Solbi Reveal that Andy Was Not her Make-Believe Husband Initially

Solbi and Andy make-believe couple pairing for MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” has seen their popularity grow by leaps and bounds over the past few months. Solbi revealed recently on a program that her original partner wasn’t supposed to be Andy initially but Park Myung Soo instead.

On KBS2TV “Happy Together” Season 3 last night, Solbi expressed, “We Got Married PD actually decided on Park Myung Soo being my ‘husband’ initially but they didn’t tell me anything about it. I was full of anticipation and couldn’t wait any longer. So I told my manager to check it out and was shocked to learn that it was Park Myung Soo. I was really devastated and even more so when I learned that Park Myung Soo was given a big house and I would be tortured like a ‘maid’ when I was there. I felt like I was a bride that was being sold.”

“But I just gave in to my fate on that day and went for the recording anyhow. When the recording begun, I saw and realised that my ‘husband’ was actually Andy. I felt like my whole life just changed at that moment and felt great.”

Park Myung Soo explained the situation, “I was originally going to appear on We Got Married. But I considered the fact that I was going to really be married not long after, so I decided to drop out.” With regards to this, Solbi jokingly said, “Then I am really grateful to Park Myung Soo’s daughter who stopped her father from appearing”, her words leading to laughter all around.

43 thoughts on “Solbi Reveal that Andy Was Not her Make-Believe Husband Initially

  1. lol.. Solbi comment so hilarious.. I cant imagine if they did became pair. I think PMS will scream at solbi everyday lo.

  2. Ha-ha-ha ………………..
    Ha-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha ………………..
    Ha-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha………………..

    Ah mianhe, am sorry for can’t stop giggling imagine how funny the show was, with Solbi said, its relief that PMS dropped out for appearing.

    Yeah, agree with shukran24, its FATE. Match made from heaven ….

  3. That would have been really hilarious! Park Myung Soo and Solbi’s personality will definitely clash like the Titans.

  4. Park Myung Soo?! LOL… the PDs must be crazy…LOL… really….

    wow… now i truly believe fate intervene and brought Andy and Solbi together…seriously!!!

    her 1st intial partner was supposed to by Kim Hyun Joong, but due to activities, he couldn’t join the show then…then they choose PMS to replace KHJ…(*laughing)…but fate was on Solbi’s side and brought Andy along…

    wa… Solbi is truly lucky… she had to marry PMS and got her love, Andy!!

  5. omg lmao! it would be so funny! she’s so lucky for the turn of events, I’m sure Myung soo would really torture her haha

  6. PMS!!!!!!!! Oh well at least it was not Don Don, seriously I do not know how solbi would have survived. Seriously, it would be funny if she was partner with PMS, he would get her back from what she did to him in Xman. I really like PMS, he is funny, but in a way its good that his daughter came to solbi’s rescue.

    I am really glad she got andy as her partner they relly fit well togehter. Its really Fate.

  7. It would have been totally hilarious if that pushed through. In most episodes of wgm, Solbi was the one that really made the andy-solbi moments funny and endearing…. but of course, i love the Anbi couple. It would just be really interesting if this had happened. Total comedy πŸ˜€

  8. LOL.. i can’t imagine solbi paring up with PMS.. thank god for change of plans… PMS would have been a hilarious partner.. lol.. but it would definitely seem weird since he just got married recently..

  9. Myung soo?! Hahaha…. What were the PDs thinking? Obviously not to find a good match… but hahaha, still funny. I think I’d be just as relieved as Solbi to see Andy. Lol.

  10. haha….i cant image what would happen if solbi and mying soo became a couple. fortunately, the final husband of solbi is andy^ ^. this is correct decision of both myung soo and PD. but iam really very sad when know that anbi will leave this show.i really want to cry with thought cant see anbi appear together T_T. i will never believe that is true

  11. LMAO! PMS! Ha now that would be interesting to watch! Hahhaah, I’m cracking up just thinking about their missions together!

  12. thank GOD it wasn’t Park Myung Soo.. Ths match haven couple of AnBi must be fated to b together for REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ God please make it REAL for AnBi couple………… πŸ˜‰ ~nwy. congrats on PMS’s baby….. πŸ˜‰


    ohmygosh. I would’ve been a fan of that couple. REALLY! I can imagine it, and it just seems so funny! Solbi’s comment was hilarious.

    The overall atmosphere of the show would’ve been so different at the time, with Saori and HyungDon + Solbi and PMS. XD Then, there’s AlShin and Ant couple. XD

  14. i can’t imagine if park myung soo was actually her husband it would be hilarious but i can’t imagine it! HAHAHAH A

  15. That is pretty harsh of Solbi, he can’t be that bad, right?
    I wonder how the show would been with Myungsoo instead.
    I guess less as great as now haha~

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