Ahn Jae Hwan’s Father Raises Doubts About Son’s Suicide

Some fresh developments arosed yesterday afternoon after Ahn Jae Hwan’s funeral earlier. Ahn Jae Hwan’s father raised doubts about his son’s suicide in a press conference and urged the police to continue their investigations.

Ahn Jae Hwan’s father expressed, “I have doubts about his death because the handwriting on the notes plus the writing style does not match with what he would personally write. Jae Hwan graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University. Regardless of any situation and since it was his last words, he would not write something that’s so confusing and messy. Someone might have forced him into writing this or simply, someone else wrote this.

He continued, “Although Ahn Jae Hwan incurred a large debt because of his failed businesses, it can be simply solved by filing for bankruptcy. There was no need for him to kill himself over this. He must have suffered some threat or something which led him to choose to end his life instead.

The autopsy report of Ahn Jae Hwan’s body will only be out on 1st October. Although his father expressed that he would respect the results of the autopsy, he won’t give up and will keep appealing to the relevant departments so that they can get some answers to the real cause behind his son’s death.

The police have however discounted any other reasons except for suicide. They expressed in a statement on the 10th stating, “The cause of Ahn Jae Hwan’s death was asphyxiation by carbon monoxide. It’s most probable that he committed suicide and little chance of us reinvestigating.”

12 thoughts on “Ahn Jae Hwan’s Father Raises Doubts About Son’s Suicide

  1. well I think if he was gonna kill himself he must have been really hopeless and helpless. of course his letter would be confusing and messy.
    so wat if he was educated?! do you expect him to write an essay or report or something. his wouldn’t be in the state of mind to do that. buh I dont know the guy personally so I wouldnt know. Im jus expressing my opinion.

  2. I agree w/ user kpop above….when you’re in the state of nervousness (sp?), agility, scared, stressed your writing can become confusing & messy. May he rest in peace now, and he probably didn’t consider filing for bankruptcy b/c probably at the time it didn’t cross his mind. Poor guy!

    Also I don’t think he died from carbon dioxide poisoning. Shouldn’t it be carbon monoxide since that is the deadlier gas. And normally charcoal briquettes release carbon monoxide when it is burned. (the charcoal thing reminded me of a story my prof told us abt some students trying to keep warm inside a house w/o power) —-totally irrelevant but yeah.

  3. ^ & ^^: agree w/ y’all. i feel for father ahn’s pain, tho it’s obviously hard for him to accept anything other than some concrete, outside culprit who’s responsible for this. reality could be more complicated (such as the long, difficult road of treating depression.) ahn seemed to hide his troubled feelings so well, nobody knew enough to accept it now — or to help him when he was still alive. sad…

  4. I have to agree. I think his father is just stretching, reaching for some other truth that isn’t really there. I think he just simply can’t accept that his son would suicide, and so is in denial. I too agree with kpop in that when you’re suiciding, you’re an absolute mess, so of course, your writing would be similar. In that state, you’re reckless and can’t really function, which is why it’s understandable that it wouldn’t seem like his son’s writing.

    I just feel so bad for his family though. How do you cope with a death like that? I mean, there’s always the thought that you could’ve done something, maybe mustered some money to help out and then he would’ve still be alive. But alas, these are only hypothetical situations that may or may not have helped avoid what actually happened.

  5. maybe his dad does speak some truth.. he knows his son a lot and knows things not revealed to us..
    cause we do know people were threatening ahn jae hwan’s family..
    we cant say..
    this is definitely a sad sad loss.. especially for his loved ones..

  6. According to Korean culture, if you graduated from a top university, you are immortal and incapable of making mistakes.

  7. well i don’t think he had to be poetic or a novel writer to write a suicide note… If you were in that situation i don’t think good penmanship mattered, all his *may he RIP* emotions were probably poured in while writing.. i agree with kpop, you don’t have to write a prolific suicide note just so everyone can tell how educated you are… but i can understand the family, they wanna believe what they wanna believe.. and it is hard to accept.. reality bites!

  8. I have a question about this. If he was missing for so long why didn’t he ever contact his wife? I mean if you are married and your husband is missing for a month or so is that normal?

  9. It’s immature for the police insisting on it was suicidal death by carbon monoxide inhalation since the autopsy won’t be out until Oct.01

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