Infinity Challenge Daughter-in-laws Chuseok Special

Infinity Challenge’s Chuseok Special will focus on the “Festival Syndrome” encountered by housewives during the celebrations.

The 6 daughters-in-law of the family of “Ma Bong Soon” – Park Myeong Ja, Jung Joon Yeon, Yoo Jae Soon, Jung Hyung Suk, Natasha Noh and Park Choong Ja, will go through what housewives have to experience during the preparations for Chuseok, and even put on the traditional hanbok.

The Infinity Challenge members took part in a challenge earlier this month to decide on their order, after which they put on the pretty hanboks to shop for groceries at the marketplace for the Chuseok dinner.

The producer in charge said, “During this time, we have never done any specials on Seollal or Chuseok or other festive seasons except for going to Haha’s home during the Lunar New Year to eat cakes.” The Chuseok special will see them having a hard time preparing for the celebrations and having a taste of what housewives usually have to go through during this period.

credit: joongang (source), (chinese translation), midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz (english translation)

18 thoughts on “Infinity Challenge Daughter-in-laws Chuseok Special

  1. who are they preparing it for? lol, their girl names. they should dress more stylish. whenever they dress like ladies they wear really old school stuff.

  2. Hahaha. It looks rather entertaining. I’m curious who will be the better cook… it actually seems like Jinnie might be in the running. Hm… we’ll see. Haha.

  3. AHAHA Junjin in a hanbok <333
    I haven’t watched infinity challenge in like 2 years? This seems to perk up my interest again! lawl

  4. omg. i’m excited for this. the show is so entertaining. looking at noh hongchul in that one pic cracks me up. and natasha noh? hilarious! can’t wait!

  5. im still waiting for the horror special they aired for a bit before the olympics started! i wanna see zombies!

    hehe but im sure this one will be funn as well. =)

  6. omg THAT’S junjin?! Hahah and to think the last time I watched him on Infinity Challenge, he wore a black singlet and looked very manly indeed. Wahaha.

  7. I really wish some one could sub this episode.

    All of them look funny in a female dress, especially Junstin :). I really like watching this show, eventhough there is only a few sub episodes.

  8. So are there softsubs for this episode? I tried KPOP and DDD and Soompi but none have it for this epsiode.

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