Andy and Solbi Will Go Separate Ways After 7 Months of ‘Marriage’

The inevitable has happened, the lovable Andy and Solbi couple will be leaving MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” after 7 months of ‘marriage’.

Andy and Solbi @ studio recording

According to the “We Got Married” PD in charge of recording today, Andy and Solbi will be recording their farewell holiday today and then leave the show entirely. The couple leaves the variety show having been on it since March this year and lasting around 7 months before eventually saying goodbye. This final recording of Andy and Solbi will be shown towards the end of September.

Andy and Solbi have been winning lots of love since appearing on “We Got Married” and fans will no doubt be sad at this latest happening which was being foreshadowed by a string of events (cut scenes, new couples, lack of chemistry recently, etc). After leaving the show, Andy’s schedule will still be packed to the brim with his musical, nationwide concert tour, overseas promotions, etc while Solbi will embark on her solo singing career with her new album.

The departure of Andy and Solbi at this juncture means that one of the 3 new couples who will be appearing this Sunday on the Chuseok special could be drafted in to replace them depending on circumstances like how well-received they are, fans reaction, their schedules, etc. The 3 new couples was originally scheduled to make a one-time only appearance this Sunday.

The PDs of “We Got Married” explained, “We felt that the show needed the injection of new couples. We haven’t decided on how many couples would leave the show. One or two couples from the Chuseok special will replace them after the decision has been taken. We have already made farewell holiday missions for each couple in the event that they leave the show in their own style.”

This is a sad day for Anbiholics. Tears will flow when it airs.

196 thoughts on “Andy and Solbi Will Go Separate Ways After 7 Months of ‘Marriage’

  1. So thats true anyway ???
    In the end of September??
    Then, they said this September is special for them ??
    special with sadness for AnBiholics?
    Oh nooooo

    thanks coolsmurf, for the update, finally …

  2. omo….and to think that september is solbi’s birthday month… thats too sad…. they were my first favorite WGM couple…. the PD’s moves were calculated and well planned….thats why we see less sweet moments between them during the past weeks…..

  3. Solbi’s birthday is 30th sept, she mentioned it when they are planning Solbi’s mom’s birthday event.

    Now Andy can have a private event with her without the pressure of showcasing to the whole world, kekeke…

    How i wish this is true…:)

  4. omg…is it true ?? how can this happen ?? why they must leave the show ?? any specific reason they give ? or just that they want to replace with some new face? coolsmurf, can you clear my thought ? thanks...

  5. It’s sad to see them go but it will be good for them as Solbi need too focus on her singing career she just launch her new song “Do It” and Andy focus on musical and others i’m not too sure. Korea have many artist who knows the next permanent couple might be better than them.

  6. *sigh, I’m gonna miss watching Andy regularly on variety programmes; and of course the AnSol couple’s antics.. T_______T

  7. WOW 7 months~ didn’t feel that long.
    I can’t believe their leaving, nooooooo

    i can’t imagine WGM without them.


    I feel so sad when reading this, cant believe they are leaving, i love watching the show and all the couples but it is Ansol that made me want to watch the show……
    Sniff…sniff…sniff…..they will be missed so much, especially me…..i always routed for them!!! why it must happen, i bet the rating may go down slightly after loosing all the fans supporting Andy & Solbi!!! What is their reason? um……

    I dont want any of the original cast to change :[

    ); noooooooooooo
    i dont want original couples to leave!!
    but andy is enough tired now..
    poor anbiholics team );

  11. I knew it was an eventual thing. I just didn’t realize it’d be so soon! *heart falls* Oh, I’m such an Anbiholic… and since they’re removing so many videos, I can’t even rewatch my favorite scenes! >< Wah!!!! T.T This sucks. But oh well, I hope they give each other a good conclusion.

  12. i cant believe this. so sudden.
    im really wondering why.
    this cant be, im truly gonna miss them.

    i wonder what netizens and everybody are saying..
    soooo sad.. T_T

  13. I don’t think they have lost the sparks. It’s the PDs who edit so much of their scenes that make them look like they have lost the sparks. If you look at their photoshoot video recently, they are at ease with each other and having fun. I suppose the PDs want to make us lose interest in them so they can introduce the new couple. But I am definitely not! AnBi couple i will miss you tons!!!!!!

  14. oh!!!NO!!!!!!!!!!!i cant belive. they also said they would leave this show because they were very busy, but after they changed their mind and continued to take part in show. so, why? which reasons? why they leave without any explanation
    i need a reason!!!!!!!!

