America Set To Experience Asia’s Best, BoA

Korean singer BoA currently active in both Japan and Korea will soon announce her preparation work and future plans to enter the American music industry.

A press conference will be held at Seoul’s Imperial Palace Hotel next Wedneday, 10th September which is aptly named as “Best of Asia, Bring on America”.

The tagline “Best of Asia, Bring on America” was conceptualised with the initials of BoA’s name and highlights the confidence and aspirations that one of Asia’s best singers hopes to bring to the American music industry.

According to SM Entertainment, “BoA will speak about her preparations and future plans for her entry to the American music industry. At the same time, she will also show photos of the overseas production staff that is involved with this project and also a blueprint of her future American promotional activities.”

Rain didn’t have much success. Se7en’s debut has been delayed again and again. Can BoA do the impossible and open up a new market, having already accomplished everything possible in Korea and Japan? Time will tell.

61 thoughts on “America Set To Experience Asia’s Best, BoA

  1. I’m actually wondering !! I’m still waiting for Se7en’s debut in US -_-
    And doesn’t she have to break the clean image she has got in Asia ?? Cuz ok she is a good dancer but her vocals aren’t incredible…there are ppl way better than her already in America..i’m really curious where this goes XD

  2. I have to agree with Jasmine. There are tons of good dancers and singers in America. It’s gonna be quite a fight for her to debut there successfully. The other problem is the barrier language. Even Utada Hikaru who was New York born and sing and speak in English fluently didn’t have much success and she was one of the top selling artist in Asia too. Although I wish Boa luck in her endeavors. Maybe she could do what the others can’t or maybe not. Only time could tell. And whatever happened to Se7en anyway? Is his album delayed again?

  3. mmm… i`m worried she wont make it that far in america. Her voice doesnt really suit it…. well i might be wrong xD!
    yeh what did happen to se7en`s album?!!!

  4. Why is everyone so worried?
    I mean it’s part of being a singer
    to cross over to another level.
    BoA [with SM ent.] choose to
    cross over to US.
    Let’c give everyone a chance.
    BoA is mature and will handle
    this with pride.

    I believe in this girl.
    Let’s give her a chance,
    If it becomes a success then lets celebrate.
    If it fails then at least we know She
    tried… It’s just like failing an exam!

  5. Goodness me. I hope she doesn’t pull a Se7en. Anyone seen his latest image? What happened to the clean cut, cute guy? If that’s the kind of image necessary to break into America, Boa, please stay in Asia. PLEASE.

  6. Boa has been in the Asian music industry for really long so I guess it’s only natural for her to want to take it to another level.

    But honestly, I’m skeptical about this whole korean-artist-breaking-into-america thing…. It’s been too long and too desperate. Because the American music industry is the biggest music industry in the world. There are LOTS of great singers, dancers, and musicians in America. And frankly speaking, I think Boa is not strong enough yet. She’s strong in Asia alright, but I don’t think vocally she’s international standard yet. If she enters America she’ll be compared to the likes of Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Alicia Keys, etc etc… She’s not quite near that standard yet. But I guess like you said coolsmurf, only time will tell. There are some “singers” in America that sing like crap and still sell records like hotcakes. It’s all about selling factor. If you can’t sell your vocals, then you have to sell something else.

    I still wish her all the best!!

  7. Hi i know what i’m gonna comment, got nothing to do with this post. but i’m just wondering, if you know which website shows the drama On air? 🙂

  8. Gosh, I wish they’d cut it with the korean-artist-breaking-into-america thing like Ayu said…
    I don’t mean to offend Amrs, but they are too stereotypical if that’s the right word to use, to let Boa compete with said Aguilera, Keys, and so on…
    Though I believe Boa’s at a stage in which she wants to take her career to a different level, I think this will end up being a waste of time. I don’t wanna sound mean, but let’s be realistic, the probabilities of her making it are low and I don’t think the US is ready for Boa and neither Boa is ready for the Amr. market.
    I seriously don’t believe Amrs would go crazy for an Asian singer and with an ‘accent.’ I think she should focus on conquering ALL of Asia instead; and in fact, the Amr. market isn’t that great at all, it’s full of guys n girls talking about dumb and dirty things and I still don’t get why it’s such a ‘respected’ market… Anyways, that’s my POV as an outsider.
    Still, let me wish Boa tons of good luck and I seriously feel for her…
    LSM went nuts this time, but like coolsmurf said let time tell…

