Eric Mun Will Be First Shinhwa Member to Be Enlisted

Shinhwa leader, Eric Mun Jung Hyuk will be enlisted into the army on 9th October after receiving his enlistment notice this morning in his mailbox.

Eric will report on the afternoon of 9th October at Chungnam Nonsan training camp where he will then undergo five weeks of mandatory basic military training. Thereafter, he will then be be transferred to the civil service for a desk job. Eric was told in a body checkup that he had to serve the army when he gave up his U.S citizenship in 2000. But he suffered serious injuries to his neck, back and knees when something went wrong while filming for his drama “Wolf” in 2006. He was thus deemed to be fit only for a desk job.

The possibility of Eric releasing his own album before his enlistment is still high though. He is set to release his single album at the end of September or early October as a solo singer. He will be the last Shinhwa member to do so.

39 thoughts on “Eric Mun Will Be First Shinhwa Member to Be Enlisted

  1. Be it a desk job or not, it’ll be two years without him. I know it isn’t such a long wait but it feels like it is.

    Oppa, do your best and just know that we’ll be here when you return.

  2. Any one know if the 5 weeks training is part of the 2 years service or it’s 2 years & 5 months?

    With the injuries that he has why isn’t Eric got exempted like Hye Sung? I’m proud that he still does it any way.

    Will definitely miss you! Be safe & come back soon.

  3. sad to seem him not in any dramas for 2 years. he did get injured from that stunt in Wolf, i think he helped Han Ji Min from getting more hurt. but didn’t he do stunts for Strongest Chil Woo? you’d think he would be able to do army stuff too then.

  4. @Coolblog: I think the 5 wks of training gets counted in the 2 year mandatory. Then again I don’t know but I think it does.

    Gonna miss Eric, he is still my favorite from Shinhwa.
    Oh well I know he has to do what he has to do. His fans will be here waiting for him when he returns.

    Eric-oppa HWAITING!!

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  6. i thought it was 4 weeks of training. dang i don’t want him to go T___________T stupid rule. gah there is going to be a lot of tears. he’ll be so bored at that desk job. lol

  7. T_T….i could feel my heart clenching with sadness when i think of his enlistment! I will really miss him but….i will wait and enticipate his return in 3 years! Missing you already, Eric! Thanks for the info, Coolsmurf!

  8. Eric oppa……. do your best……. Victih!!! Gitari for 2 years of your return & shinhwa reunite……… Forever Shinhwa!!!
    Ahn nyung……… *^_@!

  9. well, we all know about the on-set car accident eric met with during the filming of “wolf” so it’s understandable how he ends up with a desk job and not because he’s given special treatment as some say.

  10. :…( Eric will be enlisting in the army tomorrow!! So sad!!! *bawls* i will really miss him!! *bawls somemore*

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