KBS and MBC Starts Cracking Down on Variety Shows?

Following the unfortunate crackdown of their variety shows on video sharing websites like Youtube, Veoh, etc by SBS International back in July 2008, it appears that KBS America and MBC are also starting to lay claim to their variety shows with crackdowns of their own which begun just 3 days ago.

“We Got Married” was licensed recently on Crunchyroll and access to it is now denied. If you notice, it did not specify who the license holder is, probably because it didn’t want to suffer a backlash. According to Youtomb website, standyary who used to upload “We Got Married” on Youtube got her account suspended not too long ago thanks to a copyright claim from MBC.co.kr.

The same goes for KBS variety shows which is being acted on by KBS America, Inc. and has affected htruc who used to upload “1N2D” on Youtube but her account has been suspended three days ago. Better start saving clips from Youtube now just in case it spreads to other users whom I am not naming.

Some have opted to private their videos or rename the videos cryptically, for example “We Got Married” becomes “W.G.M”. I don’t see how it is going to work in the long-term because sooner or later, all it takes is for one video to be spotted by one of their copyright snitchers and the rest is history.

So where does this all lead to? One of my Korean friends told me that tv shows were all free to watch in Korea back in the good ol’ days. Until one day, SBS started charging a fee for their archived shows. KBS and MBC soon followed suit. This crackdown on variety shows is following the same pattern.

There should be no complaints really since it’s their videos and by right the copyright belongs to them. But what are we normal users that don’t live in Korea to do? They don’t sell the variety shows with subtitles and not even the unsubbed ones by any chance. Have you ever heard of anyone selling variety shows like these at all? Dramas are copyrighted because they do sell them with english subs legally but variety shows? There’s KBS World which broadcasts to most of the world including Singapore but not all their variety shows are subtitled. MBC America and SBS Intl. only broadcasts in limited areas.

They could try learning from music companies like YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment or even MNet who uses Youtube as a platform to reach out to the masses. There is a ready platform, why don’t they make use of it?

The landscape has changed drastically in any entertainment industry today. To become a popular star, appearing in variety shows and presenting another side of you will greatly improve your chances. Fans these days wants to know their idols more in terms of what they do, think, etc. Just being able to sing well doesn’t really make you popular. If you think this is just restricted to Korea, think again. Kim Jong Kook is known by someone like me in a far-away country because he appeared in Xman. The same goes for other celebrities.

Taking Seo In Young as an example, she can sing well but she only enjoyed moderate success. But factor in the success of Jewelry’s “One More Time” plus her appearances on “Seo In Young KAIST” reality show and of course “We Got Married” this year, her popularity has grown in leaps and bounds.

Enjoy what’s still left before it’s all gone, people!

116 thoughts on “KBS and MBC Starts Cracking Down on Variety Shows?

  1. Haiz.. sad..

    Hopefully they will change their mindset about this. With online sub, Korean celebrity will gain international fame. they just don’t understand.

  2. gosh I really hate it
    you’re right, most artists are getting more popular because they appear in reality show
    anyway thanks for the news

  3. this sucks :c
    it would be better for them to let people who don’t live in korea to see the shows
    or to sell them with subtitles!
    they do get a lot of over sea viewers too!

  4. crap!
    don’t they realize that there is something to gain from it too?
    hey!! someone’s doing publicity for them for FREE!
    all they want is to cash in quick period.

  5. they should be happy that people even want to watch their shows who are overseas…isn’t that being racist…how would they like it if america doesn’t export U.S. movies and tv shows!

  6. AGAIN?!
    this is rubbish. but then again they do have the right. but they should really make use of the available platform to reach out to other viewers who loves everything “k- ” but does not understand a single bit of korean…

    i say the best solution amidst all these hoo-ha is probably have all these lovely subbers -translators, timers, editors and everyone else involve in subbing either provide hardsubbed episodes or soft subs to avoid having suspended accounts (like coolsmurf which i am still ‘sobbing’ about till today, i really really want to watch xman with haha and kjk :()

  7. you know….there’s another chance!, dling the videos is the last option. hmmm you right in everything that you said….
    they are too nationalist? for what? they don’t want to be korea famous for that?????
    What is wrong????

    i agree with hana, that is being racist!!!!!!!!!
    i hate people like that. korean industry sometimes dissapointed me….cuz’ i really don’t get why they do such a things….. i don’t find any good reason for that.

