We Got Married Episode 23 Summary + English Softsub

Been a while since I watched it live with anbiholics at the chatroom so I figured I would do a summary of what happened in that episode.

We continue from where we left off last week with Crown J and Seo In Young backstage while waiting for their stage on Music Core. They make their rounds with Crown J actively trying to do some PR for In Young’s new album. They meet with Nam Gyuri, Kara, T.O.P and Tae Yang. In Young felt slightly threatened and jealous when they met Kara as Crown J couldn’t stop smiling. While it was the same with In Young when they met T.O.P and then Tae Yang. T.O.P was really hilarious here trying to imitate In Young on one of her album pictures many times!

Then we cut to Andy and Solbi where they were still having dinner. Alex does appear as a surprise birthday present for Solbi’s mum. He then proceeds to sing “Like A Child” and then the heart dance with Andy. All this whle, Solbi’s mum joy was etched so clearly on her face, clearly overjoyed at seeing Alex. Solbi’s dad felt a bit left out and proceeded to leave the room for the toilet with Andy following closely behind, trying to show his father-in-law that he is on his side.

The Alshin couple after their car washing and go-stop game last week continued along their leisure home vacation. They were out again and went farming, planting vegetables in their garden. Their house is sure huge with so much land available. Mostly, it was back to normal for them in terms of their relationship. Sweet when Alex tied Shin Ae’s hair for her and squeezing her cheeks. Shin Ae also showed that she is not that awkward anymore by wiping Alex’s sweat although Hyun Don commented that he wasn’t even sweating in the first place.

Back in the house, they made and bake home-made cookies with their creative touch. It looks really pretty and tasty from the pictures. Alex also showed us the magazine with Shin Ae photos from the photoshoot that was shown on “We Got Married” last time. Everything about their segment was just right and smooth. Shin Ae has finally opened up to Alex since their double date.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo continued their 100th wedding photoshoot. And pretty much eccentric poses that the photographers had them do with lots more near-bobos. They look so much at ease here with more skinship after Hwang Bo bobo Hyung Joong last week. All it takes is one small step to break the barrier. Hyung Joong also did something by putting on himself everything that his Hwang Bu-in had gave him and made himself look like a Mexican.

Back to Anbi, Solbi’s sister read a letter from them to Solbi’s mum which was very touching. But then, it just ended like that without much happening. Later, I learnt from stargirl777@soompi, that Solbi’s sister had posted on Solbi’s Cyworld that their ktv room scene was not shown at all and their mum was not going to be happy about it. This is a fact that Anbi cuts was really short and limited in today’s episode. No denial about this since there wasn’t much screen captures or news coverage either way by news agencies.

After pulling off their successful short collaboration at Music Core, the ant/witch couple are back at home after a long tiring day. What happens next is truely a classic moment in “We Got Married” history. Seo In Young actually got down to making home-cooked food for her Seobang. Crown J didn’t believe it at first and even after he went into the room to change, he was shocked to see In Young now with an apron and really cooking. Being worried, he sat in the background, keeping an eye, but surprisingly, In Young manages to whip up a simple meal without needing his help. Crown J took a selca of the food spread that In Young made, probably wanting to keep this as part of history in the making. It was even better when In Young, after teasing Crown J about not giving him her album last week, gave him one with a special message from her. I guess In Young was really touched by Crown J for putting up with her and what he did for her comeback that day. They end with a sweet hug, awwww!

Thanks to the awesome muish, the entire Episode 23 is now subbed. Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or usapload. Do not EDIT them.

The preview for next week only showed Crown J, In Young and Shin Ae, Alex couples with a totally shocked look with their parenting mission. It was truely hilarious with the music they used, Crown J looking totally defeated, In Young blowing up, Alex and Shin Ae at sixes and sevens. Episode 24 is truely going to be a riot with the children they have to manage.

Not so good news on the ratings front as they could only manage third place overall against their competitors, KBS “1N2D” and SBS “Family Outing”.

77 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 23 Summary + English Softsub

  1. Thanks sooo much for doing this. I love reading the recaps that people do of my favorite shows and then watching them 🙂 Makes it so much easier to understand when I can’t speak Korean.

  2. Thanks for the brief summary. Watching the preview of next episode, I can’t wait for time to fly past faster. Shocked reaction, child crying…. looks of defeat….wow.

  3. ohmygosh. sounds most exciting. lots of things going on it seems. like alex visiting solbi’s mom. i think this is the first semi-interaction between anbi and alshin couple. as for the lettuce couple, i’m truly excited. i literally had all smiles complete with clapping and squealing when i saw the screenshots of their photoshoot. XD they look adorable. i’m excited to see alshin’s HUGE house. it’s already been established before they left temporarily that their house is huge. and i can’t wait to see the image of in young cooking!!!

