27 thoughts on “Park Min Young Anan Magazine September 08 Photoshoot

  1. lol I saw this first on Kbites and I was wondering when you’ll post it :p

    I think she look gorgeous in all the photos except the second one …because her face looked thinner and her nose longer :/

  2. When does the fascination become an obsession, and does one remember always why it started? I wonder 🙂 I have my own one, just saying this seems similar.

  3. HA, i actually really like the 2nd picture best, it looks like something taken back in the olden day’s. She looks really graceful and innocent.
    TBH the 1st, 2nd and 3rd picture all look like different people to me o_O”.

  4. Her nose bothers me so much.. especially the sides.
    She has a really awesome eye job though. I want to know who’s her plastic surgeon is.

  5. i’m in shock…
    what did she do to her nose??!!??

    she was so pretty before and now you can see the silicone sticking out of the tip…

    i’m so sad.

  6. i think it’s just the phoshop that made her looked weird in the photoshoot..
    really like the first photo though..

  7. didn’t we find out that her nose is real a while ago? there were many before pictures and surprisingly her nose looks the same, except for the eyes.

  8. @ cOOLrOCKsOCks

    she looks beautiful because she looks european?


    Ah, I guess that’s why she felt the need to get a nose job and an eye job….gotta keep the self haters happy I suppose….nothing better than a white looking asian girl I suppose..

    No wonder asian girls in the US are screwing white guys left and right, next best thing to being a white girl.

  9. when i saw the first picture, i immediately thought of Leighton Meester who stars in Gossip Girl. i don’t even know where i got that idea; maybe it was the attitude that alluded from that picture.
    she looks so pretty but knowing that she had surgery bothers me a little.

  10. she’s unrecognizable here for sure. what do you like about her, coolsmurf, i mean besides her “pretty face”…. I read about her on another star site before you posted this on yours, and I was like hehe coolsmurf will definitely blog on this soon since he has a self-professed obsession (too strong?) with her~

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