BoA Will Eat You Up

SM Entertainment held a press conference today at Seoul’s Imperial Palace Hotel which was named “Best of Asia, Bring on America” as BoA plans to enter the American market was revealed to the media and fans. (what’s with the arm cast? She injured her arm yesterday while walking down the stairs)

BoA’s American debut song is officially titled “Eat You Up”. It will be a powerful dance track and was produced by Bloodshy & Avant. Flo-Rida, a rapper who was extremely successful the American billboard charts with “Low” will be featuring with a rap remix. A documentary about BoA’s American activities, “Eat You Up”, “Look Who’s Tailing” MV teasers was officially shown during the press conference. There will also be two versions of BoA’s “Eat You Up” music video.

“Eat You Up MV” Teaser A (Diane Martel, US Version)

“Eat You Up MV” Teaser B (Cha Eun Taek, Korean version)

BoA debut single for the American market “Eat You Up” will be released online as a digital single on 14th October and subsequently as a single album on 11th November in America. The full “Eat You Up” MV will be out on 7th October. BoA is also planning to release her full-length english album in early 2009.

BoA said confidently during the press conference

I will prepare myself just like when I entered the Japanese market as a rookie singer. I will strive to achieve the best and give it my best shot. I want to integrate myself into the American market and not as BoA from Korea. I want to be known as a singer working hard in America and let people all over the world hear my music.

BoA America Official Website
You can visit her website which is full of information about BoA and thankfully it’s all in English for all non-Korean speaking fans of her.

credit: SilentScreamerS, suejinners, boaforal@uriboa, AllaboutBoA, kisstherain_, blu_smiley

84 thoughts on “BoA Will Eat You Up

  1. Hmm … well, I’m really hopeful that she succeeds because I think it’s about time someone from the Asian pop scene made a splash in America. But to be honest, I don’t think her English is good enough to do it. It sounds really strange and unnatural in places, and not in a way that’s appealing to Americans. I’m not really sure how to describe it ….

    But I could be wrong, and it might work out after all, which would be great!

    Also, the Korean version of the video looks WAY better than the American version judging by the teasers.

  2. I think the lyrics for the English version are too choppy. It’s hard to describe, but the words just don’t flow well.

    Anyway, I hope she succeeds in America.

  3. like what every1 else says, the krn ver. of the mv’s way better than the u.s. ver.
    her trying to look all seductive in the u.s. 1…. oh noes~ this is what i was afraid of when entering the u.s. market -_-;;;

  4. word to what everyone’s been saying…the korean version is so much better than the us version. she should use the korean version of the mv to debut and not the us version. the us version makes her look like she’s trying too hard when we all know she doesn’t have to…

    a more positive thing is…her song is SUPER catchy. kinda weird with the whole eat you up thing, but it’s madd catchy…good luck to her. even for boA who’s actually pretty well known in America [there are a bunch of people on the east and west coast who don’t listen to asian music, but have heard of her], it’s going to be super hard for an asian person FROM asia to break into the market.

  5. STILL having my doubts here and there, LOLLL.. But I really wish her all the best! She’s worked sooo hard to be where she is now in the Asian market. I’m starting to think maybe (just MAYBE) she might be a little more successful than Rain or Se7en (has he debut yet? It was hot news and now it’s no news.. hahaha).. Reason being, the difference between Rain/Se7en and Boa is that Boa is a female.. So I think she might somehow manage to work the crowd.

  6. she should have gotten a spray tan or something cuz americans are all about that sexy look at least the color of Yoobin of WG…i don’t think shes’s appealing enough for the u.s…..and her accent is hard to miss…and the title eat you up as a first track…kind of out there…the chorus is mostly enhanced with great studio technique…sorry to say but a thumbs down

  7. thumbs down, the video doesn’t look good and her accent is noticeable. looks like a cheap video. and wtf is with the title?