  8. I don’t think that they’ve come to realized that with these videos on the internet with sites such as Youtube.com it’s how these celebs become known around the world. I agree that if it wasnt for these shows being up I wouldnt even watch them and become a fan of them.
    They have some smart moves but not smart enough to share with the rest of the world. They can be smart but stupid at losing fans who they had in the first place that they now lost over seas.

  9. That’s such a pity that we can’t be able to see easily those programs, and that we use so poor sharing methods to see them.

    I never understood why the community around KTV Shows never used Bittorrent… They use Clubbox (poor & not free p2p scheme), streaming sites, and hosting websites.
    Bittorrent is really about sharing…

    Why not embrace the piracy ? Even if we just want to get as much as the korean have, and for the same price. As of now it’s all about sharing licenced content, so again why not be pirates, and with technology like bittorrent we wouldn’t be worried to lose files, etc.

  10. how coincidental. i logged into my crunchyroll account about an hour ago to find wgm had been licensed. htruc, whom i used to subscribe to, had been suspended.

    i can understand from the broadcasting companies’ point of view on why they would want to license it. but the thing is, have they ever considered why the videos are being put online over and over again despite knowing there’s a chance of an account suspension? obviously because it’s popular and those who are overseas want to watch it.

    now if their marketing team is smart, they’ll know to take advantage of the fact that foreigners are interested in their variety shows and try to sell it to us, whether it be they sub it themselves or offer online downloads on itunes or something. why don’t they try to profit from it somehow? they’re not giving overseas viewers even the chance to watch their shows. how can they expand if they’re only limiting their shows to asia?

  11. Seriously .. I’m still holding on to a few subscriptions and sites which I can get several of the shows, but damn … I’m waiting for the sky to fall.

  12. so sad that all acount is now suspended….really wish to watch ep. 24 actually…why are they so mean..coolsmurf is right…i never knew other celeb then andy…but thanks to WGM i know that the other do exist…

  13. The only reason I now regularly watch WGM and 1N2D is because of what I first saw on YouTube (thanks coolsmurf). Basically first I started watching Xman, then all the rest of my korean show watching followed from there. So many gyopos and even non-koreans are exposed to these shows through online media like YT and crunchroll (which is how I watched the WG mtv show). Truly, JYP’s philosophy is the most realistic and future-minded one, acknowledging the impact of online audiences.

  14. You people need to understand that it’s the broadcasting companies -SBS,KBS,MBC that are doing this. They are different from the management companies(SM, JYP etc). The management companies of course appreciate the promotions via Youtube. The broadcasting companies don’t give a da*n about the stars getting publicity on Youtube.

  15. I TOTALLY AGREE about how they should use youtube to spread the word about their shows instead of claiming copyright. i said this before.. the reason why i got into the asian entertainment was because of XMAN and that’s thanks to COOLSMURF. they all need to loosen up or they’re going to lose a lot of people who used to watch their shows.

  16. wth this sucks big time. Totally agree Alvin. Use the platform that is there. Man these companies need a brain.

  17. I want to cry… does that mean no more WGM for the rest of us who lives so far away. We’re already having trouble getting it sub and now we won’t even get to watch it at all. =*(

  18. this is gay…
    seriously really gay on them.
    well i better start my ripping of videos i don’t want them to be taken away. & right before the WGM special too..gosh dayumit i was looking forward to watching it too..

    MBC, KBS, SBS can kiss my a.ss!!

    I betta put my stuff on private too.

  19. This really makes me mad.

    It’s obvious these shows are hugely popular to outside viewers….. and they’re going to simply take them away? Why? Do they not realize that will turn EVERYONE against them? Is that what they want??

    They REALLY don’t seem very smart >_>
    As you said, they should take a hint from JYP Ent. etc….

    It’s not like things don’t come on DVD, they aren’t subtitled… I don’t get why they can’t be shared. From what I can understand, it’s not like they’re losing money with foreigners watching clips they wouldn’t otherwise be seeing!

    It’s directly DUE to these videos being available that they have GAINED more fans!!

  20. Their mind is totally fucked up -_- i mean all of us won’t pay for the variety shows even if they sell it…we watch it and enjoy it just like TV…for ex. 1n2d shows different parts of korea and that attracts tourists..are they stupid to do this with these shows T.T

  21. Thanks for informing us Alvin.
    That sucks, a lot.
    I totally agree with you, they should create their own YT account.
    *Sigh* I don’t know what to do without these shows! They keep me smiling and laughing unlike so many American shows (like ‘Hole in the Wall’).

