Lee Minwoo Will Be Third Shinhwa Member to be Enlisted

Lee Minwoo is scheduled for enlistment in May 2009. Before that, he will hold a 4-part concert that kicks off with the Club concert on 28th September.

Lee Minwoo will be holding 2 performances at 4.30 and 8pm on 28th September at Cheongdam-dong’s Club Answer to commemorate the launch of his 4th studio album. This will make up part 1 of his 4-part concert.

Lee Minwoo said, “It will be like all my concerts, I will stick to my image of a musician, and I’ll present the best performance to the fans.”

About the night performance being restricted to fans aged 19 & above, he said, “I feel bad about the age restriction limit, but after the album launch, I’ll make it up to the Korean fans with showcase-style concerts.”

According to a spokesperson, the plan for his M Rizing Tour is as follows: Step 1 – Club Answer, followed by Step 2 – Asia Tour in the middle of November, then Step 3 – Adieu 2008 at the end of the year and finally Step 4 – New Begin which will be his final concert before his army enlistment.

credit: Newsen (source) + 小E@LASTLOVEMIN (chinese translation) + midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz (english translation)

24 thoughts on “Lee Minwoo Will Be Third Shinhwa Member to be Enlisted

  1. Wow a lot of the world is going to be voided of Shinhwa. I just hope they return safely because they all are truly amazing artists!

  2. Andy? I doubt it. Andy has more time than the rest of them right, since he’s the youngest. I think Andy and JunJin would probably go in last. Unless they want to do it together or something.

  3. oh ma!!! this had really came!!! minwoo oppa, we re sure gonna miss you.. have fun and enjoy all ur performances before ur enlisting!! we will always be here for you 4ever =D cheers!!

  4. gah, i can’t believe they’ll all be leaving for the army soon.
    i wished they all could go at the same time so they could come back together

  5. I’m sure going to miss Minwoo! I love his style of music! He’s an amazing composer, and his stage charisma is amazing!

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  7. This is killing me…why my first 2 favs?! Dong Wan and Minwoo….and 4 or 5 years after this…I’ll see news about the DBSK boys leaving for the army…and Lee Jun ki and Jo in sung is leaving for the army next year too!!!! OMG…ah……
    Thank goodness Hye Sung is not going…

  8. ohhh…!!
    i love minwoo..
    makes me wanna cry…
    i hope u all d best
    and to stay safe…
    come back n make more music

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