  8. well good luck with her.
    so many singers crossed over in the US market and many failed. there is no harm in trying though. i don’t think she is exceptionally different from the US POP stars. if she wants to make it big here, she should have a unique voice quality and groove only she can do. i do not see anything special in her MV…she should learn from SHAKIRA…the most successful latin singer in the US who crossed over with her unique sound and groove…

  9. BoA should def. get a tan if she wants to appeal sexy in america xD pale skinny, breast and ass-less girls are not very popular. Hyori’s skin color or yoobin would be ok…

  10. i think BoA’s gonna show a little skin ehehe. she’s entering the US market! well i wish her good luck, and get well soon hope she wouldn’t fell on the stairs anymore. XP her english got better ^^ ehehe. BoAjjang all the way ~ ~

  11. honestly,i also think that the korean version is better than english version..and to SM,please dont use english ver as her debut song in america..
    would be the worst thing ever..
    anyway,i like BoA and all the best to her!

  12. i don’t think she’ll be as successful as the company hopes she will be.

    her accent is really strong sometimes (i’m sorry, but it’s just fobbish) and that’s a real big turn off to the american audience. i don’t know any big acts that have audible accents when they sing (and if they are foreign, they learn to get rid of their accents when they record songs; like tokio hotel). unless boa gets rid of hers she ain’t gonna do well because half the listeners will be making fun of her half the time (or ridiculing her for her accent). harsh, but it’s a very possible outcome. accent is pretty big, especially when music is all about sound, and from what i perceive asian accents aren’t even really conceived as sexy in the media (as opposed to british/european accents).

    that’s pretty smart though, in the eat you up songs. her voice was pretty much put in the background when they mixed it up with all those techy sound effects. but when it comes to ballads where you can’t really do that…i wonder how people would react.

  13. I still have a bad feeling about this. Seeing (and hearing) the US version only worsens it. The English lyrics aren’t creative enough, that’s a really bad thing. I do hope she does well though, miraculously.

  14. …why not just sing in Korean, Americans don’t really care what language the song is sung in…it would sound better than fobbish English… after all everyone knows she’s born and bred Korean…Lena Park didn’t make it and she’s way better in speaking and singing in English…why does SM do this to his talents…this is not Japan where Korean accent isn’t so much an issue…I’m feeling sorry for her already…and I haven’t recovered yet from her painful duet with Xiah Junsu where they killed a classic Disney song!

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  16. Honestly she looks good but the song and her english not so good. They should look at CoCo who is chinese who tried to crossover and she is fluent in english and still not known in America except for that little stint for Mulan. Boa is cute but definitely needs more training in the english department and something more mainstream and catchy to cross over to America. Se7en tried it and he is way better than Boa with regards to music choice and speech. Don’t they learn.

  17. whoa.. the english lyrics are so short and choppy, like a previous poster said. there’s no smoothness and fluidity to her english at all. she really needs more practice before debuting i think!

  18. I think the Rap Remix will help with Flo Rida !
    It’s been awhile I didn’t see BoA dance like this !! Love it !!
    Yeah agree with most of u… Teaser B looks so much better…

    We will see, hope the US promotion will be good !!

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  20. the song is nice but why does her korean vid look 1,000 times better than her american one? why not just have two versions of the korean vid—one is english and the other in korean. geez—it just looks REALLY bad!

  21. Good luck to her.. It’s probably gonna be an SM VS. YG Battle in America… But i really think Se7en has the edge in this battle… His songs are Better and i his speech too.. Hope she isn;t don if she don’t suceed cause she’s already a legend..

  22. i don’t like the song really and for US market…it’s like….NO!

    and im sorry for say this but this is a whole continent….and to be honest the things that works in Asia doesn’t work here at all……

    the song it’s not catchy for me….it’s plane is like normal to US, and her image….it’s not that blow you away feeling…

    i don’t know i have to see what is going on with her……in US….

  23. The song doesn’t wow me and (just my opinion) it sound like a kpop song sang in english. Well I wish her luck because she going to need it.

    Xtina dropping her greatest hits around that time(if you watch the Vma her song and dancing was good), Beyonce releasing an album later in the year and Britney is planning a comeback that a lot of tough competition.