  9. i wish boa luck…
    seriously, not yet i heard of any Asians make it big in the westerns… but why?
    its so easy for the western to make it big in the Eastern, but not the opposite??? its like even the Japaneses, who do not know english well, they fancy paris hilton, britney and M.carey, and their records sell like mad there, but why not ayumi selling US?
    what the fuck with this trend? so f-ing unfair.

  10. i thought she was going to stop her singing career for awhile…
    i didnt update myself on her for awhile now and she’s already planning for american debut? );
    her english pronounciation isnt great either…
    but i wish her the best

  11. I don’t see it happening but good luck to her. Maybe there would be an Asian invasion similar to the Latin invasion at some point but we need distinctly Asian-sound music (and not just language) and not American pop music sung in an Asian language or with an accent.

    If you look at Latin music, reggae etc etc, you’ll see it’s a completely different genre. Leona Lewis, Craig David etc etc can become one hit wonders in America because those songs have strong vocals (Leona Lewis) or also come with a somewhat different sound (Craig David).

  12. I believe in her ability.
    She also doesn’t afraid of failure, she once said it in interview.
    But if she has to change her image into a kind of bitchy image, cos USA is still so picky n they don’t give chance to asian people unless u can do kung fu or u wanna get naked like some asia stars who r success in USA.
    I’d say I prefer her staying in Asia.
    It’s okay if she failed but i don’t want her to change her clean image.

  13. as BoA fan, i will support her watever she will go…
    this condition will be kind of similar when she debut in japan..
    no one believed in her, but she tried her best n now she is one of the diva in japan.
    i think she has the change to make it. if she fail, it is okay.
    at least she try to reach her dream. better than me that give up for my dream.
    not every ppl can risk everything for their dream.

  14. I’m quite surprise at how realistic the comments have been and at the lack of rampant fan boys/girls. I agree with Amylia even Utada Hikaru who is huge in asia and is an American didn’t manage to break through(although I blame the lack of promotion) I doubt someone like Boa who’s a “packaged” or “produced” entertainer will make it.

  15. T_T I have a bad feeling about this, and if she is sucessful…I’ll be damned.

    I don’t mind her debuting here, but I don’t want her to change her style/image just for America. The americans might like it, but she’s losing all her fans in Asia…me including.

    I also can’t stand her seeing critisize or insulted by some racist bastards. Either way, I’ll support her and buy her album…if she comes that far T_T

  16. If Thalia and Shikira made it in the states with an “accent” (tho Spanish) then I believe that if BoA has the talent she will succeed as well.

  17. Erm, I’m REALLY worried. She might fail. You know how bitchy and racist Americans are? Hopefully if she can pull of at least 4 hit singles and can pull off the American accent. Then good lick to her.

  18. she’ll fail…and everyone will be so disappointed like no one else before…the bad thing about her is that she’s deteriorating by year….instead of amplifying herself, she just doesn’t have anything to give anymore…
    there’s nothing to expect from her anymore…she debuted so early and gave it all she got but in the end, she’s left with nothing…though, she’s working hard…seriously, they think she’s a wannabe Japanese in Korea…and her singles/albums don’t sell as much anymore…
    but…can’t blame her…it’s not just Asian artists even European artists want to make it big here…

  19. i want her back in korea. sorry but the culture difference is too large. unless america all of a sudden decides that they can accept different cultures and understand different cultures then these ppl will never make it. america is a bit too close minded to accept them even though their fans think they are great, its not going to be easy for them to make it in america. she would have more fame in korea/asia, i cant think of any american celebrity that has the fame that she has in asia right now. and i mean fame that lasts. she s giving up so much in asia to debut in america? what a waste of time. to really get noticed in america right now, i guess is just to make a catchy song and let it get overplayed on the radio 24/7 then repeat the process. i dont think she has a choice in this. i think she would rather be home. she has already said she s been depressed because her career took so much from her. maybe this is also her way of getting closer to her dream of studying in the states. SM isnt exactly known for great music, good music but not great music, they care more about sales, money, money, money and some more money. boa should really come back to korea and promote there. her fans miss her in korea.