  4. thanks for the summary!!! 🙂
    i absolutely love today’s episode!! it’s ashamed it only made it at 3rd in the ratings.. :/ but ratings are ratings.. i dont care!
    i am soo looking forward to next week!!! *-*

    Seriously.. the Ant/witch couple always amaze me with their interactions. They’re my #1 favorite couple!!! ❤

  5. muish’s account is suspended?! wtf?! ugh im so pissed off right now im hyperventilating…. but yea, im looking forward to watching episode 23
    espeicially ant/ witch couple

  6. oooo thanks so much !!!!
    how do i watch the epi??
    were can i get the raw ep from oooo this is my first time trying to watch ep from download manual thingy :/

  7. thanx for summary……

    Anbi sub team @ soompi started to sub WGM since KSU stopped theirwork in WGM. Look for their WGM anbi cut in YT. Help and support them.

  8. this was by far one of the best episodes! i thoroughly enjoyed it. it had major developments for hwangbo/hyunjoong and the ant couple. it was sooo sweet when hyunjoong said he must like hwangbo to have a little skinship with her! suh in young led her guard down and I LOVED IT! i really think they have soooo much potential to be a successful real-life couple. can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  9. Holy cow??! Subs that fast?! O_O How..unreal. LOL.
    Thanks for the summary. ^___^ I’ve always liked your summaries of WGM. Hehe.
    It seems like the PD strikes again but towards Solbi’s mom..I would feel offended.

    I don’t care for the ratings much especially with the Sunday morning time slot since all three shows are EXTREMELY GOOD.
    Have you watched Family Outing btw? It’s so damn hilarious. XD

  10. i really loved crownj&inyoung’s hug. HAHA that sounds weird, but it looked so nice & comforting & loving, right?? 🙂 awww they’re sooo adorable! i was squealing during their whole segment! they’re so cute! and when crownj was standing behind inyoung & watching over her ,it was so cute he looked like her real husbanddddddddd ahhhh !

    poor solbi’s mom. 😦 hope she had a happy birthday

  11. btw, i just noticed that inyoung is wearing shorts with ‘aeropostale’ written on the booty. where i am, aeropostale is not really a celebrated clothing store among people my age…but i guess…it’s good? haha

  12. thanks for the summary alvin!

    @anonyling, you will have to download a programme called vobsub and name your video and ‘ass’ file with the same name and play the vid. your subs will work just fine

  13. Thanks Alvin! You’re always a great help!!!! It’s too bad that you and muish arent working together in posting the show. It sucks especially for non-Korean or non-Korean speaking ‘WGM’ fans.

    Something legal should be done about this!

  14. alvin, thank u v much for k-news/updates/links….! U r too kind. I am still a fan/supporter of coolsmurf/wondersmurf, no matter what. One of my fave fun things is to do is to check out yr blog regularly. I was really disappointed (understatement here) when yr UT a/c was suspended but glad to see that u r still pretty much on the scene. It’s ok if you don’t do subs anymore (understandable) but do keep the blog going for as long as it takes, ya? Fighting! : ))

  15. Hey coolsmurf. i would like to know whats the variety show-1n2d about?
    im really curious since i wanna watch it too ^^

    But still im a we got married fan! cant wait for the parenting mission xD

  16. hi! do you know where i can download raws that’s not in clubbox? i really can’t understand a thing in clubbox 😦

  17. Thanks for the summary, although i watch WGM, its also nice to read the summaries. Love your Blog.
    Interesting to see WGM is 3rd in the ratings, i might check out the other 2 variety shows to see if their as good.

  18. You Rock Coolsmurf! Thanks so much for a summary of wgm! It’s always appreciated when you do it! I like how clear your picture are. Again Thanks Coolsmurf

  19. I always watch 2D1N, it’s really good since some worse times. Family Outing was fun when I saw it, but it was ages ago I got hold of subbed version. I guess everyone knows why. WGM is starting to get more interesting again! And epi 24 will be awesome I’m sure!

  20. Not that surprising that 1N2D is getting higher ratings than WGM. I mean, it’s been around for a year and people have gotten used to the characters and Ive watched a few of the episodes, theyve got such GREAT chemistry!!! Super duper funny too, it’s so easy to get hooked!

    (And no complaining of some stars getting less airtime than others too!)

    Family Outing is also super hilarious! How can it not be, with MC Yoo on it? Our favourite grasshopper!

    My three fav. variety shows, TOP THREE. *squeal squeal*

  21. SUBS!!! Thanks for the summary. I’m so sad trying to understand everything without subs. I watch dramas early sometimes without subs, but they have a plot that you can follow along with, which you can’t really do with reality shows.