  24. i love you BoA! i’ll be uber happy for her if she gets well known and makes a name for herself. if she doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. she’s always going to be an awesome performer!

  25. i’m commenting again.
    i’m so jealous of her…she’s so great!
    i like versionB better too!
    she should keep some korean in her so she can be more unique. haha
    &yes…’eat you up” sounds weird…but i really like it. the “i’ll eat you up-up-up-uuuuup~” hahahha yeeeeeeee boA unniiiiiiiiiiiiii

  26. you’re right in that what works in asia doesn’t work in the states & vice versa… but this song was totally produced by big-name American producers & doesn’t sound Korean/Japanese at all. Something like this would NEVER float in the Korean (maybe)/Japanese (definitely!)music industry. And I think many BoA fans don’t like the song because they were avid listeners of BoA’s bubble-gum pop music she often did in Asia. Eat You Up is pure hip hop/urban… i don’t find it surprising that fans who enjoyed BoA’s Shine We Are & Listen to My Heart don’t find Eat You Up appealing.. they are completely different genres. Shine We Are & Listen to My HEart would totally FLOP here in the USA; I think BoA (and Se7en) made the right choice w/ this type of music as it seems to be the trend. (USA used to be bubble gum pop —> alternative/rock pop —> now it’s r&B/hiphop driven pop music).

    I am hoping that BoA will captivate America w/ her live performances of this song rather than w/ her poorly-made MV.

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  28. I was really ecpecting a Korean Album out, but I guess this is something else. I’m not going to say that she’s not going to make it, but I’m not saying she will either. I think for someone who was in the industry ever since she was 13… BoA can eventually do something with this, if not now, then maybe later. Let’s just hope it becomes successful. 🙂

  29. I think she still has a long way to go with her english. Like what other people said, when I hear the song, I didn’t like the choppyness. I understand that the song is “Eat You Up” but does she have the eat up all the words?

    The only reason Bi didn’t success in America is that he wanted to be an actor not a singer so I don’t understand why people are comparing him with Boa. Se7en hasn’t even debuted yet so no comment there.

    Just wish SM was take more time and polish Boa’s english a little bit more. Some of the english she’s saying sounds awkward and her mouth position is awkward. Even YeEun from Wonder Girls and Bae Seul Gi sounds better singing in english than her.

    For the song, the only thing I like so far is the beat. I’ll wait till the full song is out and then I’ll ‘eat’ my opinion ‘up’.

    I’m just stating my opinion, go ahead and bash me all you want.

  30. this song would be AWESOME if it were korean or japanese. her english is not going to be good enough, unfortunately.

    thanks for the info and the teasers!!

  31. I’ve listened to BoA’s songs since she debuted..and honestly she should stay in Asia..this is so not working for her -_-
    Her accent is sooooo obvious

  32. SHe should just stick to Korean. Her English isn’t very good. If she tries to make it her and fail, then that’s just embarassing. Look at se7en. We all think his English is good, but if you listen carefully to his single, you can hear his accent. It just isn’t of good quality. Boa’s song isn’t interesting either. America is the hardest market to hit. If she just sticks to Korean and make it stand out, she might do well. Look at Teriyaki Boyz. THey sing in Japanese, and they are slowly moving into the American market. EVen Pharell supports them.

  33. like everyone else stated I prefer version B. Maybe Boa will be different from all the rest and will make it or maybe she won’t either way I won’t be surprised.

  34. they used a vocoder to cover up her accent in the song. lolol LAME. I bet she doesn’t even know much about America, yet she’s trying make it over here. I don’t think she has even lived here for at least a year or so.

    I hope her music won’t be accepted because she is not a good example of a singer. And just because she’s also a dancer, doesn’t compensate her weak voice in my book. There ARE far more better vocalists in Korea.

    SINGING comes first.

    I hope she retires soon. What a has been.

  35. Yawn….lol

    I can’t wait to see her fail, I’m sick of BoA thinking shes some amazing ass singer.

    BOA PLEASE STOP. if the TALENTED, english FLUENT asian-american UTADA HIKARU couldn’t make it, you will never make it. LOL.

