We Got Married Ep 24 Summary + English Softsubs

Was anticipating a lot today. After watching this, I was feeling kind of unsatisfied, something was lacking. I just realized that the interaction between the couples are most important to this reality show and the babies might be cute, but it became a hindrance to seeing them interact with each other. Their interaction was reduced to flashes not continous like the previous week.

Crown J, Seo In Young and Alex, Shin Ae couples started the episode rolling. They reacted with total disbelief and shock after reading their mission envelopes. Their mission was to take care of children for one day. Someone came in first to test them and give them an impromptu lesson.

Crown J and In Young got a girl while Alex and Shin Ae got a big shock when identical babies came through their doorway, they actually got sets of twins. Now Crown J tried his best to coax the baby girl who kept crying when faced with the ant and the witch, must have been scary. But slowly, the baby girl stopped crying as In Young just kept applying her “magic” touch with her warm hug. When it was time to change diapers, In Young came to the fore and did a good job again, now who doubts that she can be a good mum?

They then finally have some success in making the baby girl smile by blowing bubbles and eventually, the baby girl fell asleep after a tiring day with her “parents”. Crown J and In Young finally have some time to themselves as they amused themselves silly by playing with the baby toys.

The quadruplets that Alex and Shin Ae were really adorable. One of them kept crying and the other infants just watched on without a care. Alex and Shin Ae looked really flustered initially, not knowing what to do really. But gradually, they grew into their role, doing the normal things that any parents would do. But four kids are really a handful, while Shin Ae was busy handling one, Alex was changing diapers for another, the other two without any supervision just started making a mess, spiling the milk all over the water cushion. It was cute to see the kids reaction when Alex started playing the song and then the usual polaroid picture taking. I think the PDs wanted to test them with quadruplets.

The excitement level just died down a little for me when it moved on to Andy, Solbi and Hwang Bo, Kim Hyun Joong. The first couple went to a farm and did some hard labor. The latter went to a village or something to take care of some elderly women. Nothing too spectacular here, not much couple interaction.

Thanks to the awesome muish, the entire Episode 24 is now subbed. Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or usapload. Do not EDIT them. Download the entire episode off Clubbox (884mb).

We were given a preview of the three new couples for next Sunday “We Got Married” 160 minutes special with scenes of Choi Jin Young – Lee Hyun Ji, Son Dam Bi – Marco and Hwan Hee – Hwayobi. Although that was it, but please remember that they will only appear in part 1. You will still get your regular four couples in part 2 of the thanksgiving special on 14th September.

51 thoughts on “We Got Married Ep 24 Summary + English Softsubs

  1. I think this whole episode was the worst of wgm!!! With their ratings falling, the PD’s surely is working to make things worse. For a relatively new show, there is a million scenarios that can be utilize. What were they thinking!!

    I am beginning to give up of WGM!!

    thanks coolsmurf for the summary!!

  2. Yes I absolutely agree with you…I was kinda taken aback with today’s episode as well, the whole setup just seemed rather forced. 😦 But still I enjoyed AlShin’s adventure with the four – it’s so nice to think of them as a big happy family! πŸ™‚

  3. oh okk!!
    it was aweosme i cant wait to see this ep!!
    but im glad to noe that the new couples arent staying but im curious about the Choi Jin Young – Lee Hyun Ji, Son Dam Bi – Marco coupe!
    cant wait for them

  4. After the big shock of the preview of ep 25,i am feeling relived after ur explanation now,thank u i was really worried that i will loose my dearest couples,and ep 24 was really amusing and i still like Ant Family,they are the best.

  5. what the…..hahaha the PDs are ruining a good thing, as usual. I think they’ve run out of ideas or something….How come Anbi & the Lettuce couple didnt get children???? Andy would be so good with kids!

  6. i totally agree with you…. i have high hopes for this episode but i was left a little bit disappointed….okay more than a little bit…. i guess they were trying to put together materials worth 2 episodes and trying to fit everything into one. The editing was bad and everything looks like they are in a hurry….i agree with shukran24… the worst episode of WGM…. i think dondon should be happy… his past WGM episode will only rank second after this one……there were some notable moments but all in all ill just re-watch some cuts from the previous episodes in order to fill my WGM fix.