  20. @Lisa: crunchyroll has all the episodes of On Air.

    I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I REALLY think that all these big asian stars should STAY in asia, where people actually love their music/dancing/looks/whatever. I don’t like how they make expanding into the US (or another country) their first priority, instead of their home country. I really don’t like seeing all these “huge” asian stars being forced (well, i guess not FORCED) to do all these things that totally downgrade them. and plus, honestly, it makes me sick how all of the world still thinks america is the center of the world. it’s not. i’m sorry, but it’s not.
    (btw, i DO live in the USA. i’m just not infatuated with my american-ness)

  21. I’m asian and lived in US my whole life and i truly believe that NO ONE not rain, se7en, Boa any other BIG asian celebrity will make it in the US. At least not in the next couple of years. Standards in the US is totally different. What makes them a star there in Korea doesnt mean they will make it with the same standards in the US. I am so SICK of hearing koreans trying to debut here in america because i hate to see them fail, trashed talked or HUMILATED which they will for their accent, for their looks and everything else! SO FOR GOD SAKE I WISH THEY’LL WAIT LIKE 5 YEARS LEARN OUR LANGUAGE FULLY AND TRAIN HARDER THEN TRY TO CROSS OVER. Failing just makes them look bad.

  22. honestly i’ve showed some of her songs to my friends at school and they just didn’t like it…so unfortuately her appeal might only be limited to asian countries or those of asian descent.

  23. Heres a theory; theres a major mass appeal to the Korean culture these days thats because its something we ( the US) doesnt see as much. But once they cross over we wont because of the criticism they will recieve and as an american we see things differently IN america then in other countries. Their popularity will just decline.

  24. I don’t really think they’ll make it over here. It already scared me when they said Rain was coming to the US because you konw he’s only popular because of Full House. Se7en, I ❤ him but they’ll say he’s some Asian wannabe. YG even said Tae YAng might cross over, and I KNOW he’s going to get ripped apart. So, BoA isn’t going to do that well. She’ll be torn apart. And if Crown J crosses over, well, you know how THAT will turn out. Best of luck, BoA, but brace yourself just in case.

    PS: I love the Ant and all, but does anyone else think he’s a flashback of 2006? i’m pretty sure no one does the Atlanta A anymore.

  25. Best of luck to her.
    But to tell you the truth, I don’t want Boa to debut in America. She’s going to face a lot of hardship and sterotype. We’re just not ready for an international asian star.

  26. Should she try?
    Yeah, why not. Okay, if you fail your still a star in Japan and Korea.

    Will she make it?
    If she doesn’t half ass it (by not learning the language) and comes out with beats unlike any current American musician then she has a fighting chance.

    Will she be criticized and possible discriminated for being Asian?
    Um…. anyone in the limelight knows that criticism comes with the territory. As for as her ethnicity well… must successful minorities in America have learn to grow thick skin and use that negativity to prove the adversaries wrong.

  27. P.S. Americans are not racist as a whole, yeah we have problems with ignorant people discriminating against people of different skin color/ethnicity. But Korea is not one to talk as well as any other country that blindly believes their country is perfect.

    Why are we so quick to turn a blind eye to our own faults and quickly point out others?

