!

  21. I’m still sad over the Anbi news but I’m really happy that i can still continue to watch We Got Married
    thank you for the update coolsmurf =)!

  22. Sorry for the stupid question, but the links that are posted are to download just the text subs or an actual video of the episode?

  23. >>All scenes to me were particularly interesting and I can’t fathom why they were omitted in the first place. See that guy with the sorry face, he’s the PD and public enemy No.1. They should have mosaic or black out his face. God bless him.<<

    lmfao, you’re hilarious!!!

    I think Joongbo’s babies look the most realistic. They actually look like little kids I’d see in magazines.

    I hope it’s Hwayobi/HwanHee as well… they seem okay. More conflict.
    The only thing that’s bothering me is that it’ll turn out like Xman; sooo brilliant at the beginning, a little slow in the middle, and beginning to become great [with Jong Soo eagle eye] but they end it…

    WGM hwaiting!

  24. actually the rumors are Alshin and Ant/witch couples leaving during OCT and Joongbo is NOV
    pretty much end of the yr. very very sad to knowing this news

    i dont know if all 3 couples will become regular after all original couples left but seem like most pple enjoy HwanHee/Hwayobi more than the rest……..including me

    I hope PD cast more couples cos rite now the hype is getting low due to those sad news

    i dont know if i can keep watch wgm after all of them leave, cos right now my interests is very very low toward new couples

  25. Not bad if Hwanhee and Hwayobi would replace AnBiSol couple though Marco and Son Dam Bi is also a another couple too look forward also.

  26. sad to hear about the news of the old couples leaving, got say they currents couple atm are so fun to watch…its just somewhat not the same with the other new couples comming in…but then again we just have to see
    it’ll be sad seeing Anbi and Alshin leaving…i really love watching those 2

  27. Hwanhee and Hwayob the most interesting to me out of the three new couples. The guys reaction to the girl is funny and you can tell she is quite a character

  28. omo!
    thank you so much.
    even though im still not sure…if the new couples are a permanent fixture to the show..or if it was just a show to see how the audience would react…
    hopefully, joongbo and jyoung stays ❀
    and more baby eps!
    cant waittt
    the quads were soooo cutee ~~

  29. Thanx for your dedication!!!! I read daily and am now obsessed with Korean culture…….so go ahead and give yourself two pats on the back. Go ahead. I’ll wait……………ok. That’s taken care of: ) Keep it up!!! FIGHTING!!!

  30. An-Sol couple is leaving?????
    well,..i’m getting bored of them anyway..their last episode of them was not fun, though..
    Anyway..just hope they will be for real..
    I am desperate to find this ep in yt..someone named marriedsubs has uploaded this ep w/sub, but as private vid..
    i just hope MBC will sell this episodes w/eng sub coz i’m soooooooo gonna buy it…
    joongbo baby is just cute…
    i just wish i’m the mother..

  31. Give me Brian Joo!!!! I can’t believe they bring Hwanhee in instead of Brian. Nothing against Hwanhee, but Brian is waaaaaaaaaaaay more lively!! They don’t want to bore audience, so it only makes sense if they continue to look for new blood. I don’t mind, just give me interesting people. Is it just me or does anybody else think that Marco and Son Dambi (whatever her name is) is just too…Barbie and Ken?

  32. “They should have mosaic or black out his face. God bless him.”

    Haha so funny! They really should have…. I bet he’ll have trouble going out in public now! He dared to even show his face!

    My favorite CG babies were Crown J’s son and Solbi’s daughter. Hilarious! HB/HJ kids with the lettuce were funny too though.

  33. LOL – I loved your comment about the PD as well – it was too funny! “…public enemy no. 1…mosaic or black out his face. god bless him.” lol

    Alvin – you are too funny – no one can write the way you do!


  34. Pingback: Twilight? And a bit of WGM « And it’s all about that

  35. i don’t know why…but recently …the chemistry between andy and solby seem missing….on the other hand…the chemistry between the rest couple seem increasing….
    and i’m agree with irees…watching ansol is some kind boring…their leaving the show is the right decision i think…i hope the ant and jongboo couple not leaving so fast…i like both of them…

  36. haha! agree coolsmurf! the PD should cover his face instead showing it off to public. He’ll be terrorized by fanatic WGM fans…LOL.

    thanks coolsmurf!!

  37. adding…

    i think the most realistic kids is Alshin’s daughter and Jongbo’s son (or daughter???)

    They look real!!

  38. WOW! you are fast. Love the update. BTW, i am still unclear about the old couples, if they are still going to continue the show. Cos i visited a few forums saying that production is thinking of switching to the new couples…..

  39. Awesome πŸ™‚ Already saw this yesterday but still have to wait for the video for the subs :p That was very fast subs! An awesome show, too bad the old guy had to be with the most beautiful of the girls πŸ˜€

  40. The baby ShinAe lookalike is so pretty..! but I’ll vote for HyunJoong/HwangBo’s baby anytime! LOL for the lettuce and Indian theme! so cute..

    thnx smurf!

  41. hwangbo and hyunjoong are the only couple touching shoulders at the beginning. I think the ‘awkwardness’ is just made up.

