Lee Yong Dae Reveals his Infamous Wink Dilemma

Korean athletes Lee Yong Dae (badminton), Nam Hyun Hee (fencing), Lee Bae Young (weightlifting) and Wang Ki Chun (judo) who made their nation proud with an impressive showing at the recently concluded 2008 Beijing Olympics will soon appear on “Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainer Village” variety on 8th September to talk about their unusual experiences while training, etc.

Badminton player Lee Yong Dae who won the mixed doubles gold revealed his dilemma about his infamous wink gesture to thank his fans for their support.

He expressed, “At the Beijing Olympics, right after I did the wink gesture to thank my fans, I got around 1000 requests for me to wink again. I think I must have winked at least 100 over times since then. Now I have spasms in the lower part of my eye.” His words made everyone present understand the “pain” and “torture” that comes along with his high popularity and profile.

Infamous Lee Yong Dae Wink

Seo In Young carefully asked Lee Yong Dae, “Could you do the wink for us?”. Lee Yong Dae couldn’t stop smiling, “I’m Seo In Young’s fan” and started to wink charismatically towards In Young’s direction as everyone got excited.

29 thoughts on “Lee Yong Dae Reveals his Infamous Wink Dilemma

  1. wait i like seo in young but why would she ask him to wink again if he said he has spasms in the lower part of his eye? i still don’t get that.

  2. i loved watching lee yong dae’s match for mixed gold… he and lee hyo jung were amazing they didnt even split against indonesia =]
    i cant wait for this episode ^^

  3. awww.. cute! lol its cute too how he fanguys over yoona. i’d love to see both of them appear on the same show together perhaps with a love line. lmao

  4. wow! cant believe he’s appearing on YSMM.
    i’m a big badminton fan. and been to a lot of tournaments. everytime LYD walked by (the court or the entrance), the girls went screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaming! like he’s a popstar! LOL.

    but he’s cute and i understand girls go crazy over him πŸ˜›

  5. He`s becoming more and more like seung gi… Is it becos ppl are saying that he looks like him? or not? Anyways i think lee seung gi is way better than him

  6. The first time I saw him on TV (during Beijing olympics) I thought he looks like Lee Seung Gi.. But you know what, he kind of looks like John Cho too… Anyway, can’t wait for this YSMM epi… Didn’t he appear on Infinity Challenge as well???
    It must be interesting to watch… Especially because both shows have Junjin in it!!!! ^^

  7. i’m badminton’s fan…even i’m from another country,but i really exited when young dae performed..amazing!!i think i falling in love wif him..lol..haha

  8. Yong dae….!!!
    You are so amazing in badminton…!!!
    I like your performance…!!!
    Can you share your cute for me…???
    Hahaha, just kiddin’

    Why you not to be a movie star…?? I’m sure you will more famous, n it’s must be so many people watch your film…!!!

    I wish you luck…!!!

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