  15. I was kinda expecting this to happen. There’s too much hype in the other couple and AnSol’s getting lesser time, boring stuffs to do.

    This might be better for them.

  16. I honestly after watching the last 2 Eps aired, I told some friends that they’ll be the first couple to leave specially that they lost a lot of charisma between them lately as if it was a sign that they’ll leave the show.. I’ll miss the couple, they were so cute & lovable together.. I was hopping to see them till the end of this year at least celebrating the new year & enjoy more of thier romantic & cute scens.. but as I thought they’ll leave but it’ll be hard for thier replacemnt to fill thier position.. they were perfect together till the last Eps..

  17. i knew this going to happened!!!! n when they said 1 of d extra couple will be a substitute if sumthin happen i was prepared for this..
    neway, i’ll never forget anbi as they r very lovely to me…

  18. Oh no! this sound so scary, when they first mentioned that three new couples, something fishing came into my mind, who’s leaving the show, now Andy and Solbi is leaving, who will be the next couples? I love the four original couples after being with them for so many months. Sad about it.

  19. I knew they would leave…since Andy has so many schedules. Anyway it has been nice watching them~ Hope everything goes well for them in the future.

  20. NOOOOOOOOOO WTF!!! I love AnBi they made me watch the show in the first place… I need an explanation as to why theyre leaving and i dont want any of the other original couples to leave T_T

  21. I got a hunch that there will be someone leaving the show when they have this special eps thing..
    Its sad to see them leave after being with them for so long…
    Anyway, all the best to them… T_T

  22. o, finally..
    actually, i cant wait for them to leave the show.
    They have been very boring these last few episodes.
    I guess it starts right after their wedding photoshots, the chemistry just went down the hill.
    i hope that the new couple will be very funny or at least show a bit of romance.
    love my in young and crown j couple out of the all!! 🙂

  23. I definitely would stop watching WGM. These PD’s are liars.. I cant believe the reason is their careers, bec. this show actually boosted their careers. Even when Andy was busy last aug he still found time to shoot….

    GOOD BYE WGM!!!!

  24. ok. right.. i saw this coming. They have less time slot in each episode and Andy seem less enjoy during recording and didn’t look like trying his best like in earlier episode. I don’t know how they deal with their emotion after they separate…..

  25. oh my god.
    i can’t believe this could be happening AT ALL!
    it CAN’T be!! imagine all the anbi fans…they’ll be totally shattered…besides, this couple is one of the main pillars of the show…if they leave…the show will just collapse bit by bit…PLUS, i don’t reli think any of the new couples on chulseok special will be able to replace anbi the way they existed….

  26. i seriously don’t have the motivation to watch this show anymore…

    Andy and Solbi are the only ones who has an official fanclub (AnSol) dedicated to them and i can already feel the lost of support MBC: WGM will be getting already… the wrath of AnSol/AnBi fans will be furious….but we do have to respect Andy/Solbi’s decisions for leaving too…

    i just hope with every inch of my heart that they will give each other a chance of a real life relationship b/c i truly believe that they do have real feelings for each other….i only hope those feelings will be carried on outside of the show once they leave…


  27. 2 b honest u can see the lack of chemistry between them in the last few episodes, andy seem to be reallll bored of the show

  28. It soo sad. Just this moring I was commenting on ur blog on how they were fated to be together. We its too bad. I really hope they return like Alex and Shinae. I wish both of them the best like and i can only wish that the PD were lying to us.

    I hope they really date and wish the best for both of them.

  29. everybody at the joongbo forums at soompi thought it was gunna be the lettuce couple…
    unfortunately its sad.
    but i must agree wid whut most of u sed
    deyve been really boring lately.
    i dont know if its all cut by the pdnims ..
    or thats just how they are..
    either way..
    dis is sad news.

  30. I don’t think they lost their chemistry [if they had any o.o]
    I mean…Look at the missions the PD gives them, how can you be happy and talk when you are on a farm?

  31. Too bad, too sad…I luv both of them since da 1st time I saw WGM. Their romance were so cute. Prob after they out from WGM they can reveal their true feeling w/o any one knows. Fighting AnBi! I will miss both of them.

