We Got Married 3 Hours Chuseok Special Schedule Breakdown

A preview of what’s going to happen this weekend when “We Got Married” Chuseok special goes on air from 5pm and ending at 8 in the evening.

New Couples For Chuseok Special

Part 1 (5 – 6:55pm)
The episode of the 3 new couples.

  • Choi Jin Young – Lee Hyun Ji (17 year age gap)
  • Marco – Son Dam Bi (cultural difference)
  • Hwan Hee – Hwayobi (same age, ballad singers)

    Choi Jin Young and Hwan Hee will be revealing the houses that they are actually currently living in. It will be something like the pilot episode of “We Got Married” during the Chinese New Year, just a one-off thing. But anything could happen.

    Regular 4 Couples

    Part 2 (6:55 – 7:55pm)
    The four regular couples will appear in Part 2.

  • compete for ‘strongest couple’ title (song and dance battle)
  • showing scenes cut from previous episodes
  • solving quizzes
  • play couple games (rumours of peppero game and a wresting match)

    Park Mi Sun, Lee Hwi Jae, Jung Hyung Don will be the MCs while Jo Hyung Ki, Kim Gu Ra, Lee Gyung Shil and Lee Hyuk Jae will act as mentors to the four couples.

    Continuation of the farm episode starring Andy, Solbi and Kim Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo will be aired the following week. Things are subject to change as they deem fit so don’t complain if something doesn’t happen.

    credit: stargirl777@soompi + more studio photos

  • 66 thoughts on “We Got Married 3 Hours Chuseok Special Schedule Breakdown

    1. i’m looking forward to hwanhee & hwayobi. she’s freakin hilarious. xD

      i had a dream with crownj & SIY in it…freakin’ crazy. i’m obsessed…X_X;

    2. OMO! oooo its like an extra bonus πŸ˜€ thx. wat a great way to bring bk their fans after losin’ them to beijing and the long delay πŸ˜‰ smart move.

    3. OMG!!!! lOl i’m so excited (:
      well i still like the original 4 couples,
      and i only really know fany & son dam bi (:

    4. Wow, thanks for sharing this! It’s rather exciting actually to see such a big set up just for a special. It’s bound to be fun. Thanks coolsmurf!

    5. I can’t wait! Thanks, Alvin!

      Looking forward to Hwanhee and Hwayobi. Hwayobi is so funny so I can’t wait to see what she’ll say or do.

      Don’t know anything on Son Dambi and Marco so it’ll be interesting to see how they are. Same goes for Choi Jin Young and Lee Hyun Ji.

      But am uber excited to see the quizzes, the games (pepporo, yay!), not to mention the deleted scenes!!! Yahoo!

    6. I’m a little curious about the new couples, but I just really want to see the four current couples. Can’t wait for the episodes that are coming up in the next month or so!!!

      but I’m happiest because that the other three aren’t permanent couples! =D
      but then again dosen’t Hwanee have a girlfriend?????

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    9. I know it sounds like such a typical Korean thing to say but hwayobi’s face looks so much bigger than hwanhees lol ~~ she looks his mother ahhhhh and I llove her so much >.<

    10. WHOA! They’re showing cut scenes from previous episodes?! OOOOH! I’M EXCITED! This certainly sounds special. A good temporary change. =]

      I’m also interested in the new couples (but of course, I hope they’re just temporary!!).

    11. I didn’t see park myung soo’s name.. so i’m assuming he is not acting as a mentor for the special episode…

      ah, y is he not there…? Liked his humor.

    12. sondambi and hwayobi doesnt look too happy in pic…
      but im looking forward for son dambi and marco, son dambi is so pretty…

    13. Hwayobi looks so old in the pic compare to Hwanhee… But still.. am looking towards her appearance cos she is such a ‘true’ character…. Can still remember how she blurted out all her ‘video’ collection in YSMM and X-Man.. Haha ^_^

      At least now I had something to look forward to rather than stuck in Seoul with nowhere to go ..

      Happy Chuseok everyone

    14. I too can’t wait till that special airs! I have a feeling that one of those 3 couples will be a permanent because I saw on Entertainment Relay that Alex had enlisted in the military, and just finished his training. I think he’ll leave the show soon. I think Andy will have to enlist took, along with the rest of the Shinhwa boys!

    15. Oh my.. picture did not justice at all for Hwayobi, look really like old version of Satori. they should post other picture than this one….

    16. whoo!! soooo excited! 3 hours of pure happiness for me… although i would be happier in the third hour… nonetheless…it’s still heaven!!!

      i guess i’ll have to pull an all nighter until i go to work that morning…man….i’m going to be sooo freaking exhausted!!!

    17. wooooohoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I just can’t wait…!!!
      Anyway miss ur work coolsmurf….;P

      However keep it up with this blog of yours i know im always pinning for more korean flares from u …

      Thank you!!!

    18. hwanhee looks so handsome in the picture!
      son dam bi’s expression lol aww, maybe she’s not used to wearing dresses like that.

    19. not really anticipating the new couples..
      except hwanhee tho
      dambi is so pretty but she’s so solemn lol
      sad bride

    20. First of all…. where to watch. Second of all, from the picture, Hwanhee looks like he did before surgery, the old him… I like it.