  22. and international fans get ignored once again… this is very upsetting…and WGM just stated getting good…sigh..I WANT THE OLD DAYS BACK!

  23. Well i can speak, that in my case, i’m from Portugal.. and just recently (about 1 year or 2) i’ve known the Asian Entertainment and i’ve been “addicted” to it ever since, most due to the wonderfull online subbers… and yes… before We Got Married (for example) i didn’t know any of those artists that are in the program. That is just an example, in the mist of many more… producers just need to get updated with the international fans and not think only of the people in their country….

  24. Urgh so unfair that they don’t even think about people outside of Korea! I wonder if they think about the Japanese fans and if they would do subbings for them?

    I am so freaking irritated now. NOT my variety shoowwss!!! You’re right, who cares about dramas? That’s easily legally available. Man, if only they would like release a WGM DVD or something, I would totally get it.

    Another thing – if you put your videos on private at YouTube, doesnt that mean noone can view them except those u add as your friend? Couldn’t we have some secret undercover operation going on?

    Ps: Oh and how do you download YouTube clips?! HEELP.

  25. I know we all need to start dl’ing like heck.
    I didn’t even know there was a KBS america..? …
    crunchyroll is staring to suck really hard. lolz
    I hope it’s safe to put this but ya’ll “can” dl from veoh.
    like coolsmurf said a lot of these people wouldn’t be so popular if they couldn’t be seen on variety shows like this. People in other countries purchase albums ,dvds and other fan stuff too.

  26. This just really sucks. One of the few things we can now resort to is just to download the videos themselves, but it won’t be as convergent for most. DX

  27. I think I will not go on youtube any more. Maybe just sometimes but not as often as b4. Seriously, what’s wrong with them? Korean Entertainment is getting more and more popular but by doing this, they are restricting the International fans. Not anyone can read Korean to get the shows from their site or buy the shows from them (like the article mentioned). I’m hating them now 😦

  28. Darn SBS for starting it. But I totally agree with you Alvin when you say that they should use Youtube as a platform instead of treating it as a source of lost revenue. On the other hand, if they did start to sell variety shows with subtitles, I think that I will be very much interested in buying it. But seeing how unlikely it is, it is just ridiculous that they’re even interested in licensing variety shows. Where am I going to watch my variety shows now?

  29. obviously, the stations doesn’t care about exposing krn entertainment & celebs to ppl outside of korea. they’re just thinking about the money they are losing because we’re watching it for free!
    maybe if ppl start petitioning & writing to the stations, they’ll recognize that there are non-krns that watch these shows & will do something about it!!!
    so much for helping the krn wave…
    but then again, by law, it’s understandable. we can’t watch some jpnese shows on youtube & whatnot either, as well as some american shows.

  30. bout Crunchyroll…i just realize it yesterday…damn!…y they do tis…dont they realize tat without people who give they dedication and passion to sub to all tis vid korean entertainment show will never get popular as now and most of subber are non-korean…

  31. i really am done sayin anythin… i agree with alvin… they are truly narrow minded people these broadcasting peeps… pabo!

  32. I don’t think that these networks realize that by having their shows removed from Youtube, Veoh, etc., that they’re killing a HUGE market that’s available for them to exploit. In all honesty, I think it’s got to do with money. They want to profit on their shows, as if they don’t make enough as it is. It’s pretty selfish and in a way it kinda makes me disappointed that they don’t want other people to be exposed to watching Korean shows and talent. What also gets to me is that I see a lot of English/American films being uploaded online for people in Asia to enjoy…and sometimes illegally profit from due to piracy, and yet we can’t enjoy their shows. It just seems pretty closed minded and one sided. The world is ready for Korean entertainment, but I don’t think that it’s ready for that kind of platform. This is just an observation, hopefully I haven’t offended anyone. If so, that isn’t my intent, it’s just my opinion. So you can either take it or leave it.


    Miss V

  33. they are really short-sighted & can’t see far … they are slowly & surely making people especially non koreans around the world miffed …
    the korean govt focused a lot on tourism but those peeps at sbs,kbs & mbc are stopping us from even getting in touch with anything korean in the lst place. i don’t even know who is seo in young & solbi lst but now i do & learnt to appreciate them in we got married …i got on youtube last night & realised some videos were removed YET AGAIN..
    Seriously,im getting tired of all this.Maybe i shd stop liking & watching korean entertainment from now .I had been to korea every year since 3 years back & maybe i shd start spending my money elsewhere.I also should not influence my family & friends to watch korean entertainment since they will only be disappointed in the end…since those korean TV stations are so insistent on what’s belonging to them & refusing to share with us in other parts of the world.