  7. I hear they’re planning to spring the kids mission on the other two couples soon, and later on they’re going to have one of the couples keep taking care of the kid.

  8. I really dislike Pd. How could the part of Andy- Solbi too short.
    There’s one of the reason of the rating more anh more lower.
    Do you know the email of show? I want to send mail for him to wake up

  9. i have got to agree that this has got be one of the worst WGM episodes.. but i am still happy with the JoongBo cuts as there were a lot of revelations as to their feelings for each other. subbed cuts for JoongBo are already available in rikkimargarette’s youtube account (just type in channels search: rikkimargarette)

  10. It’s actually not that bad of an episode, just if only the PD was more creative, it would have been far better. On the other hand, I’m still thankful for my lovely lettuce couple. They’re such amazing with all of their emotional progress. In my opinion, I think they’re the one who would likely to end up together off-cam. I hope they will,bwahahaha!!!

  11. heyy
    help me
    some reason youtube is not working for me and i cant watch we got married
    does anyone eles know any where eles you can watch we got married?

  12. and that’s why i was against it from the beginning.
    besides the fact that i hate kids, i knew it would be bothersome for their interaction……. hope they are included for only one episode

  13. I actually liked this episode. Alshin was great with the kids and they were extremely lovable. I think they’d make great parents. As for Joongbo, it seemed a bit boring but if you notice, they’re feels are really growing for each other. I think Hyung Joong might actually grow a little crush on Hwang Bo. ^_^

  14. ^ OMG thank you so much for your subs!!
    I love watching this show and all the work you do is so appreciated!!!
    You rock πŸ˜€

  15. hmm. can anyone please explain to me how these soft subs work? thanks for uploading them tho muish. Must of been hard to translate an hour worth of drama.

  16. Thanks coolsmurf for your brief summary. Very much appreciated. The Alshin family is cute with four lovely toddlers and they handled them so well especially Alex.

  17. waahh how do i download from clubbox?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i cant read korean how can i register like this… T____T

  18. @helloyboppa: i googled instructions for you…it’s pretty complicated. i remember that i tried doing all these steps once, but it took to long and i gave up…
    registering (scroll down a little): http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=142500#142500
    downloading (2 links): http://my.opera.com/lasvitania/blog/show.dml/295241
    hope this helps! =]

    and thank you SO MUCH muish!!! i think you’re faster than any subbing team out there…and you’re solo O_o

    thanks to alvin for the summary.
    i agree with a lot of the comments. i couldn’t wait for subs to last night i started watching the raw version, and this episode…it seems really…staged? yeah, that’s the word.
    but i guess it’s okay that they did this ONCE (and if they do this one more time…) since the couples were sort of promoting adoption and farming and whatever, so they were helping the community. i guess.

  19. i think they’re cutting andy and solbi’s part because of a previous issue, i suppose they believed it was the AnBi couple having too much airtime in other eps, so i guess they think cutting it might bring the ratings up….(which obviously didnt work..)..or they’re cutting AnBi’s parts cause they might leave…..

  20. to jonny…
    what do you mean that anbi might be leaving? is there any possible chance of that at this point? im not trying to be offensive but i just wanted to know cause i love anbi couple:)

  21. Coolies. I can’t wait to watch it. Some of you are complaining this and that, but I’m pretty sure I’ll like it nonetheless. Every episode makes me happy. πŸ™‚

  22. I feel like ppl may have had WAY too high of expectations for this episode which is why they are disappointed, cause it was pretty good.

  23. Hmmm….I actually enjoyed Joongbo this week very much. They are entertaining as usual. Although their air time was little short, but their conversations were hilarious πŸ™‚

  24. Couldn’t agree more with you. Last week was the da bomb in terms of intimacy as of Crown J&SI Young as well as HBo&HJoong. I was feeling WGM ep 24 lacking of spice this week and pretty much anti-climax-ey..