    21. ok here i finally get to see the special couples in their wedding attire…..however at least one of them in every 3 couples looks odd interms of either looks or clothes…i mean look at hyun ji unnie…she seems like she hasn’t ate for months….and damb bi unnie’s dress…gosh where’s her stylist gotta scold him/her…..couldn’t they find more pretty dress for our pretty unnie…*rants*…and hwayobi unnie…lol..i laughed at once i saw her..she’s really a funny personality and whenever i see her i remember all her eccentric behaviours…lmao…btw her head looks bigger than hwan hee oppa’s in the pic…i’d have loved if hwanhee oppa n dambi unnie were to couple 2gether…*sighs*…oh i forgot abt that marco guy…doesn’t he looks like a maestro from some opera…ok enough of my complains…overall i’m really lookin’ forward to this episode…aww our regular couple in the 2nd pic…everybody looks perfect…for some reason i like solbi unnie’s hair like that…

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    23. ooh pictures!
      the 4original couples look HOT !! πŸ˜€
      so excited.
      yeah, in the 3new couples..the only person that looks really happy is the young girl

    24. Hmm… I guess I am pretty nuetral re this special… Though I am curious the kinda chemistry they will bring to the screen… I hope this Chuseok special will be a one off like the NY special where there was Don2+Saori, A Couple, and Alex and Solbi with someone else respectively then.

      I think the 4 current couples has etched too deep an impression on me already and for now, I hope to see them till year end, which if I am not wrong, they are commited for as well.

      I do not mind the 3 new couples to take over if there is a phase 2 next year… But for now I hope there is no changes to the current line-up…

      @27: LadyIgraine: Is Alex really going to the army? He just did his solo concert, where did he find time to do the 5 weeks basic training?

      Information anyone?

    25. the new brides don’t look very happy in that pic (well, except for the baby bride)
      3 hours show! i wonder if someone will have the patience and the will to sub the show πŸ™‚

    26. *sniffs* Well, we’ll see. I just wanted to say, the four original couple looks GOOODDDD. LOVE YOU GUYS.

      Ps: Kinella, OMG YAH. I hope someone subs it, esp since it’s been taken of crunchyroll. Again. ARGH.

    27. Hwan Hee – Hwayobi (same age, ballad singers)
      im only interested in watching this two couple
      maybe they can sing for one another all the time during filming since they both got beautiful vocals…lol…

      compete for ’strongest couple’ title (song and dance battle)
      lol…this part cracked me up…
      they must have run out of ideas…

    28. 3 hours?? omo…it’s like watching a movie.LOL.

      like other ppl said, 4 original couples look good!! love them all

    29. ooo can’t wait for this, kinda curious about the new couples and what they’d end up doing for the episode, but I’m more interested in the 4 original couples. They’re looking real good in those pics especially Solbi, Hwang Bo & Hyun Joong.

    30. OMG I can’t wait to watch this. The four couples’ picture you have up there is so nice. They all look really good. Especially Hwang Bo. I love her with long hair. She’s so much prettier than Lee Hyori. At least that’s my opinion. ^_^

    31. is it just me or everytime there’s a new WGM episode, Hwang Bo got more and more pretier, cuz in that picture she look amazing, so was last week.
      I love the this Sam-Joo couple too much!!!

      Excited to see how HwanHee and Hwayobi will go hahaha

    32. what happened to HwanHee? He looks so skinny now…or maybe that’s just the suit?

      3 hours of WGM? I don’t know if I have that much time to spare lol.

      Thanks for the update Alvin.

    33. I really look forwards to the next episode. But I can’t really decide about how I feel towards the new couple. Hopefully it would be fun for a change.

      I really look forwards to challege for the old couple. I hope they do something fun and surprsing.

      @Vicky, yep HB got prettier. Actually I think all the girls from the show got prettier.

    34. the old couples look cute in the second picture….especially all the brides….i wish the new couples would be interested as well…..

    35. I thought there were only going to be two couples. Ah well, three is pretty good. And Son Dam Bi and Hwayobi don’t look happy at all in that shot. Foreshadowing?

    36. hmm…the two girls to the right don’t look to happy in the picture. probably just a split second facial expression. but it kinda looks sketchy.

    37. wow you’re really into these korean tv shows and celebrities than i am! i also post about the episodes/dramas that i like or would like to be publicized to non-korean audience. so why don’t you drop by my blog and enjoy? haha how do you get all the resources of the shows though?

    38. I ike couple of Andy, Solbi and Kim Hyun Joong, Hwang Bo so much. I thought who was create this Tv game show , is amazing imagination+reality

    39. Hey Coolsmurf. Thank you for the exciting news. And I was wondering, do you know where am I suppose to download this, part 1 the one with Hwanhee? Thank you again!!

    40. Hello!
      Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
      PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language πŸ˜‰
      See you!
      Your, Raiul Baztepo

    41. Hi ! ^_^
      I am Piter Kokoniz. Just want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
      And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
      Sorry for my bad english:)
      Thank you!
      Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

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