  34. i sent an email to mbc… hope they’ll read it n do sumthin bout it…

    With regards to the abovementioned title, i would like to express my dismay over your copyright claims on variety shows in websites such as youtube. I fully understand that the copyright belongs to MBC and it cannot be distributed freely without permission but please let the non-korean fans of your shows which includes me, to watch your shows online with subtitles. There are millions of non-koreans in the whole world who are fans of korean variety shows and they can only watch it when there are subtitles which are provided in websites such as Youtube and et cetera by fans of the show. MBC’s action of making copyright claims are baseless because you will get nothin out of it except a lot of disgruntled people who think that your company is a narrow minded company. Not only will you deprive non-koreans fans from enjoying the show, you will lose a good platform to reach out to the masses. MBC should look at it as introducing Korea to the world, not otherwise. You should see the comments people have made in numerous websites about MBC since you started making copyright claims on your variety shows. Not one of the comments are positive comments. Now, other broadcasting companies are following your actions in making copyright claims and it has only made us non-korean fans even more sad. How are we supposed to enjoy watching korean variety shows and getting to know more about Korea when companies like you take actions that are not beneficial to any party. What can you possibly gain from making all these copyright claims? You will only lose out on all the people in the world who are interested to know more about Korea, its culture and its people. If you can release an official statement with solid and reasonable reasons on why you did those actions maybe we non-korean fans will understand why all of this ruckus is happening. Please understand that we non-koreans also truly enjoy korean shows. We do not understand the korean language but through the subtitles provided by korean fans in websites, we are able to enjoy the shows, thus learning more about Korea, its culture and its people. A lot of people in the whole wide world are getting to know about Korea even more through these shows and is getting more attracted to the language, the people and the culture. I sincerely hope MBC will take back its action in making copyright claims on its variety shows. A lot of us non-koreans sincerely do. Thank you.

  35. gotta agree wif ya..
    ppl like mii who do not live in Korea had exposure to the celeb thru variety shows..
    and slowly, we tend to support them in watever they do.. music or acting..

    i wonder what do they gain by doing this copyright infringement procedure..

    KBS World doesnt sub every variety show.. 1N2D and Happy together is not sub.. they sub mostly dramas..

    will this be the end of my korean craze?
    i juz could keep wondering day by day..

  36. Why can’t they treat the variety shows as a bonus to their viewers, haven’t they earned enough from their drama sales? Hoping that they will consider the fun the viewers are having and treat this as a last resort. They are breaking the dreams of our idols.

  37. dang coolsmurf, you are so on top of things. thanks for the letting us know!
    garsh, and i was an avid viewer of htruc’s channel.

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  39. BAH!!!!
    these copyright thingy just make me sick!!
    what is the use of having the show that have been aired to be copyrighted?
    they’ve got their money from the commercials, right?
    Thank God i have saved my fave shows from youtube…
    (God Bless keepvid.com)

  40. This is really bad seriously. I think that they should not have followed SBS stupid example.

    YT is actually great marketing for these shows. If it were not for YT, these shows would not have bben known to people outside Korea like us.

    They should seriously reconsider their decisions

  41. Oh My!!! This really sucks!! cant belive my life without korean variety show !!!! Korean artists get their fame more from variety shows which lead viewers to explore to their singing or acting career… like in the pasts X-man and Loverletter, so many viewers get to know the korean celeb tru the show… So i really clueless on the protective point behind this suspension thing … wats e reason behind? just bcos of $_$ ??? really really yucky@@!

  42. It really does not make good business sense even though we have to respect what they want to do with their property. The problem is that even with the dramas that you can purchase with subs (such as kbs dramas) the website to purchase episodes is in korean. No one else is able to purchase them because you cannot set up an account, etc…

  43. i can’t believe some people out there are citing racism and nationalism. koreans getting popular? the heck? what does that have to do with giving out their merchandise for free? they’re losing money, and that is not good business. how the heck are you people justifying stealing of another’s property? no offense, but the audacity of some of you people is outrageous. if anything, shouldn’t you be writing to mbc, and asking them to subtitle the shows, and then sell it? if not, why don’t you actually put in the effort and learn korean. if not stop complaining. the companies are going about it the right way, and protecting their product. oh yeah, and america importing movies to korea? besides the whole quota enforced by the US, people watching movies actually pay for tickets.

