Kim Jong Kook Set for Album Release This October

Kim Jong Kook has been keeping a really low profile since his release from the military in May but it was finally revealed today that his long-awaited 5th album will be released this coming October but with no specific date mentioned.

It was also revealed that the recording for his 5th studio album is 70% completed and he will continue with his own unique style of singing ballad songs and will provide a sharp contrast to the electric music genre which is currently enjoying a real popular following in the Korean music industry.

Before his enlistment in 2006, Kim Jong Kook songs like “You’re Loveable”, “One Man”, “Walking in One Spot” was well-received by many and saw him swept major music awards in 2005. His comeback album which has been two years in the making since his last has been widely anticipated by fans.

23 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook Set for Album Release This October

  1. omo omo omo!!!!!
    OPPA’s back!
    i really cant wait for the album to be released!
    and i love to see him in variety shows again!

  2. lol.
    kjk`s the first guy i watched from alvin`s yt channel in `o7.
    now the han namja`s back.=]
    lookin` frward to it.
    wers yoon eun hye?=]
    xman 4ever.

  3. OOOOMMMMGGGG, I’m so late reading this news but boy I’m so freaking happy and excited. I got so bored of the freaking 20000000 boybands out there. Finally a singer to lift my spirits. KJK I’ve waited for you and I’m glad you’re back!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs*
    I am so buying his album.

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