“The Most Talented Girl in the World” Charice Pempengco on Oprah Winfrey Show Again

After her mindblowing performance on 12th May in her debut appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show showcasing some of the world’s most talented and smartest kids, Charice Pempengco made her second appearance on the show on 9th September and it was just only her, no one else. Watch preview.

It was like the short KBS documentary that I subbed but later removed by me after a copyright claim by Paan Media Holdings. This was more in-depth and sees them filming the old house that Charice lived in for a start. It then highlights on her difficult childhood from which she was bought up, the lack of money and how she joined numerous singing competitions just to make ends meet, eventually earning enough to buy a house for her family.

Video footage of the numerous performances that Charice had done over this past summer was shown and then a fitting finale as she sang “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion which was brilliant and consistent. There was a surprise at the end when Celine popped up on video praising her and then inviting Charice to her concert to sing a duet together which bought her to tears.

This has been a incredible journey. In the past year, Charice has gone to places which must have been unthinkable for her, performing in front of hundreds to thousands and receiving a standing ovation for each performance. The sky is the limit for Charice and I am curious to see how far she really can go.

63 thoughts on ““The Most Talented Girl in the World” Charice Pempengco on Oprah Winfrey Show Again

  1. coolsmurf you are great … have you seen the performance of charice with andrea bocceli in Italy last july? also her performance in netherlands last sept. 6? i think you will love it as those europeans appreciated her by giving standing ovation … try the utube and false voice is back… remember him?

  2. I’m so excited for her! (and for some reaon, for you too coolsmurf!)

    I hope this is going to lead to bigger and better things for her. She deserves worldwide recognition!

  3. You know what I find strange, I watch most of the Filipino shows she goes on in the Phillippines and sometimes I think they don’t give her enough credit. She won a singing contest there that got her the recognition and yet I feel they should recognize her more because look at how international she is. She is amazing!!!!!!

  4. Charice in her homeland has many enemies. She’s accused of everything from being arrogant etc etc. I don’t know maybe they are jealous of her or that’s just some people’s propensity to pull down their own (crab mentality filipinos national pastime). Sad.

  5. you really are a fan of charice. 🙂 this girl really have achieved great success! i think you should watch her life story being featured in one of the shows here in the philippines. someone uploaded it in d-addicts. 🙂

  6. Whoa! Charice is really a great singer. She came from a country of singers, the Philippines. She is really amazing! Go kid, always give your best shot. ^_^

  7. You’re right, Coolsmurf. Dreams do come true and Charice deserves this chance more than anyone – she is humble, truuullly talented and very loyal to her mom. Good luck Charice. You have the best endorser, Oprah herself.

  8. sammy,
    Filipinos really have the crab mentality. it takes a while for them to accept that this girl who they did not make a champion in a singing contest is now more popular than the DIVAS in my country…i.e. Regine Velasquez.

    it also took them a while to appreciate the Original Miss Saigon Lea Salonga. when Lea was not in Ms. Saigon yet, not many liked her even though she has a very angelic voice. because all they saw in her is her “straight english” when she was speaking…many found that arrogance or boastful…and with that she could not connect to the masses…but when she started bringing in recognitions, people started liking her…

    look at their ever favorite Regine Velasquez…she simply cannot really make a name worldwide, because she simply copies Mariah and Whitney…she can belt alright, but singing is not all about belting.

  9. I admit… she’s got talent and a damn good voice, but I just don’t like her, maybe it’s got something to do with her attitude, maybe she’s being exploited, I don’t know… I just don’t like her.

  10. wOw..great! she’s really talented…(^_^,)
    and your video (star king) smurf’ is a part of her success so thanx alzo to your hard work 4 posting those videos …to bad it got deleted! hehe…but life goes on…

  11. oh thats why the crew from oprah, followed her in the philippines. oh i get it…ahh ic..thatz for the episode this coming sept9….(^_^,)hihi…

  12. thanks for all the promotion for charice, coolsmurf! it’s a pity that we don’t hear anything here in manila. you are not only promoting charice but all the talent in our country…
    please keep it up 🙂

  13. Thank you coolsmurf,you’re part of Charice success.
    Yes,I will be recording her appearance in Oprah today.she
    will be coming to Ontario (not sure the date) and Edmonton
    this Sept.13.It’s a Charity and gala concert.she will be perfor
    ming with David Foster and friends.