  44. i’m really sad. ):
    I mean, we don’t live in korea nor do some of us understand it.
    the people are not selling the subs and on top of that, they’re getting international publicity.

    They either need to release variety shows on dvd with subtitles, or all of this ‘copyright’ will be dumb.

  45. You know what uploaders should do? They should give it a different title, and then splice a random image into it.

    Youtube can’t be that picky and watch to check every single video. I hope.

  46. isn’t that because of the streaming videos of variety shows, etc from youtube or crunchyroll and other website helps international viewers to know about korea entertainment industries and thus help those entertainers to be recognized???

    i just got shocked this morning whem i’m checking youtube…the videos are gone….I wasnt even get interested in korea and the entertainment long ago but hey, thanks to youtube and video hosting sites since 3 years ago i got to know korea, wish to visit there and look at the people…( well i have kbs world but the shows are just repeated and outdated…not all subbed. from the internet and streaming sites, i could watch every shows..)

    how sad if this get licensed( well it is their right)but to prevent it from online streaming or whatever reasons to get hold of channels/mass distribution..how could people connect themselves?

    it is not fun and enjoyable anymore….hope they hear our distressed…

  47. i thought the objective was to gain attention for “hallyuwood” – if they keep doing this, they will kill their entertainment industry.

    i find the variety shows funny, but i am not going to learn korean just so i can understand them – they’re not the only funny shows on earth.

    way to go korea πŸ˜‰
    thinking you’re indispensable when you’re not.

  48. You know, it’s just plain stupid, business-wise that is. This is something that has always baffled me in terms of the Korean industry. I mean with things like cyworld, you have to be a Korean citizen and have registration in order to read people’s blogs. Why the limitation? And now the crackdown on variety shows?

    I think they fail to see the hard work that so many users online have put into translating and subbing for us English speakers. Because of these people, the Korean industry has expanded so much, whether it is music, dramas, or just TV. Granted, if no one posts these any more with subs, I won’t be spending my Sundays waiting for it to be posted… which will save me considerable time, but still, I fail to see why their shows need to be exclusively just for Korea. The strange thing is that I constantly only see the videos with subtitles removed. The other ones are left alone. What’s with that? I’m telling you, it’s just strange, and unnecessary. So what if the video belongs to them! The subtitles belong to the users, and they have no right to take those away! It’s like putting a video together, but with your own touch to it, so it’s somewhat your property as well. I know, not a very solid argument, but still… ><

  49. I was suspended on youtube for uploading KBS Tale of the Nine Tale Fox (the one with Kim Tae Hee and Junjin) but it was claimed by SBS Int. Not only that, I had gotten permission from Uptown’s record company to post up their performances but it was also claimed by SBS.

    I think we all see the patteren here. SBS.

  50. OMG…..
    why is that bad news been surfacing nowadays….
    i dunno what to say….
    but i really need to thank to all the subbers who had hels ppl like me who dun understand korean….
    because of u guys, i really enjoyed the show….
    A big THANK U to all of u again.,

  51. They want hallyu to die thats why.

    Money hungry hallyu destroyers.

    KBS international isnt even in england or whatever and whatever. This sucks so much. I hope they change their mind, greedy bums

  52. ):
    Was shocked when i went back to the wgm channel on crunchyroll, and everything was gone..
    Luckily i was able to dl some, lol.

  53. i seriously had ZERO interest in korean ent. until i watched some awesome x-man, love letter episodes! i guess now, its a race between us and the video licensers/take-downers…

    i mean, i understand if they take down raws but ones with subtitles on it? c’mon, most of the time, fan uploaders have better english translations than officical ones; i.e. kbs world.

  54. it wasn’t that long since i read the news abt anbi couple not appearin’ in WGM anymore…n now this……………….seriously what more sad things are to come in my way now…

    btw if korean ent. industries keep doin’ this kind of stuffs like puttin’ up unnecessary restrictions..n requirin’ identification no.*which is liable to koreans only*…etc. to infinite non-korean fans & not consider their views….then the k-industry is bound to fall sooner or later…

  55. It is a fact that the easiest and most cost effective way to achieve international tremendous success, overnight, is to utilise YouTube and the likes.

    Something that the bigshots are so not getting yet. How stupidddddd can they get. Look at DBSK and Super Junior, you think they’d be getting all those welcomes in foreign countries if not for YouTube harhh… all those concert tickets… all those cds bought by rabid fans…

    Haiyah… wake up and smell e money being waved in your face… Sometimes I think all these people at the top must be airheads or something, why on earth do they get hired…

  56. Those TV companies are SOOOOOOOO STUPID.

    Why can’t they see that youtube HELPS, not hinders.


