Kim Heechul, “I Cough Out Blood After Each Don’t Don Performance”

“Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainers Village” had Super Junior member, Kim Heechul on the show which was shown last night on a certain tv station where he revealed a sad story that he had coughed out blood while performing.

During the show last night, he revealed that it’s really tough and tiring being a singer. They often have to withstand inhuman stress levels. He also revealed a sad story that he had coughed out blood before while performing on stage.

Kim Heechul recalled when Super Junior was promoting “Don’t Don”, “When we were recording the song ‘Don’t Don’, I was given the latter portion where I had to shout out ‘Super Junior’. I was praised for doing it well by the song composer after finishing my part for the first time. I was full of vigour after that and every time when it was time for us to perform this song, I would scream really hard for my part. But after a few performances, blood started appearing. I would cough out blood after every ‘Don’t Don’ performance.”

48 thoughts on “Kim Heechul, “I Cough Out Blood After Each Don’t Don Performance”

  1. I’m not a crazy SuJu fan, but WOW that is some crazy commitment from HeeChul. Gotta respect him for totally going all out for something like that.

  2. Hee Chul oppa please take care of yourself T_T
    we want you alive ToT

    eat well and live well oppa

    saraang hae oppa ❤ ❤ ❤
    oppa hwaiting~~

  3. definitely isn’t easy being in that profession. we all know it….little sleep, lots of pressure…yeap…keep up the good work, heechul!

  4. “on certain tv station” hahahah .. still had a bad vibes on sbs I guess .. wish someone is subbing yashimmanman 2 i like watching it … btw .. i miss the videos on your previous channel .. so sad . i can’t rewatch the dangyunhaji anymore ;;:(

  5. Professionalism. Thumbs up!
    But yeah, don’t they lip sync to don’t don quite frequently too.( probably it’s the handful of performances i watch). WOW. but that phrase he “sang” wasn’t meant to be sung but screamed. Can’t the producers make that sound with the recording machines too? Haiz, poor heechul…

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  7. T.T omo i havent watchd it but its sure is really T.T
    i often thought heenim is much more suitable to be rock singer, but after readin this, i would prefer him keep being pop singer and wont have to keep shoutin n screamin >.<

  8. If you have the time, could you please translate Heechul and Kangin’s parts of this episode. You don’t have to make subs of it, i’m willing to add it to video and I would give you full credit. Or you could translate it and I won’t add it to video if you don’t want me to.

    If you need the download link and are willing to translate it please email me at

  9. he needs to take care of himself.. he can perform without shouting part, as long as its for his health.

  10. glee: Hahaha, i noticed that too.

    Still holding grudges with “that certain tv station” i seee.
    Haha, so what happend to that guy who was gonna try to get your account back?

  11. oh man…sm should really let their artists rest some more. though i do commend heechul for working hard…the boy needs to rest, as do all of them.

  12. =O EH?! then, the manager or someone should’ve made arrangements about that! i mean, poor heechul’s alreayd coughing up blood, but he kept performing it?! goodness!

  13. infiniti512:”If that’s the truth then Chester of Linkin Park should have an IV of blood with him at all times.”

    lol!!!! XD omg

  14. oh poor Chullie.. but don’t worry i don’t really enjoy that song..SuJu can stop promoting it..

    oh man! everytime SuJu perform Don’t don i’m going to imagine him puke out blood!-_-:: seriously Korean needs to rest..too much work is no life!

    Heechul kinda look different..

    @infiniti1512 LOL nice one.. i actually laugh at it..even though i am ELF..LOL

  15. Liar
    Suju = pp who tell lies.
    Oh really? What proof is there of that?

    I can’t imagine why he’d lie about something like that anyway.

  16. Fiona, stfu. 😐

    I’m sure you know everything about screaming, right?

    It can indeed lead to vomiting or yes, coughing out blood.

  17. for a performer whose voice can scream like chester, i suppose it’s not as difficult but i do recall hearing about chester having to rest due to the damage the screaming is doing to his voice?

    but for a performer like heechul, who does not specialize in “screaming”, it’s hard to produce that sound and if overdone, it causes harm to the voice.

    since fiona says he’s a liar, why don’t she try it repeatedly and see for herself?

  18. yeah.. after the part he scream “SUPER JUNIOR!!!!” at the end of the song..
    sad sad story..

    hey, i’m indonesian too, from indonesia with love..

  19. this massage is to better shut your mouth,you said that suju is liar,you want proof about heechul case,but you yourself don’t have proof to said that suju is liar!!!you just a weird person.and 1 more thing,i also can’t imagine why you lie about something like that ANYWAY!!

  20. awww, it’s sad that his health has to suffer and i know he does it cause he wants to but he has to be more careful.. heenim, your fans don’t want anything to happen to you!! Saranghae oppa, good luck and be safe in your army trainings. 😉

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