Park Myung Soo and Kim Jae Dong Redundant on We Got Married and Ya Shim Man Man respectively?

It’s a trend to see a team of MCs on variety shows. The best examples are “We Got Married” who have 5 MCs while “Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainer Village” has 7. Each of them covers for each other so well that it adds more flavor to the show. Although this kind of system allows one to cover up for one another to bring more joy to viewers, it also leads to some overshadowing the rest, leaving some MCs to feel redundant and wonder why are they on the show.

MBC “We Got Married” have Lee Hwi Jae, Kang Soo Jung, Jung Hyung Don, Park Myung Soo and Lee Hyuk Jae as MCs. Park Myung Soo had been added to the team from June as a replacement for the outgoing Kim Won Hee. He had been recruited as a “consultant” having been married just two months ago and hopefully offer some good advice to the make-believe couples.

Nearly two months on the show, Park Myung Soo has yet to have much of a presence, leaving many viewers feeling disappointed. His face only appears for a few seconds and he doesn’t even have a line for the entire episode. Many viewers left comments on the website, “Exactly what is the purpose of Park Myung Soo?”, “When will Park Myung Soo appear again?”, etc, highly wishing that he would have a more positive influence on the show in future.

“Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainers Village” currently employs 7 MCs on the show, Kang Ho Dong, Kim Jae Dong, Yoon Jong Shin, MC Mong, JunJin, Seo In Young and Nick Khun. Kim Jae Dong has the gift of the gab but is finding himself in the backseat now. Kang Ho Dong, Kim Jae Dong and Yoon Jong Shin were surviving MCs from “Ya Shim Man Man” Season 1 but comparing now and then, Kim Jae Dong is becoming less important than the other two right now.

When you mention Kim Jae Dong, you will recollect how witty he is with his words. “Ya Shim Man Man” even specially created a “Kim Jae Dong Quotes” collection leading to him being adored by many viewers. But in between the ‘provocative’ Kang Ho Dong and ‘impish’ Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Jae Dong has to however take a backseat, leaving many viewers disappointed. They commented, “Hope that Kim Jae Dong can regain his past wittiness”, “Hope that he regains his former reputation”, “It’s a pity that he is being ‘intimidated’ by the other MCs aura and losing his original hosting flavor”.

21 thoughts on “Park Myung Soo and Kim Jae Dong Redundant on We Got Married and Ya Shim Man Man respectively?

  1. I think We Got Married could lose a few MC’s.. Especially the new girl.. She’s pretty annoying, making obvious comments and narrating the entire episode.. I wish the show could be longer, so we could see both the couples and MC’s then

    IMO, Jae Dong was never funny [on shows like on Star Golden Bell] so I guess I don’t really care.. IC works pretty well, and like, all of them are MC’s, no guests..

  2. i don’t see the need for that many mc’s on one show, especially ysmm. on wgm, only don don and hyuk jae make good remarks. hwi jae, the chick and pms don’t do much for the show. though, i really want pms to participate more since he’s a good mc. i miss won hee…why’d they take her out?

  3. I totally agree…I’ve notice that too and I feel like they’re exploiting the MCs, hoping that they’ll carry the ratings. I really don’t like the new format of Ya SHim Man Man….I like the old format. I was expecting something fresh. And however much I like Kang Ho Dong, it’s true – he cuts off too many people when they speak. I also love Park Myung Soo (when I do see him in a blue moon). He’s much better than Kang Soo Jung – Argh I don’t like her annoying voice over.

  4. i dont get the need of more than 2-3 mc at one show, seriously, why?
    i want decent number of guest with decent air time and in depth conversation

  5. I agree there was just too many MC. for WGM, I prefer don don PMS. I sure PMS can do well if he given chance, rather than sit there as ‘consultant’ and hardly appear on screen. For YSMM, i prefer old combination of MC, Why suddenly so much MC?? 7 MC for what??

  6. ooh i feel bad for Kim Jae Dong although i don’t really enjoy his MCing anymore.. Kang Ho Dong is too noisy, sometimes i wish he would shut up a little!

