Beethoven Virus Wows With Trailer and Stills

With less than a week to go, MBC has started it’s publicity drive by releasing the trailer and stills for it’s drama “Beethoven Virus” (I like that name) which revolves around an orchestra and stories involving the people playing the various instruments. The still of Kang Gun Woo (Jang Geun Seuk) meeting Du Ru Mi (Lee Ji Ah) in the subway one day by destiny got the most attention.

In the photos, the beautiful scene of Du Ru Mi playing the violin while Kang Gun Woo plays the trumpet left viewers dazzled. In the drama, Kang Gun Woo doesn’t know about his in-born musical talent and only until the appearance of Du Ru Mi one day leaves him to discover that he is actually alive. Without any proper music training beforehand, Kang Gun Woo is bought into the orchestra and with the help of Du Ri Mi, they become the best partners and players.

Jang Geun Seuk and Lee Ji Ah will also appear at the “Beethoven Virus” press conference as MCs on 4th September with the latter set to play the violin to show her hardwork in learning it over the past few months. “Beethoven Virus” will air it’s first episode starting next Wednesday, 10th September.

“Kingdom of the Winds”, “Beethoven Virus” and “Tazza”, I am waiting on these 3. By the way, Song Hye Gyo, Hyun Bin, etc are in Singapore right now filming for KBS “The World That They Live In” starting from 1st – 13th September, for two whole weeks. No idea where they will be at. Tell me if you know.

For those who can watch KBSWorld on Starhub Digital Cable, you can also access another Korean channel Arirang TV on Channel 172 starting yesterday. Recommended program is Homey Korean where they teach Korean.

31 thoughts on “Beethoven Virus Wows With Trailer and Stills

  1. i can’t wait for this show to start! 🙂 So hot, so hot!

    and i hope someone spots Song Hye Gyo and Hyunbin. Ha ha i’ll so totally stalk them. (Get photographs, and autographs :P) ha ha talk about crazye fangirl.

  2. WHOO! JGS is amazingly hot and i think i’m going to die watching this drama!!! so intense from the previews already…

    wow… this is going to be a hit… so many good dramas are competing against each other this fall…. whoo!

  3. Aarghh they’re in Singapore now!I wanna c them!Alrite i’ve still got 11 more days to look for them.hehehe…

  4. Is he trying to look more mature by growing facial hair? It just looks silly. He’s like a little kid. Their pairings will be an odd one.

  5. Somehow it reminds me of Nodame Cantibile…that Japanese manga…but I think it seems more angsty….will look forward to this.

  6. Man…i’m definitely gonna watch Beethoven Virus…
    i love such genere of show….
    classical music….

  7. i’d be psyched about this if I hadn’t read/watched Nodame Cantabile. Thats one hell of a drama to be compared to (inevitable due to its striking similarities) but still–looking forward to seeing Geun Suk in the small screen once again. 🙂

  8. am I the only one that thinks JGS is not that good of an actor?
    I think, it’s just his looks….oh well, he’s a total eye candy…but are they only going to play Beethoven’s compositions?
    I hope they would use one of Schubert’s too…

  9. This was one of the dramas I couldnt wait to see this year. JSG<3 is so cute. I bet this is going to be good. I like how it’s not going to be exactly like Nodame. Nodame Cantabile is <3, BTW!

  10. I’m really looking forward to this drama. Lee Ji Ah really impressed me and Jang Geun Seuk is a must. ❤

    Can’t wait!! ^__^/

  11. my friend saw them this afternoon filming at Chinatown. she tried taking pics but was stopped by the manager. however, my friend’s friend secretly manage to take some pics of Song Hye Gyo. they started filming at around 3pm. & from the info i got, they’re now at Sentosa.

    i wanna see Hyun Bin!! >.<

  12. gahhh JGS<333
    cant wait!

    and thanks for the arirang info!

    my korean teacher’s friend is the interpreter for SHG
    and she said most of their scens are taken in sentosa.
    although it’s mainly at the other high-end side..tough to stalk ):

  13. can i ask if the programs like ‘chatting with beauties’, happy sunday, happy together, sponge and star golden bell have subtitles?

    Cause when I check kbsworld site, it lists these programs as not having subtitles, but I’ve heard some ppl say that they have watched it with sub, but some also say those programs don’t come with subs.

    I’m confused. Can someone help to clarify?

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