2PM 10 Points out of 10 Debut Performances Lauded by Netizens

After successfully debuting on the various music shows over the past weekend, JYP’s newest creation 2PM has attracted fervent support from netizens.

Starting with MNET M! Countdown on 4th September, they proceeded with KBS “Music Bank”, MBC “Music Core” and ending it with SBS “Inkigayo”. Their debut single “10 Points out of 10” saw them gave a polished and grand performance that exceeded beyond what a new group would offer, showing the results of their ardous and tough training that they have been undergoing.

Fans who watched their performances expressed that they can only describe their stage in one word, “perfect”. 2PM is indeed a creation that was worthy of Park Jin Young staking his pride on before their debut in an interview.

2PM’s debut stage also saw netizens developing an interest in them. Over the weekend, 2PM became the No.1 search term on Naver, Daum, etc portals. Their songs are also swiftly climbing up the charts. 2PM themselves expressed, “We don’t really feel that we have already debuted. But many people have started to know who we are from the internet. We are really thankful for everyone’s concerns and will work hard to show everyone the best we can offer.”

If only they can find a place for Gina Choi in their performances!

19 thoughts on “2PM 10 Points out of 10 Debut Performances Lauded by Netizens

  1. HAHAHAHA about your comment about gina.

    but yeah, being a hotblooded men fan, i was already super excited for their debut and i was so not let down. their debut performances were pretty much awesome for a new group. i hope that they continue to wow audiences and i know that they’ll get better :]]]

  2. lmao alvin. just put gina somewhere on the side dancing. haha
    i totally love 2pm’s perfs. so energetic and awesome choreography. i’m hooked.

  3. HAHA!
    oh man.
    GINA CHOI’s such a hot sexy mama~

    But I think if they re-enact those scenes from the MV, the fans are gonna go anti and crazy. HAHA!

  4. i loved this performance… better than their debut.
    it was more organized.
    lovin` dis song.
    [2am 2!]
    lol at sittingpugs.i guess it is.=]
    now i want oneday to debut together=]

  5. i think they will go far..Oneday will go far cos they have the talents..as usual, JYP is a genius…their performance is always good and their dancing, no word for that..kekekeke….cant wait for them to perform with WG & 2am..JYPE family, fighting~~~

  6. wowwwww what a performance! i couldn’t watch their MV to the end though.. i had went to high school with gina choi and it’s just too weird for me now.

  7. JYP is a genius. Way to go with the pervy MV hahaha… the shifu sure knows that sex sells. Look at Rain. If he didn’t thrust, strip and grind (not necessarily in that order), some of the fans wouldn’t be obsessed. Myself included 😉 .

    Love 2PM ^^ (love Rain more though – for now).

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