  28. i think debuting in the us is so dumb, i rather them go to china or sumthing…. srsly y not china, i dont see my friends going crazy over boa, even now, if a asian artist was to appeal to them ( hotness aka hyori ) all they do is youtube it, and thats the end of it, its another factor to talk about when the topic fits hot asian girl, i honestly think ppl will just diss the $het out of her, make fun of ethnicity etc…. i no korean, japan sales compared to american albums r like lil pieces of rice compared to a giant baked cake but its not worth taking the hits for, and its not like its free either, i hope she changes her mind! AND IF SHE REALLY IS GONNA DO THIS, OMFG PLZ DONT CARRY THE ASIAN ACCENT OVER, RAIN IS SPEEDRACER, MADE LAFFTER IN THE THEATER BY SELECT FEW CUS HIS ACCENT! PLZ!!!!! BOA SAAAAVE URSELF!

  29. i honstly think why alot of american artists just blow up into crazy popular stars with sometimes minimal talent, or none even, is because its “cool” to like them, have their albums sitting in ur cd holder at home, having the music blast in your headfones while your on the train, or where ever you are, of course thats not the only selling point of music, some people actually buy music cause they enjoy it, but at least for this factor, i dont see majority of non asian peoples, or even asian people actually going to stores to purchase these albums, that might sound pretty dumb, but when your asian, asian artists appeal more sometimes, if the music is really insanely good, it can still do good, w.e i wish her luck!

  30. i’m a huge fan of BoA. Seriously.

    however, even I am skeptical at her future success in America. BoA’s style is just NOT what’s mainstream in America. Even her asian looks is not the “exotic” ideal of Asian women that the west has. BoA doesn’t even have a signature style, it doesn’t even feel like “her” anymore. Just a robot. American artists have a definite personality and signature style. When you hear their music, you recognize it, even the first listen on the radio.

    i love BoA’s voice, but i think even her english versions of her kpop/jpop songs absolutely suck. Valenti (english) was fine but then again, i love that song to bits. Also, BoA’s voice has changed a lot over the years. its sharper to my ears in a bad way. I don’t think her voice will appeal to the American audience.

  31. I LOVE BoA!!! she’s a legend in both korea and japan!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
    as much as i love her though.. her English really sucks.. x_X;; and no.. i dont think in such a short amount of time she can really speak English w/o an accent..
    i mean.. look at Utada hikaru.. her English is much better but she didn’t really do so well in America.. :/

    i think it would be better off if BoA tried acting instead of branching off to America!!
    wishing her the best of luck!!! ❤

  32. Wow wow… I’m quite surprised at all the honest, unbiased reviews here about Boa’s debut. It’s nice to know the readers here aren’t made up of a massive truckload of fanboys and fangirls who just blindly follow. LOLLL.. I agree with those who compared it to Utada Hikaru. She’s American herself, speaks fluent English, has good vocals, and is a musician too. And she didn’t make it. And America has too many music talents and artists, I don’t think they’d welcome another act. And it doesn’t help if you don’t speak that well, don’t sing as well as most of the artists there, and just simply doesn’t seem to fit. They’d probably welcome you if you’re truly KICK-ASS.. Boa doesn’t offer anything new that’s not already or even better than anything that’s presently available. I love Rain and Se7en and I respect Boa for her long-standing in the Asian music industry but I just somehow think this whole thing is so wannabe. I wish it’ll just stop.Why don’t these artists try to keep improving and improving and keep offering better things in Asia until they are eventually truly respectable by everyone in Asia and eventually become a true talent that American themselves will invite? Lol..

  33. Look at Alex and Tiffany. They were born and bred in the West, yet they only achieve fame and success by returning to Korea. I’d wish BoA luck, I honestly would, but it seems like a bad idea for aiming that high when the reality looks bleak. =(

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  35. I wish Boa well. I don’t know how the US will take to her singing, but I hope she can succeed. I don’t see her in control of any of this and I hope she doesn’t get hurt. There are those of us in the US who are not Asian, who love the music. We are a minority though.

    If she goes for the bubblegum pop and aims for preteens then she might make it. If she can get her song played on some Radio D*sney type station where they inundate you with the same 30 songs all blessed day, then maybe. Will she be aiming at 10-12 yr olds?

    At least with SM you know the promotion will be huge and that may give her a better shot than those before her.