  32. i got hooked on WGM after watching the AnBi couple T-T they were my first favourites! there’s no hope too, since they are leaving “entirely”…no chance for them to come back like alex & shin ae couple did. oh well…i hope to see some AnBi couple action somewhere outside of WGM then…:(

  33. ZOMG!!!!!!!!…i’m definately not gonna say this bad news to my sis…..or else she’ll either kill me or die herself….omg!!…*reads the whole news again*….i mean is this seriously happening…*dies*..somebody call the ambulance…

  34. why are they leaving???? Please tell me why they are leaving *cries* NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s going to be sad without them!! 😦

  35. Hey,

    Just thought I’d let you know that the photo is from the studio recording for Part 1 of the Thanksgiving special. Andy and Solbi have yet to film their final studio recording (they only filmed the goodbye episode today).


  36. omg. will divorce become a national trend in korea now? that sort of thing seems to happen with a flick up a switch. lol

  37. My Mr and Mrs Lee are leaving?? Admittedly though I havn’t been watching WGM eversince they stopped showing it because of the olympics and even though its back on, I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm of watching it again. The last episode I watched was the AnBi trip with Crown J and InYoung. Somehow during that episode especially during the dinner and bonfire scenes, I felt that their loving action was too contrived and it reminded me of what Eric said in a previous interview that he felt they were acting. I’ve been reading what others have said about how Andy looked bored during the shows and though I havn’t seen the recent episodes yet (and I don’t know when that is going to happen!!), perhaps the relationship has run its course?

  38. I KNEW one of the couples were leaving, thats why the PDs kept saying “in the event one of the couples cant make it bla3” so the new couple can take over.

    I am so pissed that I would probably purposely dislike the new couples. I dont even want to see Fany and Hwayobi.

    I can’t believe it’s THEM who are leaving. No wonder they PDs purposely made their parts even more boring. I truly believe they have not lost their chemistry. You only see what they show you.

    Reasons why we should be happy that Anbi are leaving:

    1) They can finally get their relationship going with more privacy! (Hahah yes hopeful thinking)

    2) Andy seems so tired all the time, he probably needs a break.


    It’s so unfair it’s so unfair I know it’s JUST a reality show and we’re all getting caught up but URGH. Whatever.

  39. NOOOOOOO!!! NOT ANDY T___T … though i tend to skip their parts, i do enjoy watching them together… i just realized that i do love this couple a lot… nooooooooo

  40. I HATE THIS!!
    nooo faiirrrr, why why whyyyyy.
    Gosh this show is not gonna be the same without them. Their couple ringsss, i wonder if they’ll still wear them T_T.

  41. It’s just not the same without the 3 original couples 😦

    I hope it’ll end up like alex/shin ae, they’ll realize how much they miss each other and return to e show 🙂

  42. its not FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well, my life with wgm ends immediately!
    im gonna miss them….

    i just cant believe it..
    its really not fair….to me and all the fans

    but, i wish both of them good luck!
    luv you anbi!

  43. Well their ‘love’ has fizzle lately, you can tell it’s not the same. Maybe they are too comfortable with each other and they don’t want to show it on TV. In the beginning they were my favorite but they got boring (same ole same ole).
    Though I am very dissappointed when the new couples, well except for Fany and Hwayobi but I still don’t think they can be the ‘Anbi couple.’
    Hopefully WGM can survive yet another blow.

  44. They left for good. I read at some of my friends blog how they cheered that no more AnBi. We can see this happening since Crown J n SIY won the most fav couple on M.Net award show. Though I thought AnBi more famous than them in Korea. LOL. Guess I’m wrong.

  45. Sorry to double post but a lot of people are saying ‘it’s not fair, no way, I hate WGM, etc.’

    Well if you love/like them, you have to let them go so they can do their thing. You can’t be selfish with them. You think they want to stay on WGM forvever (as much as we would want them to)? They have singing careers and they probably miss that a lot.

    Yeah, WGM got them ‘popular’ again, now they can go on and pursue their true passions again.

    Hopefully, their fans support them and tell them that it’s the right thing to do.

  46. The problem is that we’ve all gotten caught up in their make-believe or ‘real’ lives week after week as Solbi tries to get closer to Andy, culminating in the couple ring exchange episode…so much so that we really want to continue watching this ‘realistic couple’ go on in the programme.

    Hwangbo and Hyun Joong are the most entertaining couple to date but we know at the end of the day that it’s just for fun. They might become good friends after this but that’s that.

