New Couple Confirmation for We Got Married Thanksgiving Special

Choi Jin Shil’s brother, Choi Jin Young (38), will partner Lee Hyun Ji (21) who recently released her new album “Kiss Me Kiss Me” as the new make-believe couple for MBC “We Got Married” Thanksgiving Special on 14th September.

The concept for them is to see how they overcome the age difference. If you thought the 9 year gap between former couple, Lee Hwi Jae (37) and Jo Yeo Jeong (28) was big, wait till you experience the difference of 17 years with this new addition to the program. The 120 minutes (2 hours) thanksgiving special will be splitted into part 1 and 2 with the new couple featuring in part 1.

The new make-believe couple will appear only on the special. Should one of the existing four couples (who will remain till the end of the year) exit the show due to circumstances, they are high probables to replace them.

60 thoughts on “New Couple Confirmation for We Got Married Thanksgiving Special

  1. Wow, I really don’t know what the PDs are thinking these days. I mean, it feels like the bigger the age gap, the harder it is for the two to work out, unless they are truly in love. BUT since this is just a reality TV show, it’s hard to imagine how they *could* work out with such a generation gap. Heck, he could probably be her father (biologically speaking). I’m curious how it’s going to fit in with the current show, so I’m rather nervous about how it’ll change the air time of the other couples we have come to know and love. Oh well! Here’s hoping! *crosses fingers*

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just hope he is not as set in his ways as Lee Hwi Jae or Hyun Don who I felt made no effort to work at their marriages. I guess the PD wants to try out the big age gap romance couple with the upcoming couple of Park Shin Yang and Moon Geun Young in a drama soon which I believe is 19 years age gap.

  3. i just hope it will turn good and they became permanent couple. I’m curious what concept pd want to portray through this couple.

  4. wow I didnt think the pds would do another couple with huge age gap. I mean its kinda obvious the last one was fail and awkward. Im expecting this couple with a 17 year old age gap would be another awkward scene too. but we’ll see.

    I think they are thinking of trying to make it as realistic as they can since there’s a nuna-younger marriage so they’d like to add another marriage with the guy to be way older than the girl, cause thats reality.

    I was expecting a guy everyone would recognise though cause i’m sorry I dont know the dude. lol


  5. they will be featured in part one of the whole episode….. whew thats a lot of air time.. i hope they will be able to deliver….i agree with WOW…. the guy should have been someone really known to be able to attract more attention, but i read somewhere that the PD does not like to cast really big stars….the guy looks young to me… or is that an old photo? hehehe….. all the best for WGM!

  6. i honestly don’t want a new addition to the already well-loved couples. new couple means less airtime to the other 4. 😦
    lee hyun ji looks much older than her age though, or maybe it’s just that particular pic? xD
    *sigh* these two couple better be interesting or i’d just skip their part T____T

  7. Seriously, he can be her uncle. I think the PD picked the wrong couple, since they are given 1 episode of air time which is a lot. I aree with meow and wow, they should bring someone who is more well know.

    I am seriously dissapointed with the PD.

    Anyways just random, is this week WGM going to be only alshin and “A”nt couple.

  8. I dont like this new couple to be honest. [dont ask me why]
    and also i hope PD dont start to cut down the other 4couples.

    I dont thnk this new couples will last either. and i agreed with WOW, at least cast someone that more well known to the public and young generation. like most of singers are well known. Let wait and see how long they can last.

  9. i hope this couple wont be like hwijae-hyungdon case…
    T_T *prays*
    wont it be awkward x1000 than the lettuce couple?
    and hyunji doesnt seem like someone to take inisiative

  10. this new couple doesn’t excite me very much….i don’t see how they can offer anything new to the show, and viewers are too attached to the current couples. and at 120 minutes the show is just too long.

  11. I don’t get it!!! I reallly don’t get why the producers are allowing another age gap. It’s too fake for me and it’ll likely end like Hyun Don and Saori or that other couple (I don’t know their names).

    Stupid move, producers. Do they want ‘WGM’ to last or what?! I say, keep the originals as it is and on with the show. If they want to add ratings or worth-while viewing, put in a Wondergirl in the show to be paired up with a model!