    Again,thank you so much for giving a piece in your blog.

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  15. The oprah show is the reason charice had to cancel her 3rd starking guesting… I hope after this she will make time come back to Korea again ^_^

    I don’t know, but there’s something about the Korean audience that keeps Charice’s performance fired up!

  16. at first, i wasn’t down with the fact that she rejected SM’s contract (a lot of people really want to join SM, but she was offered a contract straight up) but now, i’m cool with it because the world deserves to hear her. if she stayed in korea, then she would probably not have gotten opportunities like this.

  17. as much as i like charice i can’t help but feel that after star king [korean show] where she really got known is that she should owe major credit to them. i mean i know she was in a singing contest in the Philippines, but she got recognized internationally when on star king.
    to me it seems that she doesn’t include that when talking about her journey which really disappoints me…

    also, she CAN totally sing but there is something that i dont like about her for some reason.

    i still can’t wait to see her on the oprah show today!

  18. im watching right now.
    shes amazinngg
    she has soo much charisma and bubbly and so humble.
    and i love how all the celebrities themselves (singers etc) are amazed by her.
    coolsmuf. i check your site religiously.
    lol today is one of the days i came home early and i went to your site and i caught the show! just in time! =D

  19. she was GREAT~~!!!! ^.^
    i learned a lot of things i didn’t know about her!!! 🙂
    i hope for the best for her!!~~:D

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  21. …awesome talent!

    …I am glad Oprah made her dreams come true…and now she’s going to sing a duet with her idol Celine, way to go Charice, now you are living your dream…more power to you and may you stay as sweet as you are now.

  22. believe it or not! this is something for you coolsmurf! I watched the show and while they were talking about her “jaw-dropping” performance on youtube, and searches of her on youtube, there was your videos and you name being zoomed up for a very short 1/10 second…. but I saw it, and wow…. and they even showed your starking videos…great!

  23. I am very very very super duper happpyyy for her!!!

    I thought I won’t be able to hear anything from her anymore ‘coz it’s been quite awhile that she’s been silent.

    God bless you more charice!!
    Just keep your faith on the ground..
    ‘wag lalaki ang ulo..

    Wish you more success in your singing career..
    Good luck on your guesting in celine dion’s concert..

    Take care always!

  24. I am very very very super duper haapy for her!!

    I thought I won’t be able to hear anything from her anymore ‘coz it’s been awhile that she’s been quite..and I don’t see her anymore in any guestings here in the Philippines.

    God bless you more charice in your singing career..
    Just please keep your faith on the ground..
    ‘wag lalaki ang ulo..

    Goodluck in your duet with celine..
    Wish you more success in Life..
    and continue loving your and honoring your mother..

    I salute you for that..

  25. thank you coolsmurf! (^_^,)
    thank u for your YT star king…episode of charice!
    without those videos…charice wouldn’t be in Ellen or Oprah! or with david foster,andrei B, or a duet w/ celine this sept 19.
    reaallllyyy…..thank u! so much…….-=)for me your part of her success….even though those video was deleted! by YT.

  26. hey alvin, when are you making a blog about charice’s oprah guesting? Have you even seen it?

    Please make one soon, your ideas matter.

  27. Oprah might be managing Charice’s career and charice will be singing with Celine Dion. Its the news all around the Philippines. Thanks to you coolsmurf, she is really getting become a huge star all around the world.

  28. K. There are a lot of folks saying that Filipinos have a crab mentality, that’s ok cuz it’s your own opinion. But if you’re going to give one, please make it credible. If you personally know a Filipino(s) or have remotely encountered the culture, then you have every right to go and say whatever you like. Look, Filipino or not, the world is full of haters. It’s impossible for everyone to like everyone cuz we don’t live in a utopian world. So, there are other people who don’t like her cuz she sings well and is internationally renowned. That’s natural. I mean, think of it this way, if you were in showbiz for about 20 yrs and never got recognition and saw a little girl rising to fame like a rocket, of course you’d be pissed! Just put yourself in their shoes. I don’t know why people would take it as far as causing scandals and false rumours, but hey, it exists everywhere, not just in the Filipino community.

    In my own opinion, Charice is successful because she sings with heart and compassion. She isn’t just doing it for money or fame. She’s doing it cuz she loves it. Music is her breath, her life. For any true musician, everyone can agree on this. This girl was given a gift that’s meant to be shared with everyone, which is why we listen. Anyway, that’s just my take on things. Again, if you don’t like what I said, you don’t have to. Either way, I’m also entitled to my own opinion. To each his own!


