2 More New Make-Believe Couples Announced for We Got Married Thanksgiving Special

Following the announcement of Choi Jin Young and Lee Hyun Ji as the new make-believe couple for MBC “We Got Married” thanksgiving special on 14th September, the PDs have sprang another surprise. Two more couples will join them with Hwan Hee pairing up with Hwayobi and Son Dam Bi with Marco.

The concept for Son Dam Bi and Marco is their cultural difference as the latter was born and raised in Argentina. Hwan Hee and Hwayobi meanwhile are of the same age and so they are technically expected to be less awkward with each other and be casual like friends. But with Hwayobi known for her eccentic behavior, anything goes and something surprising might happen.

The three new couples will appear in part 1 of the “We Got Married” thanksgiving special. The PDs explained that they will appear only for that special and are backups, meaning that should any of the four existing couples exit the show, one of the three new couples will step in as their replacements. Currently, the four existing couples have committed to the end of the year.

There’s also a possibility that one of the couples might become permanent depending on the viewing ratio and the reaction from fans after the broadcast.

The original 2 hours special has been extended to 160 minutes as a result.

credit: Lazenca0 (translation)

123 thoughts on “2 More New Make-Believe Couples Announced for We Got Married Thanksgiving Special

  1. Son Dam Bi is hot!! I have no idea who Marco is though….model? actor? How old is he?

    And too bad Hwanhee can’t be with ex-Jewelry member Lee Ji Hyun. I STILL remember that Danyunghaji between them! ❀

  2. ^Although I like Hwayobi too! She was the next Queen of Danyunghaji after Ji Hyun! πŸ˜€ (Kinda ironic πŸ™‚

  3. WOAH………. I’m in shock…………. not in a bad way though…………….

    THREE new couples!!!!!!!!!…… even if it’s just for one episode…..


  4. Wow, shocking! O.o I didn’t expect this at all. I was rather surprised to see Hwanhee’s name on the list, although something tells me he will be vying for the same romantic things that Alex does. Hwayobi rocks! And I love Son Danbi’s songs, so this will be interesting. Though, I’ve personally never heard of this Marco guy. Hm… I look forward to this special! This is after the whole baby episode though, right?

  5. I am really excited for Hwanhee and Hwayobi pairing!!! Watch out for Hwayobi’s random behavior and Hwanhee’s fierce attitude!^_______^

  6. Omg, I just got chills reading this article coolsmurf!!! I LOVE HWAYOBI!!!! I’m soooo happy!!! Omg, if they could pair hwayobi and heechul together, I’d be even more excited. Wow, loving the new couples too.. but… there seems to be too many now? @.@” Son Dambi is cool too! Ahhhhh.

  7. backup couples????
    it seems that sumthing’s going 2 happen soon..
    they always plan for sumthing like this to happen dont they?..

  8. OMG, these couples look great together, they match more then the first new couple you announced. The Marco guy looks really hot and SDB is hot- so together their truly beautiful lol.

  9. The PD of this show is going crazy. Well it migh be good for temporary basis so that we can see how far the old couple went.

    I wanted it to be Brain more than Hwan Hee, personally i think Brian will be more interesting. However, it might be hilarious cuz he is with hwayobi who is unpredictable. I really love her.

    I agree with seliparjepuncapayam, it seems like one of the old regulars might pull out.

  10. WHAAA..TT?? Fany is gonna be in WGM??? Although he is adored by girls, i’m not sure whether he is as romantic as people thought. I have a feeling that he might be a bit scary. And with that Hwayobi, who seemed to stay in her own world (or maybe that’s just her image), this gonna be ROCKS. I’m really anticipating this! Since Brian is a good friend of Hwayobi, maybe Fany does too..

    OMO i can’t wait until next week…too long TT__TT

  11. Aaaahhh so much better!!! Hwanhee and Hwayobi! Wheee!! Oh and is it just me or does Hwanhee look different now? Cos I remember seeing him….or was it somebody else, looking extremely different.

  12. aww i wanted brian lol but these couples looks more interesting than the other one with the huge age gap.

    lol I’m especially interested with son dam bi and marco. hopefully they’ll be like the ant couple!

    I dont know what to expect with hwanhee and hwayobi couple but I’m definitely looking forward to these two couples and ant couple


    *jumps around like a happy boy*

  14. I agree with ktin7 – I love Hwanee and Hwayobi – this is going to be funny – her unpredictability his sometime abruptness (is that even a word) – heeeheeeheee

    lets just see what happens – frankly if this mean that one of the regular couples like Alex and Shin Ae or Andy and Solbi need time away from the cameras to explore the possibility of a real relationship, then I’m all for it….