    I mean wtf? does boa think she has a better chance than utada hikaru? whose music is a billion times better, whose english is her first language and who writes her own music and has a better look than boa?


  36. Also I agree with “Ummm…”

    The queens of POP are coming back to music pretty soon, Christina A. BEYONCE!! and Britney spears, they’re all coming back and trust me….boa doesn’t stand a chance against any of them, esp. beyonce and christina with their powerful voices..

    Beyonces albums always do amazing so quickly, plus theres Rihanna also, and damn miley cyrus who sucks but is very famous.

    Not a great time to be coming to the US xP Asia cruz didn’t even do too well and shes american born and raised. lol

  37. well, i would prefer the usual boa, something like girls on top is way better than this o.0 i mean when i hear this it doesnt appeal me as much as other songs of hers. and US taste isnt like this. >.< BoA unnie Kajimaaaaa

  38. I think BoA has a chance in America. If she shows America her really really really good voice, and her cuteness, I think she will make it. Like in her live acapella version of “Moon and Sunrise” ohhh my. If she did something like that, I think that’d capture a ton of fans!

  39. “will eat you up” the song sounds like its been heard and done before her chances of making it is super slim. first of all her singing is what i call not so great that america would fall in love with her, her dancing is good and her looks are cute but then again in america sex sells so being cute won’t help her too much.

    before reading that she wanted to enter the american market i never heard her sing but knew her she was and i was so disappointed in her singing i don’t think its good enough sorry to boA fans out there.

  40. I agree with your sentiments, Lina. She cannot sing well at all. I’m sick of her name in Korea and Japan, and I sure as hell don’t want her crap in America. She’ll just be a poor man’s version of Britney/Miley.

  41. after seeing both teasers I am now more than ever convinced that she is gonna fail.
    Her english sucks still. You can hella hear the accent.
    Both teasers look cheap, teaser A is cheap as hell but teaser B got cheap with the fire, chandler falling & water..that was just too much.

    Both teasers have nothing to do with “EAT YOU UP”

    This is a bad time for her to try to break into America because like someone else mention American Soloist are coming back.
    Brittany is making her comeback (well she already did) but she is coming back to reclaim her thrown at the top.
    Christina is coming back too we saw it a the VMAs. Beyonce will be making her round soon.

    Does SM really think BoA can compete with the likes of Brittany, Christina & Beyonce?

    How about the other soloists singers like Fergie, Solange & dare I say the Disney pop tweens such as Miley, Taylor Swift, Demi & Selena?

    BoA will fail against all of them. She’s so gonna flop & her’s the same image she has in Asia…that’s not gonna work here.

    & her voice gosh it sounds so annoying…sorry to say but Best of Asia Bring on America…more like American is gonna EAT U up & send you right back to Asia.

  42. umm…honestly speaking…i think the korean mv is way better than the us version…the us version looks like…how to say…… it looks more like from the time when michael jackson debuted…i meant the graphical scenarios involved n the music too….and after watchin’ the korean version..the us version seriously is a no no…moreover they added i don’t know what what technical stuffs to her voice in the song…i love her original voice far more better than this one here..+ she definately needs some improvement in pronounciation…nonetheless i wish her all the best…

  43. She is not the best of Asia. She’ll just embarrass Asian Americans in the end. She should quit before it’s too late.

  44. No offense to BOA or her fans, but the American version of the video really looks cheap. And as many other people have pointed out, the lyrics just don’t sound right. They don’t flow naturally and they aren’t really catchy.

    The Korean version is leagues better. They should have hired the same director to do the American version.

    I’m really interested to see how she’ll fare in the American market though. If people like Miley Cyrus manage to sell, I suppose anything is possible.

  45. I’m with a lot of you on this.

    The Korean version looks a hell of a lot better than the American version. I just hopes she makes it. The song’s really good and the lyrics and tune are catchy.

    Besides. In America, it doesn’t matter if you can sing or not – it’s all about image.

    That’s where BoA comes in.

    She’s sexy AND talented.