  36. I actually don’t think she will succeed. I just don’t think that she has anything that will set her apart from the other stars here in the states. If you want to succeed in the U.S. you must have tremendous vocal talent or have something new that we want. I mean come on I didn’t know who Rain was until I went to Korean and he was supposedly was breaking in to the states. Now that I have returned to the states I did a little experiment and asked people if they new who he was then once I told them he was the asian guy from speed racer they said “oh…” Meaning they probably still don’t know who he is. I know BoA is still young but It would of been better for her to appear in here prime. From what I see she really isn’t that big in Korea right now. Two group I do think might have a chance are Big Bang and the Wonder Girls with the later in the lead only because in the states mature audiences (which means most people that buy music) don’t like cheesy boy bands. Some brought up the point about Amerie I mean come on she is half korean and her father is a military man, BoA is full and she sings like that pop we left behind in 2000 with the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync. Epic Fail…

  37. I’m not a fan of BoA but i respect & acknowledge what she has done for Asia but her coming to America is a failure waiting to happen. BoA’s english isn’t even that great & the worst English accent is the Asian accent from what I read & heard.
    I’m sorry to BoA fans but it’s the truth.
    America goes for TWO things.
    Talent & Image.
    For female artist. They have to be sexy & I mean sexy not the “semi-sexy” things that they have in i mean sexy as in show off your assets sexy & talent, I admit BoA can dance but singing wise no..her voice is not that great.
    There are WAY more talented females in America that will quickly outshine her yet they are still working to get some notice.

    The thing is, Is BoA willing to shed that image that she has in Korea to become something that America might like? I’m afraid if she does BoA will end up losing herself in the American market.

    Also US market is harsh. They are gonna nitpick at her for every little thing look what they did the Brittany Spears & Mariah Carey they all had breakdowns because of the American market & they are americans that are very successful.

    There are other Asian stars that tried but fail for example Utada Hikaru(sp?) she collab w/ Timbaland but she failed. That just shows that even having some of the big name producers or artists working with you does not guarantee success.
    Coco Lee she debut she was even on Extra & they talked about her being the Beyonce of Asia but she failed.

    The only ppl that will most likely buy her CD or anything will be her fans that have been her fans from the beginning.

    What makes ppl think BoA has a chance? Good luck to her but seriously I think it’s gonna be a flop.

  38. @omo: I totally agree with you…
    No country is perfect..what I will find annoying is that if & when BoA debuts & she fails (which I think will happen) that the Koreans will say it’s because she’s Asian or not just koreans but whoever says it’s because she’s Asian.
    Why bring racism into this?
    Korea isn’t all that perfect..they still have some ppl in Korea that look down on color folks. In Asia white skin is consider beautiful.
    So whoever says BoA failed because she’s Asian is just ignorant & stupid..
    If that’s the case then it should be if they knew she will fail because she’s asian why did they debut her anyways?

  39. BoA is such a loser. lol I mean seriously….her english sucks, her music sucks and this girl hasn’t had any US promo. compared to groups that have just came out years after her, like WG…they had their song and photos on the NYC big screeen in times sqaure, met russel simmons, got noticed by Virgin Mobile among other Western girl groups…and ye eun’s english has surpassed BoA, same with yoobin and sunye.

    BoA just needs to keep her plain boring self in Korea or Japan, she will never make it in the US. Time to give up, shes getting old and her voice isn’t getting any better, same with her engrish.

  40. And honestly if Korea wanted to cry racism for when this woman fails big time then bring it on, we can dig up all kinds of racist shit Korea does daily, all kinds of prejudice shit they do to the US military over there protecting their damn people when they should be protecting the USA not some country that dislikes us Americans.

    Get real BoA, your music sucks.
    LSM needs to stop giving this girl false hope and stop wasting money on her american dream.