    It’s a lil different with Anbi – we do really want to see how it ends cos it’s so real. Sigh. no more Anbi after Sept – how crushing…

  47. That’s really sad T_T
    But Andy has his own career so as Solbi, they’re going to be very busy after that so maybe it might be the reason for leaving the show.

    But I agree with madds… they can now have more privacy and have a relationship for real kekekeke

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  49. NOOOOO!! I wish that their schedules weren’t so packed and that they had time still be a couple on WJM. Though this is inevitable I hope they’re still friends.

  50. awww so sad. THIS IS why they shouldn’t have removed their rings on the lamp for Solbi’s parents. Didn’t they said that if they remove it, things will go wrong? lol I’m superstitious. Well, good luck to them. I was expecting it since Andy announced that he will enlist in the army soon anyway.

  51. AWWW !!!
    no WONDER!
    recently i’ve noticed that andy has really kept his distance from solbi and she really quieted it down :c
    this is sooo sad!
    i thought they said that they were going to be committed till the end of the year!
    OMG i hope the others are still going to be there 0o
    dang. this is really sad… i liked their couple,
    but behind hyungjoong&hwangbo / crownj&seoinyoung (:
    but still……… this is really shocking!!
    personally i’m not too happy with the 3 new coupled 😡
    i mean.. seriously people 17 year age gap?! that’s like a craddle robber 0o
    and well yeah – –

    thanx for letting us know though !!

  52. so much bad news lately. i liked them, but they weren’t as fun as they use to be. also Andy seemed tired all the time. well i hope the new couples are fun.

  53. hmmm, Rokkuramu, i felt something strange too. keke
    3 new couples coming, i felt the same as Serena. for the past 7 month, the couples who stays the longest are CrownJ Inyoung, Andy Solbi, then Alex Shinae (returning)… Will they next couple to leave?
    SS501 are busy btw in Japan and Thailand too… hmmm… HyunJoong Hwangbo might be too.
    Andy Solbi are moving on with their career, all the best for them. Flighting!!!
    I will miss all these couples.
    Hope that in the Christmas or some of the special season, we can see the leaving couple returning in end of the year.
    Thanks for informing. Do keep us updated : )

  54. i’m sooo used to the 4 couples now…anyone leaving will hurt.
    oh gosh…i wonder if i could watch WGM like before if the 4 couples leave one by one *cries*

  55. I am so shocked after read this news,it was like my heart stop beating for a few second 😦 They are my favorite couple from the beginning until now,they are the reason why I love WGM.

    I hate the PD’s …He gave them so little airtime the past 3 weeks..I though the PD’s said that 4 original couples won’t leave the show at least until the end of the year??? Well…I wish the best for ANBI…

  56. Yeah.. I am officially sad.

    But when it’s the time for Crown J and SIY to be apart, I guess I’ll break down like hell.

    Good luck for AnBi couple! It was really entertaining though.

  57. We all knew something was up…

    I agree with Julia though; if I’m this upset right now, I wonder how I’ll be fun Ant Couple and Lettuce couple will have to break up >_<

  58. i’m really saddened by this news…
    i wish them both luck & happiness & health
    and i thank them for the joy!

    always ANBI!

    it’s better to end things at a high note!

  59. I’m shocked.
    I thought the PD said the orginal couples have signed on til end of the year? I guess that’s just a bunch of baloney from the PD.
    The only thing we know for sure…can’t trust the WGM PD.

    Now the dreaded question…

    which couple will leave next?

  60. its indeed a sad news for AnBI fans, they were the 1st couple that got me addicted to WGM , and because of Andy I became a Shinwa fan…i cant believe its been 7mons since the show started
    … and now i also read from an online forum that the four couples are being given their farewell missions, ANbi will be the first to go but soon the remaining couples will follow. ..sigh…-:(

  61. I have a feeling that if Hyun Joon is really in Boys Over Flowers Korea That the Lettuce Couple will be next to go.

  62. did they make that choice on their own?!
    any how i will really miss them they were a great couple
    i guess both of them will be really sad and will feel kind of empty on the day that they used to record on,, even if they are busy doing something else on that day
    but they still have the goods memories
    i hope they really try it out in real life and see if it works well between the two of them
    certainly would love to see them getting serious

  63. Man when I saw this I went just GASPED.

    I wish them best of luck, but so sad to see them go. Hope they start dating in real life sometime.