    So freaking annoying!!!!!!!!!

  57. I’m already discontent with their actions of removing all those videos on youtube, but if this continues, I’m really going to turn my back on kpop forever.

  58. TBS (Tokyo Broadcast System) recently took down my video of Mika Nakashima on their show Utaban. So not only are the korean network but better watch out for the japanese ones too. 😦

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  60. They need to let it go. Be like American companies and sale the shows on iTunes. They could make money and get high profile exposure. If South Korea wants to be a economic competitor they need to share a little. Without the internet, Korean Media and entertainment won’t be able to reach as far as it has. Ex. Most fans of SNSD, WG,BIg Bang, & DBSK, discovered them online. Thank about the SBS.MBS and KBS before you ban online vids,

  61. you could not have put it better. you’d think that they would welcome the additional publicity of having thier videos subbed to an audience that they don’t reallly cater to since they do not sub variety shows in the first place. i totally agree with the point that it’s not like they are going to sell the variety shows on dvds. looks like they are planning on charging for it online. which still isn’t any good to us since non-koreans will not be able to access this anyway.

    makes me feel a bit better about ripping all the vids that i liked :-/

    seriously they could have handled this better. it’s not like they can still get back whatever imaginary revenue they missed out on. gah.

  62. Aigoo! This is soo dumb!!

    Living in the heart of Asian NJ, I got my friends to appreciate K-entertainment through channels such as youtube (just watching an episode of X-men can get you hooked).

    This is not intelligent on their part.

  63. …they don’t know how much they have saved in free publicity… would they rather spend millions in advertising?They must be a bunch of idiots!

    …and by the way, CJWTown have already subbed ep 24, look for it in YouTube.


  65. It is funny that where I live WGM is shown on television so I can watch it, but there are no subs, so I watch in online at various sites instead. Now I guess I won’t watch it at all.

  66. Oh gosh……
    I hate it…….
    ok they will no more show in video sharing……
    that’s it….
    i want to know can them make it big if all ucc become suspended .
    Just stop the promotion of korean entertaiment industry.

  67. ::GASP!::
    This was eventually going to happen. I knew it! I guess people will just have to upload on megaupload, rapidshare and other sites so we can download and watch…

  68. I think those TV stations are silly to do that! The reason I got interested in Korea entertainment in the beginning is through these variety shows which I caught in youtube! They’re already ‘complaining’ that their entertainment industry is going down, and now they do this. That’s like shooting themselves in the leg… How silly!!

    I won’t know entertainers like MC Yoo, or Park Myoong Soo, or even Shinhwa, if not for these youtube stuffs!!

    And like you said, these variety shows are not sold with English subtitles. So, it’s not like as if we don’t want to buy. They’re just not available..!! Sheesh… I really pity the entertainers.. One of their chances to become an Asian (or even world) star has just closed on them! They better rethink this!! There’re going to be many repercussions!

    Sorry for the long blabber :p

  69. bladdy ASIAN….

    let jst wait and see how thing turn out after all the banned.

    i’ll dont watch online anymore cos most of my subscibers are suspended. so i decided to download instead. that way i can re-watch it anytime w/o wasting bandwidth and keep it with me as long as i want to

    if it wasnt for YT uploader. CHARICE champengo WOULDNT be discovered and invited to OPRAH show and be introduce to the WORLD.
    and that goes for every bladdy korean variety shows.
    Look at Japanese artists. they’r only known in their own country, and fanbase are fairly small compare to Korean world wide. I can only know 1-3 Japanese artists and that’s it.
    keep all your shows if u can and see how long can they last

  70. ok today 2 of my subscribers got suspended from youtube…*grrr*…kazummaxd n sylverxtile were my 2 fav. uploaders….what the heck………..where do i watch WGM now……..*faints*

  71. This is really a sad thing thats happening here. I fell in love with Korean culture through subbed variety shows and dramas. If they succeed in eliminating all copyrighted material off of streaming websites they will lose the majority of their international viewers if not all.

  72. SBS does sell their variety shows.
    X-Man is shown ans still showing in Taiwan..
    but i believe the subs are done by the taiwan tv station.

    agree with what u said.
    they should be more open with their shows..

    another very applaudable example:
    settv of taiwan or more commonly known as san lih (famous taiwanese dramas like MongZhongZhuDingWoAiNi) has a youtube account ‘settv’
    and they put up official videos (even in HQ) as promotion for their variety shows and dramas
    for their current drama WuDiShanBaoMei, before it starts airing, they already put up lots of promotional vids on YT and they became a hit..
    hence the 1st episode reached a new highest debut rating..