  7. In WGM only Dondon and Hyuk Jae who actively give good comments. Hwi Jae and Kang Soo jung are just so-so. KSJ not really bothered me alot, but yes, she “sometimes” gave unnecessary comments…
    And PMS.. I barely couldnt hear wht he said in the show. He only speaks up in the beginning of the show…such a waste…

    YSMM have too man MCs… i dont see the point at all…

  8. I don’t see how some of them are MC’s. There are only a few true MC’s including but not limited to: Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jae dong, Ji Suk Jin, and maybe Park Myung Soo, but he can’t lead by himself. He’s a sidekick. And then there are MC’s like Shin Jung Hwan, Tak Jae Hoon, Shin Dong Hyup and Hyori. And even Huh Cham. There’s others I left out cuz I don’t recall their names.

    There’s a difference between an MC and an entertainer.

  9. well,, considering the advantages and disadvantages of having many MCs in one show
    i think it’s a bad idea having that big number of MCs -_-

  10. I feel like the interaction between the married couples is limited while they sit on stage and watch their own footage. Even their presence seems redundant aside from their obvious purpose as eyecandy.

  11. i agree with post #2. there must be something wrong with the PDs to hire & pay MCs who have no screen time, but i don’t think it is the MCs faults.

  12. WHOA. I totally thought of this after watching Episode 23. I thought, “Why is PMS there? He doesn’t even give side remarks.” =(

    Usually, it’s Don Don and the girl talking on the sides anyway. Occasionally, Hyuk Jae and Hwi Jae would talk, but just occasionally.

    That’s why they don’t need so many MCs.

  13. I’ve never seen YSMM but I know on WGM Don and Hyuk Jae are all that’s really needed. I miss that lady who used to be there because I really don’t like the new girl. I don’t know maybe people that come from a Korean heritage have a thing for her.

  14. I always hoped for MC Yoo, Kang Ho Dong and Kim Jae Dong lineup for WGM as seen in their xman shows:
    eg. kjk, eunhye and eric love triangle:

    They not only extremely exaggerate the current situations but also make every couple embarrassed or at least think about what they do with spot on questions. WGM hosts say what we already see without going farther and its getting really bland, there’s not even a discussion on most of the things the couples do. The Xman MCs do that no problem but in their own unique way rofl

    You can imagine MC Yoo biting his MC cards, falling down with KHD, saying the famous “HOT HOT” lines or even KHD and Shin Jung Hwan saying “Only once a day” cringing at special events for example like Andys and Solbis couple rings. But in WGM you don’t have that or even a nice discussion about what it means or how jealous they are, only to see Crown J commenting how this has turned real without much response from the MCs

  15. i agree 100% with this article… recent variety shows are using too many MCs these days and it does make you wonder why they’re even on…just because they’re a well known MC?

    WGM for a example… 5 MCs?! and how many do we actually hear throughout the show…hmm….may be just about 2-3… WGM should definitely keep DonDon b/c he is the best out of the group for commenting and providing his “wisdom” on marriage… Lee Hyuk Jae has been fairly good to listen to too… the rest… uh… nothing much to say…

  16. nick khun is hot and everything, but i really don’t see the point of him being on ysmm. i guess it’s free publicity and all, but it’s painful to watch. the camera’s flash on him maybe a total of 5 times throughout the whole show….

  17. It’s all crazy! Never seen so inactive hosts, and how can you blame them for that? The only way to make it good, at least in WGM, is to let those two “examples” interact some with the made believe couples.

  18. They have TOO many hosts, its so annoying. Why dont they just keep two, and make the others as guests? Like how Family Outing has 5/6 regular members and 1 guest each week. Thats still okay. 7 hosts is so redundant.

    Oh and hey! Kim Jae Dong IS hilarious. I love most of the MCs that are in the shows, just that they often dont get the time to shine.

    Why dont they make an all-MC show? With Yoo Grasshopper, PMS, Kang Ho Dong, Kim Jae Dong, Yoon Jong Shin, Miss Shin, Park Kyung Lim….hahah okay im getting carried away!

  19. the hosts have ENTIRELY disappeared now~

    its really boring…
    id much prefer the old WGM with all the peoples talkin at once when the couple stories air..

    rather than disturbing ‘audiences’ (seemingly pre-recorded) in the background..

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