  15. yaaaiy I’d like to see hwyobi in WGM…I wonder why s her partner hwanwee…she has much chemistry with kangtaaaa. and yeah brian with yuri from cool
    anyway interesting….

  16. hwanhee/hwayobi pairing?? That made me sit up… omg, i can’t wait to see this, haha… *rubs hands in anticipation*

  17. I don’t want any of the 4 couples quit.. Its okay just these 3 new couples to be in temp or even permanent but just don’t replace the 4 couples.. huhu

  18. hwanhee/hwayobi pairing?? That made me sit up… omg, i can’t wait to see this, haha… *rubs hands in anticipation* I’m excited already : ))

  19. OOO HWANHEE AND HWAYOBI? That will be great…It seems like Hwan Hee is always paired with a perfect girl type and Hwayobi is so eccentric and cute…can’t wait to see them together.

  20. OMG Hwayobi and Hwanhee?! So interesting. I might actually start watching WGM again haha.

    Uuu Son Dambi. mmm.


  21. Now this is interesting, HWAYOBI the ” girl who like to watch PORN” πŸ™‚ lol.. There’ll be no awkwardness between this two ,they’ll be watching porn all the time.kidding.. I will be looking foward for the episode and this couple.. off course I hope the 4 main one will stay. and don’t pull an ALEX on us.

  22. OMG!! FTTS!?!?! I wish it was Brian though…no offense to Hwanhee’s fan but whenever I see him he kindda remind me of Alex. Anyway, Sondambi and Marco YAY!! This will be an interesting one to watch.

  23. I like the idea of the new couples, but I hope that none of the current one leaves the show. Especially my Joongbo and Alshin.

  24. Whoa that was kind of a shocker! An interesting one at that but I hope non of the current couples do get cut off because I love seeing all of them!

  25. now this is better news then yesterday! Hwanhee and son dam bi !!! They should have brought in brian with someone else lol

  26. Hwayobi!!! She’s freaking hilarious! Hwanhee’s a cutie. I can’t wait to see how they’ll be together. I would’ve never imagined! Thanks, Alvin!

  27. Now WGM’s doing something right….
    Hwanhee and Hwayobi would be interesting just because
    Hwayobi is so unique. Plus they are probably not that awkward with each other considering the two have been in the industry for a while.

    It sure sounds one or more of the current couples might leave judging from the confusing comments by the WGM PDs.

  28. ZOMG! hwanhee and hwayobi?! AHA! that eccentric girl. LOL that will be a good pair. but i still have a feeling that these few new couples would overtake the old ones. i mean the show isn not too long to start with so how will the PD squeeze out enough air time for all couples?! agree?

  29. Hwayobi with Heechul would be hysterical!

    In any case MBC gets to test the waters with the t-day special and go with the most favorable couple for their ratings, no doubt…

  30. omg. so much for thanksgiving! well i dont really care tho as long they dont cut hwang bo hyung joon and crown j seo in young..

  31. i like hwayobi too!! hehehe that girl is CRAZY….. i cant wait for her scenes…. now im really in the middle… i really love the old couples but some of the new ones are pretty interesting…. i just hope no one from the old pairs will leave the show….

  32. Never would have expected Hwayobi & Hwanhee..but I’m looking forward to seeing them..we should call them Double H..well that’s what I’m calling them…lol

  33. these 2 couples seem interesting. but i still prefer the 4 we already have. it would suck if they replaced any of those 4. the PDs are really pushing it. i wonder what the netizens are thinking.

  34. @ lele, the netizens probably have their eggs ready to aim, lol. Just kidding, they might be just as interested and curious as us fans here.

    I miss Hwayobi and Hwanhee too, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them both so I’m uber excited for this.

    For some odd reason, I have a feeling that the “cabbage” couple will be leaving. I hate the thought of it cause they’re so entertaining but I can’t help but have the feeling of sadness.

  35. i was so happy when i was reading this on Daum!
    i think these new couples for the special are great!

    HwanHee <33 and Hwayobi too.. she is so random and can’t wait to see what i will expect.

    also, Lee Hyun Ji and her partner, Choi Jin Young have already shot their part [pics online] and they look good too.