  42. HyunJoong/Hwangbo is clearly the hot favorite! They totally kicked everyone’s asses at the games.. LOLL… I think they’re the couple everyone likes watching, and Alex/Shinae looks like the couple who actually have genuine feelings for each other. Or at least I think Alex really really likes Shinae. He seems to always be there for her, help her up when she falls during the wrestling match, that type of thing. Wherever they film Shinae, Alex is always there beside her.

    And I don’t like the Hwanhee/Hwayobi new couple. Coz I think the girl is weird. LOL.. Just a personal opinion though. And Hwanhee doesn’t look very TV-friendly unlike Brian. But I still like FTTS as a group! πŸ™‚

    Marco/SonDambi couple look awesome on screen. I hope they get picked coz it’ll be fun watching a couple of two not-so-well-known couple try to hit it off. AND they’re great looking!

  43. For the first part, I skipped through most of the couples except DamBi and Marco just cause DamBi is hot lol..

    btw the camera direction during the peppero game SUCKED…

  44. Love it! Youtube has the second part of the show sub. So if anyone is interested, just type in “We got Married” ep. 25

  45. I wish they would stop putting couples that have such a HUGE age gap. It would be more entertaining if they were around the same age (preferably young) because I hate watching the uncomfortableness between the couples.

  46. Someone please tell me how to download the avi file for part 2 from Clubbox? I’m not korean and I can’t figure it out… please any kind soul?

  47. the first part was just plain boring to me for a while… some things were good to watch, but it didn’t make me as excited as the original couples….

    PART TWO WAS AMAZING!!! everything i can wish for to happen has and i’m very happy as of right now! the babies were super adorable…especially Andy and Solbi’s daughter!!! i want a daugther like that!!! LOL

    pepero game was the best….got me all nervous and i have never expected Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo to win cuz they’re so rare with skinship…but this shows how far they come along and how bold Hyun Joong really is!!!

    also…the ratings for part 2 was twice as much as the first part…so let’s all pray that the PDs will take into consideration what it means…IT’S A CLEAR MESSAGE FROM THE VIEWERS!!!

  48. I love Andy & Solbi’s daughter she is so cute..she has chubby cheeks so wanna pinch them. Chubby babies are adorable.
    I’m still sad & annoyed that AnBi is leaving. Seriously they are my favorite couple & if they leave I think i might leave too…
    Well i do hope they are together in real life.

  49. ANDY and SOLBI are not boring ..don’t blame it to them…it’s the PD fault…he keep on editing the good parts w/ ..3 ep is so short for them and thats not fair….how can you enjoy for 10 min part and he edit the best…since their parts was short the rating of this show went to drain….the beginning of this show the rating is so high b/c all viewers want to see their sweetness for being a newly wed…they portray their just like the real..

  50. COOLSMURF, I just wished you’d return uploading & subbing the new WGM shows!

    I have to get myself adjusted to seeing these new 3 couples. Aside from Hwanhee/Fany & Hwayobi (from Xman & Loveletter), I have no idea who the 4 new people are! Hope they’ll be as or even more exciting than the previous couples!

  51. Thank you Alvin, I will continued to support the original couples, I don’t even have the interest to watch the first part, hopefully the PD would convinced the original to continue with the show. I’ve been always reserving my Sunday night just to watch them. So hope that the original couples would remain. Why don’t the PD gave us a choice to vote, for them to stay.

  52. I thought the Ant couple’s girl was the cutest one of them them all πŸ˜€ Andy and Alex had really weird expressions throughout the show. It just gave me the impression that they didn’t want to be there :/ Anyone else felt that way?

  53. i really like the how hyunjoong is trying so hard for hwangbo.. they are the couple which makes you enjoy their sweet moments and randomness.. pretty freshboy hyunjoong and general hwangbo fighting!!

    hwayobi is weird and funny.. she’s one of the queen of damyunhaji for her weird mind… tho hwanhee is not as quirky and lively as brian, but his character totally complements hwayobi.. and least i dont find pretence in them or trying too hard..

    i hope joongbo doesn’t leave..

  54. Someone said earlier that Alex and Andy had weird expressions. Andy didn’t really look like he wanted to be there last week either. But they said Alex hurt his back, so I can understand him not looking to happy. πŸ™‚ I loved the Peppero game…with all the faces Hyunjoong was making, I was super surprised that he told Hwangbo to just close her eyes while he went in for the kill!!

  55. I really fell in love with Hwanhee & Hwayobi couple.. Hope to see more of them in the future.. It might be interesting to see how their relationship grows..

    The babies are sooo adorable!! Especially Inyoung’s girl and hyunjoong’s boy^o^

  56. Am I the only one who thought Hyun Ji came across as a real brat and unlikeable? I second the hopes that Alshin & Joongbo do not leave the show anytime soon.

    But that was a brilliant duet between Hwanhee & Hwayobi. Finally they found something they could both be in total sync in.

  57. Hi, do u still active? if yes, may i know do u have all the english softsubs (from the 1st series)? If u have it, may i get the link pls? or maybe u know i can download it where? thx.


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