  25. Seriously, this was one of the WORST episode. I highly anticipated it a first, but it turns out to be bad. It though the baby part was bad, but the other 2 was even worse. Anbi parts were soo short and the farming task sucks!!!!!!!

    I was surprised that In young handled the baby well, but i think the baby was scared of Crown J . I felt sorry for Alshi, seriously 4 babies is toooo much.

  26. Thanks Alvin! I’ll have to watch it on youtube now!!! Thanks for your recap! πŸ˜€ heheh

    And yes, I definitely hope the ratings goes up but I don’t know if it will by next week if you get my drift. hahah

  27. can any1 help me, ive d/l the file from clubbox and also the soft subs but im unable to get the subbing to work while i watch the video…

  28. i couldn’t help falling in love with one of ShinAe’s/Alex’s boy baby, the only one with not so much hair. so cute, i wanted to take him away and keep him with me always in my back pocket hehehe. They were given 4 b/c they have the image as the more responsible and mature couple than the others obviously, I mean did you see Crown J almost fall down with the girl not even five minutes after the mom left? lol….

  29. First off, thanks so much Coolsmurf for constantly giving us such good and reliable updates on WGM. It’s always just rumors on other sites that sometimes prove true, but most of the time not, so thanks so much! Your dedication is just astounding! Many thanks to Muish as well for the subs! I hope you get some well deserved rest. All us only-English speakers truly appreciate it! <333

    Although I was just watching this episode raw last night, I personally didn’t find it as bad as some people thought it was. I have to agree though that this was what, at least 2 episodes worth of material crammed into one? They probably could’ve just stuck it all into one episode with only Crown J/Seo In Young and Alshin, but I think I would’ve torn my hair out from all the children crying. So 2 eps. Andy/Solbi and Hwangbo/Hyunjoong were very disappointing mainly because they didn’t give them a mission. It was such a bad ending to a funny beginning. Oh well, I still like WGM, though I am only looking forward to seeing Hwanhee/Hwayobi.

  30. Why ANBI part becoming shorter & shorter everyweek??I hate what the PD did in ep 24,I think he/she did so much editing for anbi,jongboo couples.I hope they can get parents mission too in the future…

  31. As expected, it was a great episode. Crown J and In Young’s segment was the most hilarious to me. Anbi and the Lettuce Couple’s segments were kinda short, but they were on a farm after all. What’s there to do? lol

  32. Kim Hyun Joong’s statement about being reincarnated as a lion was just the cherry on top for me ^_^… Aigoo, the things that come out of his mouth are just out of this world!!!

  33. I like the Baby episode (ep24) most. keke
    I wonder if in the near future, will Andy Solbi and HyunJoong Hwangbo couples be taking care of the baby too.
    I would like to see how Solbi and HyungJoong handling the baby and how more capable Andy and Hwangbo are. heehee.
    Even though other forum mentioned that Andy Solbi is leaving to move on with their upcoming own activities, I really hope there will such baby epsiode too. πŸ™‚
    “Flighting” Andy Sobli
    With the 3 new couple coming in, hope we can get to see some more surprises and have more laughter/sadness in the existing couples.

  34. After watching ep23 and ep24, HyunJoong seem like grow some crush on Hwangbo, but in one of the interview that JoongBoSkiittles03 has captured, Hwangbo mentioned that the couple are the type who only concern about life and death. sob sob…

  35. I vote for the replacement of the WGM’s PD!
    The shows are getting boring esp. AnBi couple when they were put in a farm and doing nothing, no interaction between them! So sad…:(
    “The Lettuce couple” was more fun when they decided to help the elderly.

    I enjoyed watchng 2 couples playing “mom & dad” especially the “Ant-Witch” couple. Their ‘daughter’ is SO cute! I sympathised for CJ, he was close to tears seeing the baby cried whenever he was near! Poor thing! SIY surprisingly was very good with her (wonder whether she has younger sibling!). With the AlShin couple, 4 babies …OH Good luck…..!!!

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