  73. I’m one of those people who spend hours and hours subbing… and I’ve had my youtube accounts deleted by SBS fiasco… I probably could complain of losses a lot more than the average viewer here….

    But I still must say I expected it to happen the whole time I was providing subs. ^^ I was a bit sad… but I don’t really blame SBS or MBC or KBS for it. ^^ I was just glad people enjoyed it while it lasted…

    I think such is the way of fansubs in general. It’s really only meant to tide people over until (hopefully) the official release is available with subs. Having been a fan of anime, I know that sometimes it takes years for the official release is avaialbe…and sometimes it’s never released…but that’s just the way it is.

    Fansubs are not meant to provide you with subs at whichever channel is most convenient for you. If you’re really into something, you’ll find a way to watch it, no matter how obscure. It annoys me when people say, “learning to watch softsubs is too much bother,” or “youtube cuts up the vid too many pieces, why can’t I watch it on crunchyroll?”…..

    I don’t think MBC for SBS has any obligations to cater to the people who complain like that. In the end, it’s the people who like it enough to make an effort to watch these things who are going to like the series enough to pay for it when it’s released officially. Nobody’s really entitled to free videos whenever they want as soon as they want.

    I sometimes feel like I’ve spoiled the fandome by providing the subs too quickly. It’s just that I’ve been subbing these on the Sundays they’re released because that’s the only time that I actually *have* time. But really, nobody’s entitled to demand these things… -_-;; And if it takes me a long time and lots of effort to sub, it’s nothing compared to the amount of money and time that the TV stations put into making the shows.

    There’s a certain amount of sense of entitlement that’s really disturbing me these days… Perhaps I shouldn’t be the one to say these since I’m also providing subs without MBC permission… but at least, I know that I don’t have permission. I will be fine with them telling me to stop.

    Just because they’re not using the show to their maximal potential does not automatically entitle people to demand that it be available everywhere. It’s kinda like… if your neighbour has a nice car that he never drives, it doesn’t mean that it’s yours to use, just because he doesn’t use it. Right?

    And I do read comments like, “why aren’t the subs out yet?” three hours after a show has aired. If I get annoyed about that, it must be really annoying for the people who own the TV station when people comment “why isn’t this show available to us ASAP with English subtitles?”

    I think it would be nice if fansubbers and TV stations cooperated… but that’s not gonna happen overnight, right? It costs a lot of money and usually a lot of time to have these things out officially. I’m assuming that it must take the stations at least a thousand bucks to translate one of these episodes. (I can’t imagine doing it myself for less than a thousand bucks per episode if I weren’t a fan of the show). If you’re so desperate to watch it ASAP, hire yourself someone to sub it for you with your own money.

    I admit that having these available online for foreign fans is great publicity..but in the end, the TV stations *are* copyright owners… and they have every right to protect what’s their own. I hope I haven’t offended anyone by writing this… but please support the program if they’re ever available on DVD’s by buying them. The more that people buy official releases, the more they’re likely to be available in the future.


  74. I agree with muish, but I also agree with coolsmurf. These shows are not ours, and the people are too spoiled and do not appreciate the hard labor most of the subbers do. The subs take a long time to translate, time, and whatnot, yet people demand them only few minutes or hours after the show has aired. We don’t have the right to be angry that these shows are disappearing. We, fans, always find some way to watch these shows, if you REALLY want to watch it. However, there are people who just expect these shows to be handed nicely to them (i.e. hardsubbed).

    However, I think that SBS, MBC, and KBS should allow these shows to be subbed by the fans. If they make official subbed releases, they’ll have to go through all the hiring and paying for subbers and whatnots. Here, people sub because they love the show and want to share it to everyone. They should be appreciative and proud that people love their shows so much that fans are subbing them, and we, the international fans, are actually watching shows like these.

  75. To all who have spent their time and effort on translating and putting up the subtitle on the show.
    It is very generous, having a big heart to share the laughter, happiness, sadness, all sort of feeling… for the program. Definitely there are alot of people out there appreciate and are grateful about it. People will miss it very much.
    May you all be blessed with alot of happiness.
    Thank you all very much.