    Son Dambi and Marco [he is a model].. Both are very ^^

    can’t wait!!~

  36. -_- 3 more couples thank god this is only a special. i bet the hwanhee and hwayobi couple would be popular πŸ™‚ the other two ? i dont even know who they are.

  37. HWANHEE !!
    OMGG YAY!! finallyyy, someone that i admire is on the show! :D:D:D


  38. omg im excited to see hwayobi! i love her! she’s hella funny, expecially if you’ve seen her in xman. always cracks me up

  39. hm is it possible that Crown J leaves the show for his album preparations and comes back when he’s done like the way Alex did because he mentioned in an interview he gave with Inyoung on his side that he is currently working on it~ only a guess ^^ but I’m also excited to see Hwanhee with Hwayobi – and for the other new couple: NOOOOO!!! λ‹΄λΉ„λˆ„λ‚˜ λ„ˆλ¬΄ 예뻐! >_<

  40. wow! Hwanhee and Hwayobi have the nicest voice, i think in Kmusic… They both have that husky, soul typa voice that gives you goosebumps once you hear them sing… I’m just wondering, if they’re adding 3 new couples, doesn’t that mean they’ll be cutting other couples outta the show? I mean, how is this gonna work out w/ airtime? unless they show old couples in diff week and have the new couples air in the next… I love the couples now, i wouldn’t mind them adding new ones so long as they keep the original…

  41. OMG Hwanhee and Hwayobi XD couldn’t get any better than this
    I love Hwayobi’s personality..i’m sure this will be hilarious ^^

  42. “The three new couples will appear in part 1 of the β€œWe Got Married” thanksgiving special. The PDs explained that they will appear only for that special and are backups, meaning that should any of the four existing couples exit the show, one of the three new couples will step in as their replacements. Currently, the four existing couples have committed to the end of the year.”

    It’s not like a marriage, it’s more like a date.

  43. uh so they r not perminant..and jus a bak up…hmm that is good.. i dun think any of original 4 couple i will leave da show.. da only possible couple that will leave da show probably hwangbo and hyunjoong since he got more work to do O_O

  44. forgot to ask LOL…so which of original couple do u guy think will leave da show at da end of the year ?+) or none ?

  45. These two couples sound way more interesting then the other one. :T I have a feeling that the PDs is only going to keep the couple(s) that receives good reviews from…that’s why they have 3 ‘test’ couples.

  46. AHAHA. so many people replied about these two new couples

    i LOVE Son Dam Bi’s Bad Boy song. total addiction. i can’t wait to see her personality on WGM. Marco, i’ve no idea who he is.

    Hwanhee is a surprise, and Hwayobi is even more surprising. weird pairing but i think it will be interesting too.

  47. Andy/Solbi, Shinae/Alex, Crown J/Seo in young seem more matching, they seem to have that match-made-in-heaven feel. Hwangbo/kim hyung joon(?) are cute, but more like a sibling relationship.

  48. omg I so wanna see Hwanhee and Hwayobi! I love Hwayobi – she’s so eccentric and unique. Now I’m missing xman again…

  49. So i was curious about who this Marco guy is… so i went to HanCinema and there he was hehehe he’s an actor and a model i believe… there were 3 movies he participated… the last one he did was Love Exposure…. i’m curious to see Son Dam Bi and him together… they’ll be the triple-hot couple hehe cause he is fine!!! =P

    How about we call this couple BiMar… since… “bi” means “rain” and since he was raised in Argentina… “mar” is spanish for “sea”… cute ain’t it??

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  52. Hwayobi is such an eccentric lady indeed! She openly admits that she loves porn. hahah, someone who can says that out loud and is famous gets an A+ in my book.

    I’m so looking forward to this special.

  53. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SON DAM BI!! I am thrilled she’s joining, however, I would have liked her to be paired with Hwanhee 😦

  54. Ooooh Son Dambi πŸ™‚ it’ll be good to see how she’s like normally instead of only seeing her on music shows. Her dancing + music are good as well xD

    β™₯ Hwayobi and Hwanhee. Hwayobi is definitely one quirky gal xD

  55. HAWYOBI!!! i would vote for her.. she is so 4d and hilarious! i want that couple to make it.. especially with hwanee who is her complete opposite… but hmm, i don’t care who they pair her up with, as long as she makes it to the show!!!