  22. I’m glad HwangBo is a “natural beauty”<_< and the close-ness of the photoshoots. Cute.

    JoongBo! Hwaiting!

    but sadly why so little of Anbi lately T_T
    I hope they’ll be getting kids next week with the lettuce couple! xD
    can’t wait to watch this episode thank you so much!

    but still seriously looking forward to more and more Anbi!

  24. Could anyone tell me the name of the song played at the end of ep. 22 when it previews the show for next week? Thanks a lot.

  25. OMG….TOP had the funniest expression on his face….very nice impression of Seo In Young, I must say.

    And AlShin’s cookies are so cute – they’re too pretty to eat!

  26. Hey~~~

    Thank you for posting my softsubs. ^___^ And thank you for the extra mirror download site.

    Do you know what’s happening with next week’s episode? I hadn’t really planned on subbing more…. unless the fansub groups didn’t get organized yet….

  27. no surprise about the ratings after 3 weeks of “no-show”!!!

    it was a bit disappointing that AnBi cuts were really short cuz i have a feeling that much more went on…

    as for the other couples…it was very darling to watch them all this week!!!

    *JoongBo couple made me laugh so much during their shoot… it was probably the most fun to watch…

    *AlShin… pure romantic and sweet!

    *CrownIn… i just loved them this week!! no wonder they were voted as the #1 couple and won an award for it!!! they truly are!!! (even though AnBi is still my #1 couple in my heart!)

    …. can’t seriously wait for ep 24 with the children challenge… i just want to see how CrownIn couple deal with it!!! ^_^

  28. ei coolsmurf always appreciate ur WGM updates 😀

    lmao, classic moment in young finally cooks XD

    many many many thanks too to muishie for the softsubs. i’d actually already dl-ed them from her yt lmao, so generous of you to share!

    can i ask though if anyone can point me to where i can dl raws? im not picky, medium quality is ok.

    also coolsmurf i dont know if this might interest you, charice pempengco news update here (sorry didnt know where else too put it. She’s singing in the World Cup anniv! That kid has gone such a long way. I hasn’t even been a year since her appearance in Star King! 😀

  29. ahhh, a summary! i’ve missed them. xD
    this episode looks so GOOD. i haven’t even watched 22 yet. >__< and did HJ actually kiss HB?! AIGOOO~! top&yb in this episode=WIN. 24 sounds like there’s gonna be a lot of LAUGHINGGG for us!

  30. thx so much, coolsmurf
    great job!!!

    next episode will be the most tiring episode, especially for alshin…LOL

  31. joongbo were so cute!! and awesome confession by hyunjoongie!! best epi by far! goooo joongbo!! fighting! aja! 😀

  32. i can’t believe they only came in third with the ratings. I also watch the other shows, 2 days 1 night and family outing and i’m a crazy fan of 2 days 1 night. But i don’t think we got married is in anyway less interesting than family outing, after all family outing is just another version of 2 days 1 night.
    I hope they will do better with the ratings because the show’s getting even more interesting.(though i don’t really appreciate the baby idea but anyways…)


  33. I loved this ep with crown J and Seo In Young.

    TOP was hilarious in the backgorund :O :O XD

    Hyunjoong’s one liners were also funny. Hwang Bo lovely self – wish she didn’t invite friend second time but when the friend got out hicken it was funny.

    Alex and Shin Ae felt more natural and teasin eachother was cute and funny.

    Andy and Solbi well.. mehrghehg :/

  34. what do u guy think? do u guy think this show follow script? or u guy think like me? my thought is that i think dis show follow a script only on mission part and sleeping part( make it look like that live together) anyway i love dis show… and da question alway in my head >_> if dis show follow script or not LOL if it does then WOW..PD MUST WORK REALLY HARD FOR IT >_>

  35. I love all of them, but my heart goes for JoongBo!!!God, this lettuce couple is just so adorable. HJ’s revelations were just so sweet, and HB’s shy side is just adorable :o) JoongBo fighting!!!

  36. I like this Epi.. JoongBo so cute, Make me need to do like them!
    When I seen Witch/ant It’s so funny&reality.. Like us ( Me & my
    husband ) I’m very clearly how they feel.. A lot of girl love to bought new thing or love shopping ( I’m in.. ) We’re asian also live
    in LA. so that’s fun when we watch they talking like us! My friends ( live at LA )they very like this show and keep say “A” Like crownJ!

  37. Honestly, the guys are really very attentive, except maybe Hyun Joong which is quite understandable. Crown, Andy, and Alex are very considerate and caring towards their wives. The ladies have a lot of catching up to do in that respect.

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