Jung Sun Hee Reveals Reason Behind Ahn Jae Hwan’s Suicide

Jung Sun Hee revealed that spiralling debts probably contributed to her husband Ahn Jae Hwan decision to end his life rather than facing the music.

According to a close friend of Jung Sun Hee, she told them about the dire situation that the model celebrity couple had found themselves in yesterday afternoon. It’s believed that Ahn Jae Hwan failed business ventures saw him raking up debts of nearly 4 million USD. Besides seeing the debt snowballing each day due to interest, debtors also turned up daily at the doorsteps asking for their money back which added to his stress levels. The debtors held Ahn Jae Hwan and Jung Sun Hee at ransom as they knew that they were high profile celebrities. They threatened to reveal their debt problems to the public if they didn’t return the money soon and wreck their careers in a flash.

Ahn Jae Hwan had been missing for more than a month since breaking off all contact and the reason why Jung Sun Hee didn’t call the police to report him missing was to keep the debt problem from being revealed to the public.

Following Ahn Jae Hwan’s suicide, many were concerned whether the debts would fall on Jung Sun Hee’s shoulders instead. With regards to this, the police expressed that even though Jung Sun Hee and Ahn Jae Hwan went through the wedding ceremony, they didn’t register their marriage. So in legal terms, they are not lawfully wedded at all on paper. Thus, Jung Sun Hee is absolved from paying the debts accrued by Ahn Jae Hwan and possibly written off.

55 thoughts on “Jung Sun Hee Reveals Reason Behind Ahn Jae Hwan’s Suicide

  1. wow 4 million???? They’ve been married for a little more than a year…? So sad tho. Even if the debt fell upon Jung Sung Hee ppl would prob help her. So sad…

  2. this makes me so sad. jung sun hee looks so happy in that picture. i wish ahn jae hwan could have found a way to work out his problems.

    rest in peace.

  3. Omo! That is awful! I guess in some ways it’s fortunate that she didn’t accrue any of those debts under her husband’s name, but horrible all the same. Not recognized legally as a couple? Wouldn’t that make some things even more difficult to carry out? Oh, I just feel awful.

    Jung Sun Hee is such a bright person. It’s awful to see her happy life take such an awful turn.

  4. I really like Sun Hee! I saw her on Yashimanman with Kwon Sang Woo afew years back and thought she was hilarious! It’s really sad that such bad things befell her. I hope she can stay strong through all this! I’ll be rooting for you, Sun Hee!! Stay strong! and Have Faith!

  5. Oh thank goodness. I thought that she would have to pay back all that money!! I was so worried!! I love Jung Sun Hee. She was so funny!! I feel so bad for her…

  6. I don’t mean to sound cynical but this debt thing might ruin her career – Korean netizens are really sharp and not afraid to throw someone’s name in the trash. I really hope this doesn’t have a negative affect on her and that she can grieve peacefully(and calmly).

    Besides that – the article might be just gossip though, would a ‘close’ friend really reveal something like this to the public?

    Nonetheless – RIP and Jung Sun Hee keep strong!

  7. I don’t want to be mean but if you look the other way, it likes she abandoned her husband to get out of debt.

  8. ^She helped her husband to go out of debt. He’s the one gone missing and commits suicide, and he made her wife faints after knowing that. Now..no one likes a person who take the ‘easy’ way out, but even so, we must respect the dead. RIP.

  9. dude, wth is wrong with 2008! O_O
    so many death, yeah, i hope nothing happens to her
    she’s cheerful and bright..

  10. I’m glad she doesn’t have to pay the debts but…..what?! the’ve been married for almost 9 months and they haven’t registered their marriage? It doesn’t make any sense.

  11. Maybe he knew the debtors will come after him later, thats why they didn’t register for marriage? but thats my opinion. smart move i suppose, but i think either way they are going to go after her because they want their money back and she was romantically involved with him and all. And i agree with all, how she abandoned her husband’s safety just for their reputation. the news was guna come out sooner or later, why not just call the police to get him back alive?! 😥


  12. well, the people will only tell the public.. that wouldn’t be that bad. i bet some fans would’ve donated money too.. also, his debt is 4 mil…i cant believe he thinks his life is worth only that much T____T r.i.p

  13. That’s such a relief that she doesn’t have to pay off his debt! But… 4 MILLION!? Wowww. That’s a crapload.
    I wonder who’s going to pay it off though?
    Sad story 😦

  14. leave him alone.
    RIP ahn jae hwan
    my condolences to his family and jung sun hee
    may they find peace and understanding…
    not judgements from the public. no one understands the pressure they must’ve felt, and no one will ever know the real story, but what we do know is that he should be respected, his death is a tragedy, and his life will be missed.

  15. wow. there’s so many components in this story, aren’t they? So, she didn’t report that her husband was missing to keep the public from knowing about their debts? So, their public image was more important than her husbands whereabouts/safety/health? And speaking of husband, he really isn’t her husband because they didn’t legalize their marriage? Huh? What? There’s so many O.o inducing components of this story.

