Park Min Young Chuseok Greeting + Selca Spam

Pity that Park Min Young didn’t wear a hanbok for her Chuseok greeting. The pictures that follow immediately after the first picture are selca pictures that she posted on her Cyworld these past few weeks. Enjoy the picture spread!

Happy Chuseok ♥
Wishing that bright and cheerful smiles remain on your faces forever
Have an enjoyable time spending this beautiful holiday! ^-^

Avatar Profile Pictures

Reason I love white? Because it’s pure and beautiful. Compared to the other colors, white oozes a stronger and amazing charisma for me.

Pictures of her recent trip to Thailand posted on 19th August. I think she is in love with Thailand after her photoshoot there earlier this year.

Went on YSMM recently but I was very nervous and uncomfortable (felt more at ease during drama filming). But I did my best because I wanted to be closer to you all (her fans). See you all again soon. Love ya always, ♥

Yoga for a healthy lifestyle but fighting against the supper temptation.

Some photoshoot.

Been feeling lethargic lately for no reason. But I am still happy. My condition now isn’t what it used to be in August. It’s quite evident from the pictures?

14 thoughts on “Park Min Young Chuseok Greeting + Selca Spam

  1. She feels nervous during talkshows? That’s a bit surprising. Not a big deal though, since she’s so amazingly cute 🙂

  2. lol. i have her camera in green. its awesome and touch screen with like a mini paintshop on it. it should be your next camera. sony dsc-t2. spread the selca love

  3. hi coolsmurf! i always watched your videos and i rly appreciated the subs!
    it sucks for what happened but you could just post videos on a lesser known website like imeen which almost never gets vids removed

    well good luck and thanks for the vids while they lasted.

    p.s. i can kinda read chinese subs so i was wondering where you get your vids.. maybe ill just watch them that way

    or do u just watch raw clips of korean shows because you can understand korean?

    in the second to last picture!
    at first i was like wow that looks like the one i have, so i saw the back and it’s exactly the same!
    lOl hahaha woww 😀

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