  64. Anbi used to be great, but they lost all their chemistry. I think they finally established themselves as STRICTLY friends instead of a “this is just a show but it could be real” relationship…

    i hope the new couple is okay…im sorta iffy about all of them…

  65. what was sad was.. i really did feel there was a huge lack of chemistry… on ep 24… sighs. i guess it’s over =( but.. maybe… they’ll come back… like alex and shinae XDDD. *too hopeful*

  66. Everyone, unfortunately I am here with MORE bad news. If you don’t want to read it after hearing that Andy & Solbi are leaving, please, do not continue reading any further.

    Anyway, the BAD news:


    Although not fully confirmed…
    the other original couples including Crown J & In Young, Alex & Shin Ae, and Hyung Joong & Hwang Bo will also be eventually leaving the show after Andy & Solbi! 😦

  67. I KNEW IT! the moment they had that “special” with the new couples, someone was getting axed… no wonder Solbi was really quiet and down in the last episode… how sad! oh well, life goes on..

  68. As one couple leaves, a new couple arrives. Would ‘WGM’ be the same? I don’t really think so but I do hope so because it is a good show.

  69. Andy and solbi were the first couple I watched!!! =[ It wont be the same without them.. A change is good but I hope they pick the right couple and not a boring couple…

  70. God! Really?!! No!!
    I dont want them to go. The Anbi couple is the main reason I am still sticking to watch WGM in the first place. This is really such a huge blow to me. No more Anbi to look forward to? And the rest of the original couples is going too? No! This is too early! So sudden. Okaaayyy. I need to stop now, I cant breathe…

    I can’t believe this!!! D:
    My favouritee couple is now going off the show!!!!!
    Nooooooooo D:<

  72. how could this happen?!!
    i’m so sad..
    i really like ansol couple~
    i’m gonna miss an-seobang
    my favorite couple will be gone~

  73. well they will all leave eventually… fans just have to keep chearing for the couples as seperate individuals… and who know maybe someone in the future will be truly together for real and then if you want you can rejoyce from that….

    and the other couples that are coming.. maybe they’ll bring something fresh to the show.. who knows?? When i started watching WGM i didn’t know any of the artists, i didn’t even notice at first that Shin Ae had been in the drama “Summer Scents” and that Andy, had appeared in an episode of X-Man which is one of my favorites… and just recently i saw that Whang Bo and Hyun Joong had been once in the same X-Man team hehehe i found that so funny. And also that Andy and Solbi had participated in the same episode of X-Man but on different teams.

    So if we are fans of the shows and the shows keeps being interesting i’ll keep watching it… i’ll wait and give my opinion later ^_^

    They current couples can’t stay there forever…

  74. i dont know what to say right now…
    too shocked..!!!

    i wont be able to see my anbi again…
    why…why!!! O_______O

    hate the pd !!! and mbc for lying to us.,…..

  75. awwwwwwwww that’s so sad…they were one of mt fav. couple too…i still remember when Solbi slap Andy butt lol….awww im gonna miss seeing them on the show =[

  76. maybe they are leaving the show because they have started dating and don’t want to ‘act’ anymore. Or they are really just sick of each other. I think it’s the latter. haha.. I think Andy could do better though.

  77. Oh noooooooooooooo
    My tears already come out just by read those article…..

    no there is not reason to keep watching korean show ………..

  78. dammit! how can this happen? they were one of my favorite couples and it is going to be less interesting to watch WGM without them. I am not sure if i am gonna watch it anymore probably only the ant couple scenes. i really loved this couple and the chemistry between them. hope andy and solb have a good relationship after WGM and atleast remain as good friends even if they dont date

  79. Aah, that sucks. I find their chemistry a little awkward lately, but it wasn’t that bad. But if they’re both going to busy they will still get support with their solo activities. Good luck to them both.

  80. …. man I heard, Alex and ShinAe MIGHT break the tie soon too … I really don’t like the new couples except for Hwanhnee and Lee Hyun Ji… and they are not even together.

    whatevs, I guess I will stop watching this. Good memories. T.T

  81. though they were not my fave… i really am going to miss anbi. solbi’s spunkiness won me over

    gosh this is sad. i hate change T_____T

    thanks for the heads up though. now i won’t have a heart attack when watching >_<

  82. That stinks. The whole reason why I watch is for the Anbi couple. Though I admit that the chemistry in the last few episodes has been missing something. I am not sure if it has been the PD cuts or what.

  83. eventhough i already read this news from soompi but i’m still sad reading this again….it’s so sad…i’m gonna miss them….ANBI….