    Just another couple I’ll be ignoring! And Korea has a Thanksgiving. Don’t mind my ignorance but I thought it was only an American thing…you know, how the British stole land from the natives and call it their own?

  12. this couple is will only be on the special… no longer..

    but somehow…they don’t make me want to watch them…it doesn’t feel like it’s going to be exciting…cuz HyunJi is soooooooo proper and timid….plus…the age gap is going to add more awkwardness to it….

    i guess we’ll have to wait and see first before deciding… that’s what i originally thought about JoongBo couple, but look at how great they are now….

  13. ack. awww i hoping for…some other ppl. that gap is huge. are they trying to attract the elderly who use to marry like that back then?

  14. oh my. 17 years? i think the idea is to give the elderly that there is still some hope to marry young and beautiful girls for them. LOL

  15. ….This is going to be a little weird. I don’t know, It’s going to be hard to be confortable with a new couple.

    I hope they’re fun to watch.

  16. I must say I’m a bit disappointed in the selection of the new couple. If they want to increase ratings I don’t think this pair would do the trick.
    Besides they already had the older man-younger woman couple with Lee Hwi Jae-Jo Yeo Jeong before.
    I really question what the WGM Production team are thinking sometimes…
    Then again it’s supposed to just be 1 episode so I guess I can endure it. Still…couldn’t they get people that are more popular?

    #6 missy : yes the guy is Choi Jin Shil’s (Shin Ae’s super close friend/unnie) brother.

  17. ok… now that is a little too much.., thats a HUGE ASS AGE GAP if u round it off thats 20 yrs. whats wrong with the PDs

  18. ShinAe’s oppa? how does Shin Ae know the guy? from modeling? the age gap is wide. ugh i hate getting to know a new couple. really the PDs just need to stick to the 4 cause we the audience have grown to love them.

  19. i think this is stupid.
    because i really did like Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jeong
    but they got rid of them due to the time..& now they are bringing another couple. Seriously they should just leave it to the four already.

    This makes me a little mad.

  20. uhm. i gotta say… weird coupling.
    but i was hesitant at first with the lettuce couple..
    but now i am truly in love and obsessed with them..
    so if it turns out bad.. dat dey`ll just be for one episode..
    but if theyre good.. den why not give them a try for more episodes?

  21. A really disappointing coupling. I know I haven’t seen anything yet but I don’t find anything special about Lee Hyunji that makes me anticipate her on WGM. As for the guy, I’m not familiar with him. Add in the age gap, and that’s just… no. Not a good choice imo. I don’t think either of them have anything special/different to bring to WGM.

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  23. i kinna not like the idea of this couple being put together
    i mean, i’d rather have celebs who are well known
    and i agree, just look at how arkward hwang-bo and huynjoong is when they first started out
    everything is awsome now but that’s only because of their personality
    but 17 years of differents?? that’s a LONG way to go until there’s really something real happening

  24. i’m sorry,
    but i dont really like Lee Hyun Ji.
    with huge age gap, it will be like awkward scenes again..
    why can’t they just stick with 4 couple..
    if WGM keep adding new couples, it would be interesting anymore..

  25. It would be interesting to watch, but I’d seriously be more content if they kept the current couples rather than adding new ones. I’m not really happy with the air time of some of the couples right now.

  26. omg…that’s a huge age gap right there..almost 20 years old different….i’m not sure this couple would get interest from the audiences or not….i really like Lee Hyun Ji w/ Eru….just wish them luck….^_^…

  27. WTF????? soo gay. the age gap is BIG. hyungbo was fine. also do they have enough timing? or Anbi will be leaving? (rumor)?

  28. Let’s give them a chance. They might surprise us. Just because he’s a lot older doesn’t mean he still isn’t a kid at heart and just because she’s young doesn’t mean she isn’t mature for her age.

    Is Choi Jin Young the singer Sky?

  29. eff that, this idea sonds retarded, i was hopn for a new female lead that is more, mmm strong in personalilty 😥

  30. Does this mean that the other couples air time will be less -_- if that’s the case i’m totally happy with whatever we have as for now !!
    It is perfect with all 4 couples. why adding one more ?!