    Regardless of the O.o of the story, I still wish AJH R.I.P. and may JSH be strong enough to get over these tough times.

  16. $4 million USD = $4 billion WON…

    Damn… I just don’t understand how stuff like this happens, no heir to leave behind…. no grandchildren for both sides of the family… a young widow… That’s the world we live in.

  17. i pray and hope that jung sun hee’s family and friends stick by her.

    and people, PLEASE, let’s not stick our nose in this any further. the lady is already having the toughest time that none of you can ever handle if you were in her shoes.

  18. I saw some videos of this on Daum and the paparazzi’s were all over her while she was crying her heart out T.T
    Why do they take pictures at that time..i would kick their asses so bad if i could..poor her. They should at least give her some privacy.

  19. It is sort of weird why they have yet registered they’re marraige after 9 months but PERHAPS they knew about the unstable financial situation and thought it not to be wise..who knows.

    Of course there are faults with not reporting his state of absence but Korean netizens can be pretty scary..extreme…if even Jun Sun Hee can’t do her job and earn money, doesn’t that make it harder for her to pay back ANY debt at all? Of course, that is if the debters go after her. It could just ruin her…in the end I think..it still does, regardless of the decision she made. To have your husband commit suicide…

    I wish her all the best in picking the peices of her life back.

  20. i normally don’t comment but i can’t take it anymore! why are all those people who proclaim to be believer of Jesus Christ taking their own lives?! one after another… placing their funeral picture behind a cross on their last journery will not necessary bring peace to their situation and their love one! i don’t think taking their own lives is the taught by their religious teacher, right!?

    i pity those that are still alive, his wife (even if only on namesake) and his parents. dying is so easy but it takes a hero to live on to deal with the real problem. i condemn his action and don’t really wish him RIP. rather i hope for peace for his family instead.

  21. I’ve only 1 question… Why is she not worried that her husband went missing for a month?? Did she even do something to look for him?? ‘WEIRD’…


    Hope tat she can cope with the sadness and all…

  22. Hi Est,
    I’m a Christian and you’re right in saying taking one’s own life is not taught in Christianity. In fact, it’s murdering oneself which is against what we stand for. Life is a God-given blessing. It saddens me too to see these people do the wrong thing, but like you said it could be that they just “proclaim to be believers of Jesus Christ” and are not truly walking in His ways.

    Whatever, it may be, no one is immune to doing wrong things so we must not judge.

    Anyway, my prayer is that his wife and family will be comforted in this time of bereavement, truly experience God’s love for real and His strength to overcome the hurdles and start afresh in Him. May His peace cover them all.

  23. This may sound very stupid but I honestly thought that the debtors in the Kdramas were fictional or exaggerated, kind of how no one in New York really live like the sitcom “Friends”. This is in regards to the statement “debtors also turned up daily at the doorsteps asking for their money back which added to his stress levels” <– so this is real?

    Also, “Although, Jung Sun Hee and Ahn Jae Hwan went through the wedding ceremony, they didn’t register their marriage.” <– how many Korean, celebrity couples actually practice this? (can we really believe the various marriage photos we see of the celebrity couples)

    Was the reason due to his debt prior to the marriage?? Did he rack up $4 million USD in a year? and can you legally say they were married? or just living together??

    So many questions, would welcome an answer, if possible.

  24. To those who commented how she cared more for their reputation than her husband’s safety…
    How could she possibly know that her husband was going to commit suicide? He could’ve left to find ways to repay the debt… He could’ve left to take some time alone for himself to clear his mind.. He could’ve left to avoid those debtors… Why would she bring police into this? He’s an adult for godsake!!! Even a non-celeb wouldn’t involve police unless it’s a 10-year old kid who went missing.. She had no idea that he would commit suicide.. The best thing to do under that situation (esp. since they had reputation to protect) is to not involve police and try to find information through close friends/relatives, which she probably did..

  25. It’s pretty common in Korea not to register the marriage until you’re married for at least a year. Mostly because the divorce rate is pretty high but cohabitation before marriage is stilll frowned upon… so this lets people to be “married” and live together… but if they need to get divorced, it’s still a simple matter legally.

    I think a large percentage of people routinely do this… It’s considered pretty normal. I think most people around me that I hear about have also delayed their marriage regristration.

    Still very sad about what happened. They looked so happy when they got married… I still remember watching their interview.. so sad…

  26. that sad they looked so happy together i mean im glad she doesnt have to pay debts but i thought these things only happen in dramas :/

  27. @ 33. muish, thank you for taking the time to answering my questions. 🙂

    @ 34. amyy, I thought the same thing. I recently started watching Kdramas so it’s all foreign to me. But I’m learning.

  28. 4 million?????

    I could understand what Ahn Jae Hwan felt that stress but that’s to stupid for his suicide just like that. With his that he will make her wife and can be her parent suffer more from those debtor…….
    It can be more easy if he asked for help from his family or friend. Than do suicide but and the end that didn’t solve everything but give more sadness and pain for his family….