  84. I so knew it! With the new couples coming in, there’s bound to be a couple that will leave the show permanently! Plus, Andy still has that military enlistment thing he has to do!

  85. *sigh… this just top my day of crap… (excuse my french… i can’t think of any other word to sum my day 2day… ha ha) honestly i’m sad that they’re leaving the show and its true that there’s a hint of something missing lately or maybe they’ve just become “use” to each other (over the “honeymoon” phase of the relationship as some people would say) & just became “relax” in each others company… this sounds like crap but it does happen in relationships… *sigh regardless, i’m still rooting for the anbi couple! now they can have a private relationship… ha ha *wishfull thinking; crossing fingers* ^^

  86. waaahhh
    *tears strat dropping*
    i dont want hem to go..
    i mean yeah the prospect of new couples is intriguing but i mean..
    the only reason i ever started watching we got married was the andy solbi pair up :((

  87. anbi couple….the first reason i started watching wgm. and my fav couple leaves….
    but, i wish them good luck in their individual activities.
    wgm is gonna be different w/o the og anbi couple:(

  88. nooooooooooooooooo!!!
    i dont think any other couple could replace AnBi!!
    WGM is gna regret it when the ratings go down, since the reason that i started watching WGM was andy&solbi couple 😦

  89. they were getting unbearably boring anyways. i loved them in the beginning. but believe me its better this way. i don’t think andy can handle anymore of solbi’s antiques. Anywayz, i hope for the best for each of their careers. I seriously loved anbi during the early episodes, but now it’s time to say gbye~!^^

  90. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T____T;
    ahhhfhkjhglkjfldlh anbi was my fav couple there :(((( that was the reason i started watching wgm since the start 😦
    *cries and runs away*
    its not going to be the same anymore……
    *sob* it makes me sad

  91. yeah they are my second fav couple ! 😦 don’t want them to leave the show but…itz already decided…we don!t want new couples !

    i hope joongbo won’t leave……omg….hope not…

  92. okay, likely Anbi fans, i’m also very sad with this bad new. But, if it happens without meaning negative? i mean are they fall in love and thus they decide to come out. when WGM started, PD said a couple would leave when they cant be in agreement or they actually fall in love. HOPE……

  93. who else will they kick off the show?

    …it’s inevitable that some couples will be too compatible….but hmmm…..sad…..

  94. i heard from Korean fans that the reason why ANBI couple is leaving is because ANDY is actually going out for REAL with another girl and this is against the rules of WGM..

  95. Even though I don’t like AnBi as much as the other couples it’s sad to see them leave, the show is going to have to start again with a whole new couple and let’s just hope they make a good decision with this new couple. I admit noticing less chemistry between the two recently but I can’t deny their sweet moments on the show.

    Either way, I hope that WGM will choose the right couple and continue to be an awesome show!

  96. Hi.. You are saying the Korean fans say that Andy is already attached when he starts the show? Where do they hear from? From Andy himself? I’m curious. It’s unfair to Solbi cos I thought they weren’t supposed to be dating when they are signed to this show. Please clarify this rumour. it will be a blow to all AnBi fans.

  97. andy having a gf outside wgm?
    omo! should i laugh or cry reading this?
    well, he’s not a robot that he can’t love someone..
    but only now the rumours spreading??
    it must be lame..
    just wish them the best, eventhough it’s saddening seeing them go..
    and yes! they are the only couple i watched in wgm..
    so long anbi!!

  98. this shouldn’t b happening !!!!!!!!!!! ahhh….. i might feel no interest to watch WGM anymore wth d thought of AnBi couple is missing………………………….. 😦

  99. Andy?? a gf for reall?!??
    now that is an absolute puhahahaha~!!

    I don’t believe it!! rubbish would be the exact word for this.
    Those fans are just plain jealous..
    Just to mislead everything..

    That fast he already has a gf??
    He can’t even squeeze his own rightful meals and sleep in a day due to hectic scheds now he’s dating??

    Those people are so narrow-minded..
    Then what abt the photoshoot they just did?? Andy so close to Solbi.. that he didn’t want to leave her side..
    Don’t tell me that is still part of their ‘husband-wife’ make-believe relationship??

    Absolutely unbelievable..

