Brown Eyed Girls Goes Retro Sexy for New Mini-Album

Brown Eyed Girls new retro sexy image concept for their upcoming mini-album was released to the public today. They evidently portrayed the unique retro style that characterized the 70s and 80s through the series of photos.

The Brown Eyed Girls had won lots of love for their “L.O.V.E” song in the earlier part of 2008, just like Jewelry’s “One More Time”. They will hope to continue their good work with their title single “How” off their new mini-album “My Style” which will be released on 18th September. Brown Eyed Girls will also make their comeback on the same day by performing on M! Countdown.

Rest of the Images

Their concept is kind of similar to the Wonder Girls who seems to be going the retro route too when images of them with mushroom wigs was leaked on the internet last week. What’s interesting is that the Wonder Girls will be making their comeback one week later on 25th September. If the Wonder Girls are really taking the retro route, comparisons are bound to be made.

Let’s just wait and see.

credit: ROCKWITHU (pictures) + mochaballad (YT)

22 thoughts on “Brown Eyed Girls Goes Retro Sexy for New Mini-Album

  1. had wanna blog about this, but no time today! >,< thanks for posting ^^ love the girls.. they are really good..

    only that they seem quite confused on which style they are adopting lately.. this retro sexy style is find, love it better than their “LOVE” days..

    my fav pic: 3rd pic.. ^^ though i am not quite sure what miryo is sitting on

  2. Wow…ever since “Tell Me” more people are doing the retro thing. lol. Wonder Girls’ gave a lot of influence to these artist.

  3. LOL I love BEG but they dont *need* an album concept, just bring your powerful voices and amazing rapper girls.

    BTW this retro thing, WG totally started this back up…and owned it XD

    Maybe BEG and WG can collab D:

    WonderEyes? lol XD

  4. WG teaser pictures weren’t studio pictures with editing and such and they still looked better >.>…….this image is more like WG Tell Me style.

    Why can’t other groups try and start their own trends instead of riding on JYP’s coat tails. lol

  5. i love BEG. i hope this new song show cases their vocals like dagawasuh or betrayal. and they look gorgeous of course. by the way the youtube video doesn’t work.

  6. Oh I saw this on soompi.

    Hey did you get these pictures from that person’s thread who posted about the BEG comeback on soompi? And you embedded that person’s youtube link too.
    You should at least credit he or she.

    Looking forward to BEG’s comeback.

  7. I know it’s natural to see the Wonder Girls go for drastic changes in their concepts, but Brown Eyed Girls? This is the first time I’ve seen them take a huge leap to the past… Good luck to them.

  8. Wow, the one on left ..either that is an amazing bra, or she’s really blessed.

    Why are people keeping bringing back the 70s or 80s? It’s not that interesting anymore.

  9. i dont exactly see this as retro maybe except for two of the girls hairs. but then again one of them always had the same type of hair. i dont think they look that great in my opinion. i like their voices though.

  10. They last photo is not a retro concept but those were really nice. After a long wait, its good to hear that they’re back. They are very talented and they really need more exposure.

  11. prefer BEG’s looks more!
    the pic of them in stripes is HOTT!
    they’re not just blindly following the look
    their hairs are definitely better~
    dont really fancy all 5 wondergirls with the same hair. = =”

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