  56. lol
    this is sooo messed up
    i don’t know ANY of these celeb!
    that kinna made it less fun but oh well
    no matter what though, for now i think the four main couples we have now are gonna go down in history as the best ever lmao too serious? ^^

  57. I KNEW it!!!!!! My prediction came thru YAYAYAYYAYAYAYA

    HwanHEE now part of the show. but never imagine his HwaYobi. very interesting. I am now fully anticipating to watch the new couple.

    For SonDambi couple, not that interest in her

    MOST importantly, i dont want the existent couples leaves. but seem likes there are a chances. PS preparing the audiences to wave goodbye to their original couples

  58. wow, i am glad that the new couple are some what interesting i am soo looking forward to this.. marco, seem like a hot looking person HAHAHAHA (reminds me of alex i hope he isn’t the next alex-____-;;)

    i wish it was kangta and hwayobi but that wouldn’t happen hahaha i just remember that one time in xman where she was all shy around kangta HAHAHAHHAHA

  59. waaaaa…i wish Brian could be one of the new couples..
    i mean Brias is so hilarious..
    but i dont really like hwayobi..
    sorry, just personal opinion..
    thanks coolsmurf..^^

  60. Hwanhee and Hwayobi! i’m not sure how this will turn out but i think it’ll be interesting, with Hwayobi being.. well, Hwayobi xDD. i love both of them and i’m definitely gonna look out for that couple if they were to come for the show. i hope it’s not gonna be permanent though, ‘cos i want the current couples to stay. ^^

  61. LOL – Hwanhee & Hwayobi too? This should be good πŸ˜€ I’m really looking forward to the special ep now πŸ™‚

  62. yes!
    finally a male talent on the show (:
    even though i would prefer kim jae wook more, but marco has got quite a lot of popularity in Elephant so it’s good too~

  63. I love Hwayobi but I just can’t see her with Hwanhee.
    Brian would’ve been better cause he’s got the personality and he’s always fun to to watch!

    I don’t know anything about the other couple, so I could really care less. One couple at a time please!!!

  64. wow! im definetly looking forward to the hwanhee hwayobi couple. haha, i wonder how that’s gonna end up with yobi’s strange behaviour and hwanhee’s tough guy image

  65. Whoa. This is gonna be really cool. I’m looking froward to Hwanhee and Hwayobi very much. I just loved Hwayobi on Xman, and Fany was cool in Love Letter, too!!

    As for the other couple, they’re alright. I think it’s going to turn out as the “sexy” couple. I think they wouldn’t fit so well with the other couples though, if you look at the big picture.

  66. You know, I think they are starting to over kill the whole concept.
    I think i’m in the minority, as having these two new couples is actually turning me off from the show.
    I believe that with two new couples, how are they possibly going to show all the other couples that most of us are familiar with and love?
    With the addition of not one, but two new couples, there are going to be more cuts of the scenes between the old couples. At this point, I think the show is going on a different route that I completely don’t agree with. I think that the show should have just focused on the couples and edited less, then adding more couples and adding more. I think with this, the show will be going even more down hill.
    Best of luck to the show nevertheless.

  67. The original 2 hours special has been extended to 160 minutes as a result.

    YAY! But…no subbers yet, right? T____T
    I guess I like all the couples here

    Hwangbo, HyunJoong = really entertaining, but doubt they will ever be together

  68. … i don’t mind seeing something different for the special– but NO COUPLE better become permant >:/

    i think son dambi was an odd choice. hwayobi should be awesome!!

    thanks for the heads up!

  69. christina, I think they’re introducing these 3 new couples for the EVENTUAL departure of any or all of the original couples.

  70. Okay .. same question .. who’s Marco ???? Is this a sign that these 3 couples will be the WGM season 2 participant ?? I’m excited but worried at the same time…

  71. I think that’s a bit too much >_<
    We already have many couples… I’ll be lost x_x (and hope it won’t decrease the joongbo time…)

  72. dreamelephant: if so, i wonder which couples they’re gonna kick out…
    should be interesting to see in the future.

  73. haha looks like this idea of bringing the new couples in will receive great response!!im really anticipating hwayobi and fang like everyone here!she is just so hilarious!!I’m a fan of SDB so I can’t wait to watch her in wgm..can’t wait for the new episode!:)

  74. Hmmm….. Hwanhee oppa !!~~~ blink blink !! looking forward to it…

    Hmm, probably solbi & andy couple might quit if andy oppa is to be enlist to served military… but i hope that will not be so soon …

    Dongwan oppa and eric oppa enlisting soon … sob!!!

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