Song Hae Gyo Joins Growing List of Female Celebrities with Short Hair

Top hallyu star Song Hae Gyo new short hairstyle grabbed much attention after it was posted by fans on famous Soompi forum who was following the filming of her new drama “The World That They Live In” in Singapore. Song Hae Gyo who usually has long wavy hair, cut her hair short to fit in with her character for her new drama which gave her fans a whole new feel about her. Netizens commented, “She looks pretty with short hair”, “she looks even younger”.

Song Hae Gyo will make her return with KBS2 “The World They Live In” co-starring Hyun Bin this November after a four year hiatus to the small screen as a television producer and is highly anticipated by her legion of fans.

13 thoughts on “Song Hae Gyo Joins Growing List of Female Celebrities with Short Hair

  1. She stayed in the resort i work in. I saw her almost everyday. She is so pretty in real person. And she played volleyball with us on Saturday. But of course accompanied by so many of the filming crew. Heheh. Wish she stayed longer in Singapore

  2. She’s really pretty and she doesn’t look AS skinny as she was before in the past year! I can’t wait to see her in a new Korean drama with Hyun Bin! I’m sure it’s going to be a hit anyway!! 🙂

  3. Ughhhh SHG is gorgeous….why would she cut her hair 😦
    Its not as if she has amazing acting skills to hide behind, your looks and your gorgeous hair made you SHG….Get a weave!

  4. she looks so cute! i think she looks great with any hairstyle.
    i never would’ve thought she’d cut her hair short like that though. it’s funny how she cut her hair short like that cuz that’s the way mine is cut now and i’m always looking up to her for her fab hair haha

  5. Oh, she caught the “Victoria Beckham” fever, going for short bob hair!

    Song Hye Kyo is pretty as usual! Haven’t seen her for a long time! I wonder how her movie done in the US “Fetish” is fairing?! No news about that movie so far, I gather!! oh well….

  6. cute!!! i think it will be new hair trend. my best friend eager to cut her hair like song hye kyo. It’ll become ‘fever’ song’s hair, soon…

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