  41. even if wg has been shown in time square and bla bla bla, its cus jyp has the connects, but still did it do that much for them? i kinda doubt it, they still wouldnt make it in america either, and comparing boa to them, while shes the veteran in the music industry, while as compared to wgs in american status, boa rocks them in the japanese industry, so i wouldnt just say shes a waste of time, i dont like all of boas songs, but i still like her voice, imo boa, stay in japan, make a korean album fken soon and forget about ze americas

  42. The point was, that WG got all this US promo, ect. without even trying, they aren’t even planning to go to the US. lol WG has a better chance at making it anywhere since they’re being noticed by US websites anyways, but they aren’t planning to go to the US either way.

    BoA is just a pathetic girl whose music sucks, doesn’t make much money working for LSM still, I can’t wait to see her flop in the US. lol Some korean stars can use a dose of reality when it comes to their “music” because their singing standards are way lower than the US.

    Let’s see how boa does against beyonce, christina aguilera, leona lewis, ect. We have all the power house voices, BoA needs to stay in a low standard country where she can get by sucking at singing. ^_^

  43. ^LOL totally agree with you Lina..
    LSM has connections alright…..only in Korea but other places..HA! I doubt it.

    With WGs I don’t think they’ll make it too, i think they might last longer than BoA but they too will eventually disappear back to Korea & I like WGs….
    but as of now we don’t know if WGs will be coming to America so we shouldn’t talk about them.

  44. It was Rain (Former JYP) then SE7EN (YG) and now BoA (SM) going into the US’s market! FINALLY, SM DOES SOMETHING TO BRING HIS ARTISTE TO FAME INTERNATIONALLY~!! I believe BoA is going to be the next big thing in the US!

    BoA hwaiting! Best of Asia, Bring on America!

  45. //Lina
    “Let’s see how boa does against beyonce, christina aguilera, leona lewis, ect. We have all the power house voices, BoA needs to stay in a low standard country where she can get by sucking at singing. ^_^”

    Look who’s talking racism.

    I agree that Boa, Rain, Seven, (etc, etc, etc, whatevers) and WG will never make it in the US not because of racism, but simply because they don’t have what the US audience might find attractive or interesting. It is immature to argue which is better or worse. The selling point is just different in different cultures. Korean/Asian and US audiences are two totally different territories and what they want to watch and listen just differ by a lot. The names you have mentioned such as Beyonce, Aguilera and Lewis are musicians with dense voices with strong vocal actings. Certain cultures or audiences such as Korea might prefer more delicate, relaxed sounds and find the aforementioned names overwhelming. (And I hope you are not judging Korean music industry after only listening to Boa, Rain, Seven and their mainstream likenesses. If you haven’t listened to other Korean underground musicians, you have no right to call them ‘low standard’ and yes, I am offended.)

  46. While I agree with many here I do disagree with one point. BOA’s English is a stupid argument in that there are a lot of artists with accents like Shirika that do just fine. Hell some country singers I can hardly understand at all. Reggae is another great example. If anything BOA may be targeting the wrong market. Pop is very fickle and not very diversified and would likely just limit her abilities. BOA is so talented and pop just doesn’t seem like a good fit for her. Another problem as some have mentioned is Asian Stereotypes in the media, TV, Movies etc. Until that changes and how they are perceived is going to be a mammoth task. It is slowing starting to change with shows like America’s Best Dance Crew but it is still to soon i think. What could also be is that BOA has already had a very impressive career by anyone standards and she has nothing left to prove there. It would be interesting though to know what her real reason were for doing this.

    I have to say though that unlike many American Artists she is doing it for the right reasons. She doesn’t need the money and is what I consider a true artist. Something which has been missing for this industry for some time now. The music industry has for some time now been on a steady decline. Of coarse the argument has been that P2P file-sharing is the problem but that is a cop-out. Not saying it has effected sales but I think is more a lack of musically diversity. You see so many cookie cutter groups these days. Record Labels want sure bets to maximize profits and not create individual artists. Hence a sort of Auto Industry mentality lol. It is more about how many you can run off the assembly line then it is about bringing something new and different to the market. I really hate this sort of thinking but it is reality. This is in part why I decided not to get back into the music Biz. There is nothing that inspires me anymore and when i see people like BOA I have hope but I sadly have to agree with many here.