  46. boa isn’t sexy – she looks like she’s 14. also there are much better female vocalists than her in Korea.

    she needs to leave the entertainment – she’s not good enough to represent especially when Asian AMERICANS should be the first to break through in america. she should go back to asia. she’s been neglecting korea for so long.

  47. She looks great on her teaser video and her song sounds

    good to me and seems to have a quite addictive melody.

    Hoping her success in US.

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  49. All the songs by Hikaru Utada sound the same. BoA is an artist, Hikaru is only a singer (and sometimes I doubt it). BoA will enter on the American market but it does not mean that she is going to be in the number 1, she’ll walk in order to open her way and you,who think she is going to fail, will have to kill yourself because she is going to shine there.



  51. it’s true that a lot of pop artists are more about image than their musical talent (if they have any), but these type of ‘artists’ like miley/demi/selena have big corporations behind them (aka Disney) who are willing to shell out MILLIONS for promotional purposes. we know these girls because of television, mainly. if boa manages to get some good movie/tv roles (and thus an american fan base), THEN nudges into the music industry, she MIGHT make it. but being that her accent is horribly noticable, that would be pretty hard to do, unless the roles involve foreigner asians.

    plus, her image as it is might not work. for example, tila tequila is well known mostly because she is borderline porn. i really doubt boa’s willing to show a more slutty side of herself (and risk losing korean fans). sex sells and boa can be sexy, but is she willing to literally shed her clothes for an american audience? i doubt it. the clothes she wears in the MVs above are too conservative by hollywood standards.

    fob accents can be pretty embarassing. it’s insulting but true. even if i like this song i would not want to be caught listening to it in front of my peers, especially as an asian american. commercially, the only time i hear asian accents in the media is in comedy sketches (where the asian person in question is being made fun of). personally i think these accents are cute, but a lot of other people wouldn’t think so.

  52. xzdsads: You are one messed up person. Don’t you think there is SOME possiblity she might fail? Man, Boa fans have been SO ANNOYING lately putting down others and wearing those rose colored glasses when it comes to Boa.

  53. from the teaser the song aint really that catchy tbh…. and the image she had was kinda shockn even for me, so id think itd b even more wierder for the rest of american that never heard of boa to accept? i hope she suceeds anyways

  54. In my opinion, I really don’t know. The song seems to be very catchy — which is a good thing, plus I think they should have used the Korean Version better. Also, I think BoA should start real small, then work her way up. For example, she could start in commercials, small movie roles, things to get her face recongnized. As soon as the American market starts recognizing her, she can move on to larger things like talk shows, plays, things that build it up to start singing and everything. If you just BAM put her out there, it’s like teaching a child to ride a bike without training wheels.

    Either way, I’ll try my best to support BoA as much as I can! She was the one singer that got me into Asian pop music & culture, also transitioning me from Japan to Korea (: BoA fighting~!

  55. Sorry to all of her fans and everything but BoA just won’t make it here. First of all there has never NEVER even been a famous asian pop group that has been completely Asian. Plus even though I don’t like to say it America’s interest in Korean Popular culture is very very minor. Second he lyrics didn’t really catch me and the age of American pop queens has already passed, hence Britney and Christina who are making comebacks. The two powerful pop are going to make it harder for here to get an ear over here. When your singing and English you have to have that pronunciation that sounds like you grew up in the U.S. or Britain and she still doesn’t have it. Sorry folks it might be a couple years until you see a Korean superstar be highly successful in America.
    Her best bet is to collaborate with a famous rapper or singer in the states a lot of artist are getting put on that way now-a-days.

  56. Please, SM, PLEASE use the Korean version as her debut teaser. I didn’t even notice that one was korean and one was english until I read the comments, but I could instantly tell that the korean version is so much better.

    Honestly, as much as I love BoA and want her to succeed, I just don’t think she’s ready yet, especially not if that was a clip from the actual English MV. It looks like something MadTV would come out with, complete with a fake greenscreen background. If SM wants her to really succeed, why not put the same amount of effort into the english MV as the korean one? And like everyone else, I worry about her accent and the song lyrics themselves. In any case, I wish BoA the best of luck

  57. Has anyone PMed SM Ent. to tell them this is a bad idea and will set a bad precedence for future Asian singers who are actually good enough to break into the market? I’m not Korean but I was they’d be hearing from me. I hope they stop this catastrophe waiting to happen. I mean like BoA but when your English is this bad you have no business trying to make it in the states, mianada….