  29. i also think that killing your own self to run away from your problem is very stupid thing to do .. furthermore a very mortal sin .. im a catholic so i believe that when you kill your own self your soul will be wandering and will not enter the heaven … with this .. as much as i want to wish him to rest in peace it will make me a hypocrite …
    but then to each his own.. I have my religion but i do not condemn those whose belief is not the same as I am .. I understand from what I seen in movies killing oneself for some are like surrendering with dignity .. just like the harakiri for japanesse .. since japanesse and koreans mostly share some culture .. i don’t know ..
    im just curious on the suicide rate in korea .. its been ages but here in our country suicides especially by celebrities are fairly low ..

  30. i thot jung sun hee did file a missing person report but asked the police to be hush hush about it.

    anyways, either way, netizens and loan sharks are probably on the same line of cruelness.
    it was the netizens that said crap which made ahn jae hwan’s businesses fail and resort to loans.

  31. I’m speechless…Eventhough I feel relieve for her that she doesn’t have to pay $4 million USD, but still, I feel ashamed that she didn’t even bothered to called the police as her husband had been missing for 1 + months…

    How come K-stars these days keep suiciding or dying…I really feel bad…They’re probably working toooo tooo hard, must rest more!

  32. we may never know what really happened during the last months of their being together.but here in the phil . u can’t get married without applying for permit first and foremost , so ican’t call them really husband and wife .i can’t help but think that it was odd that you’re husband has been missing for a long time and you don’t know his whereabouts. if i were she i’ll be alarmed . the body is in the stage of decomposition which means its been weeks since he died.the wife knows that creditors are hounding them , and you’re husband is nowhere to be found , i mean anything can happen tohim. for richer or for poorer in sickness and in health they should have supported each other.so sad , they had a grand wedding showing the world how they love each other but not making it legal, it doesn’t make sense.

  33. eh? they didnt register their marriage?
    wow i didnt know that you can get married without registering.
    but oh well.
    condolences to friends and family of his death.

  34. I heard that Jung Sun Hee was going to file for divorce so that she wouldn’t be responsible for the debts but reading that they never “registered their marriage” is kind of confusing.

  35. WTF!??! i feel bad for the dude….stupid but, he got the worst end of the marriage errr not even licensed?!?!….i agree with the previous post, how come she didn’t even try looking for him..missing for a month??!?!? i hope he will RIP, suicide is actually a sin..

  36. this is really distressing:( … i have saved a few movie news clips of some favorite stars. many of them begin with ahn jae hwan’s introduction as the host, some even have his narration during the entire video.

    it just leaves me in a sad stupor looking at such a young, effervescent man, and think of the terrible news and photos these last few days…his grieving wife fainting so many times nobody can count anymore (maybe the paparazzi pix make it seem like a lot, who knows?)

    so sad. please find your lasting peace in eternal rest now, RIP ahn jae hwan.

  37. why doesn’t it mention all the koreans who turned on them because of the patriotic paranoia of the mad cow protests. for shame korea, for shame!

  38. Attitude to Debt kinda depends on whether you owe it or you are owed it. US$4M is a lot of debt to run up and a lot of creative types tend to be very careless with other peoples money especially friends.
    They live with a “me me me” approach to life.
    People without money are always telling people with money they should be nicer with it.

    I feel deeply sorry for Choi and her family in all of this. Was it not reasonable for her to ask for her money back ?

    As for sin forget about it guys. Thats just superstitious nonsense. Just because you believe it does not make it true. When you are dead you are dead.

  39. After reading all the comments, it seemed that some of you do not comprehend the situation.

    Majority of the comments were compassionate and sympathizes with the departed ones (Jung Sun Hee & Choi Jin Sil) and their loved ones. But, still some of comments that I have read are inconsiderate and a prime example of parochial “netizens”.

    No one will ever know the truth, their state of mind, and heart aches but themselves. Why must we judge on others based on their individualism and choices made? I believe that everyone had the right of an opinion, but I strongly dissent negative ones which afflicts others.

    I strongly feel that one of the predominant reason for these occurrences are due to cruel “netizens”. We all know this idiom, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Actually, it does to the ones who are more emotional than others.

    So I ask of you, lets not be negative or commence more humors. Please put yourselves in their shoes, especially the loved ones whom are left behind. I can’t imagine the grief that they are going through. I wish them my utmost sympathy.

  40. Correction to #50 comment:

    I meant to say “lets not be negative or commence mor RUMORS”. A typo due to in the state of anguish…

  41. I’m so glad Sunhee doesn’t have to pay all those debts. Good for her. I really like her though I’m a foreign fan and only saw her on one show. She’s really lovable.

  42. Move to the US. Those creditors can call every day but it is illegal for them to come to your home or to speak to others about your debt. They can call all they want to but you never have to answer the phone. Just let them take you to court and they still can’t kill you to get money.

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