  31. yeah…i was hoping for an “idol” couple too…like a very young couple who got married in their early twenties….and it will show how much they needed to learn about marriage and stuff..

    it would have been great!

    but seriously..if you think about the age…he could be her father…he could have become a teen father at age 17 and then 21 years later…this would be where they are at…*eww…

    that thought just grosses me out… but anyways… i’ll give this couple a try i guess… but the PDs better not cut any of our 4 fave couples segments!!!

  32. pretty girl and good looking guy but I must say I don’t think they’ll last to long the other couples have come a long way and scripted a place for themselves in the show
    I think it’s to late for a new couple UNLESS they grab everyones hearts RIGHT AWAY.
    but then the only way I think they could do that IS if they were from a idol group right now ^^
    I’m hoping Eunhyuk and Yoobin! =) (but I know it’ll never happen sadly T_T)

  33. OMG NO WAY

    THANKSGIVING SPECIAL ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, I was mad at MBC for delaying, but I love you MBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  34. God they dont need to come up with a new “concept” for the new couple, what they need are some truly popular, hot new faces! haha! Im suprised they picked two unknowns to be the new couple.

    well, unknown to me at least. Maybe it will turn out okay. I didnt like Crown J at first, had no idea who he is but now HES MY NO.1! (but of course Andy has no rankings in my heart cos he’s speciaall~~)

  35. WTF. she is MY AGE. i would NEVER get married to an almost 40-year-old… >_<

    the PDs better not even think about making this permanent. the fab 4 don’t have enough air time as it is!! T__T

    thanks for the news though

  36. Instead of wasting time with couples like that. Why don’t they throw in 3rd wheels with an event to cause fights or among the couples. Like Tayeon to AlShin couple since she lieks alex.. lol

  37. sad to say, it’s a un-interesting couple. plus the age gap is just a bit O_O;; 17 years is way to much, he’s almost old enough to be her father. it’s waaay overdoing it.

    Common PDs, you need to be more original. ):

    I rather have don don and saori back XD AHAHA.

  38. Hopefully one of the 4 original wont leave the show at the end of the year T.T…cuz that will make the show boring….I MEAN BORING!!~~ yea u know what i mean O_O….unless they bring a cute idol couple or else this show wont last long >_> but yea i think if one of the 4 original will leave it will prob be hwangbo and hyunjoo since hyunjoo got alot of work to do i belived.

  39. forgot to ask LOL…so which of original couple do u guy think will leave da show at da end of the year ?+) or none ? =)

  40. *YIKES* 17yrs diff. i know age is nothing but a number…
    still its blah. either way, its not big deal for me b/c i only watched HyuBo and CrownSeuong =)

  41. I’m reeeeally worried about this new couple thing! The article says the original couples will stay till the end of the year. Does that mean they’re gonna leave the show next year??? Are they gonna replace the original couples??

    If they do then I won’t watch the show any more as I love the original couples sooo much! It won’t be the same without them. Although this show makes their schedule busy, it’s only filmed one or 2 days per week, surely they can fit this show into their schedule next year??? Someone please tell me they won’t leave the show!!!

    Also, I think if they want to add a new couple, it’s fine so long as they don’t replace any of the 4 original couples. If they have to add a 5th couple, it’d be nice if it’s a really young couple as it’d be good to see how young ppl cope with married life.

  42. Hmm..these are the new couples. Waiting for the part to be subbed.
    But just finished watching ep 25 the babies so kutee.
    The new couples seem ok. Though i only know lee hyun ji..her new music vid ‘kiss me kiss me’ ft junjin.
    Hopefully the 4 couples will remain on the show.
    But before they annouced the new couple..i was hoping it wasnt another couple with a age gap..because weve have that senario b4 with hwang bo and hyungjoong as well as Jo Yeo Jeong and lee hwi jae. But saying that each couple has taken if differently so should be interesting. They seem like a cute couple too.

  43. i wish rain will be on the show. but then i might not like the “wife” unless it’s the girl from full house.

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