Lee Eon’s Management, “Lee Eon’s Death, Hit and Run Possibility?”

There was fresh development today with regards to Lee Eon’s death in the early hours of 21st August from his management. They claim that it was not a simple accident but a probably hit and run. According to someone from Lee Eon’s management, “After reviewing the footage from CCTVs and eye-witness reports, the probability of it being a hit and run is very high.”

Accident or Hit and Run?

Accident or Hit and Run?

According to that person, from CCTV footage, when Lee Eon’s motorbike was crossing the center line, it ran into the back of a car but he wasn’t on the motorbike. There was a black car and a taxi captured on the CCTV right after that. But because of the angle of which the CCTV was placed at, it didn’t manage to capture how Lee Eon fell off his motorbike.

This person added, “If the accident was caused by Lee Eon himself, the distance between him and his motorbike after that shouldn’t be too far apart. But from what we see, the distance between him and his motorbike was 70 meters apart. He could have been hit from behind and fallen off his motorbike.”

According to an eye-witness who witnessed the accident, the black car only had the hazard lights on after it went by Lee Eon’s body and the driver was reportedly on the phone. So Lee Eon’s management is suggesting that the hit and run driver could be the one behind the wheels of the black car.

The possibility of it being a hit and run fits in with the initial reports by 119 paramedics who was first on the scene. They reported that Lee Eon’s body was already charred (burnt) when they arrived. His face was swollen and seriously bruised. His left wrist bone was fractured and there was serious injuries to his chest. They believe that when the accident happened, Lee Eon was dragged on the road for some distance before eventually succumbing to his serious injuries.

Lee Eon’s management has obligations to help Lee Eon’s family with matters pertaining to the accident, etc. Although the police will investigate this accident fairly, but during the course of their investigations, the police hasn’t helped at all when told by Lee Eon’s management of it being a hit and run.

According to someone from the investigation team from Yongsan police station, “We are still investigating and so we can’t reveal anything now.” He added, “With regards to whether it’s a hit and run, we are now investigating the possibility. We hope that Lee Eon’s management will stay put and not conduct an investigation themselves. Just wait patiently for the results.”

credit: Lazenca0 (proofing)

35 thoughts on “Lee Eon’s Management, “Lee Eon’s Death, Hit and Run Possibility?”

  1. i hope the korean police really aren’t as lousy as they’re criticized in some of the better movies (Memories of Murder, Chaser, etc.) if Eon’s agency offers them clues/doubts, they should consider it and not act all high and mighty.

    it’s gruesome and sad to read details of his injuries. such a cruel fate…

  2. It was hard to accept his death in the first place. And just as I was going through the healing process, this news broke out.
    It it really is true, I don’t think I can’t handle it no more. I really can’t.
    I’m going to lose it.

  3. When I saw the news he was dead, I was so sad for days, even if I hadn’t really watched any dramas (except COFFEE PRINCE) with him in it, now hearing this, it’s horrible. D:

  4. oh hell no, if this was a hit and run i am gonna
    seriously, break down! soo sad at least take damn responsibility! urgh, when i read he died i was heart broken
    i even cried because of this… he was my favorite in coffee prince following after gong yoo. :SIGH: sad, i hope you’re happy in heaven.

  5. Oh my gosh! Dragged along a ways before he succumbed to his serious injuries?! That’s awful!!! Poor poor Lee Eon. What happened to those initial reports that he had died on impact? If it was indeed a hit and run, I sure hope that they find him and bring him to justice.

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  7. OMG this is really horrible. D; If it’s true… I really hope they catch the culprit. OMG I don’t want to think about it anymore. The family needs closure really. ㅠ_ㅠ

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  9. i hope they will catch who hit him. and who dear to run after hitting Lee Eon.
    R.I.P. dear lovely Lee Eon. you shall be remember forever.

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  11. i really hope his case will be thoroughly investigated and for the results to be out.. it’s the least that can be done for him now. and if it really was a hit and run, and all the gruesome details i’ve heard… argh… i really don’t want to think about it anymore >.<

  12. ang saya saya tlga d2 mag coomnt prng fs lng hahahahha commnt ka din ah..ganda p nmn ng coffee prince den masasawe lng pla c papa lee eon..aw aw..d carabao..lee eon ipagdadasal ko kaluluwa mo..joke..

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