2PM – 10 Points Out of 10 MV (english hardsubbed)

Translated by moogledesu and encoded by me. This is 2PM’s debut MV, 10 Points Out of 10 with english subtitles. Starring JYP trainee, Gina Choi who is really hot in this MV and also Wonder Girls Yoo Bin who makes a small cameo at the very end. 2PM set for debut on M!Countdown on 4th September.

Download (UU)

Feel free to upload it to video sharing websites but please just give credit.

9 thoughts on “2PM – 10 Points Out of 10 MV (english hardsubbed)

  1. A friend of mine was acquaintances with Jaebeom and she was telling me two weeks ago about how JYP recruited him and before his recruitment, he would spend a lot of his time just dancing and performing…

    I had no idea that he was going to debut so soon!

    Best of luck to him!

  2. this was a really funny video. i really enjoyed it. jyp makes really humorous videos. imagine if super junior or dbsk had videos like this. or if snsd had a video with guys in it like wg’s “so hot”. nnooo way that could ever happen.

  3. i wish i could download Vidz from utube that is sooooo clear that i could easily recognized the face….NOT those vids which i can still see those minute pixels…T_T

  4. Thank you soo much for this!

    lol yeah, I can’t imagine the sm boybands doing this kind of things so I liked how JYP challenged that concept but still made it kind of ‘innocent’ (Its more like a innocent guilt we all have I guess lol, imagining about hot looking people).

    It really shows how we all have these kinds of moments and we do get embarrassed but its fun.

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