    Miss V

  29. @grAce (philippines), I haven’t really watched because I couldn’t find any videos online and don’t have time to search. So I can’t quite blog about it yet.

  30. yt’s been deleting charice videos again. luckily someone is good enough to post it again.

    here’s the complete link.

    Charice Pempengco – Girl with The Voice Part 1
    Charice Pempengco – Girl with The Voice Part 2
    Charice Pempengco – Girl with The Voice Part 3
    Charice Pempengco – Girl with The Voice Part 4

    just type the name on yt’s search tab.

  31. Just a summarize on the Oprah show

    I actually watched the Oprah show that day, and it was really only about Charice. They started with showing her old house where she was born. The show also told the story about her childhood – like how her father abused her mother and how Charice competed in many competitions to make money for her mother and bought a house in her country.

    next, the show followed her to many places where she went to perform during the summer, and then came back to the studio and let her perform “my heart will go on”.

    The final was the surprise that Celine appeared live though Satellite video, and talked to Charice how great she is. Celine gave Charice a huge surprise by end up invited Charice to her up coming concert where they will sing a duet together!!!

    Charice brust out crying after she heard that, her dream came true.

    Coolsmuff, I have to tell you that I first know Charice through your old channel on Youtube, and that make me think about you so many times while I was watching Oprah show. Charice should thanks you though.

  32. hey coolsmurf, did you watched it already? i will say it again thank you for subbing charice video with starking, if it is not i dont think she will be this famous.. your also one of the reason why she’s famous… if you want to watch new videos of her just go to charicemania.com, they always posting new videos of charice, thanks.. good day 🙂

  33. i’ve watched her very 1st performane on oprah, i felt proud because she’s my fellow filipina, eventhough im not her fan, i think she’s a great singer

  34. I think Charice is in difficult position to thank Coolsmurf openly in the media. If she does that, she will be accused of advocating posting copyrighted material in YT. Tough one, eh?

    The best she can can do is visit Coolsmurf while she is in Korea and privately thank him (or her?).

  35. …if these fancams can sound this great, what more the original…can’t wait to watch the duet on Oprah! tomorrow…she’s really awesome and Celine is magnanimous…more power to them both!

  36. Hi coolsmurf! All the while I thought you were a Korean based in the Philippines because of your posts in YouTube. I am subscribed to your account, by the way. Thank you for supporting our local artists like Charice. You have become a YouTube celebrity yourself. If there are Korean vids that need English subs, they would always mention you. Great job dude. =]

    P.S. I also thought you were a girl until this site. Hehe.

  37. Go Charice!!

    I really wish she could sing in Star King again (I did not know her supposedly 3rd visit in Star King was canceled) because it’s really in Star King that she made it big in the US… also what makes me upset is that everyone thinks that Oprah discovered her first through youtube when it’s Ellen Degeneres who really saw the video of Charice in youtube… they should realize that Ellen was the first one to bring Charice in US and not Oprah 😦

    Anyway, I wish to see Charice performing in Korea again especially in Star King, kinda like a performance of saying thank you because it opened an opportunity to be known in US,,,, Also thanks to Coolsmurf for providing the subtitles for the video! You’re the Best!!

  38. well actualy david F. have met charice first before Ellen’s guesting they even attended celine’s concert then he referred her to oprah…Ellen was another story…charice’s second guesting was a way of saying her thank you though…but I’m hoping that she visits korea soon….

    have you all seen her guesting in Good morning america? Incredible!!! another stellar performance…..David foster even brought an orchestra at 7 in the morning just to showcase charice…hope she’ll make it big in the U.S.

  39. Most Talented?.
    she doesn’t even dance..
    all she can do is just sing..
    she’s nothing without her
    she promised that she won’t
    abandon Philippines..
    but see where she is now?.
    in the states?.
    what a fake girl
    I HATE HER..
    She sounds like a man!!
    wake up and find out
    how bad that girl is!!

  40. Oh, come on now.
    You’re just envious.
    She’s awesome.
    You go girl! We’ll cheer you on, no matter what.
    Make us proud! 😀

  41. wow shez just amazing her voice is wonderful i wish if i could sing like her. Shez different 4rom everygirls that i’ve met b4.I love her!!!!;)

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