  58. I don’t know what the hell most of you guys talking about…if you don’t think that BoA is going to succeed then shut te hell up. you got to be positive here..ok

  59. haha yeah like you whos don’t think that she will succeed….I rather see you try to get in to the us market if you were in her position…give her a break got damned.

  60. Shes lookin good but shes interin the worst Market in my opinon but i know she will do Damn good just like when she started doin Japanese

  61. When I first saw you I knew nothing’s like it used to be
    Boy you have got to be the finest thing in history
    The way I feel inside is just so hard to understand
    You feed my appetite in ways I can’t explain

    I’ll eat you up
    No no no no…
    I’ll eat you up
    No no no no…
    Woah oh oh
    I’ll eat you up
    Woah oh oh
    So yum, yum
    Woah oh oh
    Can’t get enough
    Woah oh oh oh
    Think I’m in love

    If you move any closer, boy there is no guaranty
    What I will do to you- I feel it, and it’s scaring me
    Like I’ve become some kind of demon in the night
    You look so tasty I could eat you up alive

    [chorus X2]

    Can’t stop thinking ’bout the things I wanna do to you
    You move any closer you’ll be asking for it too
    I want your love
    I need your touch so much
    I think I’m in love


    I wanna take you to my room
    I wanna take you to my room

    Woah oh oh
    I’ll eat you up
    Woah oh oh
    So yum, yum
    Woah oh oh
    Can’t get enough
    Woah oh oh oh
    Think I’m in love

    (I’ll eat you up… I’ll eat you up…)

  62. I find the teasers (and probably eventual MVs) totally incongruent with the lyrics of the song. It’s weird… shouldn’t there be some storyline… about eating people? 😛

  63. The American version of Eat You Up sucks. And the song is annoying. Although it grew on me in the end, as do all annoying songs tend to do. Anyway, with the way the American version looks, BoA’s reputation in America is probably going to go nowhere. I love her, and she’s my idol and all, but honestly? No. She probably would do better if the Korean version was released in America. It’s fresh and nicely directed. And at least she didn’t dance in the middle of a freaking desert. It looks fake, and utterly stupid. She’s a pretty girl, but she looks extremely odd in the parts where she’s being all “sexy” in that unattractive-looking, black top. The dancing is nowhere near as good and energetic/attractive as the Korean version. So with the way this is going, I lost all hope that she’d actually be successful. BoA’s pretty, a good dancer, and sings well so she could prove me–us–wrong, but we’ll see. I mean, it took her a while to fit into the Japanese music industry, but she did it in the end. Just.. SM/Avex should do things like how they’d normally do things in her Korean and Japanese mvs. The American one was just a try-hard. Seriously, SM/Avex has to reconsider the versions, and put the Korean one instead.

  64. I had never heard of her before but somehow i stumbled onto her video(korean version) and the song has just stuck in my head. I was impressed with her dancing. If she is promoted well in the US she could get to the same level as Rihanna. Oh and by the way i don’t get all the fuss about her accent it didn’t bother me and i’m black british!

  65. Wow is there a little bit of self-hatred here…if asian accent is not yet sexy (as spanish) in america, make it sexy, like how bruce lee made using chopsticks sophisticated, and kung fu a popular, well-respected form of training and entertainment. The thing is trend changes. With good marketing, talents and the ascendence of asian economies, trust me there will be a day anything asian is deemed sexy.

  66. It is finally time for asians to break out of the model minority image and the MV seems to carry this message…like dancing in front of a bunch of “ballet” judges. We are no longer just Michelle Kwan and Yo Yo Ma haha. I acutally buy her strategy here by not appear to be trying too hard and desperate to impress like her asian predecesors….make a good yet non-intimidating impression than shock everyone later…

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