    You know for a country that is supported to be the most ethnically diverse in the world. It does make one wonder why there is such a lack of representation. I am ready for a change frankly and if it means the Record Labels going bankrupt to do it so be it!! There are so many great artists out there Asian or otherwise which never get heard on the radio. Does that mean we aren’t ready for them. I don’t think so as it is more about the Record Labels deciding what we listen to and not doing that for ourselves. Most people don’t realize that labels buy air time for whatever artist they are promoting. Whoever has the most cash to pay off the Radio stations gets the most airplay. It is highway robbery but that is more common then not. SoundScan is another problem which is a long outdated system but still used in the Billboard ranking charts. SoundScan began innocently enough; the industry needed a reliable means of tracking retail store scans of music to make sure everyone was properly credited, and as a way to accurately track sales regionally.

    Since labels are notorious for inflating their sales figures, SoundScan offered a way for everyone in the industry to see everyone numbers and try to keep everyone else (more) honest. Problem is that distributors are basing their payment to labels upon SoundScan retail numbers, but SoundScan has proven itself a completely inaccurate, outdated way of gathering sales information in the modern music industry. I can go into a big long story on this but will leave it at that for now. Anyways BOA has a lot of roadblocks to overcome no doubt. The fact that she is trying to break into a market which by default is already outdated and out of touch with the times. It is going to take a fundamental change in how we see and view music before artists like BOA have a chance here. She actually would stand a better change just being herself and not trying to Americanize her image. Change doesn’t come for those who follow the crowd but for those challenge the establishment. In any respect I wish BOA the best and give her my support. She is going to need all the support she can get lol.

  47. Look, there are two big reasons why she’s almost guaranteed to fail here in the west.

    1. The album promotion is REALLY annoying because they just keep going on and on about the fact that she’s from Asia, which, to put it lightly, WE DON’T CARE ABOUT.

    2. When I look at BoA, there is nothing admirable, or glamorous, or beautiful, or special about her. People will not look at BoA and say, “OMG she’s awesome, I wanna be like her!” Hell no. Dress like her: are you mad?! How about sing like her: She CAN’T sing.
    Look like her: HELLLLL NOOOO!! Plain Jane much??!

    Then look at someone like Beyonce or Britney. Dress like them: OMG, yes! Sing like them: why not? They’re amazing! Look like them: Of course! They’re so beautiful and glamourous!

    I’m sure you guys catch my drift…

  48. BoA’s not Asia’s best, her debut in the US is pretty much causing SM Entertainment to go bankrupt, and after this failure her Japanese fans won’t like her as much because they’ll realize what the rest of the world has already realized… that BoA’s just the product of a good Korean company, and nothing more.

  49. Boa I feel has a shot but not until there is some changes within the industry. That’s the problem these days as the music biz has become less about the music and more about selling a product. This mentality will eventually be the labels downfall which might be a good thing. If all records labels fail then maybe we can get back to what music used to represent. Although I don’t think Boa being Asian has anything to do with her succeeding or failing in the US. It has more to do with demographics then anything else. Asians are still a minority population in the US.

    They just don’t have the influence as some people think. Hispanics are minorities but are a very large minority population and likely will be a majority if things keep going the way they are now. Blacks are a minority but much like the Hispanic population a large and growing population. Until Asians are able to even the tables a bit and compete head to head with other groups they won’t have much influence. What influence they do have is more stereotyped and not representive of the population as a whole.

    I feel sorry for Boa and it breaks my heart seeing what is the inevitable and she doesn’t even realize it. Why is it you don’t see other Korean or Japanese Labels jumping on board. It isn’t because they don’t have great artists which they do. It is because they see it for what it and know what t he outcome will be. SM likely will crash and burn along with Boa if they don’t make a hasty retreat. I am still happy she made the album as it is very good but now is the time to save face and just accept that she was able to debut at all. She did make the billboard charts and is 19th on the Itunes albums charts. That is nothing to be ashamed of and she should accept that while she still can.

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