  76. This is very sad news…I am one of the many people who fell in love with k-pop culture through youtube and other various streaming sites. This new crackdown is indeed unfortunate because so many foreign fans have will lose their source to be able to watch these beloved shows. I do think that these networks do have a right to claim their shows and that we should have been grateful that its lasted this long…..Maybe they will reconsider and have pity on us foreign fans who don’t understand korean and need the fansubs to understand whats going on….. Oh well at least we still have our korean dramas!

  77. ^^ I don’t want to seem like I’m whining about subbing it…

    I just think people expect things to be too easy. I think using clubbox is pretty easy with instructions from Soompi. You don’t need a citizen number to download….

    Not to mention that there are often direct downloads if you wait a few days. -_-;;

    I’ve been a fan of various things in my life. I’ve even gone as far as to use IRC…-_-;; Talk to be about things being difficult after you’ve used IRC…

    I can’t believe that people expect everything to be *that* easy.

    And I can’t believe people think it’s racism to not have these available. As “muck” posted earlier, “the audacity of some of you people is outrageous.” As if being a foreign fan makes you so important that you should be above copyright laws and the TV station should be grateful that you watch their shows. -_-;;; Of all the self-important *&%^$ to say…

    As one of the people who love being a pirate, I’m probably the not the right person to be saying this…

    But all the complaints that the TV stations are protecting their copyright (which they DO own) is pretty annoying. You could be productive and request MBC that they have official subs available for purchase… But being constructive and letting the stations know that there are fans of the show is different from just saying that they suck and are racists and you should boycott them. -_-;;; How ignorant is that?

  78. OMFG! Even though they do have the right, they are stupid to do this. They’re not thinking of a ll the people who’ve done the subs, and the popularity Korean stars are getting. Seriously, America doesn’t have to export movies and T.V. shows, but apparently, the commercial people here are smart, cuz seriously, look at American celebs, they’re world-famous! Korean stars are known too, but mostly through variety shows, SBS, MBC, and KBS are stupid to be doing such a horrible thing, URGH! DAMN YOU STUPID COMMERCIAL PERSON!

  79. Hi everyone,

    to coolsmurf, muish and all subbers that are here (i read some), i really appreciate what you guys have done before, i mean subbing all those videos, i know how difficult it is, (although i dont do subbing because i dont understand korean) am just one who enjoy your videos, coolsmurf videos, all variety shows that had been subbed.
    But i think you guys really contributed a lot to make them famous, for ex, charice she is now famous worldwide thanks to coolsmurf who subbed the guesting of charice in sbsking, now even oprah really amaze with her, and the video of collsmurf are the one they used. One more thing, super junior also have fanbase here in the philippines because they found them funny through the subbed videos..
    Anywayz, as of the moment it is really hard to find subbed videos because of copyright law and honestly speaking am starting to loose my interest because i dont want to watch videos that i dont even understand…

    Thank you again muish, coolsmurf and everyone
    who spent their precious time in subbing videos for us.. I really do appreciate it and i know a lot of people really appreciate it too.. πŸ™‚

  80. actually, where i live (USA) there are korean video stores where they sell/rent korean movies, tv shows, dramas, variety shows, etc. The bad part is that only some of them are subbed, and the newest episodes that the stores have is around a month later than it was aired…

  81. Yeah, they should use YouTube like all the other people. Jordin Sparks, MIN, G-soul, SMOnline, JYP gahh sooo many to name. Charice, Esmee and DGYD. They could earn so much money if they play it right, but right now… they are just scaring their money away. Wel suits thereselves, I don’t care. There will always be someone who uploads the episodes (god bless that person)

  82. im SO UPSET with SBS, KBS, MBC(-┏)
    why would they do such a stupid thing like this???
    although, i have KBS WORLD in my house,
    but i like to watch mbc and sbs shows too(-┏)
    this is so frustrated….(-┏)

  83. They really shouldn’t do this unless they are willing to start providing subbed variety shows to the world. They just don’t see how their industry benefit from the work of the subbers outside of South Korea…

    Dumb move… I’d like to say that it might put off the K-lovers… but I know we are resourceful enough to find a way to share our K-love with the rest of the K-lovers… it’s just getting harder, but I hope those who work to enable all of us to watch all these variety shows will continue to sub and post ^_^ AJA! AJA!

    We can actually watch KBS, SBS, Mnet on TVAnts… but no subs… πŸ˜›

  84. and how they could compete with culture export with japan ?
    the only thing that interest me in korean culture recently is because of x-man, now they shut it down
    afterwards i lose interest for a while in anything korean

    but WGM just reenergize my interest, now they want to shut it down too ??

    real smart

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