Lee Da Hae Nearly Joined Jewelry

Lee Da Hae revealed that she nearly joined popular girl group Jewelry.

On SBS “Entertainment Relay” shown yesterday (10th September), they visited Lee Da Hae who was filming her CF. The immensely talented Lee Da Hae will be appearing as a singer in the CF and she revealed, “When I debuted 5 years ago, my company asked if I was willing to join Jewelry. I was very agonized back then. But I decided not to because I can’t really sing that well.”

She might have given up on a singing career back then but Lee Da Hae has managed to make a name for herself in the acting industry. This will not be her first time acting as a singer in the CF for she lipsynced to Britney Spears “I Love Rock n Roll” last year at the 2007 MKMF awards ceremony.

18 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae Nearly Joined Jewelry

  1. if lee da hae went on to be a Jewelry member dang!
    Jewelry must have been a lot hotter!
    nowadays, who cares if they can’t sing!? LMAO!!

  2. She made the right decision. I don’t she’d be as popular as she is now, if she had joined jewelry. Singing isn’t what she’s talented at but making others smile onscreen is. I love lee da hae!

  3. Lol, I love her acting! I’m kind of feeling bad but I really liked the fact she denied the offer to become a member of jewelry!

  4. It turned out well for her in the end that she didn’t join Jewelry. She is a really good actress and acting is what she does best.

  5. well most singers usually turn to acting but i think it is way harder that way. so she got lucky with choosing acting.

  6. Wahh ~

    She made a good decision.
    I like how she’s not a wannabe who thinks looks are gonna get her thru the music industry.

    She kicks butt at acting 🙂

  7. Even though I haven’t really watched any of Lee Dae Hee’s dramas or movies, I have heard of her but one thing is for sure, I’m sure she’s glad she didn’t join JEWELRY anyway! She made herself a household name without singing in a band…if she joined, she would either be non-existent (no, I don’t mean DEAD) or still be in the group! Imagine Lee Dae Hee sporting a mushroom haircut! hahah Maybe she can pull it off, too, or maybe not as daring as Miss Seo In Young.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing Alvin. I never knew she sang (sort of) and know how to play the drums because from an interview I saw her on, she seemed more shy and conservative. For some reason, I’m liking her more now…

  8. right decision by her-.. cos I really love her as an actress.. and it´s true that she isn´t that srong in singnig.. she just doesn´t sound awful.. anyways.—… She´s my no 1 fave in actress.. it´s gonna be interesting so watch her in a new kind of role in the drama east of eden…

  9. It’s good she didn’t join.
    They would be pulling her down by critisizing her singing in the group.
    Though… it wouldn’t be noticable with the others.

  10. It’s true…she can’t really sing.
    I’m so use to her sweet innocent self and right now, I’m watching one of her early drama’s, Sweet 18, it’s weird seeing her act evil 0.0

  11. it good LDH didn’t join Jewelry because she a bad singer she should just stick to acting because she sux at singing

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