  100. I also can’t believe it unless they have concrete proof like Andy making the statement or pictures of him and girlfriend. It’s really sad to see some extreme fans from certain forum reacting in that way. They are making Andy looks bad and I don’t think Andy is this kind of guy when the PDs had said before they will not allowed anyone to join this show if they are attached. I am really curious which website/forum/thread that mentioned about Andy has a gf from start though. haha

  101. Guys as sad as it seems and as much as we don’t want this show or the couples to end .. it’s bound to happen soon or later…. we have to be prepared … it was a fun 7 months for us all and frankly I still can’t imagine what it feels like to learn not to anticipate Sunday afternoon..

    you mean there not gonna become a real couple wen they leave
    T_T omggg whyyy but?!
    their one of my faves couples atleast become a real couple after the show or something!

  103. i can see it comig during the last episode . you cab see that andy”was’nt there” he looked bored and no matter how solbi wants to save the mood it just was’nt enough .these show brought so much joy to us but lately it makes us wonder if it was worth all the trouble and waiting …waiting … for the uploads … for the subs we are at the mercy of those who does all the works and its making me tired. let’s just enjoy the remaining time they have on the show eventually the other couples will also leave coz the magic is not there anymore…

  104. ^ agrees.
    kinda expected that they will be the 1st to leave.
    Ants couple is still in their peak whereas Alex-ShinAe & HwangBo-HJg are both getting better and better..
    but Andy-Solbi aint improving much ):

    Solbi did pissed me a bit with her attitude/behaviour in the farming episode.
    and her even-tho-trying-very-hard-but-not-helping-alot actions. =^=
    but it’ll still be tear-jerking to see their last episode.

    “We haven’t decided on how many couples would leave the show. We have already made farewell holiday missions for each couple in the event that they leave the show in their own style.”

    eh? the others have also recorded their farewells even tho they’re not leaving?
    i would rather they really do record it last when they leave, and not already recorded so not need for goodbyes. 😦

  105. ^^^ that’s what i heard from Korean fans too.. that he just recently started seeing that girl and this is against the rules of WGM.. when they started filming, all the participants really were not dating anybody..

    that is why leaving the show was kinda sudden.. the busy schedule really doesn’t quite cut it.

    some people have theorized that the girl was with him on his trip to Paris..

    anyway, Solbi has admirers of her own too. wish AnBi the best.

  106. =O WHOA. I knew it was going to happen, considering Andy’s schedule was starting to be hectic, but I didn’t know it’d be so soon!

    ToT This is a sad day! A very sad day!

    But this has definitely had been foreshadowed. They haven’t been shown much, and they really haven’t been showing much connection with each other lately, as if they’re kindof done with each other. =[

    They just remind me of an actual couple, where in the beginning, they’re all happy and showing so much chemistry, but later on, they separate because they get tired of each other. =[

  107. what do they meant like ” felt that the show needed the injection of new couples”?!? why dun they consider the feelings of the viewers, this is ridiculous!!! saddening!! although i lub hwanhee oppa but i dun wan Anbi couple to go !~~~~~

  108. I think we all knew that Anbi would be the first to leave somehow… And for someone who said they cant imagine the ratings WITHOUT anbi, well even with them right now in the show, the ratings were decreasing BUT what i do know is that they were the factor to having high ratings in the first few episodes of WGM. It started decreasing only before and after OLYMPICS. But I wouldn’t blame it to the olympics, instead the person in charge of editing/cutting scenes. The previous episode could’ve been so MUCH better with ALL the couples having a baby mission. Right now, I just wish that the Ant Couple won’t leave yet. They’re the ONLY original couple, and they’re at their peak right now. I dont think the PD will just let them go off easily considering how much they bring to the show. Although, I’m not a fan of Anbi so much, i just have to say .. it was good while it lasted.

  109. WGM won’t be the same without them.. they were my fave couple.. but for whatever reason that they are leaving.. just wish them both the best..

  110. sad.. they were an original!!
    as much as i love the show, it has been annoying me with all these decisions by the PD’s and what not.
    but i mean i thikn for me there was speculation that Anbi would leave first..
    i still dont want them too..

  111. Thanks for giving us more details on that rumour! Not that I’m doubting but did you hear it from alot of them? Is it a speculation of the sudden departure or that Andy already leaks out info to them already? Which website did you went to? I want to go check it out. Cos’ I’m curious who is that girl that they are referring to. And if this is the case, I don’t know whether I will still be watching their episodes anymore. I feel sorry for Solbi, she seems to be falling for him.

  112. I’m so sad! I don’t know what to say I’m speechless…. they were my favorites these PD’s they need to stop tinkering with the tapes and show the true couple… I’m really disappointed

  113. Man thats sucks! Though I’m not their number 1 fan. I’ll still miss them. Without them its like quarter of the show is gone and stale.

    But then again, I wonder who is next to be coupled in line?
    (I know I’m fast at rebounding)

  114. awws.. it was inevitable though.. thought it would be andy leaving for the army when it happens though.. but good luck on his musical. i kind of felt like the anbi couple was fading a little from the past couple of weeks.. and not just because of the cut scenes..

  115. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!
    STUPID PD! no there is no need for new couples!
    I’m so happy just watching the four now! T_T
    how could this happen I love Anbi so much why T_T
    and whats even worse is that it’s not THEIR decision!!!!!

  116. man id be really sad if crown j and inyoung were leaving. hey coolsmurf do u know when the wedding pictures of hyunjoong and hwangbo will be released?

  117. Andy having a girlfriend, other than Solbi? Why would he start dating someone else?? Him and Solbi have become REALLY CLOSE, you cannot deny that.

    So, when would he of had the time to get THAT MUCH CLOSER with another girl?? If it’s someone he just met recently, that doesn’t really make sense… As we’ve come to know from Andy HIMSELF, he has said it takes time to really get to know someone.

    Personally I am not buying this rumor at all. Korean fans are against him being with Solbi so of course something like this would get started. >_>

  118. Yeah I’m not really in believing this rumour completely until someone please provide an official statement from Andy/Solbi or at least give us the reliable source to this rumour. If not, I think it would be better if everyone can respect their decision and support them, regardless of WGM or in their solo careers instead of creating all this news.

  119. i’m really sad to read about this…. but i’m still keeping my hopes up. whatever happens i’ll still support both of them. and who knows this is for the best.

  120. I am said for their fans, but I’m happy for myself.
    They really lacked these las few weeks, so I’m happy they’re going to be replaced.
    Andy has a tight schedule anyway, so it’s good that he can rest a bit more now =]

  121. I can’t believe this is happening!! I wish I can see more of them together in the future but this is really the end I guess.

  122. Eventually they will all leave, right?? Don’t be so sad guys.
    Although I’m not Ansol fan. But they are one of the original couples of WGM.

  123. this is really just like a normal couple being together for 7 months and breaking up after 7 months after their relationship has reached to a brim. its just that their “relationship” are being brought to public and the whole “process” just flooded to the surface.

    anbi couple really give me this realistic feeling and isn’t that what normal couples face..?

    nevertheless, while anbi couple are on screen every week, i enjoyed every one of them, and i will never forget the happiness each couple give me every sunday.

  124. i know for a fact i will be crying when this happens.
    AnBi is my favorite couple the only reason i tune into the show from the beginning. If they go i might end up leaving too…
    I hope they are together in real life. I love these two.

  125. this is really sad…
    i love them both…
    but i read in one article that another reason for them leaving aside from their solo activities was that, as the PD said, they were the couple who could not hold their emotions the most.

    —>The PD of “We Got Married” expressed, “Thus, if Andy and Solbi both say that they want to continue on the show, it is a possibility. But right now, Andy and Solbi are the couple that has most trouble controlling their emotions.”

    maybe they’re really dating already that’s why…

  126. This is the WORSE news EVER! I can’t see the ratings staying high for this show. I loved and Andy and Solbi and their leaving and the possible threat of the other original couples leaving is putting me off watching the show. The show doesn’t need new couples. It was brilliant and popular as it was. The original couples have made the show the success it is. Now I doubt it will ever be the same. I hope the other couples don’t leave also otherwise I, along with many fans, will not be watching the show.

    AnBi please don’t gooooo!!!

  127. Them leaving first was kinda predictable, not saying they weren’t the best of the couples.

    Unfortunately, the ‘missions’ that were given to them in recent episodes did not land on their area of creativity, and they didn’t have much chance to do things freely.

    Also, Andy and Solbi developed extremely fast compared to the other couples, and did more things than the others. They had their prime, and they got hit when they were at their lowest.

    But there may be more things happening to them even without the show, if you know what I mean.

    What else can I say. Too bad for them.

  128. WAH..i was crying so much..i hope their secretly dating ;). Now it’s up to hwangbo and hyunjoongieee (:

  129. I feel bored watching WGM now..I just watching until 29 episode..I think the rating going down.. I think so..ha..ha…very sad…

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